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  1. Haha! Checkout R5 posts by andrew reid. When you pair with atomos ninja v+ its good but it has a hdmi mini not the regular one.
  2. Red komodo comes with RF mount which is also not so versatile. you need adapters for both cameras. Sure it is. Other concerns i like to mention with sony cameras are... not so great color science, line skipping in 4k. But I would go with sony if photography is also a priority.
  3. https://displayhdr.org/certified-products/ These are HDR certified monitors by VESA.
  4. No N-log internal No 10bit internal No 6k raw (full sensor readout) Paid raw update that too line skipped 4k DISAPPOINTING I don't think they have taken any feedback from video users.
  5. We cannot expect more from nikon z6mkii as it is the same sensor of s1/s1h/s5. Maximum we can get 1.5x 60fps. We can expect atleast N-log and 10bit internal. 6k 30p Prores raw external. Full size HDMI!
  6. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-leaked-lumix-bgh1-camcorder-specs/
  7. New features for Prores Raw in final cut 10.4.9 update! ISO, Color temperature can be changed in post. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/08/final-cut-pro-x-updated-with-significant-workflow-improvements/
  8. https://wolfcrow.com/canon-eos-r5-overheating-tests-the-true-story/ R5 testing in different conditions by WOLFCROW(Sareesh sudhakaran). Checkout his videos and blogs. He has very good content. Just like G.undone he is too informative
  9. https://alikgriffin.com/canon-r5-overheating-with-cfexpress-card-are-the-cards-to-blame/
  10. 1. Can we see internal Raw capture from upcoming cameras? Especially BRAW 2. TOF- how far has it reached. Can we see them in future cameras. 3. Organic sensor technology.
  11. No 1080p recording in PRORES RAW! Why is that!? I think it applies for every camera which supports Prores raw via ninja v.
  12. 1. Better grip & Battery grip 2. Internal BRAW codec 3. Internal Nd 4. Tilting screen atleast 5. There should be no aliasing or moire
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