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    • Hi =) Haha, I really did not catch the irony there, you were pretty convincing ^^
      I was wondering why no people answered to the topic since I realized those lenses were really good and rare. I sent the two lenses to a full checkup at an old lens repair man. After that, planning to test them rightfully.
    • From this post on Facebook (closed group, must enter group first), it seems there's quite some interest in this adapter. I hope some reviews will be available soon, telling us about the optical quality. As for compatibility, I have found some taobao seller that claims several models should be supported (including G7 and GX* cameras), however we will see if that's true.  @Timotheus do you happen to know if Sharpest Light Ltd. is just a distributor / seller of these adapters, or if they work more closely together with Viltrox? We should make sure the FW update requests reach the right people! :D 
    • Is there a price for guessing it first? When o when will we hear the winner - tune in later and find out!
    • Not very shocking that the GH5 took the top spot on DPReviews list of the best stills cameras for video. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/2017-buying-guide-best-cameras-for-video And its great to see our old friend Ebrahim Saadawi champion it in the comment section.
      He has been very active there lately, maybe we he will make a comeback
    • 1. huh? they're 95 so are not blown out, correct. 2. I'd say the opposite, that there are pretty heavy shadows from strong lights at a steep enough angle to not get in the eye sockets or direct front. Increases contrast on face makes it look more interesting. Maybe a black board in front of his face to absorb a bit? 3. You didn't number this but the GH5 does not macro block in the whiter shades whatsoever.  Trying to repeat it with Vlog on the GH5 is a bit average but I think my HLG version looks the same except without the pretty lens.