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  1. There won't be 29min59sec limit on Alpha cameras, it's already gone on a6400, 6600 and a7R IV.
  2. X-mount being 44mm in diameter (vs. 46mm E-mount), it would be cost-prohibitive, if not impossible to put an FF sensor AND design FF lenses for it. It would also be unrealistic to adapt 65mm diameter G-mount to X-mount, and a huge waste of optical performance from GFX lenses. Just use GFX cameras with its "35mm format mode". I'd rather Fujifilm focus its limited resources on its APS-C and MF line-up.
  3. Because it's S-log, the blown out highlights only happen in Premiere when the metadata is tagged HLG or PQ.
  4. Yes, or you can record HLG on Atomos with "native" input to avoid HDR metadata.
  5. Record on the Ninja V. There's no way to change that in Premiere at the moment. BTW you're hot.
  6. Not much room for improvement. Fujifilm is limited by the X-mount diameter of 44mm, while MFT having 38mm and significantly smaller sensor, meaning that similar to Sony, Fuji sensor does not have a lot of room to move around.
  7. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-first-olympus-e-m1iii-specs-info-its-an-e-m1x-without-the-built-in-grip/
  8. It's a Premiere Pro issue, in the third clip with blown out highlights, Premiere Pro sees the PQ/HLG metadata and display the HDR clips as is, without tone-mapping, it assumes you working on an HDR monitor. The highlights aren't actually blown out, if you check the scope, it can be brought back to SDR range with exposure tools. The workaround is record the clips without the HDR metadata.
  9. Canon just published 1DX III video tech whitepaper: http://downloads.canon.com/nw/camera/products/eos/1d-x-mark-iii/resources/Canon_EOS_1DX_Mark_III_Video_White_Paper.pdf
  10. Sensors have a fixed scan rate for a given readout mode, in the case of 5.5K RAW and 5.5K supersampled 4K, it should be equivalent to the the maximum framerate, 1/60s.
  11. With 60fps full 5.5K readout, the rolling shutter isn't going to be higher than 16.7ms.
  12. DR/latitude aren't the only metrics for image quality. If there's a risk of underexposure, there's a thing called lighting. 4.6K uses a custom Fairchild sensor.
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