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  1. I think Panasonic is a much more stable video system than Sony and Canon and for many that counts a lot. It is probably more reliable when recording long form, has less faffing about than Sony to set up exposure and colour, it has 180 degrees. There are many reasons to like Panasonic over others and that's why we want reliable Panny AF.
  2. Totally. I’ll add 2 things. The S1 LVF and being able to disable the angle/shutter wheel.
  3. When is all Panasonic needs to tell us. I hope for their sake as well as those of us who are invested in their system that it’s the next generation of the S line.
  4. New Mac to replace my fully specced iMac late 2013 (has been a great work horse but I'm tired of work in proxies with 4K 10 bit). I'm torn between a 16" MacBook Pro with 1TB and 16gb ram, the base Mac Studio or a Mac Mini with 16gb 512GB ( cheap option for a year or so).
  5. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6

    I bought my Lumix S5 with a 500€ cash back deal in Spain. It works as you say. I think it took a month or 2 to get the cash back. Great deals.
  6. So....any idea how 4k 50p at 6400 or above looks?
  7. What is it like at 6400 iso? I'm not sure what everyone else thinks but for me 6400 iso y a lowlight iso, especially at corporate events and weddings.
  8. I bought my S1 with Vlog for 1100€ a year ago. A fantastic but slightly heavy camera. Best value I think.
  9. With the S5 you can record with no limit with 4K 25 8bit and 1080 10 bit. I do long form streaming with one. 2-3 hours non stop. I have the XLR unit with pro audio. It's the same price as the FX30 XLR unit. Anyway, great to have so many choices. just make sure you don't take Youtube influencers as gospel.
  10. In Spain the S5 is 1835€ with 200€ cash back, so 1635€. The FX30 without the XLR adaptor is 2300€ which is quite a lot. Enough to buy a quality lens.
  11. There is a kind of flap filter that you can stick your vnd on. Just flip it up and down. No idea if it’s any good.
  12. I agree that’s a great system. There is an adapter for EF to L mount that has a vnd but I’m not sure how it affects af. I use Xume magnetic filter rings for my vnds. They are very useful. I don’t know why they stopped making them.
  13. I've come to the same conclusion for now. I can't find better value than L Mount. What I would say is that if you haven't tried the Panasonic 1.8 lenses then you should. I really like them and they work well for both photo and video.
  14. I think Deity has a small directional mic (like the Rode Go) but with a minijack input. This means you could plug in a wireless receiver into that output and in theory have stereo with one track being directional mic and the other the wireless giving you 2 tracks incase anything goes wonky with one. I don't know whether that will work with a phone though, I've only seen people do it with cameras.
  15. I had the Tascam and whilst it worked it was good. But… it stopped recording sound one day and since then I’ve never trusted it. I found other people online who have had the same problem. For critical sound you should get something you can monitor.
  16. I think 8K is interesting for 2 or 3 things. Grabbing stills from video, high resolution ads that appear on screens in the street, and reframing stuff.
  17. Let me know what you are selling! I might be interested!
  18. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6

    Not sure but that's why I sold all my m43 gear when the S5 came out. There's not much I miss about m43 as the Panasonic FF image is lovely but I did enjoy the GH5 for a number of years. They are still good cameras but there are so many options now in the same price range.
  19. Best value is probably the S5. You might even find one of Panasonic’s when it comes with a couple of lenses and cash back. Weak points are video AF and EVF
  20. As an S1 and S5 owner it'd be very interesting to hear your opinion of the differences between the S1 and A7Siii and if you could only have one which would it be. I love the look and the S1's images, the ibis is great, the ergonomics are great but as we all know the AF isn't (and my eyes are getting older). I wonder if the AF benefits of the A/Sii are really worth it as how it deals with other stuff, iso, colours, ibis, 180 degrees, etc seem a bit of a hassle compared to the simplicity of use of the S1 but I'm not sure if that's the case!
  21. The 150mbit from the S1 is more than enough for my general needs. I try to get everything right in camera and the S1 is great for that. The 10bit gives enough room to deal with exposure with Madrid’s really bright sky. Although I think Prores and Prores LT would be a nice option for quick turn around stuff.
  22. You forgot the S5 which is a better all rounder and cheaper than most of the above.
  23. I have recently seen many wedding videos with "normal" music. When I say normal I mean music that hasn't been bought from places like Musicbed etc See the example below. If you click on the license below the video it shows who owns the song.: My question, how does that work? Do I need a special Youtube account? Do they pay for this music? How can I do the same? Thanks!
  24. The S5 and S1 are fantastic for everything other than AF compared to Canon and Sony. So it depends on your priorities.
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