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    Let me ask the opposite... Do you think you have ever had a new idea or captured an existing idea in a truly new way?
  2. Good plan. I find that by using what you have and then seeing what doesn't work for you in real-world shooting, doing the projects that you do, in the way that you do them, with your own particular expectations and tastes, then you'll end up spending the money on what actually matters to you. There's lots of times when something is needed by someone else, but that doesn't mean you should upgrade. There's also lots of people recommending extra features "just in case" which can create a kind of spec inflation that's not based on reality, especially when people read the just-in-c
  3. I'm looking for a compact HDMI cable for my BMMCC rig from the camera to the monitor. I have one but it's thick and inflexible. I spent a few hours searching dozens of pages of eBay auctions and other cheaper online stores, but couldn't find anything. I think I found one cable from a professional camera store, but it was something like $100 and there's no way I'm paying that for what should be a $5-10 cable. I'd prefer one with angled connectors so it's flush, rather than sticking out, but I found some 90-degree connectors that might work. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. I agree about lock-in, but look at how many thousand/million posts there are online that basically distill down to "hi, two years ago I spent $3000 on a camera body that has 5-bajillion pixels, and now I can't sleep at night until the brand I worship with my all my heart and will fight to the death online to defend releases a camera with 5.2-bajillion pixels that I can spend 150% of what I spent on my current camera body on a new camera body that will give me a 2.4% improvement over the performance of the one I already own". and if you want to talk about existential crisis', then don't ge
  5. I don't know much about them, but I assume that much of that functionality (peaking, zebras, a huge amounts more) could be added using an external monitor, if not an external recorder. I know these are expensive, but the features / codecs you'd get from a good monitor/recorder would be hard for almost any camera to match. It would add size and weight of course, but would also mean investing in something that could benefit you several upgrades down the track. Electronic stabilisation is almost always better done in post, because in post the software can 'see' into the future, whereas the
  6. Absolutely. While the D850 may not be the best video-centric camera, but it's a very high-end stills camera and the video modes get the benefits of the sensor, the colour science, the full set of Nikon lenses (which you will already own at least some) and the overall benefit of Nikon, one of the largest camera companies in the world, such as their support networks etc. Not to mention it's free because you already own it. Free is pretty hard to beat, when that means the entire budget can go to things other than the camera body.
  7. Please watch this video from the D850 and then explain, in great detail, how this image isn't sufficient for your needs.... Here's the blog post outlining a bit about how it was shot (handheld with a 50mm lens): https://news.coreyrich.com/2017/08/latest-work-home-shot-d850/ Spend the money on yourself, lighting, audio, or lenses, but why upgrade?
  8. kye


    Or accurate diffusion of any source that is clipped, or diffusion of any source that is out of frame... but he'd know that if he read the thread I linked to. I guess when I said "more info than you ever wanted" I was being prescient - he really didn't want the info in the thread!
  9. kye


    Yes, it seems they're all just combinations of small diffusion for skin softening, large diffusion for contrast reduction, and medium diffusion for when someone in a 90s TV show dies and goes to heaven. Just kidding! The medium size is for 80s wedding photography. From their proximity on the Tiffen triangle chart, Digital Diffusion FX and HDTV FX should be similar, but I vaguely remember a comparison that showed a pretty significant contrast reduction from the HDTV that the DD didn't have. It's a pity it's not compared in the Scatter plugin website. I'll have to look arou
  10. kye


    I've watched a bunch of tests, and decided that what I want is something that spreads the light the furthest. To put it another way, I want the edges of the frame to be lifted, and the area near the light-source to not be lifted much more than the edges. This is a useful video for seeing the BPM filters in a range of situations: For me, the BPM 1/8 filter was too much near the highlights, and too little on the edges of frame. So, we can look at that Scatter plugin, and have a look at what it thinks the filters are doing.. for example: That kind of view can
  11. Looks like there are other players throwing their offerings into the (lucrative?) body cap lens market... It didn't sound cheap though.
  12. kye


    Thanks, this is all very useful. I was thinking that I would want something that is a combination of contrast and resolution reduction without halation, but I'm not so sure now. Perhaps my main challenge is that it would be for shooting in available lighting, and so that means that the sun and other bright sources may well either be in frame, or out of frame but still hitting the filter. Something like a contrast filter, with its very wide spread of light, would have a radical effect if the sun was hitting the filter, even if it was out of frame by a large amount. I suspect these fi
  13. kye


    Funny, I looked for the part where they increase the DR of your camera in post, and I couldn't find it. I consulted the laws of physics, who seemed dubious but referred me to their friend AI. AI said they're working on it, but it would be easier just to buy a contrast reduction filter and use it while shooting.
  14. kye


    Funny you should mention that, but I watched the 38 minute Tiffen demo video last night (it was riveting - I won't spoil the ending if you haven't watched it..) and I was thinking that I might be more interested in the areas further away from the halation corner and towards lowering contrast and resolution. On first review the Digital Diffusion, HDTV FX, Black Satin and Smoque were of the most interest, with the filters in the halation corner seeming to push the image too far very quickly, whereas the others seemed to add a certain something but then not fall off a cliff when the fi
  15. kye


    Go read the thread again. You missed some things.
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