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  1. kye

    What is the best microphone for Canon?

    LOL, I guess going from SPAM to Brexit to cow nappies and the literal interpretation of scripture is logical in some sense, but... In terms of the overall situation, I agree with @BTM_Pix that had the potential futures been laid out so people could clearly choose between them there is no way that this one would have gotten the vote. In more general terms, globalisation is scary and people are resistant to it. Everyone resists change when it happens too fast for them, so this is a natural human tendency. The world is slowly unifying as it has done for thousands of years, and will continue to do so. The only history lesson that is really relevant here is that we have made the progression from tribes of nomads to villages to small kingdoms/states to empires, simultaneously we have made the progression from hunter-gatherer to farmer to self-contained societies with specialisations to formal trade agreements and to global organisations. These progressions are often difficult and there is huge resistance and often some backwards steps but inevitably the progression moves forward. Yes, there have been many examples of the failure of empires and unions, but any argument that we live in a steady state and that this trend is not absolutely overwhelming in the long-term would have to provide many examples of large countries splitting back into the dozens of small kingdoms or hundreds/thousands of tribes that existed before the country was unified. History only makes sense if you actually talk about all of it, talking about only a few hundred years or a book that isn't meant to be taken literally isn't that helpful. Do regional differences and old prejudices still exist, sure. But they fade very quickly over generations, and this is the future that will come to exist. We've managed to avoid global destruction for long enough that it's reasonable to assume we're capable of it indefinitely, at least from a warfare perspective. Globalisation is the future because it is in everyones interests. Any resource not spent on war is a resource that can be spent on education, health care, research, or making a camera with DPAF, Canon colour science, and global-shutter FF 4K Besides, cows don't need nappies. They need AI drones that will collect the dung and manage it for electricity production and composting purposes.
  2. kye

    Airport X-ray can affect DSLRs and bring hot pixels?

    I've only flown domestic in the US a couple of times, but they actually weren't too bad. I was travelling with a group and a couple of the group had physical disabilities with one in a wheelchair. I was carrying one of their carry-on bags through the airport and when we got to security they got whisked away to a special gate before I realised that I had one of their bags. So I figured it would be fine and went through with it. So of course it gets triggered for a search and the lady says "whose bag is this" and I say (using my wording very carefully) "it's with me". We go to a desk and she says "is this your bag".. "No, it's my friends, she's with the guy in the wheelchair, they went down there somewhere" I point in the general direction of a zillion people and they're not visible.. "Is there anything sharp in the bag?" ... "I have no idea". she gives me a strange look.. "but probably not" I add. She opens the bag and starts going through it, and quickly finds the removable hand controls for my friends electric wheelchair. She asks what it is and I explain. It would have looked like a huge mess of wires and a circuit board in the scanner. I make a joke about how it would definitely have looked strange on the scanner, and she didn't really react. She looks over it and it's fine. She asks the scanning guy and he said something else was in there too. She keeps digging and finds a big metal plate with a hook on one side and looks concerned. I explain that it's a tray table for his wheelchair, she looks puzzled but accepts it after looking it over. She gives me the all clear to go and I thank her and she gives me a smile. I think that I got some slack because I was helping someone with a disability, and she was firm but nice about the whole thing, but basically I was going through security with a bag that wasn't mine that looked like wires, circuitry and a big metal plate in it on the scanner. I had a good attitude and I suspect that the TSA lady did too because I did. I've watched those border protection shows and those people are digging around in bags but mostly they're watching how people react, so if you have no problem with them then they're most likely going to have no problem with you.
  3. Isn't that the case with all new technologies though? Things take a very long time to get from the R&D department to the Engineering department to the Product Design department to the Manufacturing department.
  4. kye

    Airport X-ray can affect DSLRs and bring hot pixels?

    Worst airport security I've been through with camera equipment was recent trip to India when we flew domestic internally. The Indian culture has a lot of the average person basically doing whatever the hell they like, pushing and shoving, trying to skip the lines or walk around like no-one else exists, and the authority figures having to constantly bark commands at people to pay attention and behave, so the officials are used to ordering people around without really applying judgement or listening to anyone, and you have to be quite assertive in general. Airports are a hotbed of this kind of thing. I lined up, did the normal thing of taking out my laptop but leaving camera gear in the bag, and lined up. I was then informed that I was in the line for the women to be scanned (metal detectors) and I had to go all-the-way-over-there to the mens line. I left my bag on the conveyor as it had already been put into several trays, I'd already become separated from it, and the rest of my group were women and were in the line next to the baggage scanner. When I went through the mens line and came back it looked like my bag had exploded. My wife was there guarding my gear, but they'd made my wife take the camera bag insert out of my backpack, and every item out of the insert. So there piled up in the collection area surrounded by a crowd of other travellers was my GH5, three lenses, Rode VMP, USB charger, cables, spare batteries, phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses. Some items were on the actual counter, not in a tray or anything. The lenses looked like they'd been rolling around. I was furious but held it in because an airport is the last place you want to make a scene about anything these days. I've never been to another airport where I've ever had to even take the camera bag insert out of my backpack. Had I been travelling alone who knows what would have walked off by itself. Not sure what I should have done differently TBH.
  5. If you're interested in what the differences are between 10-bit, 12-bit and 14-bit RAW video are, check the Magic Lantern thread and search for those phrases. We've had that conversation before, because ML has offered those things for ages. In fact, IIRC it's offered 14-bit RAW for ages and only comparatively recently added 12 and 10-bit variants!
  6. kye

    What is the best microphone for Canon?

    Are you stockpiling food and supplies? I've read your Brexit comments with interest as I'm following the whole situation but you're the only person I know in England. My sister is in Scotland so she's in the same situation, but considering that Scotland has a different leaning and Brexit might well trigger another referendum for them to leave the UK and re-join the EU, she's effectively in a different boat than you. I wasn't really clear from your posts if you would end up staying in England or if you would head over to the continent. Your situation seems like there were pros and cons to both 😞😞😞
  7. This is very interesting to me, especially the Like2100 mode shown on the LCD. The reason I raise it is because I am not sure that the HLG on the GH5 is actually Rec2100. I often want to adjust exposure or WB in post and I tried the method of turning the GH5 HLG from Rec2100 to Linear, making some kind of offset adjustment, then turning it back from Linear to Rec2100, but couldn't match the results from raising the exposure in-camera by one stop. I shot a test scene at two exposure levels and tried matching one with the other via this method. Every adjustment I could think of resulted in complex non-linearities, and when I asked the question over at LiftGammaGain someone suggested that maybe the GH5 HLG mode isn't true Rec2100. I tried Rec2020 and other colour spaces too, nothing worked. I did a bunch of googling to try and find out what the GH5 HLG mode actually is and couldn't find any definitive answers, so I basically just concluded that it wasn't real Rec2100 and that I couldn't do an exposure or WB adjustment in post that completely matched having done it in camera. Any idea what's going on here?
  8. The weak link definitely seems to be how to get things from the camera to the internet. It's stunning that camera makers haven't made any real attempts to fix this issue, especially considering that the fixed-slow-prime/awful-low-light/low-DR/low-MP camera on the iPhone has become the most popular camera on the planet because of convenience and constant connection to the internet, and that it overtook the DSLR despite Apple starting off as a dinky computer company at the time that the big photography companies were already ruling the world in photography.
  9. Interesting. So we've essentially got two sensor technologies here. The Panasonic / Fujifilm one here that has an organic layer that acts as an ND, enables global shutter, and can make the well-capacity of each pixel far larger which will increase DR. This sensor still has a sequential readout like traditional sensors. Panasonic has been able to build one, and says that 8K60 is possible. Then there's the Sony one which has one ADC per pixel, enabling different ISO per pixel to increase DR, and providing a global shutter as the ADC is done in parallel. This doesn't have a built-in ND capability so in very bright situations an ND would still be required. This design adds lots of complexity and Sony has only managed to build a very low resolution one so far. Is that right? I wonder what the DR of the Panasonic one would be. They claim a light-well capacity of 10X previous designs, so keeping the same overall noise levels equal that should mean an additional ~3 stops of DR. That method seems to be the better one, at least in the short-term as the extra DR of the Sony isn't worth the lack of ND, plus the fact that the Sony sensor still isn't 1080p yet 😆😆😆
  10. In my searches for vintage lenses to make my GH5 more organic looking I came upon the Contax Zeiss lenses, and then yesterday I found this video... It's basically the dream team of organic classic aesthetic - Contax Zeiss primes, BMPCC, Metabones SB, Tiffen Variable ND. Personally I think one of the lenses is a bit soft for my tastes, but overall it isn't bad. [Edit: actually I think the softness is a combination of missing focus and stopping down too much, so not the lenses]. I've seen better BMPCC videos (lots of talented people used that camera) but overall it should be positively dripping with the look we're chasing. Thoughts?
  11. kye

    Black Magic Pocket OG 2019

    No idea about resolved in firmware, but IIRC Resolve has it as a tick-box option to fix it. Interesting idea. I suppose the difference might be that Canon could do it because they presumably have their own production facilities and so old moulds and machinery tooling would either still be in use or would still be in a warehouse somewhere. With BM making things in such small numbers who knows if the tooling is still around. Also, who knows if they still have stock of the sensors etc, Canon probably buys them in such huge quantities that they have sheds of then sitting around waiting to be used in every new camera announced for years, whereas BM might have only bought enough of that sensor to do a run and might not have any more in their stock piles.
  12. kye

    Bane voice

    If you're going to ADR this actor and not going to use the on-set audio then the only things you need from on-set audio is for it to help with ADR, so as long as you can hear the actor then I wouldn't worry about it myself, unless I'm missing something.. @IronFilm ? I've done ADR done a couple of different ways: where the mouth of the actor is visible and the aim is to get clean audio that looks natural where the character is not a normal human and you can't see it's mouth In the first instance the ADR took a long time to record to get a result that didn't seem separate to the visuals, and the actor just copying the line over and over again to get the timings down was really helped by being able to hear the original audio. In this instance we ADR'd because the location was noisy. In the second instance the character was a delusion (IIRC it was a human actor wearing a huge Easter Island head that fit over their head, shoulders and partly down their chest). They didn't record on-set audio for this character (someone read the lines from off-screen) because the character stood perfectly still in frame. The voice-over was a deep male voice and we recorded the lines without trying to match them to the footage because there was no timing to match. We got a guy with a deep voice and recorded it through my 1" condenser mic and a valve pre-amp to make it sound as fat as possible. Basically we did a bunch of takes for some variety and they just chose the take in editing that suited the edit best. Your project seems like it is somewhere between these two extremes, so you've got some flexibility.
  13. Why would NDs not be needed if we had per-pixel gain? Currently the lowest ISO combined with desirable aperture and SS during the day results in many more stops of light than the sensor can handle, so unless the per-pixel gain adjustment was able to have ISOs much much lower than 100 then you'd still need NDs. I get that it would give us increased DR, but only by taking dark pixels and brightening them.
  14. kye

    Bane voice

    If you record sound on set then it'll be easier to sync ADR. One consideration is that if you're going to have an actor talking through a bunch of effects, there might be certain things that the actor can do to make the processed dialogue more understandable or sound more menacing or whatever. Ideally you would have the effects applied to the actors voice in real-time so they could hear themselves through it all and act appropriately, however real-time audio is tricky unless you're setup to do that. More likely is that you get the actor in to do ADR, you record a take, apply the effects, listen to it, hear what works and what doesn't work, and re-record / apply effects / listen again, etc until the actor has learned how to speak so the end result is good. Of course you can just record normal ADR and then only apply the effects that work with that way of talking, and that will be more straight-forward, but it will be creatively more limiting.
  15. I haven't used the Fusion tab yet, but I'd agree about BM and bugs. The next versions are likely to fix a lot of them though. Resolve 12.5 used to crash on me about every 20 minutes of use, but since V14 it basically never crashes, that is using the Edit and Colour tabs mostly and not Fusion or Fairlight. Resolve is the way to go. Check out this thread where I've tried to pull together all the good resources I've found: Enjoy, if you find anything good then please add it to that thread, and feel free to ask questions