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  1. WTH is going on here along with my fellow members in this forum? This is a hell of a release... Under 250g :- ) <<The recent DJI Mini 3 Pro firmware v01.00.0100 update has quietly added 10-bit color when shooting in the D-Cinelike picture profile. Furthermore, the update adds true vertical shooting, additional framerates and resolutions, and a variety of automatic shooting modes. Here is the full list of new features and improvements from DJI: True Vertical Shooting FocusTrack APAS 4.0 (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems) Hyperlapse MasterShots QuickShots QuickTransfer Panorama 4K/48fps, 4K/50fps, and 4K/60fps 1080p/120fps to Slow Motion greatly improved image quality optimized flight stability.>> From here. With Philip Bloom's video too.
  2. Emanuel

    Double Post

    Let's play then... my favoritess:
  3. Arrived... *And here is an useful comparative operational test with its most serious competitor.
  4. Arrived... And here is an useful comparitive operational test with its most serious competitor.
  5. WOW Marty! You know very well what I think of your cinematography ; ) When did you shoot it? That beginning is one of the most beautiful interesting ones I've ever seen! Go figure... ; ) Those variations from same "visual tune" follow, when looks like you're repeating the shot you're obviously not. Who's that girl BTW?
  6. Gotcha LOL : ) Ain't we going towards something fresh more prone to be movie related and very well recommended no less (film) referenced where figurative speech is yet most welcome than ever? ; ) We need then to pay attention to the etymological meaning: good+fellas from informal plural of fellow instead... In the Portuguese speaking world, Scorsese's movie received as local title in original Portuguese language "The Good Fellows" (Brazil) and "All Good Boys" (Portugal) -- no idea how occurred in the African countries of Portuguese language or East Timor though, so let's go in the vibe and try something new : D
  7. @Andrew Reid, what @ZEEK our fellow member here has been doing is something truly unique (a new camera is reborn every new build!) no matter how hot fresh changes on this project of a decade will be implemented... This serves the world of pictures in a very exclusive way to my book. Many places to talk about pictures, not so much one-of-a-kind like this one is : ) Where else we found it with the chance we all have to share it with goodfellas like Don and Marty are, humm? :- )
  8. Here or here and yet there, you have a few common tips on topic. Hope it helps, - EAG :- )
  9. To those not interested on technical stuff, here's another sample of a different kind.
  10. Can I leave a suggestion then? : ) More power to the footage subforum... :- )
  11. Emanuel

    Fuji XH-2/S

    @Andrew Reid we all know your good intentions to change the philosophy of your website but I guess with your loyal community basis EOSHD has formed along these good years and the fame of this site for the subject matter, it will be very difficult to comply! LOL ; ) Cheers :- )
  12. It's coming... ; )
  13. Guys, let's pay attention to the subject instead ; ) We are now all towards a new EOSHD age today above all! ;- )
  14. Any update and footage from users over there? I've found this one:
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