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  1. The wookie condom has helped save my mics from a serious shafting by a wookie on heat. You never know when they will strike. There you are interviewing the CEO of some company and suddenly the sound goes all funny, muffled and scratchy at the same time...
  2. I just tried making a new Event and imported the footage without making proxies and it looked fine in the timeline. Very strange that some clips didn't work in the other event/timeline whilst other clips worked fine.
  3. Hi Dimitris, yes, they remain pixelated. It's very weird.
  4. I'm editing a video shot with the GH5 in 4k 10 bit on a 1080p timeline in FCPX (like I have done 100s of times before) but some of the shots appear pixelated in the timeline (but not in the browser). Others are fine. I have the settings for Best Quality and Optimised Media but it's as if some shots are stuck in proxy. Anyone had a similar experience or know how to fix it? High Sierra 10.13.6 FCPX 10.4.6
  5. The Sandisk 170 ones work fine and are cheaper than the 95s. I was told by my supplier that they are basically just the replacement model. I was also told that prices have been changing almost weekly as they are trying to corner the market. No idea if that's true mind! What is true is that the 170 ones are great value. I bought 2 128gb ones for around 42€ each. Been using them for a couple of months.
  6. That's a big discount! All the Panasonics here in Spain have different cash-back offers too. The 10-25mm f1.7 is normally 1750€ but I picked one up for 1500€ with a cash-back offer a couple of months ago. Probably be selling for 1200€ come spring!
  7. The GH5s has a black friday cashback here making it around 1650€. But I just bought one secondhand (with purchase receipt from august this year so still a lot of the guarantee left to run) that had only been used twice (it actually smells new!) for 1250€ with a Small Rig cage, 3 batteries and a double battery speed charger! He also sold me the 12-35 2.8 mk2 for 300€ and the 35-100 2.8 mk2 for 300€ as he was moving to Nikon!!! Maybe he knows something I don't know but I'm one happy camper!
  8. so...should we ditch our other cameras and buy Sonys and Fujis??? or Z-Cams?
  9. Having reviewed some of his work over the last few days it's clear we miss his kind of intelligence and wit in these trying times.
  10. I enjoyed Unreliable Memoirs. I wrote a critisism of it for my Highers back in the day.
  11. Yeah but the Sony A7S3 man. Everything else is just for losers. Face it you LOST with your wimpy self awarness, SMALL SENSOR and shitty low light. I have a BIG sensor, so I WIN wimpy hummus GIRL
  12. I have recently bought an Hdmi monitor for my GH5. I can't get it to pick up an hdmi signal. any tips? Duh! connect it to hdmi in!
  13. Well you say they license them to Nikon, Fuji and Olympus. I would have thought Nikon and Fuji would be direct competitors to Sony as well. Anyway what I'm really interested in is what time frame we are talking about for the next generation m43 sensors.
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