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  1. Mind blowing Canon executive interview

    I think you two should both just mute each other if possible... so you never see each other's posts for a while. Maybe after a six month cooling off period you could revert it back to how it was before. First step, go here: https://www.eoshd.com/comments/ignore/
  2. NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    Yeah from memory Tizen kinda grew out of what the LiMo (Linux Mobile) project used to be?! Thus I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that MATLAB could "run" (with some issues) on a Samsung camera... :-o But even so, even *if* possible, it strikes me as an extremely odd thing to do! Edit: As yes, I am right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tizen_Association
  3. NX1 RAW VIDEO???

    MATLAB runs on Linux as well. But yeah, would be a totally weird choice to run on a camera. (even though I'm a fan of MATLAB myself! Spent many many many many many hours with MATLAB. Not quite sure what was the earliest version I ever used of MATLAB, but it must have been at least MATLAB 6, maybe even MATLAB 5. And now I'm starting to show my age.... Edit: heh, I just remembered many years ago I even used a super ancient version of MATLAB, maybe was MATLAB 4 or even MATLAB 3?! Because I was running a physics experiment which the program for gathering the data only ran on a particular PC which only could have that much older MATLAB installed on it. Fun times)
  4. Best photo/video hybrid?

    DR can be a tad subjective, depending on how you measure it, and RED are well known for overstating on the generous side their DR
  5. NX2 rumors

  6. Key Light (Bowens Mount) Less Expensive Than Apurture?

    Wow, through product testing beforehand by them! :-o Not :-P
  7. Zacuto: C200 vs EVA1 - Camera Shootout

    And that is exactly why the Alexa LF came out
  8. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    It is not just about frequency, they still need to offer something in terms of content. A person could upload hourly just white noise, and it would get them nowhere fast
  9. Mind blowing Canon executive interview

    Hopefully Nikon enters mirrorless with a bang this year Agreed! So glad that finally finally FINALLY Nikon updated the D300. About time.
  10. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Yup! Some YouTubers punch is so extreme is must be like 240p or worse!
  11. First Footage From EVA1

    What about the new Kinefinity announcement?
  12. Shoulder rig for IMAX any ideas?

    "only" NO thank you!!
  13. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    Sometimes I'm surprised the a7S isn't banned from being exported because it has military technology in it :-P What huge beard? I didn't see one in the video If the price is a "bit high", maybe he has one he can sell us cheaper? Why don't people on dpreview rip into him every time he posts?!
  14. Best photo/video hybrid?

    Thanks Mark, lots of solid points there for Godox Illustrates how time and experience with a camera can matter even more than the camera itself.
  15. Zacuto: C200 vs EVA1 - Camera Shootout

    And RED is no longer alone in the "greater than 4K" market, as Panasonic, Kinefinity, & others have offerings in this niche as well.