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  1. kaylee

    Rotoscoping 911 – HELP!!

    aww thank you so much guys!! @KnightsFan I'm trying to separate the main character from a static shot where the camera doesnt move... The photoshop idea is a good one – i did that with another shot, worked great~! @Hans Punk ahh, an occlusion layer~! let me look that up lol, thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  2. kaylee

    Rotoscoping 911 – HELP!!

    Guys, I'm trying to roto two four second clips for my short and it's been so hard~! What the heck is going on?! Am I doing stuff all wrong?? Tell me what you think: All instances where I need to roto are removing people from a background. The camera is not moving at all. One clip does have a fairly problematic background, as far as hues that blend with the actor's face. I get that. But even with the other clip I feel like I'm having way too much trouble. I've been trying to get this done in AE with the Roto brush + roto refine edge tool, and I also tried in Mocha AE. With the roto brush, the selections arent accurate, and it takes a ton of refining with the option key, and THEN it doesnt track well at all. I was doing SOoo much work frame by frame that I was like Heck, I'll try Mocha. So in mocha, I did the whole thing twice – first time I added way too many points and I was like Oh thats why its not tracking well. So I did it again, and... SAME result... the "tracking" aspect of the software is working, just really poorly~! (???) Roto is something I dont have experience with, but Im not a dummy and I can follow a tutorial?? What's going on here? Are my expectations just out of wack? How do you guys do roto? I'm so frustrated because if I'd just literally gone frame by frame with my wacom in photoshop this would be done by now!!! Any suggestions/insight would be much appreciated Sadly, K
  3. kaylee

    Resolve to After Effects

    @KnightsFan that is great info, thank you so much!!!
  4. kaylee

    Resolve to After Effects

    ahhh, thank you guys! @ all: i actually have a timeline in resolve that is 98% colored and complete, but i need to do some things in AE: some compositing that involves roto, and some retiming. i *could* do that stuff in fusion, but id have to download the new resolve (im running 14 right now), and thats more than id like to get into if possible. my computer is also reaching its playback limitations in resolve at the moment. im good with just doing my composite shots in AE, and bringing them back into resolve to render the whole thing thank you all for underscoring that an additional unnecessary rendering step is a bad idea!
  5. kaylee

    Resolve to After Effects

  6. kaylee

    Resolve to After Effects

    Hi guys! my 5d3 raw ML short is coming along, and my plan is to take the graded resolve edit into after effects for finishing, some compositing and touch up 1) does that sound ok? (lol) 2) whats the best practice for export? 3) anything i should know? i have no previous experience with the above 4) THANK Uuuuuuu
  7. had to evacuate bc of fire. hopefully my house doesnt burn down https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6032/
  8. kaylee

    Another victim of the Joke Police - James Gunn

    this thread is AHmazing
  9. kaylee

    Catsin's other face

    youre not allowed to do that online. ppl will take your comments out of context and try to hang you for them
  10. kaylee

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    im shooting my next film on potato
  11. kaylee


    i find that to be a soothing sound lol 😉
  12. kaylee


    in the same vein looool http://thebookofjasper.tumblr.com/post/158767094535/pethairgoth-i-recorded-jasper-eating-his-frosty
  13. kaylee

    Vimeo - Now Plays 'Auto' Quality Only

    stuff seems ok to me... maybe post a link so we can compare?