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  1. Looks interesting and I've been planning to get into streaming as clients are asking for it.
  2. I'd suggest picking up a used GH5S as a B-cam. It will have similar colours, does well in low light, can record non-stop as long as you have cards and batteries (same batteries can be used in both cams). AF-C is shite but I have back button focus for a one touch focus and it works fine. I set focus and leave it. Plenty of cheap second hand lenses to choose from as well.
  3. Anyone using the S5 or S1H as a s35/Apsc camera with the Sigma 18-35 1.8 with the sñSigma adaptador? This combination interests me if it all works seemlessly. AF-C is not important to me but I do like a one touch acurate back button focus to nail initial focus. Has anyone tried the combo?
  4. The GX85 thread helped me decide to try a 4K camera with IBIS. That lead me to leaving Canon (C100 and 700D) for a GH5, GH5S and GX85 (Hong Kong no recording limit). On the whole I have been happy as although I loved the C100, the Panasonics are a lot lighter and I can carry a 3 camera kit in a back pack. So that was my favourite thread.
  5. Weird problems they were having with the lens. Never seen anything like that before
  6. GH5S has unlimited recording which is important if you are filming live music. No IBIS if that is needed which is a bummer. If you already have M43 lenses and cameras maybe it'd be better picking up a used GH5S or GH5 for now and wait until things settle down (Covid and the camera market!) before deciding on a change. I picked one up for 1290€ a year ago and you really can't go wrong at that sort of price because it's a great camera for video. Sorry about your Dad.
  7. m43 needs a companion f1.7 zoom. Maybe 30-60mm or longer.
  8. This is key to making m43 a real winner. And punch in to check focus whilst recording!
  9. Excellent content, footage, sound and editing.
  10. Well done for getting the opportunity to talk with Panasonic! This is a great example of one of the many reasons your forum is of great value to the community. Commitment to and future direction of MFT, specially the GH line (more video centric, eND, zoom in to check focus etc). Taking ergonomic elements of the C100 and XC10 (rotating grip with joystick, ND placement, etc) could well make a compelling argument to stick with MFT. Also whether they are considering longer f1.7 MFT zooms. Compatibility of V-Log, colours etc accross all Panasonic lines (GH, S, Varicam and DVX).
  11. A shame about Olympus. Investment is about returns. My GH5 has been a great investment and has made me a lot of money. I recently bought a GH5S (only used a couple of times) with a cage, 2 extra batteries and rapid charger for 1290€. Paid it off on the first job I used it on. I have a 3 camera MFT set up that can film 4K until the cards fill up (with a back up recording!). They fit into a backpack. Pro work but not cine. Lots of events, conferences, training videos etc including stuff that has appeared on TV. I can see myself using it for another 2-3 years. Coming from a full video produc
  12. Interesting. I've been using the Yonghuo 5500 mk3 (have a bicolour as well) as they seem to offer the best brightness/lightweight/small/price balance. I usually try to stick everything in one backpack (2 cams, lenses, sound, small lighting kit) as there are many thieves about and you can't have kit lying about in event jobs here. Always looking for smaller and more powerful lights!
  13. 30€ and/or lightest but brightest (stick in a backpack lights)
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