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  1. zerocool22

    What Do Y'all Think of The Kinefinity Mavo LF?

    There is a guy selling a terra 6K pro pack in the netherlands for 6K. (But in my opinion you could better grab a UMP)
  2. ow ok, I kinda dig those blurry corners ^^. which one is it exactly? I only own the metabones MFT - EF XL 0.64. Then again I probably wont buy a eos m, waiting on the 5D IV.
  3. I dont see anything crappy, im digging the swirl effect. Is the nakumar a radioactive lens?
  4. Yeah that does look great. Honestly it looks better then most 3K mirrorless camera's. That takumar lens does have a great look, Gonna get one.
  5. zerocool22

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    Well maybe the riser thing is a bit more troublesome then I thought. As I have to remove both, and align them again when using it. So probably will end up buying one rised global plate.
  6. zerocool22

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    Dynamic range should be drastic higher no? the rawlite codec should be a lot better as well. Have not shot C200 myself though.
  7. zerocool22

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    Do you know where I can find the self diagnostic program?
  8. zerocool22

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    Yeah same here. I did not even know there was a self diagnostic program. Gonna check that out tonight ^^. For now I am fine with the small riser. Need to check if mounting and demounting is fast enough, otherwise I might order a different baseplate. But is going to be troublesome anyhow as it will never be a standard plate, and I will need to swap it constantly with a tripod plate. Gonna buy a power cable to feed the camera from the ronin s probably though, as I cannot access the battery department of the camera + the ronin will deliver more power then a single battery of the pocket 4K.
  9. DPAF might be handy for gimbal work. Not sure, never used any autofocus so I am not missing it. Pocket is pretty good, now I ended up with 2 pocket 4K's, so I am selling one off. (Battery life and battery meter is kinda shitty though). But boy I do like that 5D image and colors. So def hoping on the 5D IV ml. As I got 3 different camera's right now. One for photography, one for serious video work, one for some gimbal/travel/fast work.
  10. zerocool22

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    Well it was my first balance, so I had no idea how to balance it so it took me some time. Now I kinda know how it works, I can note it down and can prob set it up in 5min.
  11. zerocool22

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    Hello guys, I just unpacked my dji ronin S, and I balanced my blackmagic pocket 4K on it. But I am having problems at keeping the camera level, If I try to lower the camera to the front, the camera with it lens first will point at the floor instead of leveling. Also when I tilt the camera backwards the camera moves up aiming at the ceiling. I want the dji ronin s to keep my camera level, and only when I crank it at +35% I want it to move up or down. What am I doing wrong. (never had this with my DJI ronin, it was automatically leveling the camera) For example I have seen guys moving their crane 5cm close to the ground and the camera was level. When I move my dji ronin S close to the floor, the camera is shooting into the floor and not straight ahead. OK never mind I just found out about the trigger button 😄 (So leveling is ok) What are the best settings? Thanks!
  12. Yes I hope that the 5D IV magic lantern gets here fast before I buy even more camera's: D I just bought the pocket 4K as well. But would replace it with the 5D IV instantly when magic lantern is working. Too bad the following of magic lantern has slimmed down greatly, and there are not many testers out there now. Buying a 5D IV without knowing for sure magic lantern is going to run on it is too much of a gamble for me. (already own ump, 6D, and pocket 4K atm, and I can probably replace them all by a 5D IV if magic lantern works)
  13. zerocool22

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    I dont think a lot of users want 5k, even 4k is already overkill for most users.
  14. zerocool22

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    Yeah it is awesome news, and hopefully the other big brands will follow. (canon, panasonic, sony, fuji,...) But in the end it is not internal recording yet. So you are building your mirrorless/dslr up to a size(external recorder/monitor + Vlock mounts to power everything), so in most cases you could better grab an actual cinema camera. Any news on the anamorphic lens from Samyang??
  15. zerocool22

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    Samyang was working on anamorphic lenses last year, seen photo's of a prototype. But never heard from it again. Could you check with them, if its coming or if it is a dead project?