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  1. +1 ...and I hope they pick up my film which is being shot on a super 16 Arr sr 2
  2. odie

    FS7 in 2019

    I’m filming with a super 16 mm film camera in 2019 so I wouldn’t worry
  3. odie

    RED Mini-Mag Exposed

    It’s a business and it the same for all the companies
  4. Film has an undefinable quality that is not related at all to digital but as previously stated the choices in digital are numerous
  5. from the Kodak booth is Ektachrome in 35mm finally officially on-sale.
  6. After catching up on the subject I visited another site Vitaliy is commenting on a post from the guy that shot with the camera from bm as I said before I shoot on film but use the 5dm3 ML for lowlight inserts (which I read about on this site and would test this camera when out) anyways this is what Vitaliy had to say: “What exactly BM (Canon/Nikon) is doing that must be stopped? They handpick filmmakers, journalists, bloggers (this time filmmakers as you said) and send them early cameras. It is ok to send someone you choose early samples, but ONLY for internal feedback and testing. As soon as this people start posting various footage, their reviews, hands-ons, etc - well, this becomes bad. Intentionally or not by having such people pack company is able to get PR result that they want. But it is not objective result that society needs. People in such packs know that is expected from them and know that if they do not deliver that is expected or write things that are far from expected - they are out of pack. And usually with no chance to go back. Such firms behavior become worse and worse with each year. And can be observed not only in cameras. Does such approach affect sales? Definitely. What must be made? Before actual mass sales only company own promotion(!) videos/texts must be allowed, clearly marked as such. No benchmarks or comparisons must be allowed to be made by company or anyone else. If company so much want to provide free review samples, they all must be send to one address for storage and any reviewer since announcement to sales moment can apply for them. 3 days after sales start this samples will be sent to random people who applied. Who fill be hurt? Well, big channels, big review sites, close pack members - who are information monopolies now due to early access. All other, including general public - will gain a lot. Considering Andrew being unfit, not right filmmaker and such. Well, I think it is elitist view. Andrew's site and PV site actually appeared during the moment where such "not right filmmakers" actually made a lot of good for filmmaking society. Now you think that it is best to shut up this niche as this people due to their independency can actually sometimes tell or write things companies do not like. I am far from Andrew friend as everyone knows here. Yet BM company position here is position of quite big capitalist company acting against society and such must be stopped.” but 208 pages for a camera?
  7. I shoot mostly on film but I always need a lowlight camera for inserts (I’m using the 5d3 ML now which is really good)) still I might test this camera when it comes out but guys 198 pages for a camera?? stop the chit chat and get out there and shoot!
  8. 1. only a director and the dp should be able to approve a camera..(not Netflix) 2. a filmmaker can use whatever camera he or she wants.. 3. although I tried to resist.. kodak film has an amazing quality..that I prefer
  9. “While digital sees blue Kodak film sees shades of blue..” a remarkable view..in a very competative market with Kodak giving the dp a step up go to Panavision in Woodland Hills where a super 16mm or 35mm camera is waiting ..it’s your destiny
  10. odie

    DIY Film Look

    .... for no budget film shooting....post production...first light is enough ..it's amazing...you don't need more...and the $$$ saved on color timing...(you don't need any) with the time and money you save take a vacation ...have a fun shoot.. this is from Nolan's film...you get to put this on your poster too...
  11. check out a movie called "BABY DRIVER" question is answered
  12. odie

    DIY Film Look

    yes..and it's really cheap (for a no budget filmmaker it's great) with short ends you can now film in 35mm with a super 16mm budget.. also Panavision has super deals on 35mm cameras..and sometimes will sponsor you ..
  13. odie

    DIY Film Look

    who did the scan on that film...? Who was your DP? If a lab does a bad scan (it's rare)..but they'll do it again for free. 200k was the budget of the completed movie? the latest quote I got for two 400 rolls of 35mm and 3 rolls of super 16mm was 700 dollars for developing and top pro scan. Just call one of the kodak labs... if you're nervous start with one roll of film...it's cheap...you can make a full length movie with super 16mm for under 5 thousand
  14. odie

    Living frugally...

    i have holes in my sneakers but bought a super 16mm camera and 5 rolls of kodak..(cheap but not that cheap)
  15. odie

    Is 8K too much?

    considering most films are shot on 2k and released on 2k ...(with millions spent on the budgets). 8k is not really needed..but it might help sales
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