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  1. Fotodiox pro adapter to Nikon It has smooth aperture control
  2. I thing that I really miss is the fact you cannot punch in zoom during recording. If anyone speaks with panasonic please ask them if they can add this
  3. Ah thats too bad, I thought we had a free lunch
  4. In 6k Photo mode the S1 can film at 60p with full sensor for 10 minutes. If you don't need sound, ( I don't for slow-motion ) then its a great option if you don't want to crop for 60p. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FaqAz7eKY4&t=12s
  5. Yes there is a delay you can see how much in a facebook video here, but you may have to join first https://m.facebook.com/groups/338444873589592?view=permalink&id=441478189952926&anchor_composer=false
  6. yes please share and will test it
  7. Nice! About Apple... They had 10 bit support in ios 11, I could transfer 10 bit h265 from a fuji xt3 with the apple sd card reader at usb 3 speeds to the ipad. And I could edit in lumafusion in ios 12 all we get is a red error x on top if the file and it won't transfer. And with no way to go back to ios 11, we are stuck at 8 bit files. I hope apple will allow this in a future ios update. And pressure from samsung for 10 bit will hopefull help that
  8. Can you ask them to let us type in the names for manual focus lenses ? so that adobe camera raw can automaticly find the right lens profile. and have a few saved manaul focus lens presets I plan to use the zeiss zf lenses on the camera
  9. I asked about a trottle ND for Nikon to Leica L mount, to use on the new panasonic S1 and they are considering it. They will answer just give some time
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