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  1. Emanuel


    Lovely, buddy, lovely... : -)
  2. Indeed! This is crucial! We Blackmagic camera owners must demand they may handle the issue!
  3. OK those numbers are not to be taken in a literal sense, but I stand what you mean : -)
  4. No much room for many doubts now if any ever, Osmo Pocket rules over there despite the complement of each other in one or another feature:
  5. According to some sources, it is the 40 MP Sony IMX600 sensor instead. On the other hand, this model already available for sale in the market is such an astonishing piece of technology per se! https://www.hihonor.com/global/products/smartphone/honorview20/
  6. I stand corrected, not 100% sure what sensor resolution really is. Some sources say (outdated rumor?) it is a 40 MP Sony IMX600 sensor instead. Anyways, we're talking about 10% of difference for the number of pixels, that is, in terms of the largest size of a picture available there. If so, that would be larger pixel size whatsoever, hence better low light performance to match that extra half stop of light. In any case, a few sources refer it with a 48MP camera and/or sensor. Xiaomi will respond to the Huawei's global launch event scheduled to London a day earlier (on 20! : D) with the Redmi Note 7S announcement! LOL
  7. Indeed. You even have such luxury stuff as for example WB manual control à la P4K, theoretically up to 200Mbps (I've gotten variable up to about 150Mbps so far from this device) HEVC recording, focus assist (magnification without peaking though) and so on. Truly amazing! Waiting for Sony 48MP's from Honor 20 Pro now along with f/1.4 aperture! Here's a curious comparison even though the reviewer should have used the same camera software instead, very easy to handle actually -- posted earlier in that specific January thread: Funny my comment one day earlier posted there! : D I know nothing anymore... LOL I've even found the grain when pops up regardless the sensor's noiseless properties coming from this combo tested now pretty filmic and pleasant to the eyes, go figure! I also thought to buy the updated Nokia as early PureView adopter back to the 2012 model, I didn't, so...
  8. I've just received today the Redmi Note 7 coupled to Open Camera app delivers 4K + a sort of log or flat tool. I am simply impressed especially with such noiseless sensor performance, balanced resolution and DR for a $150 smartphone where a combo of hardware and software truly shines beyond my initial expectations. Great audio outcome and controls on NR and sharpness have made a very good surprise. Actually, the best current bang for the buck based on that 48MP Samsung sensor.
  9. 4K is a good club but surely less forgiving.
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