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  1. Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

    i am NOT going to post on this until ive seen the film and there are more comments
  2. Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

    OOOoooooo i kno what this issssss i cant wait to see it but i dont have netflix yeah, TOTALLY do what Jonesy said, IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THIS IS JUST WATCH IT. DONT GOOGLE IT
  3. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    the drone would have its propellors OFF, on a jib~! no flying indoors lol id just like to match the footage to the night shot going up in the sky cuz its ~all one movement~ that im hacking together in post edit: see this is why i need you guys, i just got a CL message from a guy who has "a Mavic Pro drone which is great in low light!"
  4. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    ha, the DoP is me, im shooting the rest of this short with ml raw on my 5d3 i swear the rest of this v short film is easy shooting – the cameras locked down 90% of the time im gonna see if i can get my friend to do everything i need drone wise for $650. im fine with that, ill find somewhere else to save a few hundred bucks lol maybe ill do the indoor jib shots on my 5d3 and make life easier on my drone guy.... trynna figure all that out rn
  5. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks i though so πŸ˜‚ excellent point, we're discussing that lol thats what i wanted to hear! thanks so much to all you guys
  6. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    ok ill ask lol: how much do you guys think i should be paying for this? my "friend" with the inspire 2 x4s wants $650... but then i looked it up and i was like wait a min i could rent that drone for a WEEK for $650 BUT ive never flown a drone... is doing this myself a crazy idea? i put up a CL ad to get some other rates note: im not saying $650 is too much, im just poor
  7. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    perf! 🌸🌸🌸
  8. Canon to make major mirrorless presentation in Feb

    it means theyre gonna fuck us again! πŸ˜‚
  9. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    better example, heres some footage at dusk that i could grade down (link should start playing at about 7 min)
  10. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    thats the plan! not golden hour, but as SOON as the city lights come on, theres still a ton of light in the sky then it should work ok, mind you the cameras pointed down so the (not dark) sky wont be in the shot... i hope that works lol. ive messed around with some screen grabs of other ppls drone footage in post in photoshop and it seems to be working ok. and im willing to go nuts on it with power windows or whatever in post bc its a short effect – a few seconds this is not amazing looking, but for my purposes i think itll be ok, especially since ill shoot before its actually dark ?
  11. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    ok... im starting to wrap my brain around this no way im flying a drone inside – just thought id ~ask~ since i have seen lil drones flying around the apple store, but im sure those cameras suck lol i like @DaveAltizer's idea of drone on a jib with the propellors off for indoors, and then my footage will match up a lot easier, cuz this is gonna be one big movement: up, through the ceiling, through "neighboring apartments", through the roof, into the sky. im gonna cut it all together and vfx it into submission update: my one friend has the P4 (not Pro), and my other friend has the Inspire 2 with the X4s camera are either of these good options, or should i hire a pilot with a specific package? looks like the P4 wont cut it for low light (i need a night shot, at dusk or dawn), and the x4s is the 1" sensor, right? thats not ideal huh hmmm...
  12. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    damn, thanks for the info @Mark Romero 2~! ill keep all that in mind! turns out Inspire 2 is the one my friend has!!! so, is that good? lol my other friend has "a dji phantom 4, dji mavic, dji spark, and dji goggles" what does that mean?? 🀣 i can use google but what would you guys choose, if i was going to pick one person or another? inspire 2? or the other guy?
  13. Please Help Me Find A Drone For My Short

    good lord this is getting a bit more complex lol. what about this? looks ok to me i honestly dont know, what am i missing here? more than happy to shoot in 4k and deliver in 1080p – or whatever. doesnt matter