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  1. kaylee

    Penis camera

    For me it’s raw or naw
  2. Oh, congratulations, that’s awesome!! Animation is still a widely unexplored frontier, have at it! tbh, I’m kinda shy. Once I kno someone it’s different, but I’ve spent years in LA not talking to ppl 😂 so I get it. But you’ll meet a ton of ppl at school, that’ll solve everything~! That’s great news!!! I’m super stoked for u Liam!!!!!!!! edit: that place looks rad, Hartford VT! It’s so pretty!! Damn this is gonna be great for u, I’m so excited!!!! 😄😊☺️😋🔥🔥🔥🔥
  3. @Liam have u considered moving to a place with more... people? just throwing it out there, i kno its not easy, but youre young and durable
  4. ooo ill play when i get my 'puter fixed!!! so cool guys!!!
  5. Is this about my bday??!??????? lol jk
  6. kaylee

    I need a hug

    lol tbh I love cats but I’d be worried that kitty would end up as a snack for this guy despite my best intentions 😂
  7. kaylee

    I need a hug

    heyyy guys.... thank u so much..... im ok ive got a birthday ending in 0 next week, feelin a lil sad and lonely. talked to some old friends from the ancient past... that was weird. not good but not all bad i guess. didnt get the closure i wanted but maybe it just came in a form i didnt expect just thinkin about my life. there are my "normal" friends who have kids, families, and so on, and being an adult now, on an emotional level, those are the things i want, stability, etc, not bein an art star like when i was 20 its whatever. ill be ok. im feelin a lil better today. thanks for the hugs, i needed that
  8. Zach, think of this as being like a martial art. you wanna be a black belt, but theres lots of other colors of belts that you have to get first, and thats gonna take a long time! you currently have whatever belt u get for just showing up on the first day of class - the ones 5 year olds have so, u have to like......... do stuff??? no ones just gonna give you a black belt, you have to earn it, and there are no shortcuts in evolution
  9. Zach, who's the most inspirational director to you? What's the first name that comes to mind? Your favorite director? @Zach Goodwin2
  10. meanwhile, Zach, i AM writing! with a busted computer no less!! im like a lil baby bird with a broken wing rn doesnt matter — you dont need final draft to write, or even electricity, just do it the dialogue i cooked up in the last hour and a half is pretty dope 😎 im sure youre busy writing too, dont mean to keep ya!!
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