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  1. Unless it is the GH6 and somehow they're using the word 'cinema' in the marketing. I guess with people complaining that the P4K has the same limitations every other cinema camera has people simply don't understand it anymore so maybe it's fair game?
  2. Interesting. Do we think it's a FF EVA equivalent, higher price/performance, or lower in the range? I'd imagine that it would make sense in a lineup that also contains the GH6.
  3. Apologies, I was distracted by the non-sensical nature of the conversation to get every word right
  4. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    From BM (link)
  5. I'm talking about this: See how the gimbal shot bobs up and down? A slider (or dolly) won't let the camera move up/down or perpendicular to the track.
  6. But it requires ridiculous amounts of training to get good results. Gimbals smooth where the camera points, but not if the camera wobbles when it moves. Stick with the tripod on wheels approach if you want a flawless result I think.
  7. Great video, and some useful ideas in there I think. It reminds me of street photography where you're never sure what's going to happen, but it's about reading peoples behaviour, anticipating in the moment, and preparing technically with things like pre-focusing and manual settings, but also finding an interesting spot and studying the backdrop so you know where the compositions are and when someone crosses into the scene monitoring when the composition is good and when the gesture is good and hoping like hell they happen to align. I could paraphrase his ideas by saying it's preparation through understanding the unknown (behaviour, weather, etc) as much as possible, and persistence by keeping at it, and keeping on pushing harder for better and better results. Lots of us are probably doing this. I'm doing it for my travel videos and also my kids sports games. I'm not great, but I keep at it and I learn and adapt and push forwards
  8. Aren't we simultaneously having two conversations? The P4K is way too sharp!!! 4K and modern cameras aren't cinematic, the Alexa / older BM cameras are all lower res and have magic. The P4K is way too soft!!!! BRAW is clearly inferior because it smooths fine detail. Not to mention conversations in other threads that also include: Who needs 4K - 1080 is fine and you can't tell the difference and ...... blah blah blah 8K!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 😎😎
  9. You'd be able to look down at all the YouTubers who only shoot on their REDs and think "one day they'll get a proper camera" 😆😆😆
  10. There's more to it than this. Sensors vary significantly in design and how much surface area of the sensor actually receives light. For example: Not saying your explanation is wrong, just that it's oversimplified. Also, remember that 4K downscaled to 1080 is 1080 4:4:4 and the downscaling process smooths some of the ISO noise, and 1080 sensor is 4:2:2 without any noise smoothing. Everything is a tradeoff. The best way to actually work out what is what is to do a real-world test and go from there.
  11. Me too! So much knowledge packed into such a short amount of time, they're deceptively simple too.
  12. Jeez, you guys are harsh.... he does a couple of side things the wrong way and so you throw away what was (for me) the point of the whole video - the layer of skin tones put back over the LUT to get a believable result even if you have a strong grade. That's why I posted it. I agree that not converting to rec709 properly wasn't the right way to start, I agree that smoothing then blurring the skin wasn't a nice thing to do either, but if you're going to discount someone because they did that then go watch Juan Melaras videos on repeat because no other youtuber meets your standards. I've watched hundreds and hundreds of grading videos and I'm pretty sure I've seen every YT colourist do either one or both of those things on their channels before!! 😆😆😆
  13. Makes sense. There's a few channels I watch where they do talking head stuff, and all the B-Roll is stock footage or graphics / animations. There are even quite a lot of channels that don't have any filming at all and you don't know what the channel owner looks like because it's all motion graphics and voice-over.
  14. Just curious (I'm not in the market for this) but do you need a crew to just shoot with it, or is the crew really to setup & teardown? The reason I ask is that there's a bunch of YouTubers who make shows from a home studio setup where the camera, lighting, sound, and set don't move, and it's just about workflow efficiency and content. We're talking completely predictable exposure, WB, focus, and infinite power via wall outlets, etc. I know lots of those shows have multiple angles and that kind of stuff, but if you run a talking-head style channel with one angle and b-roll, maybe these old cinema classics will find home studios in suburbia to age gracefully in
  15. Ooh, I don't know... if you wait long enough. Those VHS plugins were/are pretty popular in music videos! Having said that though, there is still something about ML RAW, even on a non-classic Canon body, that is delightful in a way that even the nicest non-RAW modes of any modern MILC just don't quite have. And the image from the Alexa really is just exquisite 😎😎😎
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