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    • So as part of my plan to build a new indy filmmaking kit I recently picked up the Schoeps MiniCMIT. There are really not many review of this model. I thought it my pull dual duty use for both on camera and boom work. Are any of you using this mic? If so what are your thoughts? Also thinking about adding the Sound Devices 633 to round things out, but first I wanted to hear what the DMW-XLR1 pres sound like with this mic. 
    •   Point granted to team Canon on that one.  I like playing with our X-Pro2 we have in house, (takes lovely stills) but it can't really do the heavy lifting of a demanding video gig.  I'd actually rather shoot video for a job with a 5DII than the X-Pro2. It's not the the Xpro2 wouldn't make a better image, because it does, but getting there is not reassuring. In my experience, Olympus (only recently) and Panasonic are also solid video shooter hybrids too.  It's not really about squeaking out a little bit of extra IQ on many jobs/tasks I have, so I tend to fret about other stuff. 
    • Huh? I think I know what you are alluding to.... Art over tech? The constant evolution of technology, and this incessant need to attain the best that is offered in terms of technology meanwhile sacrificing art in the process. I guess so... I also think that you can't wait for that "unicorn" of a camera... Just use what you have to capture that idea in your head.  
    • @kidzrevil you better!
    • The "Blue" Update is out: Deeper, Richer Blues Smooth, Foregrounded Skintone Brighter, Richer Greens Adjusted Shadow Gamma Placement Core LogC: Tweaked Clipping Rolloff