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  1. This has got to be one of the dumbest threads I've read in some time. I'm surprised people have the patience to post such long replies. You keep going on and on about nothing meaningful or interesting. Do you realize what you're asking for is subjective? Do you realize the examples you posted as looks/cameras you like (e.g., "Civil War" look shot on the Sony Venice) are heavily graded? Do you realize you can achieve that look with any number of cameras? Do you even shoot anything, or just the "shit" on forums?
  2. Your questions have already been answered here. You're simply just trolling at this point, and not very well at that. Not sure what exactly is is you ARE looking for..
  3. Mostly shot on Sony Venice with the 4D as a B cam at times. Not that it matters at all with colors and the main point here.
  4. Unless you're shooting broadcast or live-streaming, I don't see any point in shooting non-log out of any camera. Use a simple CST (or auto CM) in Resolve and you'll spend 5seconds getting the log to look good in 709.
  5. I'm not sure what you're so angry about today...Which of my posts sounds silly? The one stating that N-RAW on my Z9s is better than H265? Or the one asking where how you concluded that N-RAW will not be on any camera "soon"? I've read the thread - it's about Adobe "dropping support" for something they never had to begin with and otherwise just speculative talk. Sorry I joined "late"...Calm down... Yeah, things will probably change. That doesn't mean Nikon will remove N-RAW and replace it via firmware with a new RAW codec in existing cameras. That was my second point. As far as the comparison with NRAW and H265 on the A1 - yeah, very useful....
  6. So you think Nikon will just remove it from the Z cameras that have it and replace it?
  7. Dunno what tests those were, but I've shot in all formats on my Z9s, and N-RAW is definitely better than H265. More latitude, less/no NR, less/no sharpening, etc. Not to mention, of course, the freedom to change WB and exposure in Resolve in post.
  8. The two Z9 bodies I got a few months ago have already gone up in price.
  9. With today's news, I feel like I made the right choice going with the Z9s, not just for now, but for the future.
  10. "out of my way" "let us" lol. I'm not bothered in the least; just interested to read how folks obsess over this.
  11. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean it bothers me lol, and yes, it IS ironic r.e. my second point. As for lots of folks losing jobs, that's how it's always been with technological advancement. Adapt, be relevant, or die. Lots of useless jobs out there...
  12. There's a difference between ignoring it and obsessing about it like in this thread and in the news in general. Too much obsessing about the unknown is a waste of time. Be open about it, changes, educate yourself, but no need to panic and put things "on hold" because the "AI" monster is coming. As an example, I read some folks talking about leaving this field and going into IT, and I found that a bit ironic, as a lot of those jobs will be automated pretty fast. To me that's panic, not rational thinking.
  13. We hope it happens on page 24.
  14. I searched but couldn't find details anywhere. Does anyone know how the Z9 (or Z8) outputs 4K when in DX mode? For stills, it's clear you're getting smaller 19MP files using a smaller portion of the FF lens/sensor, but I'm not sure what it's doing for video. If I'm shooting 4k/24p ProRes 422 HQ in FX and then punch into DX mode for more reach, I'm still getting a 4k ProRes 422 HQ file with the same bitrate. Any ideas or details on what the camera/sensor is doing?
  15. That field is being "taken over" by AI a lot more than the video and photo stuff everyone here seems so worried about.
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