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    Here's some S1 Vlog test footage I just shot on the ninja v, pro res hq, Shot with Zeiss 50mm zf.1 Sharpening at 0 noise reduction at 0 Stills graded with FilmConvert fuji eterna https://www.dropbox.com/s/can0ot1k98ogd7a/NINJAV_S001_S001_T066.MOV?dl=0
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    It's not about 8K It's about all the other stuff... 2015 video specs, crap codec, crap colour, confusing menus, no 4K/60, 30p max, no 240fps, 120fps max in 1080p, no in-between resolution for 120fps despite faster sensor technology, I mean why would you want to upgrade to something which is basically the same as a 2 year old A7R III for hybrid stills/video, now that much better options exist? For 61 megapixels alone?
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Orig. Pocket with orig.Nikon battery = 50min-60min. If i imagine BMPCC4K with NP970, i'm glad i have a real POCKET! 😄 with 2x stabilized lens and mic, and still in the palm of your hand...
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    The directors of Game of Thrones season 8 😄 ??
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    You and every c100, c300, 5D, Blackmagic operator out there. Clearly you/me are doing something wrong since we manage to get good results
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    They just changed their testing software, hardware about a year ago. So all the "older" tests are outdated. Everything they have re tested seems to have gone down a stop or more. But the Arri seems to still be at the top of the pile, so it can't be too far off. They are calling it around 14 stops and that is what Arri claims they are. So I think all the camera companies other than Arri have been pulling our leg on the real truth. I think BMD has been pretty honest also over the years though.
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    I can think of a couple of good films made without those things.
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    Why can't they give us HDMI out 10 bit.... Whatever though, its a nice hybrid camera if you need high MP stills.
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    I don't know.... I have a feeling that Sony is taking cues from Canon... who seems to be taking cues from Pentax.
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    Its a bye bye sony, 3500$ camera and NO 10bit or 4K 60P? Fail, the biggest flop of 2019... Yes monster still camera but the [email protected] Sony even dares to say it is also for PRO video shooters...
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    Hands up... Who exposes the main subject like this? Answer: NOBODY!
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    Yeah everyone is saying A7r4, Sony the king of releasing products nobody is asking for. I.e. A6400, RX0 mk2, FS5mkii, RX100mk6 😵
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    Phil A


    Yes, Samyang is also sold by resellers as Rokinon, Bower and Walimex.
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    Robert Collins

    Sigma FP

    The rich colors of Sigma are down to the Foveon sensor that captures full color on every pixel as opposed to 'bayer' sensors that only capture one color per pixel and then interpolates the color through processing. One drawback of the Foveon sensor is poor lowlight performance. The other - more significant in my eyes at least - drawback is post editing. You have to use Sigma software and you can see the problem at the 10 minute mark of this video.... But the FP will be almost useless as a stills camera. Without a mechanical shutter, you will get rolling shutter rather like using a modern mirrorless in silent mode (unless it is a Sony A9.) Which means shot can come out like this.... even without subject movement.....
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    Very interesting explanation. I didn't have idea of the proximity of this technology. Cameras so small... You can save lots of money not wasting resources with expensive cameras. We can use according to our needs. It isn't necessary to buy a Ferrari when I only need driving a car. A car that serves my needs. Great honest forum with rich discussions like these. I am sick of politically correct and useless teasers. Deceptive teasers. Thank you for truth and so informative speech. Equipment costs money. Art is also knowing how to spend better the resources of filmmaking. Important knowledge.
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    I’ve been sold now on Blackmagic’s new RAW since updating firmware on my Pocket 4K. It’s Just. So. Good. Smoother to edit than h.264 if I’m honest. I’m not sure how ProRes RAW intends to survive. It has a huge legacy behind it, but banking on that would ignore an industry that is not precious with such notions. Atoms external recording has always been an odd duck in my mind. Either you’re on a shoot that can afford a true cinema camera, or you’re not. Why spend thousands on a monitor to “sort of” turn your hybrid camera into a slightly better version of itself just doesn’t make sense. I also simply refuse to be saddled to a monitor for recording purposes. It essentially gets added to the price of the camera, IMO, and makes upgrading down the road extra painful. With available drive tech, NONE of this faffing about should be at all necessary. Between Blackmagic and Sigma, it looks like there might finally be other companies willing to call these bluffs. Sony and Panny are now so concerned with their 1V1 cat-and-mouse, that they’re CLEARLY pulling punches in case they need them later. If they keep it up, a third party is going to catch them out. Blackmagic has a 4K Raw-To-SSD dual native ISO camera for essentially $1K. The Sigma fp looks like it MIGHT be a similar thing, but fullframe (probably with a price bump to match)... Sony and Panny need to pull their heads out of the sand and let out all the stops, or risk being overtaken by fresh blood. The Nikon could absolutely kill if it recorded Raw internally in some form. Fullframe 4K Raw is obviously well within the technical abilities of a sub-$4K camera body, and I think that’s the looming frustration over all of these cameras. Nobody wants to be first for fear of immediately being one-upped. My money would be on Panasonic’s S1H as most likely contender, but the Sigma might firm up some hefty specs and take everyone by surprise. I was hoping on ZCam, but good gravy those price tags go WAY too high for what they are IMO. Blackmagic SHOULD slap a hefty heatsink into a fullframe “BlackMagic FannypackCinemaCamera4K,” sell it for $2300, and take home everyone’s money... or join L-mount alliance with an olive branch of the BMRAW codec in-camera for all involved. Panny X BMRAW would likely cripple Sony, Nikon, Atmos and ProRes Raw in one fell swoop... leaving only Canon limping along on its dual pixel autofocus. Come on everyone else! If Samsung could match Canon’s AF tech several years ago, y’all can surely do it by 2020.
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    The point of that is not a mere comparison per se... hey guys, pay attention to read between the lines, s'il vous plaît? : ) There are different and productive understanding(s), communication and multiple meanings beyond your native English! Let alone a strict geek approach standpoint... LOL ; ) Far away to be that. Things should never be seen in stricto sensu. Or facts risk to be distorted in the end of the road. The whole point is: 1) the level the video technology arrived today and should fairly amaze everyone of us; 2) everything is about the potential of the gear you pick. There's little sense to choose a medium format camera to shoot wide shots going along deep DOF... Horses for courses. Then, we can properly say apples to oranges. Other than that, it is reducing the substance of the whole matter and discussion here. We're not comparing devices but technology progress and its use. Moreover, if they don't allow you to use a photo camera, this can even end in a more dramatic equation towards such topic. There is a thread already open crossing the subject BTW: ; -)
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    I've got one and I have to say its pretty nice. I don't have a fancy phone so it acts in lieu of that for holiday stuff and although the video is the main story, the quality of the stills are actually quite good. One complaint I have with it is that it seems to have a habit of reverting its settings out of the Pro mode which is a pain in the arse. I never use it with a phone so maybe that has something to do with it in terms of sync or something but its intermittent. I've just got some magnetic ND filters for it as it definitely becomes a bit too camcordery in bright light. The hyperlapse stuff is fun and the stabilisation is good in terms of being a tripod substitute and some slider type moves but walking with it is definitely going to give you some bumping unless you are disciplined in doing the silly walk. As I use it on holiday, the fact I'm wearing shorts is enough to make me look ridiculous without doing that as well. It struggles a lot in quite low light of course but these grabs are from footage I did in less than broad light and its does an alright enough job for what I'm using it for, especially considering the convenience factor and the tricks it can do. 1
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    Yes this is a photo camera and not a video oriented camera clearly. With 60mp + A9 ai enhanced auto focus, nearly 6K evf resolution, 10 fps, and 15 stops of dynamic range. Without a doubt this is the best camera on the market for stills photography all around. I don't think the Nikon Z9 will have nearly as good autofocus, and even if canon were to pull something off with specs like this it would be over $10,000 cause "Canon Tax".
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    Sure, Its a great camera. Plus points, footage looks very organic with vlog. 10 Bit is so nice for grading. Dynamic range is awesome Ibis is awesome Autofocus Is good enough for stills for me For filming I use mostly manual lenses. And I love the 96 megapixel pixel shift mode, those shots are so clean, no noise. There are a only few things I miss compared to my Canon 5d3 with raw. 1- On the canon I could crank up the sharpness to the max for in camera for monitoring only, and because it was raw the sharpening is not baked in the footage. I wish Panasonic will add this to firmware. ( Edge sharping for preview only ) 2. I cannot zoom into the footage while recording, only before pressing record can I zoom in. Again firmware request 3. There is no record trigger for the Ninja. also firmware request Besides those points I love the camera. I'm in the Netherlands, they send it to me after I send in my invoice last week. very fast turnaround. ( and yes it was free, thank you Panasonic)
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    Having bought and sold quite a few different Sony’s in my life, I’m no longer tempted by their specs. Menus and ergonomics need radical improvement before I’d be tempted again.
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    So let's get this straight. They spent millions developing a sensor which shoots 9K 24p and 8K 60p but didn't bother implementing either in any end-product?!
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    Not surprising for a photo-centric camera. Not sure of all the 8k talk. Very unlikely that will happen in an A7 soon. No one wants it or needs it, or can barely edit it. I think the A7SIII will come this fall with 4k60 (8bit), higher MP. Up to 4k30 10bit external. That kinda thing. The one thing they have going for these models is the video AF. Incredible. Everything else is beaten by Panasonic. Just need Panasonic to sort out that grey area. It’s the only missing thing now, with eND. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to shoot great stuff on the A7RIV, no doubt.
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    Sony's image sensor monopoly is very dangerous. If I were any government with half a brain, I'd be looking at how dominant they are in that market. At the same time it's up to the competition to step it up. Too many companies, very respectful and good ones, just seem to find it easier to buy a Sony sensor rather than develop their own. They should ask themselves what might happen if over night, Sony suddenly decides to downgrade all the customer parts and reserve much better sensors only for themselves. This is unlikely to happen, but if other companies don't develop their own sensors, how are they supposed to leap-frog Sony in image quality? Samsung, Fuji and Panasonic are trying but Sony still providing manufacturing for their products as well... even Samsung's! (Smartphone sensors).
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    Focus by wire doesn't have to suck, if only they got the programming right. EF lenses don't have hard stops either. The mechanical feel is very good in the clutch-mode Olympus lenses.
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    Not me! I will resist 8K for as long as humanely possible! 🤣
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    For anyone to think this would be an 8k camera was fooling themselves. It's not that easy to do, especially in DSLR-style bodies. Even Panasonic has announced no 8k for 2020. Look at the size of Panasonic's S1H and the use of a heat exhaust system. And that's just 6k!
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    My thoughts. It's a snore fest of committee led numbers at expense of real, bold creative design decisions. https://www.eoshd.com/2019/07/sony-a7r-iv-no-8k-no-10bit-no-nd-no-point/
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    The best thing about this camera is that maybe it makes the used market for Mark III cameras more attractive 😉
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    You guys seem to have a problem understanding this is a 61mpx 10fps FF pro still camera. It's already cool to have that kind of video features on it which does not exist in any competitor. It's a world first in many areas. This camera has nothing to do on EOSHD for video. Panasonic is the world first mirrorless 4K60P FF camera and they had to have a massive body for heat at 24mpx so imagine 61mpx...? Clearly impossible. This will be for the A7SIII. Where I am really disappointed is having only this announcement today.
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    or the dp of solo a star wars story glad it is better than the xt3 as it costs the double 😄 better low light must be because of the bigger sensor. too bad they don't have 400mbps like the fuji but i guess it would require a lot of space and would be tricky to deal with internaly. curious to see how the S1h will be btw i am still amazed by people doing image comparison on youtube and not vimeo, power of marketing and dream of being a yt star i guess
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    For Sony images are all about numbers, not feeling.
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    One thing I don't get is the whole Crimson Cult suing anyone that dares tread on raw recording when there are a number of cinema cameras that record raw. They can patent Cult-Code as a proprietary format, but anyone using Prores or Braw would be free to run wild, much like the ARW, CR2, NEF and so on for stills. Unless I'm not seeing the whole picture in terms of what the Crimson Cult can actually do to stop anyone from using the above or Cdng. I'd be frustrated if I owned the Z6 too, but these vague "coming at some point later this year" announcements have become the norm. Chris
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    Sigma FP

    To match teal and orange look! *it's when life follows art or just vice versa justified* : -D
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    Sigma FP

    Wow looks like that woman has a Brown and and a Blue eye!
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    For wide shot videos... To invariably depend on the shooting style, of course : ) The circumstances under which exemptions can be granted are more a pure shooter skills based game, not as wide as we'd like to see but not as limited as many still tend to believe to be (E : -)
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    The problem with big / bright screens is battery life. All those nits have to come from somewhere!
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    Nikon still do not understand video, and they don't want to. I contacted Nikon Australia to point out that the auto mode had a minimum shutter speed equivalent to 360 degree shutter and no way to change it and they said: meh. (And when I bring this up so many people blether on about shooting in manual mode and fail to imagine a circumstance where having a fixed aperture but smoothly variable shutter would be useful, so don't feel you need to waive your lack of imagination around now 😜) . The fact it works like this is emblematic of Nikon's attitude to video: an annoying bolt-on they've been forced into and driven more by their marketing Dept than by their engineers. They can't imagine a time where stills will be the secondary function for photographers. A bit like Nokia before smartphones.
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    Whoever shot those two pieces will be wetting themselves in anticipation of the Sigma FP letting him plaster the Teal and Orange on at source.
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    Well, I haven't posted on EOSHD for ages, but when I saw this competition I thought that sounds fun. I dropped by on Bexhill-on-Sea on the South Coast yesterday on my way to somewhere else, and shot this footage over an hour or two. No grading, straight out of camera. Manual settings (although fairly limited choice that's all I'll say). Edited on my laptop this evening. I bought the used camera on ebay for £133. I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for Andrew. As long as I don't come last.
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    Huge reason I like using the EOS-R for pro shooting. I've set a PP in camera and don't grade at all, just exposure adjustments. Looks fantastic. It's very close to my workflow with stills which is also very minimal.
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    How about a good old Camera Blind Test?

    I think it's about outcomes and priorities. If you're a working pro then a lot of it (or maybe almost all of it) is about getting the job done and getting paid and feeding your family, which is just as relevant a goal and perspective as any other, including the pursuit of art. My goals are to have fun, shoot stuff for my family, and learn new things, so I have minimal time while shooting (because I don't want shooting to be too impactful on my experiences) but I have heaps of time in post to play with footage because I have no deadlines or expectations. If you can get what you want SOOC then that's perfect because it's more efficient. Film-making has more aspects to it than anyone can possibly master, which is why it's always best to focus on the things you're good at and only work on the things that you're not good to ensure they're acceptable. Working in post is a pretty narrow aspect of the whole picture, so even though I'm into it as almost my main focus, I can understand why relatively few people overall give it the attention that I try to.
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    Not necessarily.... That's camera #1. I'm still yet to shoot with camera #2. Stay tuned.
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    Sigma classic cine lenses

    What about them? If you reduce or remove a lens coating, you decrease the light transmission that the lens is capable of. How much by, will be determined by the specifics of the glass and coatings in question. Uncoated Superspeeds will have less transmission than the original coated versions. That’s just physics Are rental houses documenting the transmission loss and adding additional markings to the few lenses they’ve had de-coated? Probably not in most cases. But that doesn’t change the fact that those lenses are losing some degree of transmissiveness.
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    No offense but if you need *8k* to crop and re-frame for 1080p editing you got bigger issues than resolution! 🤣
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