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  1. Since E-M10 III is so cheap but doesn't have great AF or any form of LOG, you could save a bit of money and not bother waiting for E-M5 III. Put a Speed Booster on E-M10 III instead
  2. It's great https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/27980-the-absolutely-mega-olympus-e-m10-iii-oversampled-46k-no-crop-5-axis-ibis-for-500/#comments
  3. APS-C is not high end when a $1300 full frame mirrorless cam exists that Canon would prefer you buy!
  4. Didn't you feel ripped off when you found out your 500 euros lens had a whiny externally focusing barrel like a 1980'S Tamron? A big backward step from the EF 35mm F2.0
  5. Great stuff. Let me know if you'd like a test user on the Pocket 6K, as it looks like I have one on the way from the Netherlands.
  6. It's not the difference in look between 24p and 25p that's any issue, it's the fact you can't shoot in NTSC countries with 25p and avoid flickering lights, cannot mix 24p and 25p on one timeline, they don't conform to each other without dropping a frame or adding a frame, which wreaks the motion cadence, and besides 25p isn't the cinema standard, and some cameras like the Canon 1D C don't shoot 25p in 4K, so good luck having an EOS M6 Mark II as your B-cam for the 1D C or other 24p-4K only cam.
  7. They are on a glide-path to exiting the consumer camera market completely and exploring other avenues. And it shows!
  8. A bit of an unnecessary poke at Mattias for sure, who is after all completely RIGHT about Canon's colour science, completely right that it's all about the image. Take colour, feel and the image composition away and add specs... and what do you have. Yes that's right... Shit all.
  9. I'm in favour of keeping it a cinematography challenge, instead of a test of scriptwriting skill or something else. Happy to do another one. The more limits, the more creative. A phone challenge might be an option. I have my RED Hydrogen at the ready
  10. Canon are running out of ways to improve stills quality, so it's inevitable they'll come back to video users sooner rather than later... Especially when the complacency they have relied on over the years in the form of being in the lead on sales, vanishes. It's the cynicism of it all that pisses me off the most. Putting USB C on but at 2.0 speeds... To save mere fractions of a cent development costs on $1000+ cameras Removing 24p Disabling Dual Pixel AF in 4K whenever they feel like it, same with Canon LOG Waiting 4 years to get on par with Sony's RX100 technology with the high-end compact cameras Using very old, dated sensor tech and chipsets I couldn't care less about the EOS M6 Mark II as we have far better cameras from Fuji and Panasonic for less money. (Although it would have been nice to have made the most of Canon's colour and EOS M mount's adaptability to c-mount in various video-related ways). Canon have lost a LOT of customer goodwill.
  11. The situation is worse for US users than for Europeans and PAL shooters, because I can't see anybody in the US wanting to switch to PAL mode and shoot 25p, with the interference pattern and banding under certain light sources that brings, and the loss of 60p. Constantly switching back and forth between PAL and NTSC is a ballache, especially if camera requests card format like Sony. It may be that YouTubers are all shooting 30p and Canon is only listening to the market, but I don't really believe for a second that this is anything but a cripple to protect higher-end 4K cameras from Canon including EOS R. Same situation on the GX7 III and new G5X II as well, only 30p and 25p on those. Let's hope the death of 24p doesn't become contagious and other brands start doing it. Canon set a bad example for the entire market.
  12. I am curious to know the story behind the Italian one. Did the old dictator have a bit of a stroke or just out of it on drugs?
  13. At EOSHD we like to ask the important hard-hitting questions on glamorous Italian TV shows. Read the full article
  14. Probably not legit mate. Please let's keep the off-topic stuff out of the forum though. It's a camera forum.
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