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  1. kaylee

    Music videos...

    now i have something to focus on attaining in the 21st century, thank you SO much, wine glasses are SO EASY TO KNOCK OVER lets be honest ”I have a dream” — Me im gonna get a resolve control surface for the express purpose of adding an ashtray its my goal in life now
  2. kaylee

    Music videos...

  3. are you shooting fast action? how much do you care about AF? what about COLOR? thats subjective, nevertheless these cameras are rlly different thats my 2 cents lol. horses for courses!
  4. forgive me guys, im new to fuji, how is this gonna help stabilize a camera?
  5. kaylee

    Fuji X-T4

    hey whats the expected dynamic range for this guy in video? whats the dr of the xt3? like as a benchline lol, im new to fuji
  6. kaylee

    Fuji X-T4

    im stoked on this. i wanna give fuji a try and i think this is The One 😎
  8. kaylee

    Cinematic locations

    there's definitely something there im thinking that memory of an actual place is probably going to stand in conflict with watching that place on film, kinda like knowing an actor? this bleeds into real life in odd ways, example: I have a client who i do stills for who has a catering company, he's constantly doing different events with different themes, etc, taking tons of pics. as I've gotten used to working with him, the artistic layperson that he is, I've found that he doesn't actual perceive WHAT IS IN THE FRAME when he sends me pictures to edit, he's referring to his MEMORY OF THE EVENT in his notes, which is poor and different from reality bc he's a moron anyway, I get it. I do. ideally, i want to create a world in my films that is real unto itself, so if the first shot fades in and you go, "Hey, that's my friend Bob's house!", it's kinda hurting that all important suspension of disbelief u kno
  9. im goin with candidate 1 on this! its simplicity really works, i like it, scales rlly well too!
  10. @Andrew Reid i realllllly like the typography in your new logo/icon. nice work, you should use it for your header ?????
  11. i kno rite. ive got my fingers crossed for fully articulated flippy ?
  12. i like participating but i didnt vote bc im still rockin that 5D3........ however i must say that my new Note 10 is a capable tool in many ways, ill haveta post on that in the future... that being said, my vote, in spirit, is for Fuji — ive never had a fuji camera and thats totally what im getting next, i wanna see how i like it~! ill be watching their releases this year...! edit: oh whoops jk i DID vote for ‘CANON — OTHER‘ EVERYONE VOTE!!!!! this is cool to see
  13. hey Julia! sounds fishy...... i think you might have to raise your budget~! $3500 per episode? are you expecting to pay people who work on the show? what abt crafty? please elaborate your pal, Kaylee
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