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  1. Django

    Major Sony update for A9, A7 line

    Such a slap in the face for A9 hybrid shooters. The one feature they've been asking since day 1 and that's available inside their "basic model". This reminds me of the FS5 mark 2 announcement when the only thing they added was a new picture profile (which could have been delivered to FS5 mk1 via firmware). People love to harp on Canon but Sony at times are similar if not worst.
  2. Django

    Canon EOS R - The Sum Is Larger Than Its Parts

    Well Sony has been doing FF 4K without crop since A7SII (2016) and 6K supersampled 4K no crop since A9 (2017) so if anyone is making them look bad its Sony (they supply Nikon & Fuji with their sensors btw). It's painfully obvious Canon are lagging behind in the sensor department. No BSI. No FF 4K. Average DR. As the recent interview on IR confronted them on that, they're only response was "we're aware of it. we're working on it". We'll just have to wait & see. It's certainly an embarrassment at the moment.. Canon are certainly smart about their segmentation though. They've stated upfront EOS R isn't a replacement to their DSLRs & Cine cams but rather a companion to them (hence not pushing for a better sensor than 5DIV/1DX2). Sony are more individualists, they believe in making as many different cams for individual segments (R series, S series, A9, A6..) Nikon seem to follow that approach with the Z6/Z7 (one is more oriented towards video, the other still shooters).
  3. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    5D4/EOS-R RS in 4K is 31ms. Terrible but yeah not quite A6xxx bad. Canon supposedly has a GS FF sensor in the works. Remains to be seen in what camera line that will appear..
  4. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    I think the 4K lobby has been pretty successful at this point in time. 4K is like a brand. And youtubers are pretty sensitive to that. RS on the other hand is a technical term which outside these forums very few people probably know/care about. That doesn't mean it shouldn't matter to us but within the intended target audience: 4K > RS.
  5. Django

    Canon EOS R - The Sum Is Larger Than Its Parts

    People can LOL all they want but I think it really takes shooting & working with the EOS R footage to appreciate it.. or not. But until then, a spec sheet isn't going to give you the full picture. And again as part of an ecosystem it makes total sense. We shoot Sony at work and personally, I'm not at all a fan of matching my Canon gear with the A7III etc.. I'd rather rent an FS5/7. And even then its a bit annoying because Sony keep changing their colour science. Canon has done so too but at least gives you the option on EOS R to choose in between original C100/C300 log & the newer C200/C300II log colour matrix. Its little details like that which make life easier. I hate losing time in post with that type of stuff..
  6. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    sorry i have no idea who they are. i wish i could take bravery credit for watching that but i just scrubbed with my macbook touchbar until i hit that frame. took about 5 seconds.
  7. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    boy as Andrew said that is one ugly convoluted solution when you think of the self-conscious demographics they are so desperate to appeal towards..
  8. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Huh? The RS is considerably worst than A7S (16-24ms) & A7S2 (25ms). It's known to be the absolute worst of the worst at a whopping 36ms. Possibly some kind of record. For the money what else are you going to buy? There are tons of second-hand options.. XT2 to start with. If you want new, save up a little more & buy yourself a decent camera.
  9. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Spoken like a true Sony fanboy. This camera is a dud. Sony pulled a Canon by recycling the same 3-year-old sensor that already had issues with its abysmal RS. $100 cut ain't fixing that.
  10. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    XT3 has AF-C in video. It even does face & eye tracking. I'd buy an XT2 (or XH1 if you need IBIS) over this mess of a camera. Rolling shutter alone (36ms!) makes it a no go, especially for the intended travel/vlog market its intended for. Of course the cluelessness of that demography probably has never heard of RS and will be swayed by the hype/pricing.
  11. Django

    Canon EOS R - The Sum Is Larger Than Its Parts

    Damn so you went from Fuji, to Nikon...and back to Canon in a matter of weeks/months huh? you must have good return policy! Must have been a though choice for sure, especially with the big Nikon firmware announcement.. I've been through a lot of system changes myself and at one point had Canon, Fuji, Nikon & Sony all at the same time! Felt kinda schizophrenic tbh. Things changed when i got my C100 and decided to go multicam with the 5D as a B-cam. I then realized the strength of remaining in one ecosystem. So when EOS R was announced it was kinda a no brainer for me. That said with all the fierce competition & backlash against Canon, it hasn't been an easy choice to defend. The limitations/flaws are real but the ergonomics, DPAF, C-log, color science & overall cinematic IQ do make up for them imo. As a sole all-in-one camera, i don't know though.. but as part of a MILC/DSLR/Cine combo cam trifecta, it's kind of the only game in town.
  12. Django

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    @IronFilm This guy seems to believe the C100 outputs more than 8-bit: Canon C100 + Atomos Ninja2 10-bit Workflow Correct. Color science was tweaked in C200 (probably to closer match Alexa)
  13. Django

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Sony doesn't take away IBIS? They did just that with this A6400. They don't disable 10-bit internal? They did so on FS5 vs FS7 and never implemented 10-bit internal or external in their alpha range (unlike Fuji, Panasonic, Canon & Nikon). Still the same 100mb XAVC codec in their third-gen FF cameras. Sony may be aggressive with pricing/specs but they segment products like anyone else. Please stop drinking the kool-aid.
  14. Django

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    it's decent just nowhere near what a modern sensor like C200 is capable of