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  1. for a small set on a budget. not a warehouse i want different colored lights, like red green blue/ etc flashing on and off what would u do? Hi guys! Hope youre well ❤️
  2. yes i see it now!!! im shooting tonight but ill get at this soon 😎
  3. they made it!!! only 40% of their nests produce young LFG!!!!!!!!
  4. omg 🤣 that is NOT their 4k 😹 wow i had no idea how awful these could be 😮
  5. this is fascinating itll be in motion soon in amazing ways, this is after effects (etc) in 3 years. itll be soooo crazy /the vfx will be INSANE!!! itll be awesome for ppl with unique ideas, but v bad for a lot of ppl. what about truck divers? what say you @Kubrickian @tupp @mercer
  6. @kye omg are they that bad???
  7. i mean stuff like this? idek this is more than i wanted to spend but are they any good...?? this type of stuff https://www.amazon.com/Blink-Outdoor-Wireless-Security-Camera/dp/B086DKSYTS/ref=pd_ci_mcx_mh_mcx_views_0?pd_rd_w=nfumE&content-id=amzn1.sym.0250fb24-4363-44d0-b635-ac15f859c3b5&pf_rd_p=0250fb24-4363-44d0-b635-ac15f859c3b5&pf_rd_r=ZM19JRFB0RHK9HF19RND&pd_rd_wg=frbYV&pd_rd_r=8d949b3b-caae-4447-94e8-20b97613ca4c&pd_rd_i=B086DKSYTS
  8. uhh yeah kye but i need some chinese 2023 cam that works w my phone over wifi so i can sit inside and watch the birb on my phone. dont tons of u guys have stuff like this???? i dont even need color
  9. A lovely American robin has made her nest by my front door, so i have declared a moratorium on using that door and the stairs that lead up to it haha What if i wanted to put a lil camera there to follow her progress? I know you guys have these things – from Ring to more security type cameras. i know nothing abt them i dont care abt the image i just want to see what shes up to w/o disturbing her lol thoughts?
  10. @kye hmmm... interesting. no, not seeing that option on the clip above. maybe they cancelled the trial after your feedback 🤣
  11. i have premium. my account. not seeing this. on some videos only?
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