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  1. 2 months. Unbelievable. Is there never a cut off when it comes to eBay's ridiculous one-sided policies!? It's like skeletons coming up from the ground. Good tactic with PayPal, to play hard ball like that.
  2. What about the 1D X Mark III? Internal Canon RAW on a DSLR. It's definitely closest to 5D3 RAW in terms of image
  3. Nice to see you here again Dave! Yeah, bet the AF is better on the Olympus too!! It makes for a great run & gun video lens. I have the 15mm F1.7 as well, that is far smaller. They should make a rotating turret with 3 tiny primes on it instead! LOL!
  4. The 100 megapixel beast is up on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124729378713 I need the money for a house move in Berlin! I'll be sorry to see her go. Very lightly used, due to the pandemic. Was bought about 1 month before it started! I have tried the 100S as well and prefer the GFX 100 - it's just plain better in terms of build quality and the EVF. I am also selling my Leica SL2, so let me know if any takers for that.
  5. Judging RAW from YouTube at 7Mbit/s = complete nonsense anyway!
  6. Yes you can just substitute with Cine2 and S-Gamut on that camera. Cheers!
  7. It was just the monochrome art presets in Adobe Camera Raw. They're pretty decent.
  8. HDMI was never an issue was it? I'm a bit hazy on the details now as I sold my EOS R5 and won't be buying another Canon for a while. R3 looks tempting though.
  9. Yeah seems strange to me. Approach with caution. It's a janky ass solution anyway.
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