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  1. Some additional useful information here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfSRlszQxh0
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWq-qJSudqKrzquTVep9Jwg/videos
  3. Because they don't match the DSLR or DSLM/MILC/DMC concept or their market segment, I guess. The most funny is Panasonic has introduced the DC designation since GH5 at least, so a bit sorta media convergence today, I second the notice. Same here : ) Just posted half day ago how creative can end for hybrid use:
  4. Indeed : ) And if Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan is typically the finest example for high shutter speed creative use from Janusz Kaminski's tip, Mel Gibson's Apocalypto (cinematographed by the Aussie Dean Semler) is the opposite for a 360 degree shutter or open shutter, that is, double motion blur when a video smear look ends as purpose. Just for our matter of taste on the basis of need, function and alike. Not everyone sees it in the same way, no matter what. We can't all share the same yellow colour in point of fact. a7RII release, as for instance, came along its slower shutter speed capability in video mode beyond the 360ยบ shutter as a very special hybrid acquisition experiment tool as you wish (I am used to shoot both video and stills with my Blackmagic Pocket series in 2020). Here's Dan Chung's sample: https://indietips.com/shutter-speed-and-shutter-angle-explained/
  5. I'd rather play with PotPlayer than with VLC... Just sayin' : ) Good tips above : -)
  6. Yeah, HDR seems a trend that came to stay whether people like it or not.
  7. Well, you'll have the customary apps option route to upper the thing then... : D
  8. Indeed. Promising to say the least ; ) https://www.phonearena.com/news/learn-how-to-shoot-movies-with-the-xperia-1-11-5g_id124828
  9. Amongst those, Isco 36 is definitely my favorite one.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up : ) Where have you heard or read it?
  11. No idea if (Herr Doktor) Horst Linge (Isco) is still on active. Passed more than a decade since last time I've heard from him on topic. Schneider is though, so I don't think it's something impossible to achieve. - E.
  12. I don't even have a drone, go figure... LOL I am a buyer on this thing, man, not a seller : ) The "things" I sell I am used "to sell" in the right place. Not here. I am just following up this one as other ones : ) No many units to fly yet. Looking for different options, it is natural I wonder about every possibilities out there. The hype is because of the 8K resolution I guess, pushed though with that usual trick from the Quad Bayer sensor, as already said in this same thread before. Aside the HDR mentioned, you can swap out camera modules on the basis of your wish and couple a 6K 1-inch Sony's IMX383 sensor (the same as RX100VII cam) with full pixel readout, no line skipping, no pixel binning... What other drone gives you that? Flight abilities stand, anyway. Last Monday, I even posted in some other direction in this other thread responding to some other user BUT following Kisaha's hint here as written there: These posts serve to be able to listen some other people I always humbly consider to hear from. Maybe you're not in the market to buy aerial stuff : ) I am.
  13. Don't you like HDR SOC, Andrew? It's not log, OK, but I don't even think such kind of DR resources is that much for every single case because there are other stuff to consider more than that. Flight capability for example. We can't surely know what Mavic 3 will bring yet, even though DJI devices are the best aerial tools out there for sure, Skydio 2 is also one of my favorite ones. Its outcome has been underrated as far as I or we can understand. I don't have any one of those so I am not the best person to judge, neither to misjudge though : D Their non-foldable design is there because of their obstacle avoidance performance. Calibration is key. So they've created a unique bird and their 4K 60p HDR pack seems to meet the whole purpose IMO. SOC has an interesting scope strictly under a producing perspective. Time, staff to hire for color correcting can be crucial. We ain't speaking of narrative filmmaking now, of course : ) Without mention as I and you assuredly concur each camera sensor has a trace, a characteristic by their own. A bad or careless grading work (and budget can be critical over here as for instance) can completely ruin it. Reason why SOC is something to appraise before to buy a capture device, I assume : -)
  14. Yes, it is. Here's some useful add-on:
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