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  1. I keep on wishing that Panasonic had brought out the EVA1 with a MFT mount option S35 MFT cinema camera, like a turbocharged JVC LS300
  2. Even if the audio was fine on your particular camera, we've learned by now that we shouldn't trust on camera audio as quality control for audio on mirrorless/DSLRs is close to zilch it seems. Thus even if you heard a review that "audio is good" on XYZ Camera, that means next to nothing. Unless repeated over and over many many times. As we've had numerous reports about how audio is sh*t on ABC Camera, only for someone else to report it is fine, then yet someone else have issues, etc... no consistency even within the same model of camera. Everyone just get yourself a Sound Devices Mi
  3. Yup, the whole world is moving to LEDs. Look at this gaffer van tour which just got shared, absolutely everything in his van (aside from the two ARRI M18 lights) is LEDs now:
  4. Would be good to post examples of your work and other people's work you're comparing yourself with? Might be it is nothing to do with the gear at all, and there are other factors. But as a starting point, I'd say consider: Z7 for the landscape work, plus a Ninja V for the Z6 to get ProResRAW
  5. Yup, the coming inflation is looking to be rampagingly high: https://fee.org/articles/two-big-problems-are-plaguing-our-economy-new-small-business-survey-reveals/
  6. At least there is the Zoom F6 they could get instead, which is arguably just as good or even better than the MixPr3.
  7. Yeah, I think I'll be buying the Shure ADX5D (with an AD3 & ADX1) Axient Digital Wireless as soon as they're available. Only just got announced yesterday! Very expensive, but for professional wireless, it is quite sharply priced and arguably the very best there is now. But it will put a big dent in my bank account! https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/wireless-systems/axient_digital/adx5d Here it is looking pretty matched with a Sound Devices Scorpio in an SL2:
  8. Sad news to know you no longer can buy these, but also not a total surprise what with all the supply issues there have been in 2021/2020 across all industries. Makes sense they'd discontinue (for now) the 833 and MixPre3, as they are each the cheapest models in their respective product lines (8 Series & MixPre Series), thus probably have the smallest profit margins. Wasn't that long ago Sound Devices did a price hike of their products, but I guess that alone wasn't enough to dampen demand, and now they have to (short term) cancel a couple of products to help ration out their stoc
  9. Don't hold your breath, I don't think there is a solution, and neither do I feel one is ever coming in the future. Best solution is: buy a GH4, E1, or G85 secondhand
  10. Worth it to spend the extra money to get the red ring dial on the top. Bling!
  11. Yeah, like anything, you'll have to use a bit of common sense. No different to say using the cigarette plug on your normal ICE car, only to let your battery run flat then being unable to start your car to get back home.
  12. Glad people are putting so much thought into upgrading the stock fans to silent ones! Hopefully this kind of feedback filters back to the manufacturers.
  13. Once EV Vans become mainstream with their huge batteries, they'll be able to run the lights for small local shoots off their own batteries built into the van!
  14. I say NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to noisy generators!!!!
  15. Why not do a rec709 PP if you're going to shoot 8bit internal with the F3?
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