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  1. zerocool22

    Is a Sony FS700 still worth buying in late 2018??

    I used the FS700 on one shoot, I found it to be a horrible experience vs all other options used these days. Would not recommend this camera at all. The LCD is useless, even worse then the canon c series. The menu is soo bad (its a sony after all). The image is not up to the ask either if you ask me(internal).
  2. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Haha yeah. I started out wanting to be a director. So my first project looked so bad, that qi said to myself ok I need to learn cinematography first. And so I am learning, not quite there yet. But I feel more capable as a director because now at least I could say, I dont like this because this or shoot it more like this against a dop. I might want to learn acting, writing and audio as well soon.
  3. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Dont you miss 1080p 60fps on the 5d iii ml?
  4. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Haha yeah I understand your dillema, each year I set out a plan for myself I am going to shoot this and end up postboning it because I keep telling myself I need this new lens for that shot and that new toy for this and that. And honestly I should just shoot. The list is never going to stop at any point.
  5. zerocool22

    DJI Ronin S

    Yeah as expected. This will not replace even the ronin 2 or the original ronin let alone the movi. Im buying the ronin s next to the original ronin which I still use to fly heavy setups. And the ronin s for some more event type shooting with the pocket.
  6. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Well I dont like to do events. But im buying a pocket 4k for events. Because it will match my ump, but the ump on a ronin is really hard work. So im buying a ronin s for the pocket for event shooting. I never used ibis or autofocus, so I dont care about them as im not spoiled by this lazyness haha. Well play with one before you buy one though. As I owned the c100 and the c300, but never really loved working with them(lcd and bulkyness). Now I hear you saying the ump is way bulkier, thats true. But I can use the lcd screen on the ump. Where on the c series you need an external monitor. + the ump packs a lot more punch where I can forgive the bulkyness.
  7. zerocool22

    New anamorphic lens under development at Samyang

    Yeah maybe I am a bit too exited, and it could be a dud like the slr magic anamorphics.
  8. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Yeah I shot a shortfilm on the c100 recorded to a blackmagic video assist. And that worked fine, ok the cost is next to nothing and you def can get cinematic video out of it. Aswel as on the c300. But there are for sure better cameras out there at a similar pricepoint. But you can get good results on a lot of cameras as you know whag youre doing. The color science on the c series is its best feature.
  9. zerocool22

    New anamorphic lens under development at Samyang

    Would not be that bad. I would still seriously think about getting one.
  10. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Yeah sharpness isnt the issue with the c series.
  11. zerocool22

    Spin camera 360 to follow a kickflip

    I have seen similar shots in camera with just a handheld move, just spin the camera on your arm. Not as great as the Lakai video offcourse, which is indeed a phantom camera with a bolt probably.
  12. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Nobody did.. was an original c100 reference. Shooting 12stops 1080p 8bit in 2018 is not really what I would call an awesome camera though(try 6 years ago).
  13. zerocool22

    New anamorphic lens under development at Samyang

    When can we expect any news? I am so exited! Im guessing this will be the end of the steep prices of the anamorphic adapters as well if these perform as well. As the complete cost of an anamorphic adapter adds up fast (hardcore dna, redstan clamps, kowa bell and howell, taking lens) + is clunky and hard to use (aligning it, afraid it will drop, not easy to transport,...) I can't wait to get my hands of one of these Samyang anamorphic lenses I might do even some weddings shoots(which I hate) just to get the money fast to buy one of these.
  14. zerocool22

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Ha I sold my c100 2 years ago. As I found there were much better options out there. Oh man did I hate that LCD screen and the lack of 60fps. The internal ND is sweet though and the image isnt that bad. Prob still better then the gh5. I owned the 5d iii and the c 100 back then and I shot 90% 5d iii raw, the 5d iii image just blows everything away. I recently bought a 5d iii back again, and boy do I like that image. I do miss 60fps and a faster workflow. Thats why I upgraded to the ursa mini pro. But 1080p vs 1080p 25fps in low dr setting I would prob still prefer the 5d iii raw. If I could get my hands on a anamorphic lens, then it would be a different story, then the UMP would shine it away.
  15. zerocool22


    I think there would be more demand for their anamorphic lenses then their spherical cinema lenses. Where most of us dont upgrade because the image is the same as the still lenses. As for anamorphic it makes a completely different image. So I for sure would upgrade to that. Hope to get more news from Samyang anamorphic lenses soon, otherwise hope the orion atlas lenses will hit rental stores in europe soon, as the rental price of these is still quite ok.