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  1. Learning to not give a damn... LOL Nice pick! @kye ;- )
  2. No need to be nervous to read my name and NASA (or cite those two) in the same line, this time you've earned someone to comment anything posted by your Dvarapalaka... LOL ; ) Just be patient for the next round! : D
  3. Right on the spot ; ) I guess it should work in every recording mode but we never know if it is actually restricted to internal capture or not... No iPhone user over here yet ; ) Any iPhone 15 early adopters who can confirm it, please?
  4. Nonetheless, I put my money on upcoming third party tools to flood the market soon. As already said, never had one yet (my OnePlus 9 Pro only allows a single lens @1080p without any customization), but still talking about 'blur'... I must confess, I guess, I won't resist to play WITH the bokeh, different lenses (?) @4K, that's for sure! : ) https://support.apple.com/en-in/guide/iphone/iph5e602f6d6/ios No idea why they feel the need to mention up there how to export it externally, anyway... Long story short, I don't find it as bad as people's bad-mouth are used to bash or add some prejudice over this new world after all... A bit like filmmaking in general, the things won't perfectly work in every situation. Many great actors require many takes to optimise their outcome to their audience. The same for film directing, many drafts for the screenplay, lots of dialogues going straight to the bin and on and on. It works the same way :- )
  5. Funny I hear you to evolve to something I was trying to defend myself before to be sick of this nonsensical overprocessing they insist to never leave outside of their yearly pack in fact. It's interesting to read your thoughts actually going in that direction (a bit or the same like to read Andrew to claim the beauty of 8K acquisition just not exactly for delivery, as for instance). Encouraging the claims of the LOG as solution mantra but disappointing to see its real use when these first samples pop up now. Let's wait and see, though. Common uneducated opinion says too little, I concur on that, obviously : ) Reason why there are opinions and opinions. Who said so? Ah it was you? Then, that surely counts in a much different way. Get me now folks? I'll probably be ending to buy one, who knows? But MotionCam going along the external SSD is attracting me much better than anything else to say it straightforward. Speaking of the devil aka 'blur' BTW, that concept of computational photography is neat and starts to be more than strictly wishful thinking nowadays, no many doubts there :- )
  6. Man, if NASA is paramount (no complaints, how could I? ; )) then, let me show off a little bit now LOL as well disclose only a fraction my NDA : ) and let you all know I have some exclusive NASA's original footage to work in the next months to come! :- )
  7. Don't you agree? : P Take a look on that thinning hair there: And it's not the only sample out there... Maybe the users had failed something there, no idea. However, listen, I see where you're coming from : ) I share your enthusiasm on specs and the idea LOG has set us free from over-processing but so far, everything screams oversharpened shit to my eyes (my major guideline, not opinions of other people), I'm sorry. Really. So, I still want to believe but I am not yet able to justify the purchase I'd like to, anyway.
  8. Unbeatable, iPhone outcome looks garbage when compared with, the last version too, unfortunately... So far no good. Still waiting for something decent to pop up, though :- )
  9. Emanuel

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Without mention Orson Welles came as a serious film player case in the history of this medium precisely when brought depth of field but not on the shallow side of the scope. EAG :- )
  10. People focus in some other directions. So-called professionals because that's for a living : ) This doesn't mean someone outside is not able to show up with more knowledge about ; ) A bit like film critics or a few so-called movie industry experts, the best ones are far to be the most famous ones : ) The same for cell phone cameras, they're the best sellers but this says too little and definitely not prone to offer the best outcome ;- ) Like blockbusters when arthouse is handicraft and is needless to say much more complex to be made as art form, free from formulas in the bag.
  11. OK but... @kyebeats the most part of professionals I've met... Fact. :- )
  12. Yeah, in fact : ) But I mean those from people's background with this iPhone thing... It's a whole new world experience, I guess or no?
  13. A couple of years ago I was almost close to buy the iPhone 13 Pro (not the Max because there was no difference with the smaller one and wanted a much more portable device) because of ProRes introduction. Didn't like its implementation. Disappointing colour science and oversharpening as main flaw placed me out of my first iPhone purchase (gifts don't count : D). Seems not this time... so need to go after the best deal how to optimise it for tips & accessories :- ) Any suggestions from out there and people used to iPhone to newcomers?
  14. One thing is already possible to know @kye iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the best cam seller of the next 12 months, I bet...
  15. Hey @Dave Maze it would be great to see that made a test happen from your early adopter's unit, man!
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