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  1. In defense of the C200, it also introduced 4K60p, internal RAW recording, and Touch DPAF... amongst a host of other features, IO, media and ergonomic enhancements . It was a lot more than just a C100 with 4K. Aside from 10-bit codec, it actually did more than the at the time flagship C300 mk2! And that’s the funny thing with Canon. Lower end models often have better features than flagship models but always have the infamous cripple hammer on some crucial aspect..
  2. As a Canon EOS Cinema owner since the C100 (which I still own alongside C200) this is my dream Canon cine cam. Scratch that, it's my dream cine cam period. I will be selling off my C100/C200 for the C70. Of course perfect it is not, I will be missing Canon RAW Lite, EVF, SDI & custom LUTs. I'll be keeping my FS7 for gigs where EVF, SDI & LUTs are mandatory. I think I might also upgrade EOS R to R5 for RAW/8K B-cam shots. If anyone in EU is looking for a good deal on a mint boxed C200 with CFast media, HMU!
  3. in this video, consensus with Gerald seems to refute his initial dual gain ISO claims. camera applies NR at 16,000 ISO: kinda weird, not sure if its a bug or what (previous A7S models didn't behave like that).
  4. Medium format & cheap don't really associate.. that said the GFX 50R is now only $3500 which places it around FF cams like A7R4/A7S3/R5. Unfortunately the video specs are crap..
  5. The R6 features the same sensor as the 1DX3.. and also shares similar features (both in stills & video) yet costs 1/3 of its price. You're probably right but you just never know with Canon these days..
  6. I have zero doubt it is going to be 10-bit 4:2:2 as even the $2500 R6 has such codec. The pricing however does appear a tad steep for an entry level cine cam although Canon C line has never been cheap..
  7. Cinema cams have active cooling and therefore don’t overheat. You can clearly see the fan vents on the side. Probably no weather sealing though.
  8. The form factor and model number would suggest a price point and segment under the C200, which surely has a mark 2 coming soon. This is basically the super long awaited C100 mk3.
  9. Not the least bit surprised. Canon went through all this trouble to cripple the camera, they weren't going to suddenly remove all those limitations. What they did is loosen the cripple leash a tiny bit, just in order to appear to be doing something in the right direction. I'm betting they'll be unlocking it little by little during the products life cycle. Expect decent HQ recording times in a year or two. Sad state of affairs for early adopters..
  10. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64261516 Horshack reported 69 minutes of 8K after an 11 hour deep freeze. So it would appear that temperature reading does affect the timer, although I’m sorry to hear your attempt didn’t succeed in similar results.
  11. The Tilta cooling system may work for all we know. The deep freeze experiment showed that the R5 timer only seems to get triggered after a certain temp threshold. ...Of course these latest findings prove we don’t even need an external cooling system to begin with!
  12. How about that deep freeze test where the R5 was able to shoot like an hour before overheating warning? Looks like the timer gets triggered after a certain temp threshold and the battery door hack defeats the artificial recovery time. Canon will never apologize just like Apple never did during their numerous scandals like Antennagate where Jobs responded: "Just avoid holding it that way" - led to widespread mockery, and the phrase "you're holding it wrong" still sticks around whenever an Apple product has a fault. Eventually, Steve Jobs held a press conference at Cupertino and a
  13. Everyone is so focused on the R5 debacle but stay tuned for some further Canongate reveals as the R6 releases this week..
  14. I’m curious how many 8K / 4KHQ sessions can you shoot with this hack before the temp reaches unsafe limits. Canon needs now to address all this ASAP with a firmware update!
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