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  1. A new C100 mk3, a GH5, XC10 and C100 lovechild...please
  2. Ok, I see that might be the case. Confusing names!
  3. I use my GX85 as a B-cam to my GH5 or for when I just want to go light as possible. It's a great wee camera. We've seen a lot of new cameras recently I was wondering if there was any news about a GX90/95? I'd love one more or less the same but with the GH5 o G9 sensor and the ability to shoot 4K 50p (8 bit is fine for me). A mic in would be great too! I'd love to have 2 of them, each with a Voigtlander attached! Super light run and gun!
  4. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    That has yet to be tested! I can tell you that the GH5 just keeps on going....the GX85 as well. The only time it failed (GX85) was when it was around 41ºC and a direct reflection of light hit it without me noticing. Like putting a magnifying glass on it! Still managed about 30mins before shutting down. It was roasting!!!
  5. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    I think many forget one of the greatest advantages of the GH5, it can go on recording until it runs out of cards or power. I have filmed whole day conferences with the GH5 (using the power cable). No other hybrid camera can do that (other than my GX85 bought from Hong Kong with no time limit ) I wish they were cheaper though! 1500€ for a GH5/GH5s/GH6 would be great.
  6. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    Yeah, NDs like the C100 or FS5 would be great. Not a weak one like the XC10.
  7. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    I don't care about af but i really want magnification to check focus whilst filming. That would be huge. Change the headphone input to avoid clashes with the screen. Battery remain in minutes. Move display button. Lowlight like GH5S and lockable ibis. Prores maybe?
  8. I'm waiting for a GH5s price drop
  9. Haha...you've solved it! I hadn't realised I had put in an older card that wasn't sdxc! Duh!
  10. ok..so I think I made a mistake by not saving the other picture styles to the C1, C2 and C3 settings. I can't change the picture settings! In HD (MP4) I have a limit of 20m20s (bottom right of screen). In AVCHD the ability to shoot in 4K doesn't exist (did it before? I can't remember!) In 4K (MP4) I have a limit of 1h24mins (64gb card) like it alway used to show but now it breaks up the file into several 9m and various seconds files without stopping. Previously I could shoot 4K and HD (MP4) with no break until the card or battery ran out and it would record a single file.
  11. Good questions, I'll have to check and get back to you!
  12. I have a question. Maybe BTM-Pix might know the answer. I have a Pal GX85 bought from Hong Kong which had no recording limit when filming (both HD and 4K). It would happily record until either the battery or card ran out producing one Mp4 file. Now that I've installed Cine-D it still records without stopping but it now produces various 9 minute (and a bit) clips. It wouldn't both me but they have a jump clip between them. Any idea how I can get it to record 1 clip again? If it means removing Cine - D I'll do it but how would I go about that? Any help would be most appreciated.
  13. I have got used to High focus peaking with the view finder although if it's a very long shoot I sometimes have to switch eyes!
  14. Does the 18-135 work with a Speedbooster or do you have to modify it like the 17-55? With the apsc speedbooster what range and f stoos are we talking about? 24-150 f2.8-4?
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