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  1. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    43rumors run any old bullshit. Turns out battery is entirely different! I am sure the stacked sensor is Sony manufactured and the EVF probably a Sony panel. But beyond that seems OM Digital has custom LSI & firmware, plus many of their own parts. Camera is assembled in Vietnam.
  2. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    After a little more testing it is apparent that the phase-detect AF is flat out amazing for video on the OM-1. Really nothing like the GH6. Really natural movement to handheld shots with the IBIS as well. Especially as you can tune it. High setting for a locked down shot and -1 when you want more fluid movement. Just trying to figure out of the battery is identical to the one in my Sony A7 IV. Feels like there is a LOT of Sony about the OM-1. Feels like a buy-out by proxy!
  3. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    So far I get sense it is working at the Sony level, and much better than GH6. I've not gone deep into it, but AF features are many many pages in the menus. Such a mistake for Panasonic not to have this but OM-System does. Can't seem to find an ALL-I codec mode though anywhere.
  4. Andrew Reid

    Olympus OM-1

    I did indeed manage to pick one up from Camarthan Cameras in Wales! Only retailer in entire UK to have a couple of units. Glad I did though as the camera is a miracle in itself. Punches well above expectations. I am only scratching the surface compared to you Simon, but will get to know it better in coming days. Brought it to Berlin with me. Not even shot any C4K with it yet but in UHD I did play with it a bit and love that you can punch in 1.4x in the middle of a shot with little to no loss in detail. No need to stop recording, you can just punch in and out on the fly. The IBIS was out of this world brilliant. 1 second handheld photo PIN SHARP The menus and ergonomics are in top 1% of all cameras. Love the way it feels to use and that they didn't go crazy abandoning the small size advantage with fans and stuff. I have GH6 with me as well so will be interesting to compare the two. They are very different. GH6 has the edge for high frame rates and overall video specs. OM-1 has a significant advantage in terms of size, weight, ergonomics, stills features and a few unique abilities in video mode as well. The EVF on the OM-1 is superior to the GH6. Out of this world big and immersive, especially impressive for such a small body. Can confirm the lovely Olympus colours are still present and correct!
  5. Yes should work fine on the Z6 II. All recording formats, yep.
  6. When you’re wallowing in self hatred like the UK culture secretary Nadine Dorries, a good way of advocating the destruction of a national broadcaster is to suggest they follow Netflix’s business model. There is of course a reason untalented political hacks from the right-wing of tabloid journalism aren’t very popular in the creative industries. Creativity takes talent, emotional sensitivity, brains and imagination – none of which the government of the UK possess. Read more: https://www.eoshd.com/news/netflix-and-the-end-of-the-subscription-model/
  7. Try it in HDR mode, it greatly reduces it.
  8. I also believe there is a difference between criticism and trolling. I relish a good argument and in collaborations, a difference of opinion can drive the ideas forward. On the internet, this rarely happens and you mainly get low quality input, with a nice pre-existing bias or personal grudge on top. So when it comes to collaboration it is always best to do it in same room as the other people.
  9. Yes it is compatible. The guide that comes with Pro Color will tell you how to set it up. Cheers!
  10. Who is up for helping me write a movie? Part 1 - Taking inspiration from Paul Schrader and Taxi Driver https://www.eoshd.com/news/help-me-write-a-movie-part-1-taking-inspiration-from-paul-schrader-taxi-driver/ Also explains the future of EOSHD and how things will change to cover movies instead of pixel peeping. Any suggestions, comments, welcome...
  11. Thanks for contributing. This stuff is proper rare these days.
  12. Hope he doesn't get any interference on the line.
  13. No that's only for Poltergeist Detect mode.
  14. April fools https://www.eoshd.com/news/steve-huff-quits-camera-reviews-for-communicating-with-the-paranormal/
  15. Blimey blog posts were a lot shorter back then! Not as short as a social media post, but not a book either. Fond memories.
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