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  1. Thanks! I think I will remove the green screen and get a few background lights to give depth! The Deity D3, I believe can be boomed above my head and off camera, but plugged (butt plugged) in. I wouldn't use it on top of the mic
  2. Thanks all! I just had a thought after rewatching the clips i posed - I don't think I need a green screen. Based on what they did, they seem to film the narrator, use picture-in-picture, and have the narrater overdub slides/video for presentation/education. If so, then I don't need a Green Screen when using FCPX to achieve similarly produced education videos. Is this correct? Then I would only need a key light and fill light. Instead, I could just hang a few shelves, get some plants/lamps and desktop lights or LEDs to create a "vibe" in the background and just shoot myself
  3. Mark, Much appreciated! Glad to know the software/hardware is on the right path. I guess I could use the audient and shore for audio overdubs in videos where I am not on the video (i.e. showing history/news footage and narrating) as well as recording my acoustic/singing. What about the Deity D3 for a boom mic? It could record directly into the A7III, be boomed overhead, and then be placed on top of the mic for run/gun situations? That may be the better/versatile option? The lighting is where it gets tricky! I am least familiar with both hardware and
  4. Sorry if this is the wrong forum - If so please disregard or I will delete. I am a teacher seeking help making quality videos for my students remotely. The equipment I have purchased thus far: 1. A7iii 2. Tamron 28-75 3. Shure sm7b mic 4. Audient ID14 input 5. Green fabric for background Need: lighting for myself and green screen but not sure what is an affordable kit for my apartment Questions: 1. Can I create video similar to the ones below with FCPX, Keynote, and my camera/audio? 2. Can the Shure sm7b be used to boom
  5. Yes a shotgun around $200 of less any recommendations?
  6. Sorry I should have said $200ish or less
  7. Are there easier options for mics that can be directly plugged into the mic so there is no post editing/syncing of audio? A mic that can mount on the camera or off/boom/stand that has decent quality for interviews? I don't need an NTG3 level quality.
  8. Curious if anyone know if this would work? If I have a Shure sm57 and wan't to boom it overhead a subject during an interview, could I run that XLR end of the mic into a 3.5mm cord direct into the a7III?
  9. Thanks all! I will try to create 720 proxies as well as film 1080 vs. 4k and see if there is a noticeable difference on the a73. Worst case I will look into trading my 2015 MBP in for a 2020 13" MBP. I think I have a good game plan thanks to the suggestions here. Much appreciatd!
  10. Thanks! @FranciscoB how can I tell if the a7iii can create proxies? @tupp: -Keynote is a cute app and I find it helpful - not sure I can change video export settings but will check! -I probably will stick with Mac for ease of use etc. as my free time spent for work doesn't motivated me to learn/work with linux and creating my own machines. Granted this may be the most efficient i'm seeking most efficient with Apple's products available to me. -I appreciate your feedback but education has changed and my individual desire to provide more engaging content to my student
  11. Thanks @tupp I am using a combo of iPhone and Sona A7III video. Additionally, I am making videos from Keynote for animations etc and layering all of these clips sometimes picture in picture etc. I am just not sure if it will take a long time to create proxies if I am making anywhere from 1-3 videos a week, which is to support my job as a teacher. Apple has offered $480 for my 2015 MBP and I was looking at a 13" 2020 MBP 2 ghz, 32gb ram, 512 SSD for $2100 or $1600 after giftcard.
  12. Currently using a mid-2015 MBP 2.2 i7 w/ 16gb of ram. As soon as I add the videos to iMovie (moving to FCPX this week) and layer them with green screen or picture in picture/etc. the computer slows and sounds like a jet engine taking off. Not sure if creating proxies or upgrading new a 13" MBP 2020 model would be helpful. Also edit internally vs. external thoughts? I will be creating mostly 5-15m videos for educational purposes on a weekly basis. Thanks! 1. Stick w/ 2015 MBP 15" and use proxies with external HD or Internal? 2. Upgrade to 2020 MBP 13" and use
  13. Thanks all! I am going to be doing more HW. For audio I think that a Shure sm7b mic, cloudlifter being fed into an Audient ID14 may be the best for audio in the apartment/studio for video narrations in addition to playing/recording music (vocals/acoustic). Thoughts on this for audio? I am not going to get an on camera mic yet as I am not doing much videography outside of the apartment for these productions yet. For lighting I am trying to find an inexpensive 1-2 light easy setup. I like the RGB features of the cello 10" shown by Manny Ortiz but not sure if I know enough about
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I'd point out that being able to add custom images/slides/videos in the background would be nice and I would pushback that the a7III can't handle that. I'll either be standing in my apartment against the wall or sitting at a small desk with my computer. Both instances I will be speaking to the camera for instructional purposes (i.e. info on history, science, writing, reading, etc.) A green screen/cloth as a backdrop will allow me to add custom slides and videos. The mic doesn't need to be lavalier because the students will never be in my apartment . A
  15. Hi all, I ultimately went with the Sony A7III after careful consideration and advice from members here. I have to say I am much happier with the hybrid capabilities than my X-T3. Low light is better, autofocus is better, and being able to make use of it is overall better. I'd say the only thing about the camera I miss form my XT-3 is the physical buttons for ISO, etc. as well as the ease of menu. I am still struggling to learn how best to setup, save, and access different settings for photo, video, slow-mo, low light etc. I am looking to make educational videos for my students an
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