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  1. Have you given the GH5 or 5S a try? I think it would fit into your workflow very well personally, it has for mine for the last several years. Usability is very very nice with minimal rigging or accessories needed. The battery life is very good as well.
  2. Yeah, totally I also wonder if using a polarizing filter to take the reflections out of the skintone and such would help with the look, I know Shane Hurlbut did that for one of his period movies, gave a similar kind of look
  3. I actually think this is pretty close, would you mind sharing your grading process for this?
  4. So I've been watching this TV show recently, and I would love to figure out how to replicate this specific look. Kind of a muted, but still saturated look, with soft highlights and really rich creamy shadows, and the skin has kind of a brown cast but still looks natural. I've been trying and trying and still can't get anywhere close. Are any of you able to do it? I know it's partially lighting, lensing and such, but I feel like I should be able to get at least close. These three screenshots are from the show: And here's a sample frame I have been working on, just Panason
  5. I used the Canon L 24-105 with a speedboster
  6. These are some stills from a recent GH5 doc project
  7. Me too, honestly the S1 is really tempting at this point, although I can get really close to what I want with the GH5
  8. Honestly if Panasonic created a camera with the following I would be completely sold, all I need for quite some time to come: 4k60p 10 bit S1H dynamic range and color Native duel ISO Super 35 or full frame sensor Built in NDs h.265 and prores codecs IBIS Duel pixal autofocus I could honestly care less about 6k or 8k, raw and the like unless it was a good compressed raw like r3d. A rich cinematic image, built in NDs and a reliable body would be top of my list. I currently shoot with GH5s and speedboosters and they are the clos
  9. When are ND filters coming to their smaller camera bodies, this seems like an essential but is strangely being overlooked by all camera manufacturers. Variable NDs are a pain, period
  10. Shane Hurlbut ASC is giving away his illumination experience for free right now, his stuff is like gold in the area of lighting, should answer a lot of your questions: https://www.hurlbutacademy.com/illumination-experience-workshop/?mc_cid=cc66b59990&mc_eid=d730f5a46a
  11. I was with the founder of our organization one time and he wanted to grab a quick statement with a VIP he had with him. I swung up my camera and pushed record I thought and did the statement. When I pushed stop the record light came one...somehow I had missed it. It was quite embarrassing to ask him to do it again, had a technical difficulty;-)
  12. I thought I would start this thread for anyone to share any crazy/embarrassing/funny stories they might have from film shoots, things we would all be interested in. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can all relate. I have quite a few, but I'll start with one. A couple of years ago, I was filming an interview with someone in a remote location. I had light stands holding diffusion and negative fill, and the light stands were weighted down with rocks. I was filming with a couple of GH5s and Leica lenses while another guy was conducting the interview. One of the stands started to sway a bit
  13. This has happened to me quite a bit too, pretty annoying when you get in to edit and find out you have all the wrong shots
  14. Leica photo primes and an nd filter for the interviews
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