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  1. Emanuel

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Just read now. I stand drm's input : ) Makes no sense at all. Reason why I've struggled from past with these BMD guys, tiptop hierarchy included. Seems they don't like to listen, it is what it is though. Well, a game changer and a no-brainer as matter of fact. You simply won't want to shoot with anything else. Hope this helps! : -)
  2. Emanuel

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Thanks man, this is news! : -)
  3. Emanuel

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    LOL Happened the same to me... : -)
  4. Emanuel

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Exactly those I use these days, no issues ever by my side.
  5. Emanuel

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    As already stated, the results may vary according to the media used.
  6. Emanuel

    Fuji Shows Modular GFX Medium Format Camera

    Who doesn't it? ; ) Pretty concept one. Some other ones have followed similar route for smaller format size though, with variable results... Quite interesting anyway : -)
  7. Emanuel


    More than from a screenwriter, this is from a director... getting how to narratively use the shallowest DOF into the framing, nice shot : -)
  8. Emanuel

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I guess the last poster has perfectly answered you, the results may vary. It is safer some other route as more effective backup : -)
  9. Emanuel

    Gimbal Help

    I had the same doubt when I've been looking myself for a gimbal for the P4K as user. I've finally found a manufacturer who is releasing a new one fully featured and other goodies available in the second half of February as far as the last update I received from them. Seems to me a much better deal without mention the first feedback coming from the initial tests, reason why I've placed my bets on their product. They are closed until February 14 because of Chinese New Year's celebration. Once I am committed for some business related with, you can reach me through my PM inbox. Send me a private message as you wish and I may somehow contribute to satisfy your needs. Hope this helps, E : -)
  10. Emanuel

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Why shouldn't it be? ProRes Proxy is 10-bit 4:2:2, one of the reasons I see it as much interesting than H.264 no matter what. Here's an useful chart: https://blog.frame.io/2017/02/13/50-intermediate-codecs-compared/ Banding can also happen with low bit rate, but you're right, 8-bit is the limitation there.
  11. Emanuel

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    LOL Well, aside idiomatic expressions I bet a bit universal, in my culture at least, yes, there's a new version full featured with 1080p video transmission (that is, in order to let you use the smartphone/tablet as monitor) and servo follow focus alongside other one without it. Ready for electronic lenses from the release, in the future to include manual lenses as well. Both models provide full angle view access to your camera monitor.
  12. Emanuel

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    Babbling? Twice? Oh man, but are you quoting me again, you too? That expression was addressed earlier in this thread but to you... hehe Sorry dude, couldn't resist. No hard feelings : ) So, straight to the points of this new post of yours. You should have something new to say, isn't it? : D Don't put yourself in the same basket of this (GH5 series) guy, if we're speaking of a man. No idea. I know anything other than the provocative posts I read from there. Glenn, much different. He's somehow legit. We've had our divergences. Now I've bought three new ML units to follow an updated Andrew's blog entry, maybe he as ML user may feel more connected with today. Glenn has been a gentleman anyway. It is unfair with him. And partially now with yourself BTW. Without mention you know very well what the right of response means. Hard to find in DPR, let's agree just for one second at least without personal attacks this time? Everyone already knows until the end of Chinese New Year's there's anything new to add. It is not in my hands. I don't even have any footage to post yet. Which part you didn't understand? That last update you infer nowadays it is very likely irrelevant to you but only because you don't give a damn. You are not a P4K owner. What are you doing here in this thread BTW? I could have a bit harsh on you to attach you with the BS label over you, because I've lost my patience to have seen so much BS written from your keyboard towards P4K. I just think you're misleading people outside who want to look for information about the camera. And now derailing this thread which only interests to P4K users. So, you don't own the camera, you claim this camera is not for you, when you open your mouth ends to invariably diminish Blackmagic. What's your point after all? 'Look for what I write, not for what I do' mantra?! LOL ; -)
  13. Emanuel

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    Exactly. And what's your contribution to make it happen? If you don't omit in your post the leftover, you would have the accuracy, unfortunately, far away with your intent. Everything you simply don't want it, let's be honest here, you too, can you? Let's dream a bit you are another one, with a different character. Easy to figure out the dirty work you're doing over these pages. Pity not everybody is able to free himself of ad hominem attacks addressed to someone who often writes something you don't like to read, isn't it? Uncontrollable resentment can be one of your specs, lack of background is not. So your (mis)quotes you understand very well the meaning, picking up excerpts off topic from distinct posts, excluding the fragments which visibly bother you hehehe your actions should have a precise target, correct? After all, you began all this with your attempt to contaminate this thread with your hatred towards a precise objective of your own: to hurt some other part(y) you can't help yourself to see flowing over your eyes... No worries, I am already used to see your anonymous ID to invariably pop up whenever you see a chance to try diminishing the thorn in your side. Sad you don't have here your customary buddy anymore to fuel your posts with his likes, because he banned himself from successive bitter post to some other. How alone you should feel... : D Hate has an intrinsic characteristic: self-corrosion. Don't change your attitude, don't do it... don't get help, knight, you'll see where the end of the road takes your pettiness ; ) The whole hassle is when this happens in real life, from the most unexpected. Your online behaviour is only a mirror projected on your future in your reality out there. Not nice to see. Do you think your posts here and respective reading go unnoticed without a bright judgment from wise readers? LOL Don't be so self-confident ; -)
  14. Emanuel

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    As far as I could understand from their correspondence, there's a good chance to happen as soon as they will be back to work. I've just noticed you here because I had ruled out some other options much cumbersome. I guess people like to spend money in something unable to provide that bitter buyer's remorse. Reason why I posted here. I had opened this thread two months before. Every single post of mine then can only prove my total absence of knowledge of this route today. Speaking of past, did it from a quarter of century of b2b and consultancy experience. For some reason I was proudly involved along Qube's expansion in Europe personally invited during Lisbon Village Festival almost a decade and half ago expressly by insistent initiative of former RAI's (Italian State TV Network) executive Antonio Bottiglieri. Sorry for a bit of immodesty now, no hard feelings at all but render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's.
  15. Emanuel

    Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?

    No hard feelings, Don : ) I just guess that one above-posted contradicts such honesty you mention now. I am proud to invariably be honest in everything I do in my life. I have nothing against business. I just not sell myself for a simple reason among others to end with. I don't need to. I believe I would never sell my mom even because she wouldn't deserve such treatment. I would try to be a goofy used car salesman instead. The point is I have more to focus myself than to trade boring PMs combining payments and sending tracking numbers. Just not my cup of tea. I've done this because the chance happened from my need as user. That's all and the pure story behind. If people try to distort the truth involving me in something I am not, I will obviously react. In my country, an old saying states who doesn't, it is not child of decent people. I proudly am. As much as I would be if I'd rather become a used car salesman.