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  1. Mr Speakers (Now called Dan Clark Audio) Ether C. Never had such a good reference pair. Really transparent on the source. Feed it a good source and amp it well, and it shines. Does not flatter unless you find a good matching amp (can sound flat or boring on some DACs). Amazing expansive sound stage. Pairs well with a good tube amp or the new super small Radsone HUD100 DAC on "Dynamic" mode. Beyerdynamic T5p. Superb exciting travel and studio cans, really durable and rapid, controlled bass like a planar. Some of the best closed dynamic headphones for the price. Can comfortably wear them on street. Very good isolation. Change the pads though to velor. Hifiman Sundara. Total bargain for the price. No isolation with it being open though, so not as flexible as the Beyer and Ether. Very detailed bass. Denon / Fostex varieties / all great (Massdrop THX00, E-Mu Teak and older AH-D5000 my favourite ones) https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/survey-foster-443742-variants-subjective-listening-tests-denon-ah-d5000-massdrop-fostex-th - However not 'really' closed cans - more like open. Don't isolate well for studio or street usage. Hifiman Ayra - very detailed planar with amazing control. Easy to drive. I rate them above LCD-X but they are less dark, less weight in the low end. There are also some amazing Chinese IEMs around the $100-150 mark. Z Reviews has covered a lot of the good stuff. Beware the hype though. It gets expensive.
  2. Which model of e-bike? How is the battery so small - part of the frame?
  3. Yeah wish the power switch was around the shutter release.
  4. An empty and silent place would actually be an improvement!
  5. Thanks for the comments... Some of them anyway. This kind of content is why the forum was being considered for closure in the first place... .... .... .... ....
  6. What a weirdo. Did a RED users steal your girlfriend too?
  7. I don't mean weirdos as in eccentric and cool in the American sense of the word. I mean the type of people you would literally cross the road to avoid them saying hello
  8. I've decided on a way forward... 1. Rules. There will be 4 or 5 very simple rules. Basic things like respect the pub landlord and regulars. Don't imply that I am not a filmmaker or doesn't shoot stuff. Nothing pisses me off more. There will be rules for new users - like join with good intentions, not with bad plots to drag the community down or ruin topics for your own perverse enjoyment. Another example rule would be - If you are here to lead people out of my site to your own website or paid content like colour profiles and LUTs, please clear it with me first in an email or direct message. Just out of politeness. I think we could have some rules about quality of posting - Try to post original content, like talking about cameras you actually own and about using them. Photos, videos, tests, tech info, that kind of stuff is great. Misinformation, uninformed opinions and chit chat are not so useful for the other users especially more experienced ones (or me) so please remember to keep things handy. 2. New front page for the blog. I am going to merge it better with the main EOSHD front page, but my content will be given priority on the forum above the topics index. If you bookmark only the forum you will still see my blog posts above it, plus featured forum topics that are good contributions and interesting. The general index of topics will remain but you will have to scroll down further to see it, as there will be spots for the featured topics and posts of high quality taking precedence. Again it motivates people to write good stuff as it will have a chance of being featured on the front page of the forum. When viewing individual topics, these will be more closely integrated with the EOSHD blog front page with the sidebars showing my latest blog posts and reviews. This won't be an immediate change, I have to work out a lot of technical aspects. 3. Zero tolerance for weirdos and shit stirrers. I don't want sycophants, I don't want weirdos, and I don't want insulting comments from people or hostile lunatics. The core of this community and my friends are not here for you to get your kicks from whatever subtle agenda you may have against us. I don't mind people who disagree with me but the moment there is any sign of an obviously hostile member (some are even present in this topic!) the ban button will be clicked without any hesitation and IP address too. There will be a rule that people do not question a ban. It is my decision alone if I don't want somebody in my home. 4. I am going to better reward people for good content. Until somebody has a good reputation, they will have limited posting abilities and will have to work their way up. 5. More challenges like the EOSHD $200 camera event, more stuff to get us enjoying the forum rather than bitching. 6. I'll consider more ideas as well.
  9. I think the design is ok. Maybe it's your screen. Or do you prefer 43rumors with 80% ad banners for underpants and viagra, and 10% made up shit, and 10% rumours? I don't think it's a good idea to turn into reduser. Do you? Says who? I care. That's all that matters. Or are you saying I banned from my own opinion on my own website? You don't get to decide. Some would actually. It sounds like you don't enjoy it in the first place! Not very fucking clear? I have spent 10 years putting my images on this blog and you have the temerity to question whether I even shoot. I am not in a turning point in my life just because of a few utter nobs on a forum who can't be polite. But anyway thanks for the crap advice. I'll ignore it all! The only hasty decision that is a good one is to smash the ignore button on all your future posts.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions so far. So far I am leaning towards a forum design that prioritises good posts (and contributors) at the top and pushes the less interesting stuff down the page. And closer integration with the main blog too.
  11. @Alt Shoo This is one of the big unknowns for me, does the forum suck people away from the blog and into the topics or does it keep people coming back to the site and interested in the main page too? You describe a nice scenario by the way, but there will not be any advertising or moderators. Advertisers can be a cash cow but clients and moderators are almost as much effort to maintain as a busy dairy farm, with at least 20 cows. Who remembers Jon Pais? I still have nightmares.
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