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  1. What camera is the best in bringing up the shadows? I am using a panasonic S5 right now. But for vlogging purposes I def am looking into something with better AF. so A7S III, A7IV, R6, R5, C70 etc come to mind, allthough have not shot anything with these camera's. But I rather underexpose stuff and bring it up in post then the other way around. The s5 does that pretty good, but the continious AF is horrible. Any suggestions?
  2. is the chip shortage also the reason the prices from the A7S iii and R5 are kept so high? As they are almost a year and half old, and almost seem to be the same price as the launch. I am used to camera prices dropping like crazy, especially when I buy one.
  3. Hello, Has anybody tried the new magic lantern hack where you can shoot 14 stops of dr with the 5D III? Would love to see some video's shot with it. I always loved the 5D iii, so I might pick one back up again if it holds up. Cheers
  4. As far as I know it has been a slow year for camera releases right? 2020 was a great year R5, A7S III, fx3,... but this year nothing seems worth mentioning? Also not looking to renew my camera's right now. Allthough continious autofocus would be great on te panny S5 with adapted EF lenses.
  5. Thats a steal, def get it. I still use it all the time.
  6. I have a feeling we will see a new sensor from blackmagic soon as the ursa mini 4.6k and 6K sensors are quite old (in bm terms). So I might hold on till the end of summer.
  7. Yeah this is something I already tried. Take a while to set up though. So was thinking about getting a remote control.
  8. So I am trying the self timer for creating some selfies, but whenever I hit the photo button it focuses on my face while I am right in front of the camera, then I run back to the background where I want to be standing, but then the camera doesnt refocus. (I am using an S5 with EF adapter and tamron 24-70mm g2.) Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks,
  9. Yeah the DOF was distracting. And I usually love shallow dof. I hate lens flares (all of them), so that was annoying as well. Not a masterpiece, but for netflix def a watchable movie. Allthough there is lack of character growth, and all characters remain flat.
  10. Aputure shared that they were working on one as well. Well at these 3K prices I wont be getting one soon. But I guess in 2-3 years we will see them in the 1K range. I really love the amaran series, for my needs I dont need anything I can throw around. Im very carefull and Idont rent my lights out.
  11. I hope aputure releases a 1200W amaran version below 1K soon 😄
  12. Oh yeah thats true. Hope blackmagic will release a full frame camera, then EF would make a lot more sense indeed.
  13. Awesome, I liked it. I am starting a channel soon as well. Not focussed on film making itself though. Prolly start next month.
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