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  1. HUH??? They changed the sensor between the UM 4.6K and the UMP?? I thought they had the "same" sensor?
  2. IronFilm

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    The GH5 is so dirt cheap secondhand, the GH6 will surely cost significantly more. If you need a 2nd camera now then don't hesitate to buy a GH5! Is still fantastic value even in 2019 So an eND like the FS5 A GH6 which is simply a GH5S plus IBIS & eND would be enough to make me very very happy! (especially if it was sold at GH5 prices...)
  3. Sadly neither the X-T30 or a6400 has IBIS
  4. In the past Canon gave us overheating. In 2019 Canon has gone boldly where nobody else has gone.... and offered us underheating!
  5. What an evil colleague! €250 is a hell of a price for an OG BMPCC in 2019! Worth getting just so that you have a B Cam / backup to your BMPCC4K Exactly
  6. The F3 did not initially launch with S-log, but it was promised to come in the future. And it did, with a VERY HEAVY PRICE TAG! (I think it was around three thousand dollars?? But then again compared to the price of the camera itself... perhaps not so extreme after all?). Then in response to the heating up competition (such as the Canon C300) then Sony dropped the price to just a few hundred dollars, and then later on released S-log "for free". (But the free version lacks 444)
  7. Ah but the F3 doesn't need any hack. And you're getting: Great low light. Timecode / SDI / NDs 1080 resolution Super 35mm resolution. I think if the DVX100 only missed out on one or two of those factors then perhaps I could still see the appeal of the DVX100, but at the moment it just seems too outdated compared to the competition (such as an F3.... of even FS100/FS700, or heck an AF100 also from Panasonic)
  8. It was bits and pieces being shot for a feature film, but sadly I think the odds of that feature film ever being completed and seeing the light of day looks bleaker and bleaker :-(
  9. Yup! Here it is, US$305: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-PMWF3-Camcorder/113838287616
  10. I'm going to be very biased here, and recommend this small unknown channel.... Sound Speed! https://www.youtube.com/SoundSpeeding 😉
  11. I've now seen a F3 go for as little as US$300ish recently! :-o I regret not buying that one 😞
  12. Lenses + Lighting + IR Cut + Skill! Maybe Z Cam will use it? (or maaaaaaaaaaaybe Kinefinity or DJI) https://www.slashcam.com/news/single/New-MFT-sensor-MST4323-from-Fairchild---possibly-f-14907.html
  13. You may run into this problem even with a camera mounted mic....
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