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  1. SRV1981


    Curious, why do you think this camera isn’t mentioned frequently alongside xh2s and others for video? Seems quiet on the forum.
  2. For prosumer or quick turn around makes the Fx and s52 lines juicy
  3. To clarify, can you upload a custom LUT like Phantom LUTs into the fx30 and bake that look in for quick turn around?
  4. Is it possible to bake in a Lut look in camera for fx30? That would be wild if true.
  5. Right and we can also buy an fx30 or fx3 used.
  6. Internal ND, audio upgrades etc. do you think an fx3/30 is a better middle ground?
  7. Are we the point where high-end phones can be used for most photo and video needs when using for personal use and outputting to YouTube? does it make more sense to use a high-end phone for that and invest in a cinema camera for video work for personal stuff being output to YouTube? Also frame grabs for small prints and socials? c70? FX6?
  8. Manual focus makes sense I’d have to practice. As I’ve said before, iM not dying to buy a camera. I enjoy convo regarding the topics im intetested in.
  9. Interesting take! Any particular reason you prefer tight shots ?
  10. So what dictates camera choice? Again if the context is YT output and it’s run and gun style work? Does it really make a difference what camera it is ?
  11. Very cool and thanks! But what about image? Do you feel the c70 image is distinguishable when watching YT versus the R7 let’s say?
  12. If you’re not lighting your subjects or scenes, doing more documentary style shooting and display on YouTube - is there much of a difference between what you use to shoot? (ie - iPhone 14 pro, fx30, BMPCC6K, C70?) Curious the thoughts on this when using just a camera and lens with hot shoe mic.
  13. Great info! Sometimes I post for just discussion. I like the banter and interaction. I don’t necessarily need to buy these devices. I was recently looking at the A7C and curious how that would be compared to an xt4 for compact, ease of use and performance .
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