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  1. you asked like the sensor in A7S3 and FX3 would be different. They're not.
  2. i have the Meike 105mm PL T/2.1 and the Nikkor 105mm MC f/2.8 for my Z9. I used a wireless focus to adjust the focus the way i wanted, in more of a an artistic way. when holding the rig and trying to focus on ducks that were 3-2-1 meters away and then panning somewhere else without shaking up the footage, the manual Meike lens was a better fit.
  3. tell me why you're comparing film and digital cameras? a film camera on a tripod makes it better than current mirrorless cameras? did i get that right?
  4. i have adapted an FX-mount to my Z-mount without issues
  5. you probably want to enable HW accel, that puts the strain on to the GPU not the CPU.
  6. Was dead a long time ago. I was a kid watching their videos with my D5100. Then Alamby left, Then Kai, Then Lok. New people popped in but they didn't have the same energy. I unsubbed and forgot about them, subbed individually to Kai and Lok. Literally the same thing with Machinima and the crew that was Bruce and Adam.
  7. I do that on my Z9. Shooting bank A is 8.3K60p and B is for 4.1K120p both RAW.
  8. in my own testing the 15B-C battery lasts for about 1h 10min in non stop 4K recording. add to that burst and LCD display then it's going to give you about 45min. I usually carried 3-4 batteries with me and it was a hassle if I didn't immediately go and put them to charge which was which and going through all of them to find out the empty and full ones.
  9. In my field of work I couldn't get the Z8, even if it wouldn't overheat, but it's the batteries for me that sealed the deal. I used a Z6 for enough time and worrying about taking extra batteries on a 3 hour shoot and interrupting video recording to replace a battery. I was ready to move to the big boy. I'm not a hardcore professional but even now as just a hobbyist I need the Z9 more and multiple times I've had to switch to the vertical shooting position with my 200-500 and twisting my hands with the same lens on the Z6 was enough for me to realize that there is a better way. And now I only have 2 18C batteries with me. 1 is enough to cover a day with ON/OFF 8.3K RAW video recording.
  10. I shot a bunch of footage in the summer and the files were wonderful. I haven't tried shooting in low light nor in grey cloudy weather because if the weather is like that then I don't even bother to take the camera out. Every picture tends to look flat and ugly. I was able to work with the colors and it wasn't hard to create a faithful look even when I didn't have a correct WB/tint during the shooting because I use a 200-500 and I can't go somewhere to meter the correct values. I work with a calibrated PA32UCX and I output SDR. Nothing major just before and after grades and for myself and social media. I have however used a RAW video from an R5 and it was really noisy even as it was shot on a sunny beach. With the Z9 you can lower the ISO to 200 from 800 and in Summer it was really helpful to get closer to the 180deg rule. The Z9 will be a good camera for years to come. It has internal RAW at 8.3K and its RAW format is natively supported in Resolve. I have my trust in Nikon. Only issue I would have is the lens mount as getting a PL to Z was quite tricky but eventually I found an online shop with 1 in stock.
  11. I haven't shot with either R3 nor R5 but I have shot with Nikon 5100, Z6, Z6_2 and finally with the Z9. I chose Nikon because the Z glass in my mind is the perfect system. You have affordable 1.8 glass that doesn't look, feel or render as a 50$ kit lens. I have shot with the 50mm 20mm and 85mm wide open and can be 100% satisfied with the results. I have also used the 85 1.2 but I only bought it because I need the extra light. I have also shot extensively 8.3K NRAW, ask me about it. 60fps and 24fps (23.98) clips and graded them accordingly. For me it's the perfect camera, even more as the switch from photo to video takes under a second (in my test case with fast Angelbird media). Also I have shot in H265. If you watch Camera Conspiracies that guy must be editing on a laptop or something because the H265 from my Ninja on Z6 and on Z9 were not a problem and I didn't create proxies. Without the Z8/Z9 the R5 would be a no brainer because of the internal 8K RAW but now a basically R5 but with a bigger battery, no overheating and fast switch. I think it's obvious.
  12. there's a guide that's quite clear on what to do. I have reinstalled the LOG on my Z6 multiple times and never have I got it to not work. Perhaps read the instructions, carefully this time.
  13. the what off the where? I didn't know the A7S3 shoots also R3D 🤔
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