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  1. I'm assuming that's better than dual pixel?
  2. Will it have similar lowlight capabilities as the GH5S? If it has a clean image upto 12800 iso with pdaf and all the other bells and whistles then they could be onto a winner. Now...that eND....
  3. Just to add, I'm thinking of selling my GH5 and the 10-25 and getting a S1 and 24-105 f4. I just really like what I'm seeing from the FF Panasonics. I'd get a S5 if it had a better EVF as I shoot 70% with EVF
  4. I have the 10-25 1.7 (replaced the Sigma 18-35 and speedbooster) mainly due to AF (go on, laugh😆) as I often use back button focus when in MF to grab a quick focus. It's on the camera 90% of the time (95% video). I've often thought it would be great on a m43 with better lowlight as the GH5 struggles in many scenarios that I face. I'd hoped it would make my kit a better hybrid kit but I've never really liked the photos I get with my GH5 (I'm no great photographer but the difference with the photos I take with my A73 is brutal. The FF helps cover many of my failings whilst the m43 exaggerates them!). That said, for video it's very nice to use. If the GH5S had IBIS I'd never need to worry. I think it is over priced though and I got mine for around 1500€ (about 250€ less than the normal price). I think 1000-1200€ would be acceptable. I had been thinking about going all in FF Panasonic (I'm not so keen on the Sony for video as overheating is a problem here in Madrid) and selling the lens but the GH6 and the 25-50 1.7 have piqued my interest. A bit of a ramble, but I guess what I want to say is that the lens is great but the m43 cameras need to move up a good couple of notches to be top hybrids now. If the GH6 does that then this is clearly the lens to have, otherwise I'd invest my money in FF.
  5. I think they have been clever with the live streaming stuff. If they can produce a top all rounder with extras like streaming/eND they may well be onto a winner with the GH6
  6. Was there any mention of the S series 1.8 primes?
  7. I don't know what to make of the Panasonic M43 rumours. They seem to be a bit all over the place. I hope things are cleared up soon (tomorrow?).
  8. Any call by the privately owned press to defund the BBC should be ignored completly. If ever there was an agenda...
  9. If I'm honest I have no feelings about Diana as a person. At the time of her death I felt sorry for her kids (my mum died when I was 13). What us true is that all over the world "democratic" governments (quite often right wing but not always) are attacking real journalists and outlets whilst turning a blind eye to complete shite spouted by their favoured outlets (all in the name of free speech you know) and let arch manipulators like Murdoch off scott free. I wouldn't trust BJ as far as I could throw the fat, weasly shite. An example of why Britain is no longer seen as a sensible nor trustworthy country (not that it ever was).
  10. Exactly, but 1500€ cheaper and able to film for hours on end/streaming without over heating. Like a 2000€ cheaper FX3, but with an EVF. I think there would be a market for that as with the economy as it is, a FX3 is a very expensive investment and living in a very hot country (Spain) I don't feel confortable trusting other Sony mirrorless cameras. Like real budget but quality cine/video cam. IMHO
  11. We've been here before but a GH6 will need the following to cut it IMHO: Up to 4k 120 in 10 bit 422, no crop but with the GH5's ability to punch in without losing quality (GH5S doesn't have that and very handy when shooting events. Should be useable when already recording) Dual ISO with clean image upto 12800 More DR EVF like S1/SH (ideally with hinge like C100 mk2 and Bmpck6kpro) Top quality LCD Punch in to check focus when recording E-ND Good AF (if we have a great EVF and LCD plus punch in to check focus this is not so important) Make sure LCD doesn't block cables. Best IBIS Easy streaming set up Linear focus settings for lenses like S series Vlog Record in ProRes Raw prores internally/externally Admit it's a video camera first and foremost and treat it as such. A cost of 2500€ max A 25-60 f1.7 like the 10-25 but at 1300€ max. Maybe a 60-100 f2 as well. Lower the prices of these "video" lenses but sell more of them. Make it a compelling option because if it's not, I'm out.
  12. So...same low light as GH5? A GH5S with IBIS and 4k 50p in 10bit would have been interesting. A GH5 remix just seems shite.
  13. All the 6K stuff and 180p etc. I've just come to realise that if this were any other normal year ( no pandemic) I would have bought a A7Siii or FX3 and be done with it (even though I prefer Panasonic ergonomics and image). It's just easier working with other people who all seem to have Sony. In the past it was Canon when I had my C100. It's a shame. If the S5 had a good EVF I'd be really interested. I'm not sure I'm really that interested in waiting for better m43 and I have a fine set of lenses including the 10-25 and Voigts but I'm in the process of selling them.
  14. My thoughts too. Either Sony or Panasonic L (S5 or S1) for me. I need 2 cameras from the same system which makes Sony very expensive. The A7iii is fine as a B cam and for photos but the "good" video cameras like the A7Siii, FX3 and A1 are very expensive (especially when you factor in lenses, cards etc). But my tired eyes like the AF! But my wallet and ears like the fact that I could use my XLR adaptor on the S line Pannys🤔 If the A7Siii cost 3000€ I'd buy it but 3900€ is a lot nevermind 4500€ for an FX3!
  15. Panasonic could also do with getting a move on with their 1.8 primes as that could sway a lot of people.
  16. A quick question (I can't remember if I asked before!), will the San Disk Extreme SDXC V30 170MB/s be fine for shooting with the S5? 4K 25p and 50p. I have recorded 4K 150M on the GH5 with them no probs. I'm thinking of renting a S5 for a wedding this Sunday.
  17. I know this isn't the thread for it, but do you have a photo of the V-Mount with the S5?
  18. Camera looks amazing. Is there a real difference in image quality/look over the S5? (Other than internal 6k). I mean, does 4K 25p and 50p 10bit look the same?
  19. Shit, that sound bad. Sounds like my Samsung phone!😵
  20. This is how I work. Unless you are doing really high end stuff nobody pays enough to grade everything and many times it's just not necessary.
  21. Maybe it's a problem with the software, not the photo.
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