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  1. Thpriest

    Vary-i loupe for GH5

    I have got used to High focus peaking with the view finder although if it's a very long shoot I sometimes have to switch eyes!
  2. Thpriest

    Any ideas for a general-purpose zoom for MFT?

    Does the 18-135 work with a Speedbooster or do you have to modify it like the 17-55? With the apsc speedbooster what range and f stoos are we talking about? 24-150 f2.8-4?
  3. Thpriest

    Voigtlander MFT vs Contax Zeiss FF

    Dunno what the vintage lenses are like to focus but the focus throw and handling of the Voigtlanders makes them a joy to use. Maybe something to consider.
  4. Thpriest

    I might get the C200

    I really hope so. A new Canon C100 type but a bit lighter and taking the best from the P4K, GH5 and FS5
  5. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    What is that tripod? Is it one of those ones that can be changed into a monopod? Looks compact. Is it study enough for the slider?
  6. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    Not sure I can see the photo
  7. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    I don't have a motor. I was thinking of the SliderOne for size and it can be used with or without a motor.
  8. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    Be aware that on the GH5 the ETC is clean in 4K but in HD at higher ISOs it has a lot of noise.
  9. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    I have the SliderPlus, it's a fantastic slider but even it is too big for me. I have been looking to sell it and buy a SliderOne but the Wing looks good too. Why did you choose the wing over SliderOne? Are there any advantages?
  10. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    Depends on what I feel like doing. Sometimes I go with the Sigma 18-35 and a 50-150 (depends on the venue) and other times I go with the SLR Magic 12mm and the Voigtlander 17.5mm and 25mm. I find using the primes makes me think more about what I'm doing with my compositions which can be a good thing. I have shot a whole wedding on the 17.5mm to see what it was like and it turned out fine (GH5 with ETC mode you have a 17.5-24mm/FF 35-48mm, I think).
  11. Thpriest

    Convince me to don't buy GH5s - 2.5K budget

    Dunno if i'd call the XLR unit bulky although it's isn't cheap. Works very well mind. Anyway, what I was trying to say is the GH5 is a great all rounder and can used as if it were a more traditional video camera if that's your thing. Forgot about the mini XLR. It's a big bonus. Anyway, for the poster it still comes down to what his needs are as each camera has different strong and weak points.
  12. Thpriest

    Convince me to don't buy GH5s - 2.5K budget

    It depends entirely on your specific needs. GH5 - Run n gun (IBIS), video workhorse (long recording, xlrs, batteries, dc in etc), adaptability (lenses), dual slot on cheapish SDs (important when you can't repeat a shot) GH5s - Same as above but trading lowlight for IBIS PK4 - probably very nice for jobs where you can take your time setting up etc and want to grade a lot. Great price Fuji - vey nice look out of camera. Dunno if it can be used heavy duty style like the GH5 Sony a7iii - FF, lowlight Sounds like you might want the PK4 if LUTs etc are a big thing.
  13. Thpriest

    Wedding videography advice

    Haha, it was shot on a GH5 with a SLR Magic 12mm if I remember well. The blown out sun looks a lot worse on Youtube! Some parts were filmed by drone. I can't remember which.
  14. Thpriest

    X-T3 or Pocket 4K?

    To follow on from my last post, I'd be more than happy to get Fuji if it could do all the above. It does have a very pleasing look. To my eyes Fuji, Canon and even Olympus have special looks that are just attractive to my eye.
  15. Thpriest

    X-T3 or Pocket 4K?

    Can't agree with you. The GH5 is the only 'photo' camera, mirrorless or otherwise, that can be used almost as if it were a real video camera. It's the versatility and reliability of the GH5 which makes it shine. I have shot whole day conferences on a a pair of GH5 camera. We are talking 2 cameras running 1 and half to 2 hours non-stop filming 4K, one with the sound from the sound desk running into the XLR unit, all on dual card slots. A quick change of cards between speakers or at breaks and it'll do another 2 hours with no complaints. No other "photo" camera can do that. I even use a GX85 as a B or C cam in wedding ceremonies. 40 mins of 4K non-stop, no over heating, lightweight, cheap...so flexible. I can stick on a Voigtlander and get more 'cinematic' shots, shot in 10 bit if I need it, 4K 50p, slomo...I can even take decent photos (I'm video centric)! It's not perfect but it offers a better overall package than almost any other camera on the market at present. I do agree that with the latest releases from it's competitors being competitively priced it is slightly expensive. I think a new GH5 shouldn't cost more than 1500€ and the GH5s 1800€. I see m43 becoming evermore video centric with the ability to shoot great photos. If they can produce a GH6 and GH6s, both for the prices I mentioned, with the same sensor as the GH5s (one with IBIS and one without), improve autofocus and have the ability to check focus once filming then will have created perfect small and flexible 'video' cameras that shoot photo.