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  1. Nice to see you Phil here around : ) Let's help Jarred and Andrew (disclaimer: I love these two guys and what they're doing!) to put both on track to keep going in peace and serve even better our community? (E : -)
  2. I actually wonder if who deals with IP in US has any clue what raw means? I dunno why all these people have the habit to write RAW instead... Can anyone explain me please? : -D
  3. Andrew is doing a terrific job... So, no one can open a camera website after him, isn't it? As Anthony (squig) wrote here to follow a suggestion of mine that one of these days we all need to pay prior licensing if someone has the idea to register a patent on planet Earth, go figure if Nestlé demands any revenue from vanilla ice cream made by my wife at my kitchen, I'd dare to wonder myself. Wait, that's actually Milk Chocolate coated *sigh* so maybe they'll forgive...?
  4. Mattias meant for pushing (auto) focus not video continuous focus Pockets don't offer... : -)
  5. It would be nice to have a list of the the best performing units actually : -)
  6. Sure... consumer is who is cleaned LOL only in the end, isn't it? ; -)
  7. Exactly, that's because of VAT. State is such a thief! Strange seen from abroad, isn't it? But it is what it is. You located in the Russia, a former communist paradise, you pay less for this product (same for US) than living in Europe. Funny, yes or no? ; -)
  8. Coming from you, I can only agree... if you say it so! LOL ; -)
  9. Emanuel

    P6K accessories

    Mandatory and pretty irresistible IMO that one... : -)
  10. OK, found it why... Let's help Luca to help us? Simply irresistible... Pledged. This will help Blackmagic to sell cameras!
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