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  1. Whatever works in your region. For me its this camera and the day rate soars!(in LA)
  2. I’m saving up for my favorite camera and Oscar leader Arri LT 35mm film camera...
  3. I found a super 16mm film camera and Cine Arri Xenon lens...Wow!
  4. I think what Western governments and Western culture have learned is that we’re all connected now.
  5. +1 and unfortunately we enabled the media to manipulate us
  6. “Japan was one of the first countries outside of China hit by the coronavirus and now it’s one of the least-affected among developed nations. That’s puzzling health experts. Unlike China’s draconian isolation measures, the mass quarantine in much of Europe and big U.S. cities ordering people to shelter in place, Japan has imposed no lockdown. While there have been disruptions caused by school closures, life continues as normal for much of the population. Tokyo rush hour trains are still packed and restaurants remain open.” from Bloomberg article
  7. Japan is back to work. Here is an article confirming that. Can anyone comment on this article? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-19/a-coronavirus-explosion-was-expected-in-japan-where-is-it
  8. Shopper in Greece (Hellenic Republic) Correct?
  9. This is from Patricia Claus (a journalist ) who also mentions an 2003 epidemic if anyone can comment “Is this pandemic dangerous? Of course it is. Is it going to affect the economy? It is. But this is not the end of the world as we know it. For a little historical perspective, the SARS virus had a fatality rate of 9.63% and the MERS virus had one of 34.45%. The Swine flu caused 12,469 deaths in the US and a total of 575,400 worldwide. And the bottom of the world’s economy did not fall out during those times. Let’s all just take a breath and step back a bit from the 24/7
  10. Great!! A camera company saves the day!! And let’s not forget Fuji Film and Wong Kar Wai’s 2046. Wow ..so beautiful I must be dreaming.
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