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  1. It should be no problem on that powerful system (GTX 1060) to playback 4K H.265, as long as the OS and Premiere are both updated to the latest 2018 builds. Also make sure the graphics drivers are up to date. DaVinci Resolve is also worth a look, it's free from here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  2. Andrew Reid

    Nikon full frame mirrorless camera specs

    I am excited about this one, could be very popular with us if they get video right. However I am not sure why the rumour states 25MP and 45MP, when current tech from their supplier Sony is 24MP and 46MP. Seems like an odd move to use different sensors with 1MP difference.
  3. Andrew Reid

    New anamorphic lens under development at Samyang

    You want to audition as a mod or something? At least get it right. The Atlas lens is a completely different thing https://learn.sharegrid.com/sharegrid-lens-test-atlas-lens-co-orion-series-anamorphic
  4. The South Korean film industry is behind a push into anamorphic lenses. Read the full article
  5. Samsung has joined forces with Fujifilm to develop sensor technology and says it will apply the new innovation to a large sensor. Could the NX1 finally get a successor? Read the full article
  6. Andrew Reid

    Sony A7S Mark 3 - What to expect

    The Leica T touch screen interface is a breath of fresh air. You instantly see the current settings and tap to change any of them, without tapping a d-pad endlessly through a long list. There's also still a latency to the Sony UI that is completely unacceptable in 2018. As if it is running on a slow processor, or with a lot of background tasks. The bottom line is, Sony should have fired their UX team a long time ago. The HFR mode (esp. on the RX100 M6) is another example of why they should all be fired. The standby mode is unnecessary, first of all, if you are triggering the shot the normal way start/stop on the record button. Also it's not clear enough when you are in standby mode, yet there is text all over the screen and any half brush of a control brings up a prompt telling you to exit standby mode... so you press the key to exit but that just dismisses the prompt... So you think you've existed and start adjusting the zoom, exposure or whatever, and it just comes up with the shitty prompt again, like an endless loop of frustration. That would be a sackable offence at any of the other major companies in their user interface teams. If you look back to the Sony A900 the menus were fine. Simple, logically laid out and clean looking. Maybe they should not have replaced all those Minolta engineers who understood photography, with people from the thermostat division.
  7. Andrew Reid

    Canon M5 II or G7X III that shoot 4K

    The most stupid thing I've read on here ever. They don't cater for mid or high end either when talking about consumer and prosumer market. They don't cater for high-end pros very well, that is Alexa and RED territory. In the stills market it is like this... Low end = M10 Mid range = M50, GX9 High-end consumer = G9, NX1, A7 III High-end prosumer = A7R III, 5D Mk IV, A7S II, GH5S High-end pro = Alexa So when you are referring to low-end, you really mean $300. And here, Canon does cater... for 1080p. Move up to $600 and you have the M50. That I like for c-mount S16mm shooting due to the crop factor, colour and peaking. It is not an all-round competitor to anything else and does not outright replace any other camera I use. Moreover Canon has a gaping hole between $600 and $6000. More specifically, that involves the 5D IV haemorrhaging video users to Sony and Panasonic and no answer to the GH5 or a high-end mirrorless camera yet. I've been saying "yet" for so long, I'm blue in the face. So don't defend them. Period.
  8. Andrew Reid

    Canon M5 II or G7X III that shoot 4K

    Yes, hypothetical ones. 5 years late.
  9. Andrew Reid

    Available now - EOSHD Pro Audio

    Some of the "sound pros with 20+ years experience" could have at least helped with the beta version and offered their feedback in private rather than sniping baseless comments on the forum thread to discourage potential buyers. That would have been the polite thing to do. I am with those beta testers who tried it, and liked it. The rest of you, if you haven't tried it, your opinions are all totally invalid.
  10. Andrew Reid

    Canon M5 II or G7X III that shoot 4K

    So finally after 5 years, the market leader will catch up with the company that quit the camera market.
  11. Andrew Reid

    Geoff Boyle: "F**k The Numbers"

    Not this stupid binary argument. ZERO... Only content matters, lighting and talent ONE... I must shoot 4K, RAW, RED, 240fps. The guys in the ZERO camp would be fucked if the script called for slow-mo. The guys in the ONE camp do need to use more talent sometimes. And the ZERO camp needs to realise that anamorphic lenses sometimes do their oh-so-wonderful scripts and lighting much more justice than spherical. Always, you need both the talent and the specs, one bit without the other is pointless.
  12. Andrew Reid

    Available now - EOSHD Pro Audio

    Well just as you can tune an image, you can tune audio. If you are a professional audio engineer you are not the target audience for this. It's for filmmakers who want to get on with the shoot and edit, not learn how to use a compressor, EQ, etc. That isn't to say Pro Audio is basic. It has a science behind it. I worked with an audio engineer to create this... He did the entire audio engineering side. I just guided the idea and overall concept to completion. It comes with a guide that has a description of when to use which preset. There seems to be a misunderstanding in this thread with some people who haven't used it, haven't even read the page on the blog, or watched the tutorial or listened through headphones. No effort in = no results out. But they still have an opinion on results. Interesting! Erm. I did. But you don't need to combine presets like that anyway. You have Primers, which clean up audio. Colours which are like LUTs but for audio. And Bricks which can stack multiple on top of one another. Street scene noise reduction is actually a named preset, the work already done for you, finely tuned... so you don't need to add noise reduction + xxx + xxx.
  13. Andrew Reid

    Available now - EOSHD Pro Audio

    Have either of you used it?
  14. Andrew Reid

    Available now - EOSHD Pro Audio

    Drag and drop film sound design EOSHD Pro Audio is a preset library for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, allowing complete control over camera audio in post. Developed with a professional studio engineer in Berlin, the concept of EOSHD Pro Audio is unique. It is designed to fix common audio issues with internal stereo mics on DSLR and mirrorless cameras in an innovative way, as well as offering cinematic moods for specific scenes and shots – like LUTs for audio. Check it out - https://www.eoshd.com/pro-audio/
  15. Andrew Reid

    H.265 NX1 image quality improvement 2018

    No really, the dynamic range is fine. You have to get the settings bang on. Gamma DR, -2 contrast (not too low), 16-235 and Smart Range + ON. I adjust the master pedestal as well and increase bitrate with the hack. None of that existed in firmware 1.0, so people thought it lacking. It isn't. The sensor tested for 12.8 stops on DXOMark if I remember correctly...That is more than a Canon 1D X Mark II and 1D C. On the build quality I'm afraid I have to have a divergent opinion to you sir there as well! It's superb for the price. All the controls feel solid and the magnesium alloy chassis feels like metal not plastic like it can do on a lot of other cameras (cough, cough GH4). It's also very responsive. When does it ever lag? Have you seen how fast it puts down a 28MP RAW before starting 6K readout for video? Compare that to the GH5 with it's laggy end to recording video and on many other cameras there are much slower buffer clearance times. Colour science is in Nikon-Canon league. Autofocus with the S lenses is superb, on-chip phase detect. Better ergonomics than a Sony A7 III. £800 used. NX-L for full frame. It's still the best bargain ever. So feel free to nitpick it on the basis that your battery grip might be faulty