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  1. andrgl

    The D-Mount project

    @Nathan Solomon Please keep us up-to-date, I am personally enjoying following this project and am interested in pursuing doing something similar. Everything you share is a great help.
  2. @ajay supposedly the 2 aussie companies had a falling out a while back, that BM is dragging its feet to fuck over Atomos
  3. @Josue Nunez be really careful buying any used blackmagic bodies, lots of units floating around with bad FPN, SDI and HDMI connector issues and just weird sensor problems Unless you can extensively test beforehand I would only buy 2ndhand from somewhere I can return, even if they charge a restock fee
  4. Weak codecs. No locking mount (though clearly designed to be swapped). No SDI. It’s an awesome ILC upgrade to the XC camcorder but calling this cinema is laughable. Will continue saving for a URSA 12K.
  5. Knowing these aren’t crappy rehousings makes me tempted to pair them with a ZCAM E2-M4. They now have a locking MFT mount. With an SDI module, you have the tiniest cinema camera package on the market.
  6. @Antoin e Look for someone who advertises modchip installations for consoles or look for a "hackerspace"; anyone with intermediate soldering skills and the ability to order a BNC connector from mouser can repair it for you, quick and cheap, assuming you didn't crack the PCB or dislodge some SMDs.
  7. @IronFilm the used FS5M2 and 7Q I picked up has been the best camera package I've ever used, camcorder ergonomics with cinema camera features
  8. @kye Sitting infront of a 4K 43" monitor, the difference in resolution between clips is easy to spot. I could also tell when clips were sharpened because of the microcontrast haloing. The order of clips was annoying, had to rearrange so they were back to back, not sequential.
  9. @ntblowz long term strategy is riding tesla ATH and buying airline shares? lol, why not double down and buy 2021 options?
  10. already made 400% on silver, let'ssss gooooo!
  11. So with Olympus exiting the business, what lenses are you going to purchase in case they become super rare and expensive in a few years? I personally just bought both body cap lenses: 15mm f/8, 9mm f/8.
  12. Wouldn't mind picking one of these up for controlled studio shooting: if sales are poor we might see heavy discounts by holiday season or more likely next year. The original EOS-M bombed and Canon was forced to clear inventory by basically giving it away.
  13. I need to build a large, evenly lit light source. I own plenty of paper, cloth, silk, etc, but I need something that will make for very uniform diffusion. Objective is to make a backdrop that can be rear lit with RBGW strips to dial in any color. Currently using hard lights with gels but can’t shoot larger than 2 feet without hitting massive light fall off. And when I try to diffuse my lights I lose intensity big time. Ideally I require: - 3 x 3 feet or larger - Neutral, no color casts - minimal light loss - rigid, no tooling marks, uniform translucenc
  14. No SDI-out is a shame. Also no positive lock MFT mount is sad. Would be awesome to use the few m43 lenses that have proper mechanical focus. I still think a Kinefinity Terra is a better entry level cinema camera: you get RAW and ProRes at 160fps in 4K. The Terra is just way more expensive now. Z-cams have a mishmash of framerates and codecs. Annoying in post.
  15. There's a few big budget movies that have used a 360° shutter, Public Enemies comes to mind:
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