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  1. Maybe it's a problem with the software, not the photo.
  2. Very strange. Do you only notice it when cropped in? Are you looking at this on a computer or in camera?
  3. Have you tried MF on it? How does the "linear" adjustment feel on the focus by wire lens? I'm wondering if you can set that and the throw on non native lenses.
  4. Another question! Has anyone tested whether you can adjust the focus ring to "linear" as well as the throw angle on the new Sigma 28-70mm f2.8? How is the MF?
  5. My eyesight is getting worse too! Have you tried a GH5? Would you say the focus peaking is the same on the S5, better or worse?
  6. Exactly! On the GH5 I have the AE/AF Lock button set to back button focus and I use it to grab focus and then adjust. I always found it to be pretty accurate as I'm just asking it to nail focus once then I'll take over rather than relying on any continuos AF where it all seems to start going wrong or my 46 year old eyes to get that instant focus.
  7. oh, and another thing! Is the lowlight, DR and sharpness more or less the same in the apsc mode or does it take a big hit?
  8. A few questions about the S5! Does it have back button focus option? On my GH5 and GH5S I use this all the time. I have the camera on mf and hit back button focus to grab precise one area focus and adjust from there (when shooting video). Is that posible on the S5? As I shoot a lot of 50p (weddings/fashion shoots etc) I was wondering if the Sigma L Mount apsc lenses would work for a very wide lens (20-60 is 30-90 in apsc). Specifically the 16mm f1.4. I guess that is a 16mm in apsc? Would back button focus work with that lens? (maybe MrSMW knows?). Thanks!
  9. It's a 23mm? Not 20 or 24? Interesting. A cheap 20mm 1.8 would be great.
  10. It's a lot to think about! I've just seen the S5 with the 20-60 is 2169€ here and there's a 300€ cash back. That's very tempting. After discounting tax and cash back we are talking 1600€! I'm the opposite to you and shoot mainly on the wide end (10-25 f1.7 hardly comes off my GH5). I also shoot a lot of 50p (weddings) and I'm not sure how that would work on a S5. I was thinking a 20-60 and the sigma 28-70 would do. maybe a 20 or 24 1.8 in the future (aprox 35mm with apsc). I have no problem shooting a whole wedding on a 35mm (video). Just don't see a reasonably priced lens that could do
  11. sooo, any idea if or when a GH6 and "special lens" are going to be announced?
  12. I think the problem is timing. I think that they have possibly left it too late to keep or attract customers. With every other new release the bar gets raised as to what a GH6 must include to compete. If they can do that without raising the price then maybe there's a hope for m43. They would also need another lens to complement the 10-25 f1.7, possibly a 35-80 f1.7. But would that all cost the same as a potential Sony A74? What would really make people take m43 seriously? Seamless integration with their FF line?
  13. I think the problem is there are lots of options out there and if we are honest, there has been no clear indication of when or if there will be a GH6 and whether it's worth waiting for. If it's over 2000-2400€ and doesn't have 6K 50p, eND, good AF and lowlight then I'm nor sure what the point of m43 as a pro camera is. And I have a GH5 and GH5S and loads of lenses. Whilst it's been a great camera for me I really feel my GH5 doesn't cut it anymore on quite a few of my jobs. Mainly due to lowlight, noise and af issues. GH5S only solves lowlight problem.
  14. When? Probably too late as everyone has left the m4/3 building. (I'm half way out!)
  15. I've seen various reviews with people talking to the camera going on about how great the af is on the A7siii whilst the background pulses. Maybe better using face af?
  16. They need to get their shit together and announce something soon as I just see people drifting away from MFT (me included).
  17. Interesting. Like what? Another question, is "focus mag" available when shooting?
  18. After Effects has saved me. I do corporate and weddings. Had 5 weddings in 2020 (amazed to have any!) and probably about 15% of the corporate filming work I usually have (events etc). Last summer I got a big job making a series of 5 fully animated in house training videos for a pharmaceutical company. All After Effects. That one job saved the year otherwise it'd have been a total disaster. I was also able to claim 3 months of government grants for freelancers which was a godsend. My wife has a tourist accommodation business and you can imagine how that is going. 2021
  19. Seems over priced. The A7Siii has the EVF. Is the lcd screen better on the FX3?
  20. So what's the general feeling? The 4 rec lights and grey body not worth it? Is it a pointless camera or is there something I've missed?
  21. That's 4 I count! (screen as well) Clearly sets it apart from all other cameras.
  22. Is there a link to watch this madness live?
  23. Exactly! Looking to move on from my GH5 and GH5S
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