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  1. DPreview has a sample gallery up: https://www.dpreview.com/samples/5031669290/sony-xperia-1-mark-ii-sample-gallery Lotta NR at higher ISOs but overall nice from iPhone user perspective. it's got that Zeiss look.
  2. The price is in alignment with other current flagships from Samsung (S20) and Apple (11 Pro). The Sony blows both out of the water on stills performance thanks to the 20fps with continuous Eye AF. Basically A9 performance in a smartphone. And the “cine” features on the video side. The sensors on the Sony & Samsung appears to be similar if not the same and are 30% bigger than iPhone 11 Pro’s and it shows with much better low light abilities. Obviously if you are a Sony Alpha or even XDCam shooter like myself, having that Venice CS alongside 10-bit could be a real asset for C-cam footage. I could see myself using it for sketchy locations where a big cam or even a mirrorless wouldn’t be tolerable. Or action, water sport scenes. Overall this is the first Android phone that catches my eye.
  3. could be kinda interesting it seems aimed to be paired with alpha series..
  4. 55Mbps bitrate seriously?! Lmao.. cripple hammer now belongs to Sony. SMH Maybe not a good sign after all 😕
  5. He said FF 4K so that eliminates Canon. 8-bit so I doubt its a Panny. Z6 already been eliminated. ..that pretty much leaves it to Sony? A73?
  6. Lol could literally be any camera. Are the screen grabs SOOC or graded? Lot more interested in the lens than body TBH. You seem to have quite the collection of epic vintage glass!
  7. By the way, sorry for the clickbait title but perhaps a sign towards what is to come in the next Alpha instalment? First time in a while (or ever period?) that Sony is placing pro CineAlta features in a consumer product!
  8. 4K60p. Venice CS. H265. 23.98FPS. A9 DPAF. Manual focus. Framing guides. Shutter Angle, 4K OLED display.. oh and it can also browse the internet & make phone calls: Xperia 1 II -6.5" 21:9 CinemaWide 4K HDR OLED display | Triple lens camera
  9. Canon 5D IV Leica Q2 Fuji X100V Sony A9 / A9 II
  10. Sensor tech is cool but I'm more excited about the overall package which Sony seems to be in a lead position with Alpha series team & Alta Cine pro line features trickling down into their new: Xperia 1 II 4K60p. Venice CS. H265. 23.98FPS. Manual focus. Shutter Angle etc.. Alongside triple lens Zeiss DPAF system.
  11. What I meant is that the actual "leak" is BS. I remember a store in Luxembourg was taking pre-orders for the 1DX3 months ahead of release for 10K €. Just a highball estimate from a random store trying to get pre-orders & hype on rumour sites / google referencing. Everything points towards a 5D class product, adjusted for inflation and the newer tech I'd say were looking at around 4K-5K tops. The primary consumer is still going to be image and Canon won't sell a single R5 to photographers with a $7K price tag.
  12. I call this "leak" total BS.. just a store trying to get buzz.
  13. Django

    Fuji X-T4

    My biggest gripe with Z series was no internal Log. You also gotta go external for 10-bit & ProRes RAW. If Nikon addressed those three points and threw in 4K60p on a Mk2 they might be competing. But somehow I doubt anything is coming soon. Are there even rumors of a Mark II Z line?
  14. I often shoot multi-cam setups with a C100/C200 so remote control comes in super handy. Its also very practical to transfer RAW stills or even video to an iPhone/iPad for editing/file sharing. Canon Connect is one of the rare camera apps that actually works.
  15. remote control for canon smartphone app. but I think the point is camera could release soon as its passed global certification.
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