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  1. Yeah the DOF was distracting. And I usually love shallow dof. I hate lens flares (all of them), so that was annoying as well. Not a masterpiece, but for netflix def a watchable movie. Allthough there is lack of character growth, and all characters remain flat.
  2. Aputure shared that they were working on one as well. Well at these 3K prices I wont be getting one soon. But I guess in 2-3 years we will see them in the 1K range. I really love the amaran series, for my needs I dont need anything I can throw around. Im very carefull and Idont rent my lights out.
  3. I hope aputure releases a 1200W amaran version below 1K soon
  4. Oh yeah thats true. Hope blackmagic will release a full frame camera, then EF would make a lot more sense indeed.
  5. Awesome, I liked it. I am starting a channel soon as well. Not focussed on film making itself though. Prolly start next month.
  6. I guess EF mount because of price, I think they can use EF mount for free. And RF is prolly patented and they would need to pay a certain amount. And PL is not the hottest with dslr mirrorless style shooters. And E and L mount are more restricted/limited to sony and panasonic. (Not a lot of choice between cinema lenses, more photo oriented, and not as easy to mount to other cameras while EF lenses mount on any camera).
  7. I am thinking about getting this one, its only 120€ ==>
  8. Oh I got exited, until I saw the price +2000$ is a bit much for my needs. I think 300$ is my max budget, so I might go with the alixpress one.
  9. Fun DIY, but this would make me look slightly above the lens, so not straight into the camera. So not something I am really looking for.
  10. Hello, Looking to get a telepromter but have no experience with them: - I want to look straight into the lens and read out the lines. - I have a ipad(not sure if this comes in handy. - It would be cool to remote control the teleprompter lines, like when I need to rewind because I want to do some part again. - It would also be cool if I could still see myself in the teleprompter so I can read the lines, but also focus on my facial expressions at the same time. Any recommendations? This will prolly only be used in my home studio(but in the future It might come in ha
  11. Yeah thats what I meant, but was not able to communicate
  12. Bit really just saw that in the final cut video and was impressed. It could save me a couple of minutes per project, as I dont need to play the track to see where its clipping. I would just import the track and everything thats clipped is already marked. Im all about workflow, I loose focus fast, so when I am doing these little things, its focus I can spend better on actual clip editing.
  13. Yes sorta but not precise, you can only see that parts that are louder, but you cant see in a glance if its really clipping or not. (unless its crazy clipped, and the waveforms are massive differently)
  14. Yes sorry, should have mentioned that. If it doesnt exist, it would be a sweet update for resolve to implement that.
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