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  1. MFT is the most affordable and versatile lens mount out there and I mean from scratch, as a filmmaking POV strictly asks for : ) Manufacturers' is not ours and vice versa ; ) FF is just not for motion whether we like it or not : ) Only for their sales.
  2. Price point? Let alone affordable glass...
  3. Emanuel

    DJI PFV Drone

    +1 to add Mini 2 & Evo II Pro here is one of the first hands-on :- )
  4. Seems so odd to read this in the XXI century...
  5. I struggle to understand how any people can even think to ignore ISO as same old school way to properly choose ANY capture set up in fact to begin with (E :- )
  6. Yeah, bitrate will truly have an impact on the performance of your machine. The same for H.264 files as for instance.
  7. I doubt any other mount will ever beat it! (E :- )
  8. MFT is my fav mount : ) Let alone the SIRUI anamorphic offer or PL diversion or any other variety from there... ;- )
  9. Yup, proxies lifesaver is a good way to have the job done in a way or another :- )
  10. Exactly as you said : ) Properly spec'd, obviously :- )
  11. You're only able to freely succeed dealing with 4:2:2 H.265 files on new M1 non-Windows architecture for now. No hassles for 4:2:0 from a powerful PC CPU-based on Premiere, GPU-based on Resolve, though.
  12. Very true @SteveV4D, people here should listen you more because I cannot recall a single post of yours where you had missed the point : ) Very happy Pocket series camper here too and I guess no one can call me their fanboy either : D
  13. Horses for courses. Best bang for the buck, no other cameras rival BMD offer for the price or similar, picture-wise :- )
  14. And you pay more 500 bucks than the 6K older sister for more 500g than the 4K oldest brother... so, I am not that enthusiastic about the younger 8K to come ;- )
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