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  1. All story is now online.
  2. Both announcement and release of the year! :- )
  3. https://www.eoshd.com/news/magic-lantern-users-create-practical-canon-eos-r5-overheating-timer-workaround/ Hope this helps, please let us know your thoughts on topic : )
  4. Some other interesting pretty neat useful feature is this one, never seen before going along a smartphone AFAIK:
  5. Here's more a few frames of high resolution & frame rate coupled to a nice review on the device: Poor highlights can be compensated with Camera2 API (you can also rewind & FF for a real comparison test among three of the best offers on the Android side IMHO: Samsung, Xiaomi & ASUS -- from Taiwan, so use subs tool as you wish) : WTH this bargain is... A perfect no-brainer along the best mode/tool setting:
  6. https://www.youtube.com/c/AirPhotography/videos Not only air photography... ;- )
  7. While we expect for the new product, here's some sample to show how powerful this one (original version) can be in the good hands:
  8. Any EVO PRO II shooter pilots over here? I am still in love with this bird...
  9. @Sage BTW, Osmo Pocket 2 and Canon R5 for soon too?
  10. Man, I'm eager to see you launching your optional add-on, go figure! ;- )
  11. Thank you, I'm eager to receive your feedback on topic then : ) Hope to be able to see it there amongst the camera options available: https://emotivecolor.com/buy
  12. This is a unique product for the price, still mouthwatering :- )
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