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  1. So you have one camera for video and one for photo all the time? Other than the static ceremony shot, would it not be easier to just use one camera? I have been thinking about doing hybrid photo/video weddings to see what's possible.
  2. Over the last 2 years I moved away from the Canon C100, big tripod, heavy lenses etc to the GH5 and GH5S and couldn't be happier. They are perfect for 90+% of the jobs I have and for the rest they do just fine as well. I'm on a mission to do this with everything, lights etc. Another thing is that video is my profession and I chose not to do it in my free time unless it's a project that really interests me for whatever reason. But I am finding that photography is different and that I feel I want to start taking my GX85 out with a Voigtlander and just shoot some nice photos to relax. Video isn't relaxing!!!
  3. I have a client who is asking for some videos using a 3D animated model that looks reasonably realistic but that can be animated like Toonly. The sent me the above video as a reference. The thing is we need 2 characters and they will need to interact (conversations) and do certain things (Toonly/explainer video style). They were all for After Effects line drawing animations and now they have changed their mind completely as they have seen this 3D model. Using Blender etc won't work as it's lost of minutes animation to be produced in 2-3 weeks! Any help would be most appreciated!
  4. I found the layout of buttons and controls on the Canon C100 to be very comfortable. You could do most things from the grip and joystick. I'm sure the C100 mk2 was even better.
  5. An interchangeable lens full frame/apsc Canon XC-10 type body, eND, Prores and a quality image...yes please. I would love to see a A7S3, GH6 or whatever camera in the XC10 style body with eND. I really don't understand why that hasn't happened as Canon were for once quite bold with a new idea when they released it.
  6. oh, and all cameras should have eND...(how could I possibly send them out to work without that!)
  7. Can we just have the super GH6 (like your GH7/S) with the DMW-XLR2 in 2021??? I have to say I really like the DMW-XLR with the GH5/S and if they could improve it, well that'd be a huge bonus.
  8. In 2025 my camera will head out to work according to whatever I've programmed it to do with whatever program I use to do that. My camera will the edit the footage perfectly so that my clients (mainly bots) can like me to fuck on whatever social network dominates in 2025. I, hopefully, will be somewhere nice and green with my family. My only connection with technology will be a message that says my client has paid me.
  9. hi, I don't yet know Resolve enough to say but it does seem like you can really work on the footage, grades etc (not that you can't with FCPX). With a a quick turn around job the color options etc are more than enough in FCPX I just had a feeling there was a lot to explore in Resolve although that might be due to it's layout. Personally I find FCPX's multicam is very buggy. I'm quicker editing by eye.
  10. If you have a Mac and are going to do quick turn around stuff then FCPX is great. For me that's it's strong point. I used Premiere years ago but I always found it slow compared to FC on my Macs. I'm starting to try a few edits with Resolve and I can see it will be great for more complicated projects (docs etc). But I'm sticking with FCPX for all my quick corporate stuff.
  11. It's a great wee camera. I have a Hong Kong one that records 4K with no limit. I often use it as a 2nd or 3rd camera when filming events. Only real downside is sound.
  12. 1. Currently the GH5 and the 10-25 f1.7 (previously the Sigma 18-35 and SB). GH5S and 12-35 2.8 are gaining ground... 2. Scottish/European - grew up between Greece, Cyprus, London and Scotland. Lived in Spain for over 17 years. Work as freelancer video/photo. 1 wife, 1 daughter, 2 cats and presently dealing with the lockdown shit storm that's already hit businesses hard here. 3. Music: Present favourite group is All Them Witches Also like Jimi Hendrix, The Faces, The Black Crowes, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Van Morrison, Funkadelic, James Brown, Bob Marley, Love, The Stooges, Terry Reid, Naxatras, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Mogwai, Spooky Tooth, Slint, Soundgarden to name a few. Sports: Celtic FC Hobbies: gardening in my terrace, camping, day dreaming... 4. In general the content is interesting (minus the rammies!). I hope it continues as a positive space where professionals and enthusiasts can share experiences, knowledge and opinions. Looking forward to the GH6 as I enjoy the video centric design of the GH series along with the reduced weight and costs (although the 10-25 1.7 was pretty pricey!). A slightly more ergonomic BMPCC 4K/6K would interest me. 5. My home town is now Madrid. I miss the openness when I'm away. 6. No idea
  13. How do you manage hybrid photo/video weddings? Do you do it alone?
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