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  1. I love his response! "you can do that once you've refunded everyone else first...."
  2. Sound Devices and Rode NTG are *at best* usually just a "good" option, which falls short of being the best option in their situation. However camera ops who want to crazily one man band are the exception, as the MixPre3 can be good and compact for their needs
  3. IronFilm

    Car camera rigs?

    I have worked on heaps and heaps of car rigs over the years, although from the sound department perspective! But I reckon you'll still find them worthwhile watching:
  4. Then you could use any of a million other monitor onlys, not necessarily a recorder. Plus heaps of mirrorless shoots only use the basic built in monitoring tools. So is not a deal breaker for the Z6 vs much of the competition (although yes, of course the likes of the GH5/GH5S is far ahead of the competition)
  5. I hope it has a swappable mount like the Fujifilm affordable zooms, just in case it covers S35 as well? I wonder why the mock up is Nikon style
  6. Nooooooo...... it has no need to be deleted at all! And forum posts are not at all quite the same as sending a personal email
  7. Once you creep past a hundred ish ish bucks for an H6 then I start to lose interest in it rapidly, and they simply don't go that cheap! Get a Zoom F4
  8. Don't need NEED to. Tonnes of people use mirrorless cameras in only 8bit already Oh, and here is another review: https://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/6221-the-nikon-z-6-has-the-king-of-the-crossover-cameras-arrived
  9. However you save so little money while losing out on so very very very much! Not worth it.
  10. IronFilm

    Penis camera

    Why would you need two? For the other kind of "DP"?
  11. A small correction, the name of the camera is: Kinefinity Mavo LF 6K
  12. Makes you wonder, which camera has the best "flame-proof-ness"??
  13. Could your budget stretch to buying a GH5S? That is the course I'd take for better low light And you can even still use the same waterproof case as you've got already for your GH5!
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