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  1. Interesting. Like what? Another question, is "focus mag" available when shooting?
  2. After Effects has saved me. I do corporate and weddings. Had 5 weddings in 2020 (amazed to have any!) and probably about 15% of the corporate filming work I usually have (events etc). Last summer I got a big job making a series of 5 fully animated in house training videos for a pharmaceutical company. All After Effects. That one job saved the year otherwise it'd have been a total disaster. I was also able to claim 3 months of government grants for freelancers which was a godsend. My wife has a tourist accommodation business and you can imagine how that is going. 2021
  3. Seems over priced. The A7Siii has the EVF. Is the lcd screen better on the FX3?
  4. So what's the general feeling? The 4 rec lights and grey body not worth it? Is it a pointless camera or is there something I've missed?
  5. That's 4 I count! (screen as well) Clearly sets it apart from all other cameras.
  6. Is there a link to watch this madness live?
  7. Exactly! Looking to move on from my GH5 and GH5S
  8. I'm practising projects in Premiere (rusty) and Resolve but most of the work I'm doing is still on FCPX. To be honest, I've had a lot of work with AE over the last year so I've spent more time brushing up on that. Just looking to change from MFT but not sure to what!
  9. A quick thought, will they make a 4K MFT version?
  10. Yeah but a C70 is out of my price range! Especially with less work in 2020 and so far this year.
  11. I just love how FCPX's timeline works for quick stuff. Just personal choice.
  12. I use FCPX, Premiere and Resolve but I much prefer FCPX for any quick turnover stuff. It's just a really slick experience. I dislike Premiere and I'm only really starting out with Resolve but it seems quite good but just overkill for most of my jobs.
  13. That's a shame because using raw for quick turnover projects could become a problem.
  14. I don't know if has been noted or not but can the camera record 6K in Prores? That would be another importante factor if it is really a "Pro" line. Same with Raw in 4K.
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