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  1. andrgl

    Nikon Z6 + Ninja V vs Blackmagic Pocket 4k

    I'm not omitting anything. It's a comparison of the video specs. I thought it was pretty obvious. Feel free to make your own chart.
  2. andrgl

    Nikon Z6 + Ninja V vs Blackmagic Pocket 4k

    Totally agree. I'm going to guess it'll do DCI 4K, but only time will tell. It's too early to compare, but I'm very excited by the announcement. I wonder if there will be full frame 1080p120. I'm also hoping for cdng support.
  3. Definitely, but ProRes RAW sucks, you can't even change the white balance in post. This is an awesome development but... Z6/Z7 only 4k30 No electronic EF to Z mount adapters RAW output only readable by Ninja V Ninja V media overpriced Ninja V can't do cdng This probably the best hybrid camera package on the market now though.
  4. andrgl

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    What values did you use to determine a 1.8x crop?
  5. andrgl

    Vimeo alternatives

    I'd take this a step further an investigate how competitive $$$ a dedicated server is versus using cloud storage from the big 3: Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage. Managing a dedicated machine can become a PITA if you're responsible for security patches and updating software. I do have some personal experience with all of this. Am currently using Google for my hosting... and, back in the old days, 2006-2010, I used to run a website that streamed videos. This was before Amazon AWS was mature enough to use, so I was running my "CDN" on dedicated linux servers. It was expensive, even with aggressive targeted advertising. It took a few years to simply break even every month. Good learning experience: bandwidth is expensive, videos are large files and visitors always expected things for free.
  6. andrgl

    Vimeo alternatives

    @Dimitris Stasinos I took closer look at this. Dropbox does not re-encode your videos. So you get whatever quality you want, BUT, you have maximum bandwidth of 20 GB free and 200 GB paid, per day, for entire account. Elite Player method for streaming Gdrive videos is bad. Can't do large files and your videos stop streaming arbitrarily due to exceeding an unknown amount of bandwidth. You'll be seeing a lot of this... (edit: actually you won't, the videos will simply not stream.)
  7. andrgl

    Vimeo alternatives

    Those videos are re-encoded on upload, no different from hosting on YouTube. A user would have to download the file from a Google drive link to actually get the original quality.
  8. You have about a 5 year wait for the next pocket camera.
  9. andrgl

    Vimeo alternatives

    Google drive direct linking has been dead since 2016. You used to be able to hotlink to media files but now you can only share the file, which means whatever link is generated, takes you to the google drive page.
  10. andrgl

    Blackmagic: a middle-gound...?

    Never ever going to happen, too niche, no profit to be made. Also Blackmagic couldn't even make this work with their original URSA turret scheme. Why would you want to swap sensors when the recorder/body is out of date in 16 months?
  11. andrgl

    YouTube content ID

    @Andrew Reid Don't do it. You run the risk of being permanently and ubiquitously blacklisted by Google. Fighting DMCA strikes without a physical contact at YouTube is risky. There are instances of channels being demonetized for using music the creators had paid to license. I'd also stear clear of royalty free and public domain. Lots of abuse in the past of entities claiming control and stealing revenue. Safest way is to pay for an original piece or do it yourself.
  12. In my region the original c120d is being heavily discounted. Best price since they were launched.
  13. andrgl

    Waiting Game...

    Full Frame sensor in a C200 body with RF mount. 😂
  14. andrgl

    Ursa Mini Pro w BPRAV vs Canon C200 with Raw Light

    @Ed_David Both these cameras look great! How did the file sizes match up?