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  1. Yes its the small rig cage, I'm happy with it I allows me to connect to the smallrig focus oled.
  2. I'm using some cheap batteries and they work just fine, so I think the Chinese third-party BLC12 dummy battery + AC adapter will work just fine
  3. I was posting only recent videos, and they were in response to the request of some nice sigma footage, and I think they are nice 🙂 Yea maybe a bit much at once, I'll keep that in mind
  4. Sigma also reads this topic for firmware feedback and I think they are doing a great job improving the camera Lets stop talking about black magic as a company in this sigma topic. .
  5. https://www.fastcinemadng.com/ I'm not sure if this can do rec 2020, and its pc only. I'm happy with resolve and after effects for conversion. ( after effects had support for lens profiles )
  6. Here you can find the general topic about sigma Fp
  7. Resolve raw workflow Sigma fp is the latest camera that still support DNG, Lets talk here.
  8. Hey Andrew I'm actually happy with all the technical talk here, because with the input technical users give to sigma, It is improving things in the firmware, like the flickering and the exposure preview problem. Please let us bitch a bit more until those issues are all sorted. 😎 And yes lets make separate tread about resolve DNG no problem with that.
  9. Good thing that the Sigma Fp also is a very nice webcam
  10. Also for audio sync this may work if you have after effects https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=12422.0
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