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  1. Auto audio select would be great, i have messed up many shots/takes when I forgot to switch between xlr or in camera audio(and in the end did not record any audio)
  2. zerocool22

    Zcam Sub Forum.

    +1 I got a question already. What monitor and battery solution would you suggest using a E2 cam? I like it portable, so I can just tuck it away in my backpack. (I dont want to remove the monitor everytime) But even more importantly how do you guys power the E2 and the chosen monitor? At the same time with the same battery would be awesome, as I hate charging and switching batteries at the same time. But I dont want to use any v-lock batteries as it makes the rig too big for travelling purposes. And I need to be able to rig it onto a ronin S. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. I am thinking the same thing. They could have destroyed canon, nikon and panasonic years ago, but for some reason they did not bother. Maybe they underestimated the demand for video on dslr and mirrorless.
  4. I hope so, but doubt it very much. Prores RAW would be already pretty sweet. But Resolve does not even support it at this point. So shoutout to BM, please make this happen. As your competition is ahead of you on that part. (scratch, baselight, Edius, premiere) I get that they dont want to do it, as they want to push BRAW, but as an editors standpoint I do not choose the codecs or camera's my clients work with and Im forced to use something else then resolve for editing.
  5. I still would dump my pocket 4k for 5d iv raw.
  6. Im confused why the european one is more expensive, as he also lives in the eu. Surely shipping outside the eu should be the more expensive one.
  7. Yeah zraw is a bad move though. Why would anyone use a raw format that you cannot import in any nle? They should have implemented braw or prores raw instead.
  8. Yeah agree I think it is the 50fps playback on youtube which make it looks videoy though.
  9. Im talking about the one from the topic offcourse, why would I bring something else up? (I already own a metabones speedbooster, but this one is integrated into the camera itself)
  10. Will the EF contacts remain from bm itself, or will they get EF contacts from the speedbooster?
  11. The one with the surf board shaper looked great!
  12. Really? That is awesome! Sweet then im not upgrading at all :D, unless the image looks better.
  13. Main reason im thinking of upgrading my pocket 4K. - Anamorphic modes - No hassle with the speedbooster.
  14. Well the ursa mini pro can remove its mount (to swap between EF, PL, B4 and F mount) which enables you to install the speedbooster internal, you can not do this with the pocket 6K.
  15. - I hope for anamorphic mode on the pocket, if they can make it work like 2K anamorphic is already good. - Hoping on some goodies for the ursa mini pro g1 also.
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