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  1. kaylee

    Anyone running Mojave?

    @kye the paid upgrades for MacOS (formerly OSX) are a thing of the past – its all free now, all the time~!
  2. kaylee

    Anyone running Mojave?

    It's that time of year again!! stacks actually looks pretty sweet. anybody download it yet? hows your system running? any issues?
  3. kaylee

    I am leaving Vimeo over their scandalous DMCA policy

    dont violate copyrights guys its very simple!!!! dont be like this guy!!!! sure, his video hasnt been taken down IN EIGHT YEARS, but dont do this!!! iz bad!!!
  4. kaylee

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @mercer yeah, i made my short in resolve, its easy once you get the hang of it!! as far as color in acr vs resolve: it IS different, but... its darn similar. one thing ive seen for sure is that resolve gives a render with slightly more detail – i did some comparisons and thats what i found. but the difference isnt dramatic grading from ml raw in acr feels more different than it is, i think because im always using a super flat bmd profile in resolve, building up an image from what is virtually a gray rectangle, compared with the punchy saturated look youre greeted with in acr
  5. kaylee

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    actually ive never used premiere with ml raw... when i first started screwing around with the ml files, figuring them out, i used acr through photoshop to grade, exported as tif files, then opened the files as an image sequence. so ghetto i know! 😂
  6. kaylee

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @mercer, just wondering, are you not happy with resolve...? every now and then ill use ACR for a clip, but i have no "workflow" cuz i only do it occasionally 😂 i still love my 5d3 raw too!! 😊😊😊
  7. omg this MAKES NO SENSE ever seen anything like this before??? WHAT!!! 😂
  8. kaylee

    Cinemartin Fran 8K Global Shutter Camera

    i dont wanna change the subject, but greg sesteros audiobook for the disaster artist is amazing. its not the movie, its his book, and he does an AMAZING tommy impression the whole time. some priceless moments, check it out
  9. hmm. does this happen to other ppl? ive only had a couple resolve crashes over the last few versions, but its when im pushing my system to the limit edit: on an ancient 2013 imac with 8GB of ram 🤣
  10. kaylee

    question about doorbell.

    yeah, he beats any alarm system lol. you see a 176lb dog in the window... just move on to the next house
  11. i tried to watch the video but i couldnt... its a 20 min adobe ad. wow are they great. we're so lucky to have their great subscription service im all in with resolve!! just try it guys!! do a short lil project in there to get the hang of it! its not that hard, youll see! next is fusion~! if i could get on the photoshop only plan id be so happy lol
  12. kaylee

    Cinemartin Fran 8K Global Shutter Camera

    omg that video is amazing is this a tommy wiseau side project?
  13. kaylee

    question about doorbell.

    lookit my doggee!!!
  14. kaylee

    Color science

    i disagree all the directors shooting big features on film are not doing it because the color is the same
  15. kaylee

    Color science

    you should buy a sony rx10 ii