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  1. thats cool, just dont apply for a job in p*rn then bc theyll be like Wtf dude
  2. the problem is thats not u tho. thats your ~fantasy~ of yourself. what do you look like in this fantasy world? shawn michaels? so, its a cool idea~! you should be a conceptual artist frankly, ill reiterate: the lowkey condescending horseshit you spew on this board is based in an autistic fantasy world where you wouldnt run from me irl, like so many do. Sad! happens all the time. ppl i want to hire. is it the water???? #facts P.S. This is you. This is real https://www.instagram.com/path88productions/ you have zero 'wisdom' fyi
  3. k i kno that lol. thank you guys, i was trynna tease this out so: ""it"" doesnt 'minimize technical variables' in any meaningful way, rather: it removes variables essential to what we know as cinematography i assume that we profoundly disagree, and i say this as someone who is producing a film *shot on smartphones right now* (on purpose), soooo why have endless threads on this forum about the art of cinematography, the nuances of digital cameras, lenses, filtration, etc., if i should just shoot at f/8 to 'minimize variables'? sounds like something for docs not cinema *cough*
  4. how does "f/8" minimize "technical variables"? sounds like hot garbage to me
  5. u guys realize i quoted that verbatim from zachs nonsense thread rite
  6. omg ??? just google 'hegre art', this stuff suks lolol
  7. the stuff youre posting is softcore porn for, like, 13 year old boys fyi
  8. guys.... u kno theres p*rn online, right...? theres like... a million sites and the women are COMPLETELY NAKED
  9. this should be a jeffrey epstein thread
  10. soooo annoying omg the edit. the music. wow
  11. yes again: any 90D price info yet?
  12. yooo anyone got a price on the 90D yet? p.s. LETS HACK THAT B*ITCH
  13. FILMMAKING 101 by Kayleee ---------------- So all you have is just a dslr or camcorder. How do you get something good on it? Find a subject you find interesting, rely on bright natural light, rely on close-ups for good built-in sound, and brighten up the scene (add more light), make sure the light is even, try to make a video as simple as possible, and lastly rely on the rule of thirds. Do not let criticism and judgement of video quality get to you as well. Oh forgot, try to make sure you have good white balance. And lastly make sure the video is focused well. Another note is recognize that the camera is not the same as your eye. The camera could zoom in more than your eye and you have to adjust settings to get proper exposure. Practice, practice, and practice. I also forgot to mention that you should not throw away your pictures or videos in camera, because they may look good afterwards. Be aware of the distance the camera has with the subject as well. Also try to get even lighting, not too much highlight and not too much low light combined. Be aware of the focus distance your lens can do.
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