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  1. how is dynamic range related to 12/14/16 bit adb readout? the higher the bit depth the higher the dynamic range it seems Arri said alexa 35 sensor has 18bit readout, that's how it managed to get 17 stops of dynamic range. can some sensor expert explain?
  2. No it's 6:1 and 12:1 compression for 12bit video
  3. Data rates for ticoraw are pretty much similar to prores 422 with 12:1 compression i.e 35min of 8k60p recording with 512 gb ssd
  4. ticoraw can support non-bayer CFA sensors too (X-trans too?) unlike prores raw compression ratios offered @12bit are 6:1 and 12:1. Intopix has nothing to lose unlike RED, rather they will gain more if they expand their services to all other camera companies. My prediction is the days of ATOMOS and RED willl be over soon. Cinema cameras will be less enthusiastic and more hybrid versions will pop up from every camera company. RED trying auto-focus, and partnering with canon for RF mount seems like they understood they are losing their checkpoint (compressed raw codec). i feel there are 2 bottlenecks for a camera to be more cinema /video oriented - 1)Electronic nd filter- the patent of forza silicon which has expired recently. 2) Compressed raw codec- novel compression techniques like jpeg-xs tico raw are circumventing around RED's patents. seems like clear path for the future for hybrid photo- cinema cameras. If brands like Kinefinity, blackmagic, Zcam don't focus on auto-focus, an already shrinking camera market can hit them hard.
  5. Into pix Tico raw is based on mezzenine compression technique based on Jpeg-XS. Redcode raw is based on Jpeg-2000. Intopix has patented this technology. https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2019011944A1/en
  6. Sharathc47

    Panasonic GH6

    Patent of electronic nd filter is expired in january 2022 (patent holder- Forza silicon) Can we see more cinema cameras with electronic nd filter in the future?🤷‍♂️
  7. Haha! Checkout R5 posts by andrew reid. When you pair with atomos ninja v+ its good but it has a hdmi mini not the regular one.
  8. Red komodo comes with RF mount which is also not so versatile. you need adapters for both cameras. Sure it is. Other concerns i like to mention with sony cameras are... not so great color science, line skipping in 4k. But I would go with sony if photography is also a priority.
  9. https://displayhdr.org/certified-products/ These are HDR certified monitors by VESA.
  10. No N-log internal No 10bit internal No 6k raw (full sensor readout) Paid raw update that too line skipped 4k DISAPPOINTING😔 I don't think they have taken any feedback from video users.
  11. We cannot expect more from nikon z6mkii as it is the same sensor of s1/s1h/s5. Maximum we can get 1.5x 60fps. We can expect atleast N-log and 10bit internal. 6k 30p Prores raw external. Full size HDMI!
  12. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-leaked-lumix-bgh1-camcorder-specs/
  13. New features for Prores Raw in final cut 10.4.9 update! ISO, Color temperature can be changed in post. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/08/final-cut-pro-x-updated-with-significant-workflow-improvements/
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