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  1. @TomTheDP Yes. I remember the OG Fairchild sensor being fairly bad. I believe I shot RAW at all times with my ISO set to 200. 800 or 1600? Fugget About It!! Unless you shot to ProRes, you'd get FPN in a black t-shirt, even with middle gray @ 40 IRE or whatever the fuck it was. I can personally attest to the following Blackmagic cameras having FPN, amongst a range of other issues: Cinema Camera Production Camera 4K (oh my god, what a steaming pile of ****) Pocket Cinema Camera Pocket Cinema 4K Micro Cinema Camera URSA Mini 4.6K URSA Mini Pro
  2. lol @ the "pro" moniker, BMD slipping, they're letting their media people name shit: No SDI, only unreliable HMDI No wifi video, no 3rd party/1st party module for wireless video No locking lens mount No interchangeable lens mounts No recorder slot for SSD/nvme media, only unreliable USB-C Very cool. Photo body (fuck ergonomic ENG/camcorder designs) with a tilt screen and shitty NDs. I'm glad we're getting these iterative changes, moar products pls! I love when BMD stretches their staff thin, so we get less firmware fixes and improvements. And more pro
  3. If size and cost aren't limiting factors, I'd go steadicam vest+arm & gimbal. Balancing a gimbal is easier than a steadicam. Steadicam arm+vest eliminate some of the fatigue and helps smooth out z-axis bounce. you could even be as cool as this guy ... slapping on a monitor, with no wires or batteries... hauling 15lbs of gear to stabilize a heavy ass sony A6XXX. lmfao wtf is even going on in this pic?!
  4. Believe it or not, I don't have any 1/4-20 sized gear on hand. This demos the versatility of a gobo head really well actually. Here's a Sony a6500 with a just a hardware store 1/4-20 machine bolt screw: There are baby pins with your selection of thread, male of female. Mine is all 3/8 unfortunately, but should give you an idea of what you can do:
  5. @kye so in your case, for weight and size, you're after: Matthews Mini Matthellini Clamp (B&H) Matthews MiniGrip Head (B&H) Total weight is around 210 g. If you're in Europe, not sure what the Matthews equivalent is. You'll still need to mount your camera to a 3/8" pin, or even just a threaded rod cut to size.
  6. @kye I'd suggest investing in some industry standard grip equipment. As an example I put an overload loaded FS5MII (~10 lb) on single cardellini clamp. Wood adds rigidity and makes surface even, improving the clamping force. Note: this is a totally unsafe rig, if it pivots kiss your camera goodbye, but if all you had was just a cardellini and gobo head...
  7. I'm considering picking up an ARM Mac and Atomos Shogun 7 for what I assume is currently the best exprience for ProRes RAW. Currently shooting CDNG with a FS5II to an Odyssey 7Q and editing on PC with DaVinci Resolve. It's... OK. Please chime in if you're editing ProRes RAW on the new ARM Macs! I would love to hear your thoughts, good and bad. @Oliver Daniel any updates on switching to the ARM mac?
  8. @KnightsFan it's only being manufactured by them. Z-Cam did the reverse engineering, design and coding to have the lenses communicate with their camera bodies.
  9. @Andrew Reid If they're willing to reverse engineer the Sony protocol, Z-CAM might crack RF next. I know you aren't too keen on the 28–70mm F2, but that's a monster lens for the cine look. (The fly-by-wire focus and aperature are a bumber, but still, it's an incredible lens.)
  10. Not a trade show fan. That said, in my neck of the woods, it comes down to having reps that know ZERO about the product. On the rare occassion the booth is manned by a product manager or engineer... yeah, trade shows are totally worth it. You get real answers and your feedback is often used in firmware updates and possibly future products.
  11. @Oliver Daniel Please let us know how it goes. I'm going to assume the limited amount of RAM in these first, entry level units, is going to suck for 4K/8K editing. But who knows, for basic edits, FCPX may be able to hold enough footage in RAM to make previewing/scrubbing doable.
  12. Is giving stupid people the crap content they want such a bad thing? Which came first, the idiot or the content algorithm? Happy as a pig in shit. Ignorance is bliss.
  13. @EphraimP No sound, no. It's just a demo of what's possible with any MIDI controller with appropriate software. And to be honest, looking through this thread, look how expensive everyone's "solutions" are. Crazy to think people are willing to spend hundreds if not thousands on some dedicated device that will be much slower at the start. Chances are too they will not use it enough, or simply never relearn a workflow around a specific piece of gear. Why relearn anything? You can get midi controllers localy for literally $10-20. All it takes is a small investment in time to learn how to
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