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  1. The 1.8 primes are very good. I have the 24 and 50 and as far as I’m concerned they are the best af primes for video that I’ve ever had. You can control focus throw and speed and breathing is pretty well controlled. But we all have our own standards that we judge our gear by.
  2. How does the trade in work? Can you trade in any old camera?
  3. Personally I’m not bothered about high frame rates. I’m all about ergonomics, image and reliability. The GH6’s LCD is a much better design giving much more flexibility.
  4. I think the only thing really missing is the GH6's LCD. I wish they had put that on the X version. I've never managed to get my S5 to overheat. I've left it for an hour in the sun (35 degrees more or less) filming a long wedding ceremony (1 hour) in 4K and it was fine. I'd imagine that the S5 mk2 will never ever overheat.
  5. Hi Dave, if you have Sigma lenses more AF tests with them. How good if AF locking onto one person in a group or scene with various people. How good is magnify to check focus while filming? (only Jordan from DP review has mentioned that I think). Let us know what firmware you are on! I think Panasonic should have made every reviewer stat exactly which firmware they are on as there seems to be some confusion there.
  6. I believe the EVF is better than the S5. So it looks like I'll be selling the S1 to buy an S5mk2 and if things go well this year I'll sell the S5 for a S5mk2X. Better EVF and AF have been my musts. 4k 50p crop is a bummer but not the end of the world. If the AF works when using Sigma lenses it'll be a real hit.
  7. Personally I think the Panasonics are some of the best looking cameras out there but it’s not important. What’s important for me is that the evf and the af are top notch and that the af works flawlessly with Sigma lenses as well. I’ll even forgive a 4k 50p crop if they’ve got the rest right.
  8. Looks like it’s got a much better evf which is great
  9. I agree that bigger lcds with better resolution and more nits is the wat forward.
  10. I'm no expert but I have a Weebill S. It weighs a little more (895g) but it seems pretty robust and can deal with my S5 and 50 and 24 1.8 or 20-60mm no problem. It fits into my Lowepro 500aw flipside with 2 cameras, sound gear and lenses. They can be picked up second hand very cheap.
  11. Are they all Canadian? Their unhealthy looking faces and obsession with cameras seems to be taking over our corner of the internet! Must be something in the water/ice.
  12. I have no idea if this guy knows anything but he seems pretty convinced that there will be a new camera but with PDAF.
  13. Maybe that's why there is no announcement yet! They are scrambling about to find something AF related to go with the super-wide lens!😂
  14. Are we in for a crushing blow? A super wide angle lens for a mount that seems on its way out? I don’t even like sushi😭
  15. I'm beginning to think we've tricked ourselves into believing something great might happen when it's probably going to be another get together where a Panny rep says "we know the AF isn't up to much but we are looking into it. would you like some more sushi internet guy?"
  16. My god it better be good or the internet will explode with rage! Lumix cameras will be burnt in their dozens (according to the latest sales figures), Panasonic reps will receive several hate tweets (now permitted) whilst the remaining doubters will be carried over onto the populist march to total dominance by Sony.
  17. I have the Falcam F38. I use it with the S5 with the 24mm 1.8 on the Weebill and it seems sturdy and well made. Only used it a couple of times though.
  18. Another thing is that I would hope that it works on Sigma, DJI and Leica lenses too. That would be a real boost to the L alliance.
  19. My understanding is that PDAF is more expensive to implement than DFD and could explain some of the price difference between Panasonic and almost every other brand. In that context I would have no problem paying extra for a reliable AF unit.
  20. So you think that it would only work on the next generation S series cameras? I hope not. If it works on my S1 and S5 I'll be buying one as soon as it's available.
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