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  1. Nope, but seems like LED still has some catching up to do. Aputure 300D is not nearly bright enough for me during noon.
  2. Well yeah I often use flashes so the pocket 4K cant be taken serious for photo work.
  3. Yeah I know, but it will give me enough of a headstart of starting my own business. As of now I have too big of a risk too take as I have a steady job( and I need a steady income to pay for house, kids, wife,...).
  4. For a million dollars I sure as hell will give up my smartphone. (internet probably not, as using google, netflix, vimeo, forums is something I cannot miss) As with that million dollars I can start living the life I want, quit my dayjob. Do video/film full time, creating a business that if my family has interest can take over when I retire. Heck they may even film me and make a tv show out of it for all I care..
  5. Well you can add a speedbooster to the ump(the guy is charging 1500€ though, so def way too much, hoping somebody else steps in and at least halves that price otherwise I will stay at S35), and then you also get a full frame ump at a lesser costs then the mavo lf(besides crazy high iso's, and smaller size). Anyhows I am not touching kinefinity at these prices, risk is also too high warranty and support wise.
  6. Well I might buy one, when the speedbooster prices drop 50%
  7. It was vastly improved on the ursa mini pro with firmware updates. John Brawley says the g2 is iso wise the same as g1, only difference is the +300fps.
  8. Well only addition is 300 fps. I never even used 120fps on the ump. So for me the g2 is not worth the upgrade. What, I would even prefer my pocket 4k over the fs5 ii.
  9. Not sure why there are slow motion demo's, even my handheld shooting looks stable using slowmotion. Only 25fps matters in a demonstration. I like that the battery door can be opened on the gimbal.
  10. What also is interesting if you shoot light into the lens. To check how the lens flares, or milks out + the achromatic abberation will show up on backlit objects. Which is also something I keep in mind when choosing a lens set per project.
  11. Is the whitebalance off of the voightlander in the first pic?
  12. Whys that? ("Meteor man", "blade" were also black superheroes...) Best film should not have anything to do by the margin of profits. Black panther was barely watchable, if you think black panther is one of the best 5 films of 2018, you either only have watched 5 movies or you have quostionable film taste.
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