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  1. Superb example, great subtle apples to orange stuff, kudos man (EAG :- )
  2. Love these comparisons and the fun this guy gets from his testing BTW : )
  3. Feel of weight related... bulky? Distortion? Chroma aberrations? Cheers E :- )
  4. Indeed. Useful topic BTW here's more local discussion related to:
  5. Sad to know. Thanks for your informative heads-up. - E.
  6. Did I write 24 hours...? ; ) Tonight: I am absolutely sold with this way of giving SUPPORT... The curious part is that we have this genius among us in these boards :- )
  7. I've just read your last updates of this morning, I am proud of you and my bet, I. @BTM_Pix Tomorrow, there will be a new one which means SERVICE we fight to have from anywhere else, kudos to this endeavour! A customer of yours is really supported as due, it is simply a no-brainer for early adopters as much as any newcomer here. Just my two cents, E :- )
  8. Waiting for mine, on the way! (E :- )
  9. This should be posted HERE instead : ) Good luck! :- )
  10. I see where you are : ) The point is form factor is what it is... No other Camera Phone replaces the ASUS ZENFONE 7 PRO flip camera concept, as for instance... A bit the same with the Osmo Pocket, some other pretty decent example. Apples to oranges, it's all about that, that's what makes the shooting (style, I mean), the shot and the shooter himself/herself ; ) Photography isn't only light coming through. - E.
  11. LOL : ) I see we are both on same choices without prior combination in-between... : D Both are the only tools we have for that purpose, isn't it? ; ) What options else we have for the subject matter, today to be used along 2Q 2021?
  12. You ARE 100% accurate : ) Here's my two cents... On early April 2021:
  13. «The DJI Air 2s will bring some upgrades compared to the Mavic Air 2. While the manufacturer still installed a half-inch small 48 megapixel sensor for photos in the Air 2, this will be upgraded to 20 megapixels in the successor (without Mavic branding). On the other hand, at 600 grams, the drone is 30 grams heavier than its predecessor. The manufacturer also brings the 10-bit color space into the camera. This means that over a billion colors can be recorded. With “Intelligent HDR”, the manufacturer has brought a function into the drone that “automatically combines several recordings in or
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