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  1. hello, I use mlvproducer, to convert raw mlv files to prores, it works on windows and it gives me very good results. Try it works on any PC. regards
  2. Thank you very much. This site is already part of my daily routine
  3. The important thing about this release is that it will force other manufacturers to improve their specifications at a reasonable price.
  4. At least in this price range, I do not think there are other alternatives, it's like the magiclantern camera
  5. the specifications, exceeded my expectations. I think it's time to retire my 5D3 with ML
  6. Dear friends of the eoshd: Then I leave you a short film, which is completed completely in raw with magiclantern in 1920 x 1080, the configuration used was: 5d iii camera 2 compact flash komputerbay 1066x, 2 lights tota lowel 1 lens 24-105 canon 1 macro lens 100 canon The images were processed with MLVProducer. I still need the translation, however, I wanted to share it with you, so that you can express your comments. https://vimeo.com/242501856 sorry for my bad english
  7. Hello: I congratulate your initiative, I will buy the guide, just like I did with the previous guide. I have a 5d3 and I use a atomos blade, when I record in raw in full hd (1920x1080) I do not have any problem to see the images in the monitor, When I record to 3,5k, do the images look good on the external monitor? Katrikura
  8. Hello: I tell you my experience, some time ago I had to record an archeological excavation, which lasted a month, were long working days, there were low temperatures and rain (in southern Chile). My team was a 5d iii + ninja blade with DD 1tb, which allowed me to record up to 12 hours on prq hq, 4 NP-F series (generic batteries), the pair gave me a duration of about 4 hours + canon 24 -105 + videomic pro. I must mention that the recording work I did alone, what most helped me, was the focus peaking and the waveform monitor. Most of the time I did not record with the 5d, just kept it on and the ninja blade did all the work. Then I send you an original camera file, without touching color, as it came out of the atoms in HQ, which I uploaded directly to youtube. I am currently recording in Raw with magiclantern and I take the atoms as backup or when I run out of compact flash cards, so I do not interrupt the recording. Sorry for my bad english Katrikura
  9. Hello: The following video: https://vimeo.com/220192361 demonstrates the use of fujinon + GH5.
  10. Hello: The 5d iii has a clean output through the hdmi, I use it as backup and after scenes, since the cards in which I record raw are 64 gb, with the atoms I have recorded up to 6 continuous hours. I will search for images and upload them tomorrow so you can see the quality. Regards
  11. Hello: I use the Atomos Ninja Blade, and I can tell you that I record raw video in the camera and prores on the external recorder, simultaneously. Regards
  12. Message repeated. Please deleted
  13. http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19300.msg182071;topicseen#msg182071 Can be true Such good News?
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