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  1. hi kye! my 2 cents is only that it seems very... Canon i LIKe that, as far as getting an image that im happy grading, but it can be an oversaturated wonky mess to begin with. my brown dog turns orange, etc. in the future i bet there will be a gimmick where you can dial in saturation to taste for faces, landscapes, etc. i know thats a tall order but hey why not that guys magenta shirt is a perfect example, u kno? smart folks have pointed out that shadow areas should prolly be desaturated in general, id say even more so with canon. i look at it as the nature of the beast, im sure with the eos r5/6 i would be doing a lot of power windows but its all to taste. speaking of which i did. im having a michelada. i kinda like it! its like a mexican beer bloody mary... p good! not enough booze tho, ill add a shot next time
  2. I'm gonna leave tentacle p0rn to my Japanese friends lol
  3. damn, is the 1dx3 rolling shutter rlly that bad? yikes! I haven't rlly looked at the early tests
  4. my bad lol! yeah I'm writing a pilot and story bible for my new ufo show... I need some inspiration
  5. interesting still wanna kno how much Netflix paid. you're in $700k plus. how'd that turn out
  6. pretty cool! how much did Amazon pay, thats what I wanna kno
  7. kaylee

    Fuji X-T4

    in the spirit of togetherness, would somebody pretty please tell me what the key reasons are that ppl are unhappy with the XT4, so I can avoid reading a heap of stuff...?
  8. holy shit!! did @Zach Goodwin2 inspire the sock puppet?? seriously tho, great work pal, keep it up!!! it totally inspires me to see ppl making things in these conditions thank u
  9. so glad u made it home... could you elaborate on this...??
  10. sorry, I don't understand, what do you guys mean by "triple exposure video"...? how would that work, and for what purpose...? I'm dumb lol
  11. great -- let's get back to filmmaking...! Quentin has never made anything worth watching without millions of dolars and star actors. my generation is expected to make something great out of thin air bc technology and internet. big difference! I don't think that Quentin can make fuck all by himself... that's not what he does. I love the guy but maybe theres a reason he looks so lost in those pics let's see if we can argue abt that without digressing into personal insults lol
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