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  1. Andrew Reid

    Sony A9 vs. Sony A7SII 4k Video

    Where do you get all this info from?!
  2. Andrew Reid

    Sony A9 vs. Sony A7SII 4k Video

    It's not so much whether it makes sense for pro stills photographers or not. It's a pro camera. Whatever you do with the pro camera, you will mix at some point with other pro cameras. The other cameras will be delivering LOG and this won't. Therefore to match them is going to be tricky. Say for instance your job is 99% photography for a news channel - but you've shot the odd video and it ends up that the editor wants to use that video, in the midst of a section shot on proper cameras like an FS7. All that FS7 stuff is going to be LOG. The A9 should be as well. No excuses. Sony has ballsed this up. So has Canon leaving Canon LOG out of the 1D X Mark II, because it's "a stills camera". I'd love to be an editor working 99% with LOG footage and then the photographer gives you a 1D X II video clip shot in Vivid! Good luck putting a LUT on that or matching DR. On the R&D side, for some reason you're speculating as if Sony need to start again from a blank sheet of paper. It's actually the same sensor as the A7 III but with a DRAM chip solder bumped to the back instead of the traditional RAM buffer sat on the mainboard far away with a bus in-between. Integrating the buffer with the sensor allows it to exploit the full speed of the sensor. Which is why the image is identical between the A9 and A7 III aside from the shooting rates and rolling shutter speed. You can read out the same sensor much faster into a stacked DRAM chip, than you can going through a bus to the mainboard and image processor. Sony have already done the ADC, gain settings and colour science for that sensor. To think they need to start again on all that separate R&D just to change the gamma curve? Think about it dude. Hybrid LOG Gamma is just a gamma curve and colour gamut on the image processor, that can be applied to the raw sensor data. So if the sensor is the same, they don't even need to tweak anything. The buffer is different. The sensor is the same. Anyway it's probably an existing function of the image processor already, just turned off in the firmware... The code might even already exists in the camera, just commented out. It's easier to comment out or disable something with a variable, than to rewrite the firmware without it in or rip pieces out of the codebase.
  3. Andrew Reid

    A7III flicker/banding problem

    Try shooting 25p at 1/50.
  4. Andrew Reid

    Sony A9 vs. Sony A7SII 4k Video

    What R&D costs? It already exists. A simple firmware patch to copy the existing code to the A9 firmware, as easy as slotting in an existing procedure to existing codebase. Plus a bit of internal testing / QA. It might even already exist in the firmware, but is hidden in the menus.
  5. Andrew Reid

    Sony A9 vs. Sony A7SII 4k Video

    I wonder why Sony don't give the A9 picture profiles. They are not losing money on it if somebody picks up an A9 instead of an A7 III for video. It has a higher margin than that model, surely. I am going to see how close to Pro Color I can get one of the Creative Styles with a LUT, but the dynamic range will never be as good, unless we get LOG gamma curves in there.
  6. Andrew Reid

    Sony A9 vs. Sony A7SII 4k Video

    It might be time we re-visited the poor old A9 since the price halved! Help yourself here - https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/search/?www-product-search=sony+a9&www-department=all It is still around £400 more than an A7 III but it has some interesting extras: Slight more natural edge to very fine detail in 4K Far less rolling shutter and possibly slightly better motion cadence 20fps RAW for 10 seconds to 240 shot buffer = might be creatively interesting for video Drive dial and AF mode selection lever Electronic shutter usable in artificial light without banding (1/160 second sync / readout speed vs 1/30 on A7 III I believe?) No viewfinder blank out 50% higher resolution screen (1440k vs 922k) and EVF (3.6m vs 2.3m) Slightly more tactile ergonomics and buttons Possible improvements in white balance and colour on A9 (unproven to my eyes unless I get hold of an A9) Of course we still lack S-LOG / picture profiles / HGL but if you're doing light grading, it is surprising how much you can colour correct Neutral. A7 III is also a bit cleaner in low light then REALLY pushed or shadows raised +6ev in RAW stills... As it hasn't got a hot RAM chip glued to the back of the sensor. Otherwise they are both very impressive at high ISOs. There is still a chance it could get a firmware update for at least HGL, then it makes it a no brainer to pay just £400 more for a used A9 than get the A7 III, in my opinion!
  7. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    An interesting thought sir.
  8. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    Some people are interested, some are not. Let the people who are interested in changing things to discuss it and get on with it.
  9. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    Private companies love to pretend to uphold our constitutional rights (like freedom of speech) but when it comes to it, they are shown up. They have no legal obligation to protect free speech.
  10. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    Meanwhile at DPReview: So much for free speech! And their feedback section has plenty of concerns about the amount of sponsored content they have been running lately https://www.dpreview.com/forums/5001 Which I criticised... Hence the ban on my links. Are we living in China or the west?
  11. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    Indeed, but it's astonishing the lows a PR department can go to for clicks. So in a way not too surprising. Canon's legal department once tried to pull Canon Rumors down altogether, but as they have survived and become a regular source of clicks, Canon's PR department has got involved. You can envisage a point in the future where their legal department will be trying to sue someone at the same time their PR department is running a give-away with them. Satire has become the modus operandi of companies and politicians in 2018 Aside from your visits to EOSHD counting against you at Canon Rumors, imagine what other data they are holding about your browsing history. Like I say, I think people should query that with Craig directly - [email protected] And request deletion of ALL tracking cookies immediately.
  12. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    Yes that's the latest trick. It was always my intention to criticise clickbait until it vanishes off the internet, only to be replaced with a text file saying "Hello"! Now let's start on 43rumors!
  13. Andrew Reid

    Tilta BMPCC 4K cage pricing is amazing

    Check this out https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/11/14/tilta-bmpcc-4k-cage-hands-on-interbee-2018/ An all-new preview hands-on. But most interestingly of all take a look at the price. Half cage is $99. That's a LOT cheaper than the other high-end cages I've seen so far. The other bits are very competitive too.
  14. Andrew Reid

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    I asked Canon Rumors about the redirecting to EOSHD of his URLs. Apparently we disrupted his little tie-up with Canon's PR department, when I jokingly asked people to join the EOS R give-away so we could give it to Magic Lantern to play with. Their PR people cancelled it 🤣 Or was I joking? I can't remember Anyway, he is trying to ban us from viewing the site now, by using a script on his server that detects if you have visited a Canon Rumors link on EOSHD, and redirecting that link back here. Along with a lot of fishy ad trackers on there which analyse your web browsing history and past purchases. If you don't like this email him. [email protected] I am sure he will come to his senses eventually, and maybe even give one of his EOS Rs to Magic Lantern 😂 In the meantime if you want to link to a clickbait made-up Canon Rumors story from an EOSHD forum post, I'm not going to stop you, just use an URL shortener like Google's This should bypass their blocking. Try going to this Canon Rumors article via my shortened link for instance: https://goo.gl/Krp6W5
  15. Andrew Reid

    Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p

    Z6 in the YouTube title. Z7 on the titles. What to believe. Christ.