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  1. Imagine thinking that photo is straight out of camera? Imagine thinking you know how he setup his picture profile? Imagine being so self-absorbed you can be condescending and nasty in a community forum that’s purpose is to share ideas and help? is everyone here on their period? Is there a prerequisite for being a keyboard warrior to have had a bad childhood and shitty father that you lash out at people constantly? imagine being a forum of mean girls from the movie mean girls? i like the Colors from every single camera. I prefer slightly warmer tones that tilt red hue, I like that. I also like images that don’t have that. I like videos that don’t AB ad naseum or shoot brick walls. I like helpful people. I like that photo from SI, is like it better with a slide toward warmer. I hope to learn from the calmer and less mentally deranged members I’m talking to you cranky folks
  2. Can one really make an evaluation of a tool, such as a camera, purely on a single video by a user many here don't seem to care for? I think there is plenty of examples of good images coming from Sony A7 III etc. but can also agree that SOOC of XT2/3 is typically more appealing. If you don't AB the heck out of it and just watch quality filmmakers with any camera the images look good. Sometimes its more of a limitation of the user than the tool.
  3. Good discussion! Thanks for the knowledge. I am on a Mac and pretty new/amateur. FCP seems like the way to go.
  4. Obviously images are subjective - based on your dislike of the a73 is there a comparable hybrid camera you prefer or a video to illuminate proper color? Thanks
  5. Isn’t that what tony found in his survey of 1500 people? Bias? Plus if you read comments - after awhile that creates a certain confirmation bias. When I first saw Kraig Adams travel videos I was blown away. Then when I saw it was Sony I was like “but the colors looks good and it’s not green - how?”
  6. Great video! I know people give them shit but I thought the video and test was well done. Sony!
  7. At the end of the day the final product is what matters. I was referencing Kraig Adams because myself and thousands of others love the images in his videos which are predominantly a73 without any picture profile and little to no grading. The AF and image looks excellent.
  8. Just watched Geralds video and thought it excellent and fair. Where did you dislike it? drone looked good but was highly saturated and minimal separation better objects compared to Sony.
  9. I’m confused on Sony color bashing. In one sense I see tons of yoda looking folks ok YouTube then I see this and want to buy one: Kraig Adams in Switzerland
  10. Greetings, See the Craigslist posting here: https://newyork.craigslist.org/que/ele/d/astoria-fuji-t2-and-assorted-lenses/7046957958.html I'd prefer to do local and meet in person if possible. Thanks!
  11. I’ve had a good run with my XT-2 and assorted lenses but I’ll be looking to buy or trade-in for a new or used A7III system. is B&H the best place or MPB?
  12. 28-75 seems great but 24-105 seems more usable as a focal length despite losing a stop. the sigma 135 paired with the 24-105 seems like good combo. Or would the 28-75 and 135 be better? Again using them on a7 iii for general family events indoors and out, documentaries, travel, and sports shooting low light indoor.
  13. Oh you could help me. I do have a limited budget. I recently shot on my XT2 at an indoor track 50-140 2.8. AF was slow, ISO at 6400 or up was grainy. I’m selling all my Fuji gear and switching to Sony a7iii. About 25-35% of my shooting is indoor gyms and athletic centers. Another 25% indoor homes. And the ref at outdoors. im almost fully sold on 24-105 f4 fo an all arounder but need a $1k ish or below solution for low light fast moving subjects like track athletes.
  14. Maybe the 24-105 f4 for general/majority of shooting and an 85 Viltrox 1.8 for indoor low light sports etc? Yeh my only concern is having a lens for indoor sports and low light conditions to reduce noise ... What would you pair with that as a prime for sports etc?
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