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  1. Sony UWP-D11 wireless lav 1-day deal

    Yeah is doing pretty ok for its price. And the headphone jack is nice, if you're not going to have a return feed for your boom op.
  2. ARRI Alexa cheap enough to own now?

    So when visiting a rental house today (as was looking at lighting gear for tomorrow's shoot), I asked them about their Alexa. They don't have an Arri Alexa Classic, but have an Arri Alexa XT (uses SxS too). He wasn't however keen to let me try out my SxS cards/adapters from my F3 :-(
  3. Sony UWP-D11 wireless lav 1-day deal

    Dunno. I have never used it. But I'll say personally I always use a wired boom myself. Although on very rare occasions when I've had a boom op under me then I've handed them a RodeLink Newshooter Kit to use with their boom.
  4. ARRI Alexa cheap enough to own now?

    Found an Alexa Mini going for cheap just for you ;-) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arriflex-Alexa-Mini-Camera-Body-for-parts-Arri-K1-0003873/263367461151 Sub $1K :-P
  5. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    I strongly suspect this is what happened with the BMCC => BMPCC as well.
  6. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    All the Sigma MFT lenses, and most of the Veydra MFT lenses. Plus others. I look forward to a $1300 GH5! :-D (also look forward to a GH5 for a tenth of that! :-o Which will happen one day..... after all the GH1 is now that price) Could just be a MFT/4K crop of the EVA1 5.7K sensor. That is what I'm betting/hoping on. So nothing revolutionary. Yet.... They did it because: a) internal turf war between the consumer and the pro divisions, so the pro division didn't want to do anything which makes sense for their competitors in the consumer division b) they did a survey of buggy riders and found out they wanted better buggies! (not cars.... because who could possibly dream of something as crazy as that?!?!) Did this happen online? If so I'd love if you could look it up to link to it! Would be interested to see the original source. Ah I see. You didn't use "prove", like people would usually use in a sentence like that.
  7. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    One can but dream it has built in NDs! :-D Ah well
  8. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    Prize of a GH5S perhaps? ;-)
  9. ARRI Alexa cheap enough to own now?

    New low price on eBay, I see a few listed for sub US$8K now: $7.5K Buy it Now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-Alexa-Classic-EV-w-High-Speed-License/263383384018 $7,7950 opening price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-Alexa-Classic-EV-w-High-Speed-License-4794-hours/253305588137 This one currently has bidding at five and half thousand USD, but the seller has only very limited amount of feedback, so I'd be a bit suspicious/cautious: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRI-ALEXA-PLUS-PL-mount/253302096430
  10. DJI X5R

    Do you have to? Couldn't you use some other software instead to handle the DNGs?!
  11. Sony UWP-D11 wireless lav 1-day deal

    haha! Some one is dreaming ;-)
  12. Sony UWP-D11 wireless lav 1-day deal

    Well damn! What a deal. I normally am a big fan of only hunting out the best best secondhand deals, but even I would be tempted by a price like that for it new. (well, if I didn't already own FIVE of them!)
  13. Selling Red Scarlet - X package. Great Condition

    Yeah but I'd never pay that much for a RED ONE! That is an inflated price.
  14. ARRI Alexa cheap enough to own now?

    I wasn't necessarily commenting from the perspective of mainly having it as a rental, rather the focus being on as an independent owner op or own content producer. Don't need to spend $5K, there are $1.5K new tripods I'd feel fine about using a secondhand Arri Alexa Classic with. Likewise super curious myself, at the very least the next chance I'm on a shoot with an Arri Alexa Classic (but who knows when that is) I will bring along my SxS/SD adapters to give them a spin and try my luck.