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  1. It isn't just about 10-bit 4:2:2, you need an external recorder to get any kind of log period with the Z's. As he points out with no internal rec709 or specific gamma profiles it's not really possible to paint in camera either. The other caveats he brings up are also quite jarring.. no metering for video?! aliasing/moire in N-log. Crop when shooting 10-bit..etc
  2. Japan. NHK started broadcasting in 8K. They plan on promoting it to the rest of the world during Tokyo 2020 olympics which of course will be the occasion for Japan to showcase their ongoing tech innovation. Mobile is big; but big sporting events, Hollywood releases etc still have days left on the bigger screen imo. 8K will also allow you to crop for 4K/2K. Biggest bottleneck right now is post computer power and camera storage space.
  3. I'd pick the R over RP just for battery life alone.. I just hate stressing over batteries on a job and with the R power grip I can go all day. In other news, the drop-in ND adapter is finally out and reviewed:
  4. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Yeah seems like a classic case of form over function !
  5. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Yes I adhere to that philosophy too until.. less is less.. the Q2 actually went a step back and removed ISO (and delete) button from the original Q: The top also sees the movie record button & drive mode removed: I get what Leica is going for with this streamlining, and it is refreshing especially on something as 'pure' as the M line. For the Q, seeing it is more of a hybrid and indeed has some advanced AF modes, an extra back button, joystick & ISO dial wouldn't hurt. Basically, I'm not sure the ergonomics have been improved here but I could be wrong (only spent a short time with the camera). Yes it is interesting.. except i haven't got a clue what he means by mechanical vs electronic shutter.. for video???
  6. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Well I had a go with a unit yesterday.. and the output kinda blew my socks off! The 80mb DNG / 300mb TIFF files are simply glorious. The 47MP sensor paired with that 28mm Summilux lens is a match made in heaven. Build quality is very nice.. but not M series nice. Lens felt a little plasticky. I was also kind of disappointed to find out it is focus by wire albeit with a pretty mechanical feel. Ergonomics are kind of hit & miss. On the hand I miss a lot of the buttons/dials I'm accustomed to, on the other hand 'less is more' is kind of the Leica philosophy. Video wise.. the DCI 4K looks really nice. Clean sharp image at 28mm & 35mm crop. At 50mm crop you start to see some aliasing and at 75mm IQ suffers a lot. Couldn't figure out how to change the shutter speed which was stuck at 1/100th. Also ISO seems locked on auto. Not sure if that was user error or if video just doesn't offer much manual control. Overall this camera is a compact beauty and delivers some of the nicest stills I've ever experienced. The Leica color science & lens rendering is probably my all-time favorite in a digital camera. The 28mm with the crop modes is incredibly versatile. I think I could use this fixed-lens camera for 90% of my needs. Now yes a Z7 + 28mm Zeiss OTUS would probably give similar/better results but that's $8.5K vs. $5K.. and a different type of experience. I think this camera will be a hit for Leica, the 30 copies at my local store sold out on the first day!
  7. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Yeah well either way all I'm saying is there is a certain peace of mind when buying a Leica product (real Leica not Panny rebranded). Here in the Paris store, there is a Leica white coat lab technician in plain view working at his station around the clock. Go to Canon/Nikon you get a ticket cue and your gear gets shipped out god knows where for how long. Sony won't even bother to fix your camera. If you're out of warranty it's straight to the bin! 😕
  8. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    They have parts that come from various locations such as obviously the camera sensors which are not in-house. Final assembly & quality control is what is the most important. There is no actual 'manufacturing line' as final testing & assembly is done on individual workstations. The thoroughness performed by Leica at this stage is second to none and explains part of the price. Not unlike what certain swiss-made watch manufacturers have going on. Here is a recent and thorough article about what goes on exactly in those German labs: MAKING CAMERAS AND LENSES THE LEICA WAY Btw, that takes nothing away from what I'm sure is a top-notch facility in Portugal and what surely makes repair parts easy to source. I'm still traumatised by the 3-month delay it took Nikon to source & ship my faulty shutter from China on a brand new D750..
  9. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    It's my understanding subassembly and some machining is done there but most parts as well as final testing & assembly is done by hand at the Wetzlar facility: Leica Q assembly line lol right cuz blown highlights & micro jitters are camera flaws not operator related.. i've said multiple times already that video is not the main attraction here, and merely a bonus. this camera also isn't competing with a 1DX2, XT3 or A73. it's a high-end street/travel compact camera. that said the SOOC DCI 4K / 120fps FDH IQ, leica color science, low RS & sharpness of that summilux lens make it a lot worthier than most cameras in its category (i.e X100/RX/GR series) imo. The 35mm/50mm/75mm crop modes apparently also carry over to video, which i find pretty unique & interesting for quick on the go prime focal value changes.
  10. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    @Anaconda_ pretty sure that has more to do with the lighting and dudes oily skin from singapore's heat/humidity. this other review was filmed on a sony A6500, when the Q2 footage kicks in (2:00) the clarity, tonality & detail makes the sony IQ look like a cheap mushy yellow tint mess:
  11. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    The upcoming Zeiss ZX1 will be its main competitor imo but yeah a 35mm summicron/summilux would have been a slam dunk for me too. That said the 28mm actually makes a lot of sense if you consider the resolution and crop modes. Essentially giving you a 28-75mm focal range. I also love how the crop modes gives you frame overlays (like on classic M series) and not actual crop like all other cameras do it. Perfect for 'see the subject before he enters the frame' type street photography. As for video, again it's a nice bonus. I actually like the DCI 4K IQ I'm seeing from the following review (3:20) and the 120fps FHD seems pretty sharp & clear of artefacts too: Manual focusing for video should be a treat as well considering it's no fly by wire focusing like let's say on Fujis / Nikon Z etc.. so extra credit there too!
  12. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    An S1R + Sigma 28mm F1.4 will run you the same price. A Nikon Z7 + FTZ + 28mm F1.4 will cost you a grand extra.. and won’t be nearly as compact Apple & oranges I know when it comes to functionality but those 3 cameras all pretty much share the same sensor so in that regard the Q2 isn’t really that expensive. M series yeah you may have a point with the RR/Bentley reference
  13. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Yeah i've got no illusions about the Q not being in M series category (and part of me still really wants a real M rangefinder) but the body is made in germany. it's not a rebranded panasonic. The specs are pretty cool.. the Q2 now has the highest resolution in a Leica ever and the clever crop modes (35mm, 50mm & now 75mm) make even more sense. Closest thing to a medium format Leica imo. I've been playing with some DNG samples and I gotta say I'm quite surprised by the DR/recovery. Base ISO of 50 is also pretty damn sweet. DCI4K video is the cherry on top.. not the main attraction of course.. more of a bonus really. But it'll be interesting to see the IQ.. I just might pull the trigger on this one (not been this excited about a Leica in a while). I just need to stay away from the M series when visiting the store..
  14. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Here in Europe, S1R is 3700€ body only. The Q2 is selling for 4790€... with a Leica 28mm Summilux.. lens alone retails for 6000€. All made in Germany. If you look at it that way, the Q2 is practically a bargain! Btw, I've never owned a Leica but I've shot before on a couple M series (M7, M9..) and have never been able to shake the feeling out of my system. The craftsmanship, the rangefinder system, the lenses, the color science, the overall feel in your hand... I mean yeah even the shutter sound is orgasmic.
  15. Django

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Just announced... The Q2 offers a 47.3MP full-frame sensor capable of DCI and UHD 4K video recording, and sticks with the stabilized 28mm F1.7 offered on the first Q. The Leica Q2 features a newly developed 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor that captures both richly-detailed still pictures and 4K video in brilliant quality at ISO sensitivities up to 50,000. 4K: 30fps / 24fps C4K: 24fps Full-HD: 24, 30, 60 & 120fps Not expecting fantastic video performance like the SL2 (no L-log, 10-bit, ALL-I and 4K seems to have a crop) but if the RS isn't too bad this could be a cool walkaround hybrid.. The price isn't even that expensive imo considering the lens you're getting and sensor resolution. ..This might just be my first Leica
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