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  1. The HDR is simultaneous dual-gain readout of each pixel, it's for stills mode only. Quad Bayer for this sensor is 2 x2 OCL for each pixel for cross-type on-chip AF.
  2. There's also a red front record button on GH6 just like S1H, if you know where to look.
  3. 5720 x 4290 Completely revamped DFD AF that's on par with, and sometimes better than A7S III.
  4. Sony sensors use linear 12bit ADC readout in video mode.
  5. There are two prototypes being developed, one is 8k capable and the other is not.
  6. Spec sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GPtPEuCoz-1HNyGaH-FPu93S-RnvD5ud/view Same sensor as original GH5, IMX272 https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/products/common/pdf/IMX272AQK_Flyer.pdf
  7. Actually many of us will be pleasantly surprised when X-H2 arrives. Mark my word.
  8. Further proof and implicit suggestion from Canon that R3 sensor is sourced from Sony Semicon.
  9. R3 sensor is likely to be manufactured by Sony Semicon: https://www.canonwatch.com/did-canon-make-the-eos-r3-sensor-or-did-they-not/
  10. Use CineMatch plugin to generate LUTs to match.
  11. I‘ve seen the prototype, while definitely not 20 stops by ARRI standard, it's still a huge step up due to the multiple gain output.
  12. Surprise announcement: Canon R5 will be able to output 8K 30P ProRes RAW via HDMI.
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