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  1. kaylee

    Double Post

    omg that looks so good
  2. if u wanna actually do this, you need a great script which ppl LOVE, something brilliant, and you need to determine a budget if u wanna produce it asap what's your projected budget? and you want to write a BOOK first? a NOVEL? sure, but this'll take a while and you may lose a lot of your [long] novel when you get to boil it down to a screenplay... I don't write anything without a budget. am I writing a $100 mil film or a $1 mil film? there's a big difference! and you're going to crowdfund the budget? tell me more
  3. i saw that and i hate that picture sm please kill me
  4. the prize is $10k. and a trophy
  5. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    kayleerumors is reporting that is was 12k SD
  6. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    not to change the subject – i find this fascinating
  7. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    how is this discussion ranging from SD cards to Alexa 65s im confused
  8. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    loool no i do agree 😂 no irony i swear oh i well i find that quite touching. i needed that. thank you very v much thank you, i wish it was better tbh, but i keep making things. oh good news: if you get deep into it youll hate it MORE /ive been making things. the pandemic kinda messed me up BUT as long as we're talking about art here........ i take my art practice super seriously. im super self critical and it can be paralyzing – im sure many of you can relate but every time i make a lil film, it gets so much better. and i take these things as defeats, still, because there are inevitable (yet unpredictable) disasters one way or another, but i LEARN SO MUCH that after the shoot and im done licking my wounds i can go back and say Wow im growing as a filmmaker. i just learned not to do 1000 things that ill never do again. and my Big Idea turned out pretty well, i was right about a lot of things, not perfectly executed, far from it – but im getting better all the time. and one day my reach will catch up to my grasp. so my point is that the only advice i have for any filmmaker is: just keep making stuff. you'll see
  9. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    also @kye i fundamentally agree with your point, as an artist, profoundly less is more – i did not make that up 😂 but now we're getting into weird territory that cant be evaluated with lens charts (paintings by chuck close)
  10. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    hey lol im good. how are you? oh i agree 100% awww, sure, but it sucks lol. thank u tho. ill pm u ive been working on a bunch of new stuff. i made a funny pitch film to fund my next 5 lil films or so, and now im trynna get that out there. never give up
  11. kaylee

    The Aesthetic

    just for the record here, i have no idea why anyone wouldnt want more resolution from a camera shooting video, its not any different than stills to me (??). i want a nice high res unsharp image and ill do the rest. clearly better in post – color, vfx, etc. where am i wrong
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