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  1. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    Pity no 4:2:2 on 10-bit above 30p for GH5 II...
  2. Continuous tracking face/eye focus? On video? This guy is not happy with his XH2 performance for stills work:
  3. Some sources out there say: "It looks like Panasonic and DJI are jointly testing a new focusing method. The new system is said to utilize the LiDAR focus technology released with the Ronin 4D. If this technology can be introduced to Panasonic’s mirrorless camera, we can expect a significant improvement in video shooting. It is currently undergoing in-house testing and will be available in the near future." source When?! source Something that I really don't understand is why 40 years ago (!) we already had this... coupled with an external U-Matic, Beta or VHS recorder would allow autofocus by then ; ) From a main Brazilian newspaper ("Technology SHARP | yesterday for a few | today for millions") in 1983 But Fujifilm... isn't it PDAF based? source
  4. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    I told you, I didn't want to believe that from yours, so all OK : ) But serves to those who may read you and think otherwise : D Much nonsense a pissing contest between camera brands with people trying to piss farther than "the other side"... LOL Oh boy, after all we share the same opinion ; ) With the exception that for first time in 30 years I cannot ignore them anymore as no less investment this occasion. GH6 purchase would be a good excuse to still stay away from Sony or delay it at least. Well, I am in trouble though, if Amazon or Panasonic will reach me to accept my rant anyway! haha
  5. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    Back to topic, we've arrived to the point no device will serve of any use in any way other as based on the shooter skills.
  6. How have you found this combo's outcome with the same lens and aperture above ISO 2500?
  7. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    I still want to believe is merely wondering, conveyed by interrogation mark(s) : D
  8. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    This doesn't make any sense, are you talking to whom exactly now? Is someone else's dick bigger than anyone else? I don't take you as a believer, I guess not : ) You mean, thinking out loud? Of course, to praise this or that benefit about some brand doesn't diminish some other. What distinguishes the attitude (applies for professional career too) is not the brand you acquire but for sure, much more the fact you won't dress this or that shirt just because you've purchased from them. No idea how many years any or everyone here is spending their own money on gear but I know how many years I've been placing mine. Yes, as repeatedly witten, Panasonic is among them and not little when you stop to count when reaches the number of 11 or 12 camera units... How many times do I have to write it more and more? Phew. NOBODY here or anywhere else should be refrained of any criticism addressed to any brand by unqualified fan love about a camera trademark. No track plays at all. Got it. Now replying to you directly on your invective(s) (one by one) -- that was only a preamble generally speaking... LOL I am not looking specifically for a Sony. FYI I am used to OWN (and USE) cameras of many manufacturers, so this purchase of a couple of units is only one plus. The fact I am buying a new system based on a new mount system won't stop me to keep some other mount options JFYI. But yes, I could have invested on more gear from the same camera supplier than adding a new lineup, that's correct. The point is not for a set of specs. There's another pipe to consider beyond, for making business. Hence the case. I only said that nothing is wrong with Sony in response to your comment. This should not trigger such reaction or maybe just rhetorical? ; ) No topic justifies that, no thread subject, etc.. Said "insistent"?... Really? Who or what actually? The one who claims against some unacceptable business practices not in favour of any customer from the supply side BTW, is that so? Did we understand it quite well? Or some discomfort only because someone else has some criticism to address to a sacred cow? I don't believe I'm reading it from you : ) No worries, buyer's remorse is always in good shape when we got a good deal. Something you did and I even praised your luck. This doesn't necessarily mean they behave accordingly with everyone. That's all about that, so let's the world coexist outside. And please, also some perspective as fair add-on. Better to be silent where fits to be, not trying to gag whoever else when happens to tell (but could be to think) in a dissonant way. Simple. Never feed the discussion if we don't stand to listen to. This is nothing about my team against yours. No more words needed to infer how much nonsense sounds to be if so. Let's get the right scope or too much distraction over there.
  9. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    Yes, I've called them twice. A couple of days ago and today again. In the digital age, yes. This is not the first occasion I call Amazon and never had a single problem with Amazon customer service before. On the contrary, I've always been treated accordingly by them. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's. People blame Amazon, but this is a Panasonic store inside their shopping system. No idea what comes next but they told me they would contact me in 24 hours. Well, for now, they accept they concur that's not client's fault as I heard now from their call center. The customer is deemed to have fulfilled the sale conditions when placing the order. Now let's wait and see. Nothing wrong on Sony's IBIS and colour, neither with their prices at least which look like as solid as their camera bodies. Panasonic sales department doesn't look like to follow the rule this time ; )
  10. Yup @markr041 power zoom is handy to not say mandatory for video purposes for sure. I am wondering if stabilized Sony ones may or may not end more as a trouble than a solution itself? Any tips from your own experience, guys?
  11. Emanuel

    Panasonic GH6

    But then what about the disclaimer to simply say it 'while stocks last ' ?! No, they didn't. Moreover, they even placed the number of units available (IIRC 15 units and more to come"!) And only today is Black Friday... with the price of EUR 400 (as much as their rebate) higher (in the same proportion) than in the beginning of the week. This is not the correct way of doing business, I'm sorry but no way. I am buying a couple of FX30 very likely. Ah and also buying new Sony glass BTW. The new Sony gear I am buying in 3 decades FYI. I've been a Panasonic customer for this period. Still waiting for their written answer to my written request. Amazon has responded unsatisfactory to my phone call. Vague to fit who knows what, not addressing the issue properly. That's where such aggressive marketing leads.
  12. I stand corrected, the 70-180mm f/2.8 has no stabilization. I've wrongly taken VXD as such when it is linear focus motor related instead hence the fast focusing properties as much as the other zoom BTW for external daytime use by all means, with the plus of stabilization.
  13. Thanks guys : ) I've found this one fairly interesting as all round lens with macro feature all included, go figure! Even though, we cannot live without fast primes at same time, that's for sure ;- ) Perhaps to couple the Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 which looks like a solid option too with fast AF even sharper (!) on the corners (first version at lease) than the Sony counterpart and much more affordable, obviously. Both Tamron zooms have stabilization integrated for handheld video, pretty useful of course, that is, if not a trouble to deal with IBIS altogether.
  14. *three (erratum: there's so valuable glass information by this good fellow of ours there that I even counted another post extra just to not let it unnoticeable : D)
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