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  1. Is it me, or does this all look overly sharp somehow. Doesnt have that nice smooth feel to it.
  2. Sorry to go a bit off topic here. But does anybody have any links to the best S1H, S1, S5 footage. Have not found anything yet I am impressed with so far. (got the S5 pre-ordered).
  3. Well if I would buy one, this is what I would be doing though. I never need 12K in my life. 12K storage costs too much. But I do like the 12K IQ, colours look nice. But the noise seems to be a small problem.
  4. Well saw some footage of the R5 and the S1H yesterday side by side, and the R6 colors were much better. The S1H skintones were really red, dynamic range is important but nice colour is more important. And I have a S5 on preorder. If canon bumps out an firmware update to fix the problems with the R6, I might cancel my pre-order and get the R6 instead.
  5. At 0:08 Strange that the highlight on the hair is so much hotter on the ursa then on the other camera's. Looks like a complete different temperature. Not sure if its a bad/good thing prolly depends on the situation. Gotta say the R5 is doing a hell of a job competing with these 2 (too bad of the 8K file storage, which ads up a lot costs for the R5 + the overheating otherwise I would already be rocking one right now). @Neumann FilmsThe new komodo does look very interesting though. Not buying right now, but I see myself getting one in a year or 2.
  6. Yes that is what I thought too, before Lux shots pointed it out. I guess I can better save the 500 euro difference to a used s1h and invest in more lighting gear.
  7. ok 180 fps will be shitty. But 60 fps will be quite allright I think. Then again have not shot anything on a S1H or S5 yet. Could you do a 60fps shot side by side on both camera's and upload to youtube?
  8. What about if you just use 60 fps or 180fps hd instead of the vfr mode?
  9. Man it looks like 2010 mft camera footage. I would never use this thing for video. With all the hype I expected much more.
  10. Thanks, unlimited recordtimes is nothing I care about, never used timecode so I guess I will not miss it. I dont know the difference between the 150 and the 400 mbps codec. Is the quality that much better or is really trivial (not into recording externally, but I guess that evens that out a bit, i might only care if prores raw gets supported in davinci resolve)
  11. Does anybody own a s1h and a s5? I ordered a s5, but I can buy an used s1h for a bit more. But I stil feel the s5 is the better camera for me. Smaller, less weight, better battterylife. The IQ looks the same to me. (1stop of ibis and antu alisasing is not worth the extra weight for me). Am I wrong?
  12. Idk at the end of the video it didnt nail the focus good enough. Could be the lens aputure, or the lens ring smoothness or maybe this thing is not quite there yet. Very cool though.
  13. Is this a lut, or could you just simulate this with adding saturation in the shadows in Resolve? It looks like a lot more going on, but not sure.
  14. Offc it does, Deakins also stated a couple of times that he would shoot a smartphone if they asked for it. But I bet he wont get any nominations for best cinematography if he uses one. Or even better, he might pull it off and win.
  15. That launch video does look absolutely horrible. I did not know it was the same sensor as the S1H, as the DR looks quite poor in this video. I have a s5 on preorder, as I think it will suit my needs fine (mainly ibis for quick shoots). But the RED komodo man oh man does that camera rise the bar for all camera companies. I was really skeptical in the beginning, and the first video's looked very poorly. But the stuff that has been released recently is drop dead gorgeous. Only downside is I have to sell a kidney to get one.
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