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  1. Andrew Reid

    I need a hug

    Hope you're feeling better Kaylee!! 30's (if that's where you are now) are a real treat, much more productive than 20's.... it's where things finally start to come together. I am sure you will start to see that soon. I didn't even start EOSHD until I was 30!
  2. You can get Pro Color 3.0.... Unless you need help setting up the menus / codecs / video modes /etc, then the shooter's guide comes in handy.
  3. Andrew Reid

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Not sure that the lens is made in Germany and it isn't in the same league as the Leica M 28mm Summilux F1.4. I think it's a Panasonic optic on the Q. There's not much competition in full frame compact cameras, but I have the original Q and RX1R II, and I am tempted by the Zeiss ZX1 as well. They are a wonderful breed. The Q2 will be interesting but not purely based on the fact it has 4K now, although that's very nice, and something the Sony RX1R II doesn't have. The Q definitely feels like a Panasonic. It's not a brass tank, or anything in league with an M. That has it's own pros and cons... It's light, and technologically very current!
  4. Blackmagic RAW has arrived on the Pocket 4K camera, meanwhile Cinema DNG has been remove due to patent claims, and basically being an obsolete format with poor performance and compatibility. I don't really mourn Cinema DNG, but it's a shame they had to remove it for legal reasons. What's very interesting on the hardware side is how Blackmagic are able to deliver such a dramatic firmware update. A lot of consumer cameras have hardware based on ASIC chipsets. The Blackmagic Pocket 4K has a FFPGA (Fast Field Programmable Gate Array) which is a type of chip that can be completely reprogrammed at the hardware level by software commands. This is how Blackmagic are able to deliver such fundamental features as an entire new raw codec, which would have necessitated a hardware change on a normal camera. Blackmagic are providing a BRAW Player as well for MacOS which allows quick preview and playback of clips from the Finder. BRAW clips are a single file unlike Cinema DNG, which is a folder of still DNG frames in sequence. Read the full article
  5. Bought an RP so I can develop a version of my C-LOG profile for it. It's going to straight back to Amazon when I'm done with that.
  6. I am mega excited about that one. I have the Techart Leica M AF adapter and that's superb, and I have the Fuji GFX adapter for EF and the autofocus on that is as good as the native AF with Fuji's own medium format lenses. They have yet to disappoint. Very good company.
  7. It's the Canon lenses keeping the cameras afloat, that's for sure. Looking at the Panasonic S1, the lens situation is a mess. No AF-C on the Sigma adapter for Canon. No phase-detect AF on the sensor. No affordable primes from Panasonic at launch and the 50mm F1.4 is far too large. Looking at the Canon EOS RP, very small and affordable 35mm F1.8 with IS and macro ability. EF adapter that works properly. Cutting edge expensive stuff like the 50 1.2 and 28-70 2.0 for the pros. There's no question the S1 is a better camera for video though, as long as you don't mind waiting for Sigma's L mount lenses or using manual focus. Then again you'll be using MF in 4K on the RP any way!
  8. The autofocus does seem pretty good on the Olympus. Is it as good as the X-T3? No question who wins IBIS between those two though That amusement park is a gem, would like to see you explore it more... and some of the crazies. Sara is a natural... I can't believe this is the first time I've seen a video with her in, as she seems mega famous from her channel and instagram. Nice work guys!
  9. Good old Berlin!! Nice effect in Resolve. Definitely makes for a less digital look.
  10. Finer noise grain! If you turn it down too far you get a more plastic texture which isn't film-like. The Panasonic codec is really good at a fine grain, so I wanted to keep hold of it.
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