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  1. Sure, being in the sound department you quickly grow to accept your priority is ranked looow down. That's why I gave a range of options that I listed. Perhaps not "FOREVER"! That's a looooong time. Perhaps in five or ten years time they'll have grown up and worked out their issues, and have refined products. Many of these Chinese companies are developing very fast. (but still falling way shorts, as they've got a looooong way to go)
  2. I wouldn't know, I don't own both to do a comparison, is a little below my paygrade am afraid. Ask me about a MKH60 vs CS3e... Or go for a MixPre3, think that is one of the best picks for a videographer due to their ultra compact size, to pop underneath a mirrorless camera.
  3. It is not a D850, but I found those videos comparing the Nikon D750 with the BMPCC to be enlightening: If you're new to videography, than any of these good modern-ish Nikon DSLRs definitely won't be holding you back! You've got twenty other things to worry about first before even beginning to think about upgrading your camera body.
  4. With almost any camera you have can benefit from an external monitor, even big cinema cameras have extra monitors being used for the operator / AC / director (or all of the above). Especially if you're just doing the bulk of your work as sit down interviews, I can't see why you wouldn't want to use an external monitor.
  5. I'd say on most of these points, the FX6 would win out over the C70
  6. Seems like they're working on it: https://www.newsshooter.com/2021/03/02/rode-wireless-go-ii-export-issue-new-firmware/
  7. You could just plug a Deity D3 Pro and plug it into a Rode Go? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1448999-REG/deity_microphones_vmicd3pro_v_mic_d3_pro_directional.html
  8. Perhaps I was making a stretch of a leap, but I think I can see it if you squint. (like adding 60fps to a GH2, is a refinement to the concept rather than a big bold leap forward. Likewise the GH4 going from external 10bit to internal can also be seen as a "refinement") Definitely the tick-tock approach is much more clearly seen with say Nikon's: D3 > D3s > D4 > D4s > D5
  9. At least here in New Zealand, they engaged in the sleight of hand of swapping "flatten the curve" for "elimination strategy".
  10. I've noticed with the GH series Panasonic has had a tick-tock approach. One cycle of the GH series release, is a big leap forward, then the next one after is a refinement. GH1 to GH2: GH2 is what put the GH series on the map. GH2 to GH3: essentially a refined and perfected GH2. GH3 to GH4: big leap! 4K got added. GH4 to GH5: essentially a refined and perfected GH4. Thus if the GH5 is the "refined GH4", does that mean the GH6 will deliver a big leap forward for us? Fingers crossed. (it does mean though if the GH6 is a big leap forward, I fully expect the GH7 to merely be
  11. Thank you, you made my earlier point that I've been repeatedly saying. Video professionals. Not audio professionals. Or in other words, you're taking your recommendations for audio from people who don't place a #1 priority on audio. This is very much like going onto graphic design forums and asking for advice on cameras, and being recommended a Canon 5Dmk3 or mk4 (or a T2i at the lower budget end). Are they still "capable cameras" which can get the job done? Yes, of course they are. Are they in most cases a good recommendation in 2021? Hell no!! They're an out
  12. There were definitely many serious mental issues that arose out of WW2, both from those who went to the front line, and those who stayed behind as well. That's not something we should want. (& yet, many desire lockdowns) We should universally recognize war as "a bad thing", any comparisons to the worst war in history is a horrifying thing to do and should be a wake up call that we're doing something wrong! (not that I believe a month of lockdowns for say Londoners is equivalent to a month of WW2 was for them, but still.... the fact that the effects of lockdowns are so severe that
  13. Hang on, how did we get to be talking about slavery in a general sense??? I was very specifically taking about timecode! As of course obviously we shouldn't in general ever have the camera be the master for timecode! Hell no. You want that to be your audio recorder (assuming it is of professional standard), or one of your timecode boxes to be picked as master. (then everything is slaved to that)
  14. Last time I checked, I'm subject to the orders of the government. (hence why I'm currently in living in lockdown, if this can be called "living") And yes, we do indeed work for long stretches of the year without remuneration, as what we produce gets stolen away by the government. Did you know Tax Freedom Day doesn't arrive until mid April in the USA? (and not until May/June for New Zealanders!! Yes, we spent nearly half the year working for the government!) That's longer than many past slaves of history spent working for their Masters!! We're living in the matrix, we're cows bei
  15. A way to stick with your current gear, while spending only a very small amount of additional cash would be to add a remote follow focus. As there have been some usable prosumer ones which have recently become very affordable: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1438685-REG/tilta_wlc_t04_nucleus_nano_wireless_lens_control.html This is assuming you are working with an AC, who could handle this. Or you can rig up a contraption to somehow juggle using it yourself while operating the gimbal at the same time. (not impossible, I've seen people with this configuration, but is tricky)
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