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  1. This has happened to me quite a bit too, pretty annoying when you get in to edit and find out you have all the wrong shots
  2. Leica photo primes and an nd filter for the interviews
  3. From a promo I did recently with the GHA color on the interviews, you have to skip in a bit to see them: Funny thing, I was in a meeting a little while back with the Director of a really big TV station in the States and was showing him a video I did using the GHA color, while watching it he turning to me and asked under his breath, "you shoot on Red, right?" I took it as a really big compliment I must say😉
  4. @Sage might have better info on this, but from my experience, the 1080 out of camera vs 4K downscaled to 1080 in post are nearly identical, something very rarely found. I shoot 4K for most projects still as I have the processing capabilities and want to future proof. But if you aren't concerned about it, 1080 is very wonderful out of the GH5. On the advantage side, 1080 out of the GH5 gives 60p in 10 bit, and a more bang for your buck bitrate. I've been using this GHAlex process for quite some time now, and couldn't be happier with it. I feel like it gave the GH5 the soul it was missing.
  5. That's right, the bitrate will always determine your file size, no matter what codec you use. The codec just decides how efficient the bitrate you use is for the video, meaning 10mb/sec will look much better in h.265 as compared to h.264 as it is more efficient.
  6. You should be able to set a maximum bit-rate and calculate the size based on the video length. Meaning a 500MB = 4000mb = 22mb/sec for a 3 minute video
  7. One feature I found really useful with Adobe Audition is the retime feature for music, where the software takes a look at the track and cuts it down to the desired length using AI I think. I've used it for years and had really good results with it. I'm in the process of switching our post over to Final Cut instead of Adobe and am wondering if anyone has found a feature like this in any other software that works usably? I don't think I can justify keeping a monthly subscription for Audition just for this one feature...
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried Handbrake and it is definitely slower than Media Encoder, but great final output! Might just work for me...
  9. Hey all, I'm in the process of switching editing software for our company from Premiere Pro to FCPX. I really liked Premiere, it has the bases of our workflow for many years now. Our main issue was stability, just so many issues over and over again with no sign of improvement. I've cut two projects in FCPX over the last couple of weeks and really enjoyed it! I feel like my editing speed has gone up due to the flawless performance of the software and I really get this feeling like FCPX just gets out of the way of my editing...revolutionary I know. My main question is what conversion software do you guys use? I am used to the abundance of options available in Premiere Pro for rendering that are lacking in Final Cut. I could drop the $50 for compressor, but just wondering if that is the best option. Anything better/cheaper for encoding/conversion etc.?
  10. Great work, this is such a fun idea. I wanted to enter so badly, just couldn't make it work time wise right now with my job. Hopefully if we do a round 2 at some point I can find the time to enter.
  11. I think the score for the mk ii was less sharp than the original in official chart tests
  12. That's a valid point. With having the GH5 as an A cam right now though, these lenses really don't do me much good without a speedbooster, meaning I'm really only interested in seeing how they perform in combo with a speedbooster and GH5. Lenses look very different depending on which sensor you pair them with.
  13. So I've been curious recently. I've been shooting with the GH4/5 Canon L 24-105 Metabones speedbooster for a good couple of years now, and have been pretty happy with the usability, color etc. One problem though, I don't think my images are as detailed as they could be. Digital sharpness is there, kind of native to the GH processing, but the detail seems lacking. I've always put this down to the compression of my final render output, but I think there is something else going on. I assumed the 24-105 would be tack sharp, even at F4 as I've never seen anything amiss with DSLR photos and this lens combo. So, I did this quick test yesterday, comparing different focal lengths of the Canon to some Leica Primes, and also the Helios 56mm I believe it is. Nothing too scientific, just a quick cycle through apertures pointing at the same background. The focus point is the same double checked for each lens, and the exposure was just eyeballed using shutter speed to keep ND out of the equation. The Helios isn't too helpful for comparison as it couldn't focus far enough to match the other lenses, so take that one as you might. To add even more confusion, I labeled the Canon by the F number on the back of the GH5 screen (after the speed booster stop gain) and the Prime lenses are labeled by what was marked on the lens. So the F2.8 on the Leica would really be closer to a F1.9 after the speed booster, as compared to the Canon F2.5. Anyone have any experience with these lenses or thoughts on the test or sharpness in general?
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