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  1. It's been pointed out multiple times in this thread, that this speedbooster sits completely within the mount as a set of pure optical elements, it does not alter the EF mount in any way therefore does not change the focal flange distance.
  2. androidlad

    P6K accessories

  3. There are accessory mounts for gimbals that allow you to mount anything from mics to monitors. With a shotgun mic on a shock mount it’s good enough to capture ambience.
  4. Regardless of the output bit depth, they are all derived from linear 12bit readout, there’s no discernible DR difference between 10bit and 8bit on the same camera with the same picture profile, the benefit is flexibility in grading (4 times more bits per stop).
  5. Literally the same as XT3. And literally the maximum permissible rolling shutter given the framerate.
  6. Latest leak: The 60MP mirrorless from Nikon obviously share the same sensor (variant) as Sony A7R IV. But it'll extract the full potential of this sensor in both stills and video department, by employing 16bit RAW mode (as in GFX100) and supersampled 4K video with various crop factors and aspect ratios.
  7. It's purely just glass elements inserted into the mount, designed to work with FF EF lenses.
  8. https://lucadapters.webnode.it/news/magicbooster-pocket-6k/ It sits completely within the mount and has an factor of 0.71x, so you can use FF EF lenses.
  9. Sony's new codec family - XEVC will be officially unveiled around the 21st August. Along with some new products with this new codec onboard.
  10. This may come as a surprise but BMPC6K uses IMX571 (yes XT3 base sensor and zcam S6) operating in a 6144x3456 ROI mode. Despite the sensor dimension in the spec, the actual unit houses a standard 3:2 APS-C sensor.
  11. Current info is that the pixel size is 0.61um, so the sensor size for the 108MP SKU is 1/1.7"
  12. Sharpness, detail and moire are just a few of many image quality metrics. If you compare S1 and A7 III, the 4K quality is identical. But S1 offers better DR, colour and way more framerate and codec options.
  13. Sony Semicon/Samsung has licensing restrictions that those sensors are to be used in mobile phones only.
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