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  1. By commands am I technical but apple HDR locks its settings like sharpening, saturation, etc. log gives you the control and if you look side by side it’s night and day. You’re making conspiracy theory out of a lack of knowledge of what he’s saying. Take a moment. Step back and look into this. It’s been shown by countless DPs that apples locked settings is what gives HDR a video look and now with log you can get a closer to film look.
  2. I don’t think this is a common opinion lol
  3. Btw whomever said android raw was good is very correct. The DNG workflow is ass though.
  4. I found this as portability and size was the number one factor as to whether I wanted to video an event. Even the xt4 was feeling a little clunky when trying to be in the moment with family friends or myself on vacation. People were more likely to behave differently then using my iPhone 13 Pro and for that I may have convinced myself to draft a phone only strategy for mini projects and EDC videos. Log just makes it worth a try. I’ve yet to find a system I like and whether it’s my lack of grading ability or time allowed for it or the size and responses I get from a mirrorless setup the phone may be the best of all options.
  5. Samesies. I may go for the gusto and adopt an iPhone 15 system and try it out and see how it goes instead of dropping $ for a mirrorless. Could be interesting
  6. Are you shooting for paid work or enthusiast ?
  7. Fair just curious if it’s worth it now with ProRes log over spending or using a dedicated camera when traveling etc. seems convenient and if not ABing could be wonderful to capture memories and presenting a mood
  8. Is the difference quality or the preference of using a dedicated body?
  9. Can you guys see iPhone log and raw replacing a dedicated mirrorless for personal projects and use?
  10. Also let’s discuss workflow for android raw vs iPhone log …
  11. Cousins disagree more. Plenty of clips shared here that show apple Log looks nearly as good as Sony slog3 in many situations.
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