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  1. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    ::sigh:: smh why dont i know what this is
  2. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    honestly i havent gotten into my processing options too deep yet. after i shoot my short that should be quite an adventure lol
  3. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @kidzrevil, i like your saturated flat look...! no idea what this has to do with hdr or rec 2020... i was actually thinking about you when i was using a polarizing filter to kill some reflections the other day, and i was wondering if youve ever used one to get some even deeper colors? ive always avoided them for fear of an unnatural look, lack of reflection/translucency with skin, etc, but the footage i shot for fun had a really great feel to it. might be cool to try 🤔
  4. .

    jasper loves the forest
  5. How planned are your shoots?

    fwiw im doing everything on this list for an itty bitty lil 2 min no budget film
  6. yeah we need a line of cases that say like HAZARDOUS MATERIALS or WARNING SUPER AIDS or something
  7. for sure, that too haha no kidding frankly, i wrote a short that fits my camera: no dialogue and no need to record location audio, very little camera movement, lowlight shooting, guerrilla shot stealing here and there, etc. if i wanted to record dialogue in a place where i have to lowkey hide whats going on id use lavs, but, in a scene with limited dialogue, well executed ADR can go a long way, if youre tryin to keep that footprint virtually invisible ^ this too edit: i like that hat
  8. to me "Guerrilla" filmmaking means: shooting illegally or in a grey area where you must be clandestine im doing that in multiple ways for my lil short im working on. guerrilla shooting is punk rock and awesome – and tons of big time productions have "stolen" shots here and there 5d3 raw is totally inconspicuous~! no one cares lol
  9. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    aaahahaha that goddam armbar!!!! that was great @hmcindie~! question: am i correct that you recorded this without being able to see what you were recording??? :o
  10. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    good point. i have to play around with crop mode, havent really done so. any disadvantages/pitfalls to watch out for? id imagine camera shake is more noticeable...?
  11. No Phone Rule on Set?

    thats what i thought! so, if youre on the set of say, game of thrones, is everyobodys phone ~OFF~ during takes?
  12. No Phone Rule on Set?

    i think banning phones is going to make people hate you, so Id just ask for phones to be on silent, making the point that some boogeyman producer wants NO PHONES AT ALL, but i thought that was unreasonable. see im nice 😊
  13. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    yeah, how do i do 60p?? 😃 also: guys i got verified on this site by a former member who has been bullied a lot so he doesnt want to reveal himself but pm me if u wanna do it. the western union fees killed me but it was sooo worth it
  14. @deatrier yeah, i guess the real question is do you want to shoot raw video? you mentioned magic lantern if so, do what i did, save a lil more money and get a used 5d3. if NOT, then you have a ton of options edit: btw happy 420 guys!!! 😊
  15. Have you ever watched a 4k bluray?

    no. id like to tho