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  1. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    Bit rate is more crucial than anything else... sample extracted from (minute 28:30): https://vimeo.com/114978513
  2. Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    well, if so, where's the catch then? :-)
  3. It is not true! (that guy is an entertainer) Far from only 1-stop faster. It is beyond 2 stops to be conservative.
  4. Not even a shadow of it... Let's take a look on this comparative: They are two absolute distinct cameras!
  5. Right Zak : ) They are two different aspects of matter, of course. Apples to oranges. DR and high ISOs are not even a friendly match as we all know. It is even funny they misplace that...
  6. Funny that about 36 hours ago, even without camera to test, I had mention 3 stops seemed to me too much: Here comes this one now:
  7. @jonpais My dear fellow of these boards, I am. Just didn't express my opinion for the subject matter. Nice to read your heads up! : ) Changing topic, here's another GH5S sample from distinct settings slowmo included; seems promising:
  8. There's nothing (not even) similar to FUJI... That's the most close to film capture in the digital realm, ARRIs included*. * I only don't add here Blackmagic because I really can't :-)
  9. Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    It will end in the same results because of diagonal: This is inaccurate: https://www.43rumors.com/exact-crop-factors-caluclated-new-gh5s-multiaspect-sensor/
  10. Yes Fritz, ISO400 is cleaner than ISO2500. I've posted something on topic in another thread even though from another similar camera example but same family (EVA1). I meant on high ISOs instead. As said, both values keep the widest DR; a different department than exactly and strictly noise related.
  11. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    That's only half true... It is not exactly what Adam Wilt has proved it: https://www.provideocoalition.com/review-panasonic-au-eva1-4k-cine-camera-part-3/ "Native 2500 is noisier than native 800 is, but the advantage of dual native ISOs is that the higher native ISO is less noisy than it would be were it derived from the lower base ISO." Boosted:
  12. Jon in his provocative best ; ) LOL :-)
  13. LOL You're good on that one, thanks pal : ) I meant on the high ISOs actually. Did they ever release the native ISO for GH5? I recall Matt Frazer said not to be allowed to advise on it. So, officially is 400? Since the native ISO2500 reaches the widest DR on GH5S, ISO1600 is roughly about half of a stop of loss and its DR is wider (2 stops they say?), it should theoretically be better than the outdated GH5, isn't it? ; ) Even though, as I could write to you earlier, practice redefines theory ; ) so as much as chart tests vs shooting real life, everything must be subject to be proved on the field instead before :-)