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  1. Thats great and all but for us Resolve folk its kinda useless.
  2. zerocool22


    Yeah I got a drawer full of filters(saved over the years) - ND filters - IR filters - Polarisation filters - UV filters (mostly protection, it saved my canon 70-200mm 2.8) - only black pro mist 1/4 now (had the 1/8 and 1/2 as well but sold them off)
  3. For long documentary edits it might work, but if you got 4 hours to edit a video its a waste of time that uou dont have. Which is the common time amount over here for cheap 1k corporate videos over here. (Other half day is the shoot itself)
  4. Hello, If your 200D is a bit too noisy for your taste, here is a video with instructions how to replace the fan with a more silent one. I might give it a go, allthough I am not that bothered by the noise, as I found you could clean it up easy in post. Cheers
  5. I specifically said "I wont use it for vlogging "... I thought the same as you a couple of years ago. I dont need ibis, I dont need AF, I dont need a flipoutscreen. And for most of my stuff I dont need it. But I learned, it sure comes in handy. I learned workflow is key, every minute you can shave off is a win. And these options(that are becoming standard for most mirrorless camera's) provide exactly that. Creating a nice image isnt that hard, getting multiple nice images in a small time window is a different story.
  6. They have fixed a lot of problems of the pocket with this one. Allthough I wish it had the following - Full frame sensor - IBIS - Screen that can turn sideways as well, so you can vlog with it(I wont use it for vlogging but I do find it nice for light setups where I use myself as the test subject to see/adjust lights on the fly.) - CAF for the exact reason above (selfie vlog), Its hard to judge stuff in post when your focus is a bit off, and its hard to focus on yourself without an external screen.
  7. Each brand has their own special cripple hammer...
  8. At least it works. Hopefully sigma or panny will release a firmware update to enable this.
  9. What about AFC with metabones?
  10. Does continuous autofocus work on the A7S III with EF lenses? (have no desire to buy E or L lenses ever)
  11. Yeah wondering that as well, this would eat the A7S iii for lunch I guess, the price is even similar... So there must be a catch, as Sony will not cannabalise the A7S III.
  12. Even looks like it has a flash hotshoe? This might be a very great camera if the price isnt 6k...
  13. yeah this is it, I threw on my panasonic 85mm 1.8 and it sorta works (slowly). So this kinda sucks. Is the same problem present when using EF lenses on A7S III or R5?
  14. I just downloaded the S5 filmconvert nitrate camera package, and tried to apply this to see if that looks nice. But that doesnt look great either. Does the S5 filmconvert package look nice on anybody's footage?
  15. I am using the sigma mc-21 EF adapter, and a canon EF 50mm 1.2 @2.8 the dial is set to movie, the AF switch is set to C. (I tried the AF settings from tracking, 251 points, human detection) and I see the outlines of the objects I want to continous autofocus to, but the camera doesnt try to focus on these point, only when I press the shutterbutton(or halfway). How can I make it follow my face the entire time? Thanks
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