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  1. sean at Lumix live acknowledged the issue and said that it is because of Phase detect pixels. it's not solvable by just a firmware. They are hoping to improve with next versions of cameras. They use too much noise reduction like sony, it's in every S series camera. Otherwise a dynamic range of 12.3 with a 12bit adc is quite difficult. Wish they would use stacked 14bit adc sensors upto 60fps instead of nikon z9 sensor in future products.
  2. But Raptor’s sensor size(41x21) doesn’t match with Gpixel’s sensor(35x24) but specs seem some what similar. 16bit 8k-120p, 4k-240p. And impressive dynamic range of 87db Gpixel is sensor manufacturer of Freefly ember s5k a high speed global shutter sensor Any idea @androidlad
  3. Can we oversample a 6k image to 4k then send for raw video compression? I know it’s not technically raw, but can we go around red patents as Blackmagic does with their BRAW(partial debayer) by pre-processing like oversampling and have an internal codec with the ability to change ISO/WB?
  4. If Red isn’t a troll, how come they are extending their patent by identifying some loopholes in the system 🤷‍♂️.
  5. After watching jinnitech’s video i checked red’s patent and i noticed something 1. Red’s Video camera patent expired and they applied for another patent for all electronics including cameras, this may extends patent expiry to 2038🤷‍♂️ https://patents.google.com/patent/US11503294B2/en?oq=US-11503294-B2 2. There are citations of Cineform publications in Red’s patents. Doesn’t it mean the patent examiner already knew about cineform raw existence? Does the examiner willingly granted patent? Or Cineform raw doesn’t come under prior art? Is that patent officer corrupt or anyway related to Red?😜
  6. I Wish Panasonic works with Blackmagic for their Box cameras. Blackmagic can make more money by licensing BRAW to other companies like panasonic than making their own cameras. a 250$ licensing fee would do the trick the problem with BRAW is it needs a special encoder installed in camera for partial debayer process I think. That’s why we didn’t see any cameras with internal BRAW. or Blackmagic don’t want competitors in cinema camera space Another idea would be to create a partial debayer raw codec for l mount alliance like BRAW & ZRAW. But no camera company has as much software power as Blackmagic. hmmmmmm may be DJI?
  7. New video from jinny tech did cineform patent its algorithm?
  8. Let’s all discuss the things you would like to improve/ implement in 2023 for fuji I am interested in fuji. Let’s create different threads for respective camera brands We can share this feedback also with fujirumours, which people from fuji insiders definitely read and acknowledge the demands of the video professionals. My feedback would be 1. Box camera with similar specs to Fuji xh2s and internal e-nd filter 2. Power zooms 16-55 f2.8 and 50-140 f2.8 with no exposure changes+ parfocal + breathing correction 3. Cinema primes of recently released 1.4 primes 4. Improved autofocus in 4k 120p + touch to track 5. Wide angle prime 11/12/13 whatever f1.8/2 atleast 6. Firmware updates with anamorphic desqueeze and shutter angle Share yours lets do this every end of the year.
  9. I don’t think LIDAR with panasonic will happen! Yesterday on lumix live, someone asked about LIDAR for AF. @42:03 min
  10. how is dynamic range related to 12/14/16 bit adb readout? the higher the bit depth the higher the dynamic range it seems Arri said alexa 35 sensor has 18bit readout, that's how it managed to get 17 stops of dynamic range. can some sensor expert explain?
  11. No it's 6:1 and 12:1 compression for 12bit video
  12. Data rates for ticoraw are pretty much similar to prores 422 with 12:1 compression i.e 35min of 8k60p recording with 512 gb ssd
  13. ticoraw can support non-bayer CFA sensors too (X-trans too?) unlike prores raw compression ratios offered @12bit are 6:1 and 12:1. Intopix has nothing to lose unlike RED, rather they will gain more if they expand their services to all other camera companies. My prediction is the days of ATOMOS and RED willl be over soon. Cinema cameras will be less enthusiastic and more hybrid versions will pop up from every camera company. RED trying auto-focus, and partnering with canon for RF mount seems like they understood they are losing their checkpoint (compressed raw codec). i feel there are 2 bottlenecks for a camera to be more cinema /video oriented - 1)Electronic nd filter- the patent of forza silicon which has expired recently. 2) Compressed raw codec- novel compression techniques like jpeg-xs tico raw are circumventing around RED's patents. seems like clear path for the future for hybrid photo- cinema cameras. If brands like Kinefinity, blackmagic, Zcam don't focus on auto-focus, an already shrinking camera market can hit them hard.
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