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  1. newsflash.. camera companies segment their products! while canon may be more obvious at doing so, all others do it as well. fuji only does IBIS on XH series, panasonic released S1 with crippled audio, Sony keeps low bitrate codecs on alpha series to protect XDCAM line. etc while removing 24p as a R&D cost saving feature is simply a ludicrous theory, some other limitations may well be hardware barriers.
  2. Well it's an APS-C camera so there will be a 1.5x crop regardless of resolution.. just sayin'
  3. Push Focus on EOS R with the 50mm F1.2 wide open is blazing fast (like maybe 0.4ms). AF continuous takes about a second to transition a focus pull from +2m to near distance (with the AF settings I have). It's even faster on my 6yo C100 mk1 DAF.
  4. SR2 only so take it with a grain of salt but this would really make sense for Sony to do as well as pave the way for A7S3: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr2-sony-e-mount-camcorder-rumor-fx9-with-6k-full-frame-sensor-and-dual-base-iso/ If true.. 2019 would really be the year of 6K cameras!
  5. I have no idea about "mount licensing fees".. always assumed camera companies would encourage whoever to use their mount as that means more lens sales but who knows.. my guess is BM went EF as it's the most popular/well-known mount.
  6. One thing RED did right to outsmart BM is use RF mount: future-proof, allows numerous adapters including canons Vari-ND adatper..etc All new Canon mount cams should go RF imo.
  7. I just bought an FS7 and as I mentioned in the thread I started about it, the skin tones SOOC are vastly inferior to what I effortlessly get out of my Canons. Thankfully though the beefy 600mbps 10-bit 422 XAVC-I codec makes up for it and grading has never been easier. Slight temperature/tint adjustment. Throw down the Venice LUT and I'm in the zone. Still that's an extra node or two (times as many clips as you have). The FS5 mk II sole and unique "upgrade" (more like a fix) was the Venice CS. That kinda says a lot about Sony CS! To be fair though, a lot has been improved since A7S2. We're still nowhere near CaNikon/Fuji CS but things are more neutral now. Canon does have some kind of magic sauce when it comes to skin tones & red signal. It just really pops. Seem to remember it has to do with how the RGB is processed.. The original 5D for stills and 1DC / C100 / 5D3ML for video are still my favourite Canons when it comes to CS. Leica CS (pre-M10) is yet in another league imho.
  8. kinda underwhelming on the video end. specs are identical to last years entry-level A73 aside from Eye-AF.. then again yeah, R model is landscape / studio stills oriented camera line.
  9. Not surprised. It's too late for a Mark III type body. Sony needs something fresh after all the competition FF releases, Mark IV Alpha design makes sense. Next A7S might be A7SR or some moniker like that..
  10. official announcement in under an hour.. https://alphauniverse.com/live/
  11. Django

    FS7 in 2019

    I record music with mainly 70's equipment.. analog gear has this timeless appeal vs digital. That said I'm also an advocate of "old" devalued high-end digital tech such as the Leica M9 I also purchased this year. 2009 Kodak CCD sensor. Shit on sensor charts. Mad mojo IRL. My C100 mk1 also long in the tooth, with a low bitrate 8-bit codec.. but also has this je ne sais quoi IQ appeal. Canon 5D mk1, my favorite out of the whole series..etc FS7 is just the latest in my gear purchasing pattern cycle. So yeah, I'm not worried one bit.. like I said I'm actually pretty thrilled 😁
  12. Django

    FS7 in 2019

    Product segmentation is unavoidable. Sony really isn't that bad. Unlocked FS5 with a recorder can do up to 240fps RAW 4K which is pretty wild. A7III is what imo sent A7S3 back to the drawing boards. Codec wise yeah I wouldn't dream. XDCam managers won't let an A7 line get 10-bit XAVC-I. A7S3 will have a crazy sensor that'll choke everyone, 6K/8K support and a killer new body design with a flip out screen. That is my prediction. Getting back to the FS7, thanks to those for suggesting that Venice LUT. It's an excellent starting point for SLog3:
  13. Django

    FS7 in 2019

    coming from Canon Log, S-Log3 is a lot flatter and hence trickier to expose correctly (especially since you need to ETTR) and demands heavier grading. basically a lot more work getting the skin tones I effortlessly get on my Canons. On the other hand, you can push/tweak things further as the image is less baked-in. so it's kind of a toss up depending on your skills/workflow. again the XAVC-I files are a joy to grade if heavy colouring is your thing. I'm sort of a newbie to S-Log3 so still a learning curve to adjust and I'm getting a new Atomos which should greatly enhance exposure aid etc..
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