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  1. Close is a real stretch here though. Nowhere near the DR, colors, latitude or that 3D pop the Alexa gives. But agree the camera is too heavy to handle without any crew/the needed support.
  2. Well it still in developing stages, but from the looks of it there is still quite some work to get it in the mavo lf range. Didnt knew it needed that much tweaking for each camera individual, as I understand a lot of people are getting good results with the zcam E2 4K.
  3. For me the F6 is the most interesting one (hoping to see a F6 vs mavo lf side by side soon). The e2g has very limited DR(this example also has a lot of dead pixels and some weird noise/grain going on, the noise problem is also present in the F6 video).
  4. Depends what kinda real estate you do. If you are doing 50$ jobs. Then yeah go ahead. Otherwise it looks like shit. Also I am more a pixel peeper then any of my clients, and I care how the image looks.
  5. zerocool22


    Looks great Mercer, glad you are still rocking the 5D III. There is something special about that camera! Only wish it had more DR, as we arent always able to shoot at great shooting times/weather conditions. Where is this location? I once had a weird dream, and this location looks exactly as my dream however I never been to it. Maybe picked this up unconsciously in a movie or something?
  6. This sucks major though... ZCAM if you are reading this, ask bm for braw and we all will be happy. [update] I just read that zcam cannot support braw because they own standard hdmi, which is not supported by braw. (well this is for external, what about interal though)
  7. I never worked with Cineform RAW, what are the compression rates at? I freaking love BRAW at 12:1 I know some people prefer cdng over braw. But I certainly don't, the sizes are too massive. Braw is offering RAW at even smaller files then prores can.
  8. Thats awesome! Hopefully they can implement a decent codec instead of h265. If I was Z Cam I would be knocking on blackmagics door for Braw. I downloaded a clip from the F6, but I could not push the image around like I wanted or way less room to play around with vs my ursa mini pro or even my pocket 4K at this point, seems they need to fix the curve on that cam still, also something weird going on with the noise in the camera(but its still all very alpha/beta, so they have some time to fix the problems).
  9. Did anybody test this out? Im looking into buying an alexa, but def not interested in buying a lot o sxs cards.
  10. Allthough he wont be able, the only thing that you could repair for youreself is probably the mount and the screen. The other is a sole hardwarebrick designed by bm. And bm will not ship out parts for diy repair.
  11. zerocool22

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yeah def missing something like AE templates in resolve(fusion).
  12. It was pretty dark, but it was meant to, and I digged the vibe of chaos not knowing what is happening (allthough I had my thoughts about their defense strategies..). So I think job well done. Allthough I watched it on the web, it was compressed and there were some compression artefacts that I noticed that go hand in hand with these dark kinda scenario's. But def appreciate this more then giving it a disney look.
  13. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/22/rode-wireless-go-review/ Hmm seems super practical(like leave it your backpack at all times, like during a hike) on the other hand if the audio quality is not that great then I better buy a sony udw-p set.
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