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  1. I have the 10-25. I've only had it a week now and i haven't had the chance to look at the results on 2 jobs I used it on but I really liked the feel of it. I got it to replace the Sigma 18-35 as it's native and lighter. I have kept my Voigtlanders as I feel they are complementary lenses, great for real low light, bokeh and a different look.
  2. Take care to consider the labels you give to any clips or files. It's amazingly easy to make life more difficult by labelling in a rush.
  3. When I was using the canon C100 I mainly used the Canon 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 and the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. If I needed wider my business partner (photographer) would lend me his Tokina 11-16mm. I also have a Sigma 50-150mm 2.8 which covers everything! Since getting the GH5 a couple of years ago I've mainly being using the Sigma 18-35 and 50-150 with a Speedbooster. But sometimes I use the Voigtlanders 17.5 and 25 and an Slr Magic 12mm 1.6. But since hiring an Olympus 12-40 2.8 I've decided that I really prefer native and going lightweight. So today I'll pick up the 10-25mm 1.7 and I'm considering the Olympus 12-100mm f4, 12-40 2.8. I'd love a longer lens like the 10-25. Maybe 35-90mm f1.7 or 2 (but constant).
  4. This is important. It's not so much dof (the Voigtlanders offer that anyway) but general low light performance that I think many people are after. If the camera has good lowlight you can then use the lens of your choice rather than being forced to use the Voigtlanders or Speedboosted lenses.
  5. Exactly my thoughts. The 10-25 1.7 has really opened up the possibilities for m43. But I think Panasonic needs to apply the same logic (manual focus clutch, aperture ring, etc) to it's flagship zoom lenses. This lens shows there is an appetite for larger faster zooms for m43. A 50-100 (or 35-100) f2 with a manual clutch and we are all smiling. The problem with the GH5S is that there are no fast wider zooms with IS and a manual clutch (fly by wire is useless for run n gun video). Although the Olympus 12-100 f4 IS could be interesting. I wish their 12-40 had IS. It's a very nice lens.
  6. Thpriest


    How you finding the 10-25 1.7? Does it focus as well manually as the Sigma 18-35?
  7. Are both the lenses you mentioned good for accurate manual focus?
  8. Yeah. But sometimes (in my case dues to tax reasons and older gear not being used) the time has come! Previously I had waited for canon to produce a reasonable b cam for my C100 and it never came (the XC10 just failing due to lowlight). Switched to GH5 and have enjoyed the experience (other than file size and extreme lowlight). Need a new A cam for my GH5
  9. I would really like some solid info on a potential GH6 as I'm at the point where I'm all in with M43 or it's L mount or another brand for me. The new M43 lenses, especially the 10-25 look great, but as it doesn't have IS I need a camera withe the GH5S' low light ability but with IBIS for the format to keep making sense for me. Without that info I could never invest 1700€ on a M43 lens. So I find myself in a kind of limbo (one which will resolved in the coming months) as I'm in a position to upgrade my gear.. but not totally sure where to go!
  10. Innovation? Canon? They've heaps of innovation, they have just decided that now's not the time to share it. Wait a few years and you'll see!
  11. I wish Canon would stop fannying about and just produce a C100 mk3 to rival the likes of the S1H. Put IBIS in and give us glorious 4K 50p (now that everyone else is moving on to 6K) in a XC10 body on steroids.
  12. The Tascam has failed me. Doesn't record anything. Seems like a problem with the mic connector. Others have had the same problem. I suppose if you are monitoring with a Rode that would help detect the problem.
  13. Yeah, I had real high hopes for this because Panasonic gets so much right. But these kind of problems make a camera unusable in many situations.
  14. Hopefully they'll fix that soon otherwise the camera is a no go. I was considering it as quite a lot of my work involved shooting in available light (1600-6400 iso). What a bummer along with the blue problem, looks like it is no good for event work (concerts, corporate, weddings).
  15. If I understand you, you are talking about the S1. You can only shoot cleanly up to 1600???
  16. Amazing that these problems happen in cameras aimed at the pro video market. Mind you, I never had any of those problems with my GH5. Probably bought it with 2.0 firmware.
  17. Sin City...Sin City wedding, Sin City documentary, Sin City corporate video...maybe this is what Panasonic had in mind?
  18. Thanks Michi. I read that people were doing that (eliminating bits that weren't compatible). No way I'd do that! I'll try the XML
  19. Any idea when we are going to here something concrete about the GH6?
  20. I have to share FCPX event with another editor who has 10.3. Any idea how to share an event/project with a previous version? I have found a few people mentioning XML and eliminating some info in text edit but that sounds like trouble! Thanks
  21. Just seen the price here in Spain (in one of the cheapest places to by pro gear). 5,142.50 € !!!!!! Crazy price
  22. How does that translate into noise, sharpness etc? Thanks
  23. This is the kind of stuff I'm interested in as the idea would be to pair the GH5 and S1/H
  24. I have the famous Sigma 18-35 as well as a 50-150 2.8 and the Tokina 11-16 2.8. Perfect for most of what I do. Just really want to know if it's worth while or whether I'm better off with the GH series and Speedbooster.
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