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  1. D Verco

    Fuji X-H2S

    Looks like it's only a problem with the nisi vnd
  2. D Verco

    Nikon buys Red?

    Probably. But does anyone have a comparison between R3D and N-raw? the fact that N-raw files aren't split up and is 10-15 years newer is already an advantage
  3. D Verco

    Nikon buys Red?

    The red guy already said in a YouTube video that they've licensed raw to all the major brands. We just haven't seen the releases yet.
  4. D Verco

    Nikon buys Red?

    why do you think sony owns autofocus, or that nikon licences it from them?
  5. D Verco

    Nikon buys Red?

    Lol what. Only some of Nikon's sensors are Sony designed. Others like the z9 are designed by Nikon and then manufactured by Sony.
  6. I agree. we all know new cameras updates come on a regular-ish cycle, just be more upfront about it. I'm going to buy stuff from your company, just make it easy for me to plan.
  7. They're taking their sweet ass time releasing new cameras. 5 years since the z6. I'm shooting a wedding in a couple weeks and need another 2 cameras with log. I'd get a z8, but there's still no confirmation it's getting open gate or a new nlog with more dynamic range. Guess I'll have to waste time and money renting a couple more Fujis
  8. I'd prefer more MP, and the tilt screen from the Z8 instead of the flip from the ZF. But I'm probably going to get this anyway. Hopefully they bring open gate and a new log profile too.
  9. the z6/z6ii are pretty out of date tbh
  10. Are you talking about the eoshd log thing. It says "Gamma curve is similar to V-LOG / S-LOG / F-LOG style." So you'll have to try a few
  11. and things like image stabilization on lens?
  12. Does anyone know what the deal with lens corrections is if you're using an E to Z adapter?
  13. Normally I'd agree, but the z9 was a surprising release. It depends if they keep that kind of thing going, or not. The z6iii is very overdue so it'd be disappointing if it's not a big step up from the z6ii or even Zf.
  14. It's going to be either this or the z8 for me. I'm very interested to see what the released camera is. And also depends on the rumoured firmware updates. I'd prefer a step up to around 30mp for stills, but if I'm honest 24mp is fine for 90% of what I do.
  15. Bit depth and dynamic range are different. Apparently n-log can only hold 13 stops. But tbf not many cameras are exceeding that anyway.
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