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  1. Well I think you can expect it will be not as good as an fx9, and the fx9 doesnt seem to hold up to its competitors at this point.
  2. Well I have had girls ignoring me when I tried to start a conversation, not sure if that counts.
  3. I don't know man, weirdos are the most interesting people, arent all artists weirdos/misfits? Sounds a bit like discrimination, and I hate woke shit, but im not sure if there will be anyone left on the forum if all weirdo's need to leave.
  4. I think facebook is the perfect example that it doesnt help at all. Nothing more toxic then fb groups.
  5. Depends what you mean with less anonymous accounts, Im not a fan of using realnames on forums/websites as it can used wrongly. If you are interviewing for a job, the recruiters will google your name, they will come across your name on various forums. So I do not want to take the chance to loose a job because I stated I dislike sony colour science, and the interviewer is a sony fanboy for example. Links to portfolio might be a good idea though.
  6. Yeah facebook groups are not efficiƫnt, a forum is still the best source for looking for info. + facebook is blocked for a lot of users during business hours and so on.
  7. yeah not a fan of telegram either.
  8. Yeah the internet will loose a great forum, and facebook will win a lot of traffic/users. As not everybody has a facebook account, but I see a lot of info passing only on facebooks groups lately, which is a shame.
  9. Could you not just let the forum live its own life? As a lot of us will miss eoshd. I think this forum has the best layout of all the camera forums, and I enjoy reading new topics, where on other forums its a bit a needle in a haystack.
  10. zerocool22

    RED Komodo

    yeah would love to see a side by side with a pocket. But I guess the current owners from RED komodo's arent allowed to do so right now.
  11. Yeah that would be amazing. Allthough REDcode crops when you use lower resolutions right(it was like that back in the day with the scarlet-x)? But the 8K is my main problem with the R5. 4K would have been plenty.
  12. Autofocus will prolly also be much faster on the R5 then on a A7S III. (when you are adapting EF lenses that is, which is one of the struggles of using adapters, I hear the sigma mc-11 is a bit better then metabones, but not sure if it only applies for sigma lenses or also canon L glass). For video I don't care that much, but for a hybrid camera for photography it is nice to just hand your camera to somebody and let the autofocus do their thing. The times I gave my camera with manual focus to my wife or strangers I always get out of focus shots back even at f5.6.
  13. I am cheering for Canon, I hope the A7S III sucks so I am not tempted to buy it. (I don't want another camera with a E-mount)
  14. Prores raw has the same problem though, you cannot use it in davinci resolve.
  15. Hows that? Why cant other companies implement an fpga? (Kinefinity and zcam should def look into this)
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