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  1. there's a guide that's quite clear on what to do. I have reinstalled the LOG on my Z6 multiple times and never have I got it to not work. Perhaps read the instructions, carefully this time.
  2. the what off the where? I didn't know the A7S3 shoots also R3D 🤔
  3. Photo camera first. I would ignore this as the price is only made up of the 60MP sensor which is utilized by cropping in video settings.
  4. I was hyperbolizing it a bit but what I said is true to an extent. 4K to 1080p is what you do when you are playing the file locally but uploading to Youtube it's better to leave it as 4K and add a slight NR to it.
  5. People. When uploading to Youtube, ignore all the downsampling crap. It only applies if you're not compressing the footage again and again. It sounds good on paper but even scaling 1080p to 4K and then watching that "1080p" as a 4K video on youtube gives it a higher visual quality. All the pixel binning and noise reduction gets washed away because the compression that youtube uses makes the fine detail into mush anyway.
  6. Yes. but I also think that having high bitrate for 10bit 422 will account for the missing information in color, comparing to 444. But all of this circles back to the use case: are you filming a talking head or in a forest with lots of trees and moving micro elements that take up the bitrate so even thou the files are large it's justified as the utilization is high. But just like Andrew said in the original post: "- ProRes 422 HQ in GH6 and Nikon Z9 is too big, not practical in my opinion - may as well shoot raw?" Go watch DpReview's episodes and ProAV TV. Their shows might as well be audio only except the actual image comparisons.
  7. I think it's great that they brute force the quality with "excess" bitrate rather than have you suffer from macro blocking at the highest quality 422 HQ. IF you shoot LT then you probably know the risks.
  8. that would be amazing. If that would work with the Z6-2 also 🤩 2 years old video doe, I wonder if they have made any progress
  9. the sensor output is lineskipped. There is no "internal Prores" in any of the Nikon Z cameras except the Z9. You get 1:1 ProRes RAW if you shoot in DX. There is no crop in ProRes RAW. Personally I wouldn't bother with the PRR upgrade and spend it somewhere else. You will find the convenience of P&A the footage in Resolve and not having to spend time transcoding.
  10. Yup. I have a Z6 with PRR upgrade. I take videos of my dogs and it would be nice to just take your camera out of the bag and be ready to shoot RAW out of the box without adding a second brick on top of your camera.
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