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  1. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    "For 720p" lol Hey 2008 called... It wants its resolution back! Let me run out and buy a 5D Mk IV... I am so excited for that 720p! Especially as my GH5S only does 1080p 180fps and now 240fps for almost half the money. Hmm.
  2. Introducing the Canon 400000000D

    Sure there are a lot of people like that. And I see the potential buyer getting ripped off to be quite honest... These are the current cheapest new interchangeable lens cameras in the UK at WEX... A reminder of all that the GX800 gives the customer, including 4K https://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/cameras-camcorders/lumix-g-compact-system-cameras/dc-gx800.html Whereas the 1300D is practically 2008's low-end technology.
  3. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    No 4K 30p and 720p only for 120fps points to a slower than normal sensor readout. Well, we'll wait and see. Could be a good PowerShot for YouTubers. Might be better to wait for the M5 Mark II or whatever they call it, with same new tech but higher-end body.
  4. Introducing the Canon 400000000D

    Of course there should be pricing for all people, everywhere. And I suspect the 40000000000D is aimed at China. Big, growing market there. However, you shouldn't defend the bastards They are not providing value for money. They are providing plastic mounts and keeping prices the same. The FIRST thing a budget user should do is check out your YouTube channel and watch some of the videos. Then they would get value for money. The LAST thing they should do is walk into a big box retailer who doesn't give a shit about their needs, and have this shit from Canon pushed on them for $300. $300 would get you far more on eBay, or indeed new from other manufacturers.
  5. Introducing the Canon 400000000D

    Yeah it signals Canon's intention to enter the Chinese fizzle and pop market.
  6. Introducing the Canon 400000000D

    Remember guys and girls! The more zeros the more profit for Canon Ultra ultra low-end camera that only exists as a cost cutting missive, Canon churning out yet another 18MP Rebel. People buy these things! Yes really! Leaked photos looks like a Manila market store pirate version of a real Canon. Is that a plastic mount?! On the body!? http://www.nokishita-camera.com/2018/02/eos-4000d.html They couldn't even be bothered to paint the buttons. No, it does not do 4K 😂😂😂
  7. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    I think only Pentax is in real trouble, due to their parent company making huge losses on copiers. The rest are in rude health. Panasonic makes money on the GH5 series, mark my words they do. Seen the internal powerpoint! Nikon have faced challenges but still profit. Sony are riding a wave, read that Nikkei report - the cameras shore up their other profits, in addition to major sources of income like the PS4. We're not talking small numbers here. 4K is already a household standard, not much problem there. Obviously, old ladies are not buying them. Everyone else though... lapping them up.
  8. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    "For fiscal 2017, Fujifilm expects to set an all-time high in group net profit for the fourth consecutive year on strong sales of digital cameras." https://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Capital-Markets/Xerox-deal-raises-concern-about-financial-impact-on-Fujifilm "Sony operating profit seen jumping 80% this fiscal year - $4.5bn-plus figure would approach company record" https://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Tokyo-Market/Sony-operating-profit-seen-jumping-80-this-fiscal-year "Globally competitive offerings are expected to drive significant earnings growth this fiscal year. Demand for smartphone image sensors is on the rise, along with sales of the PlayStation 4 game console. Pricey ultrahigh-definition 4K televisions and digital single-lens reflex cameras will provide further support."
  9. Not much love for Nikon D850

    D5 is a lovely camera but you are paying more for less, when it comes to video. I haven't used it to comment on the image quality (I expect it is similar to D850 in S35 mode) but it has more limitations, no articulated screen, etc. so why bother?
  10. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Teardowns have revealed a Panasonic chip in the 5D Mark IV I'm just not sure what it does
  11. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    How about 22.5fps 4K? From now on, every Canon should come with a picture of their smiling CEO in the box.
  12. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a 5x crop, 17Mbit MJPEG and 30i, which you have to deinterlace in post Got to stop all those C300 II PL mount owners being tempted by a compact!
  13. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Nokishita didn't say anything about 30fps or 100Mbit. Vitaliy at Personal-view seemed to draw it out of thin air and add it to the list of specs on his site.
  14. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    In theory the NX1 is the best here H.265 is double the efficiency of H.264 and it cranks to 160Mbit reliably with the hack. That is equivalent to 320Mbit/s IPB H.264. It's a very stable image.
  15. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Chdk is for the EOS M line, as it's based on Powershot operating system since EOS M3, I believe. Magic Lantern is for EOS M 1 + 2, plus the DSLRs. So I wouldn't hold your breath there! Not sure, but I assume it would be. Might be a good street shooter for stills!