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  1. @anonim whats been up? you havent liked it?
  2. omg 😂 better check amazon prime 😂 that thing looks like a camera from silent hill
  3. that is seriously one of the most hideous things ive ever seen 😂
  4. yeah... hmm idk im thinkin maybe one of them fancy motorized sliders could work...? 🤔 then the move could be timed the same over and over... that would be "dope" @webrunner5 as long as the slider itself isnt in my shot, that would work right...? edit: omg these things are borderline robots and im scared of/hate robots
  5. ive done that too 😂 minus the gimbal. at the time it worked pretty well 🤔 nah i want this to be professional af tho thats the thing. like a spielberg move. its the aesthetic of this entire short so its super important, NOT just one shot u kno
  6. heeyyy guizee sooo im trynna figure out how to do a bunch of dolly shots without a dolly...! i CAN use a dolly on tracks if i have to, BUT that makes stuff wildly complicated for what im planning, you see... > im designing a short where almost all of the shots are dolly pull backs in different locations. the camera is moving directly away from the subject in space, perpendicular to it, right? we've all seen this a million times so, im looking at options like sliders and idk where to start rlly, but please keep in mind that whatever devices i use have to stay out of the shot based on the movement described above ^^^ any suggestions yall??? keeping this light, quick, mobile, etc would be great, but I want nice smooth stable dolly-like moves, otherwise between gimbals and post stabilization i wouldnt even worry abt it i have no idea what my options rlly are. how would you go about doing something like this indie style in 2019? zoom lens or zoom in post isnt gonna work on this one, i want the camera moving in real space...
  7. hmmm...! this thread has gone thru some changes...! as i was saying...
  8. yeah..... i guess i genuinely feel sorry for people who are trying to learn, and DO take his nonsensical advice seriously, and waste a bunch of time trying to figure out wtf hes talking about
  9. hi plucas~! i dont know the answer to your question, but i can tell you that youre about to join a very cool club 😎 • its super cool • only the cool kids do it • youre cool now also: guys i think we should make up some kewl jackets or something
  10. maybe he is a dentist after all 🤔
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