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  1. Interesting workaround however I don't like auto iso, when I make a noise reduction profile in resolve I like the noise to be consistent and not change during the shot.
  2. After I take a shot, I zoom in to check focus, and at high iso I see a noise reduced mess, I would like to see the noise/ actual pixels. Good to hear you send a bug report to sigma @Andrew Reid
  3. In stills mode with exposure preview ln the camera is doing lots of things it should not be doing. For example its adjusting the frame rate / display refresh rate when in low light ( lower frame refresh ) and in bright light faster refresh rate. On canon cameras m mode is much easier to work with. there the display refreshes faster in preview mode and makes the final shot with the same visual exposure. Another thing that bugs me is at I cannot turn of noise reduction for the previews. I want to see the shot without noise reduction. even when shooting in raw it noise reduces the preview image in camera
  4. Iso 6 only works for stills ... and yes it would have been nice if it could be used for video.
  5. Yes the zeiss lens is a keeper, I received mine today, and it's not perfectly parfocal with the adapter I use, I read somewhere that parfocal depends also on the distance to the sensor, its needs to be perfect. My copy is focussing very smooth, really happy with it.
  6. Yes it is, I'm still trying to love it, but for stills this makes me crazy. It all depends in what fixes the next firmware will bring. and the shutter lag, that also makes me crazy, because when I think I have the shot, it takes it a fraction later.
  7. Is the histogram the same before and after the shot? ( its darker on mine )
  8. yes I'm in M mode, here a video that shows how my cam does this. I will try a factory reset, see of that helps I'm talking about stills not video, just to be sure we are talking about the same. Also look at the histogram before taking the shot and in playback, they don't match, the playback shot is underexposed IMG_7307.MOV
  9. Question, if you put the camera in M mode and you set the shutter speed to 50 why does my fp make the shot at 100? anyone have the same problem? ( I use manual focus lenses )
  10. It not about red, its about money. They could have made a 6k camera with an nvme ssd. But I guess that would require a higher fee to sony to enable the 6k readout . and also a faster bus.
  11. Could it be that the shot is just too sharp? the lens is sharp + no antialias filter. This wil be hard for any sensor, It would have been good if there was also a full resolution still image to compare it with. It could be that the artifacts are also in there, further testing is needed
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qwtzi8qmwlE34iHR9-lCgDSx1F596oen/view The raw files form the test chart in this video have been uploaded
  13. compared to the zcam e2 And heres is a nice guide for the contax lenses. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?92044-Contax-Zeiss-Survival-Guide Most users tend to think the 28-70 is the worst zeiss. but its not true, it is actually the zoom that is not push pull from the range.
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