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  1. kye

    Music videos...

    Can't stop watching this.... YT is an amazing place.... Imagine the brief for traditional media - "seedy-looking moustache-clad man makes a funk song and dancing in his apartment while naked except for a bright yellow dressing gown". Oh, hang on a minute, that's on the same level as basically every children's TV show. Nevermind.
  2. Interesting technique I hadn't seen before....
  3. 35mm f1.8 FF from a Japanese lens maker...
  4. Perhaps. Of course, drama and tech aren't exclusive, and drama drives views! Totally. If you are doing a makeup channel then you need good skin tones, so it has to be ARRI.
  5. Yeah, that can happen. I think these instances were much more informed purchases and they knew what they were getting into. I was more thinking of the people that make the "I just spend $100k on a cinema camera!!" type posts. The main example I can think of is Jon Olssen, but I've seen others around the place. People that have heaps of money, ask themselves what the "best" or "most expensive" camera is and then they see the amazing specs and then want one, but find it's too heavy for the out-and-about content that typically they shoot themselves or only have a single person crew.
  6. Yep... although the parallels with people buying Alexas to shoot home videos aren't there, because Alexas are big, heavy, and complicated. Cameras are a funny thing - I shoot family travel videos and the best camera for me to do that (even now) is the GH5... regardless of price. Ie, if I was infinitely rich then it is still the best camera I could buy. Even the super rich YT people that you see buying RED 8K cameras typically run-n-gun them for a bit but end up back to the GH5 or A7iii and the cine camera was never heard from again.
  7. kye

    Music videos...

    I remember being pretty impressed by the huge suit in this video.... Both how ridiculous it is, while also looking very natural Even when he dances in it..
  8. A small insert on the power and charging setup The Outsider has to film his off-grid outdoor log cabin builds: Essentially he's got a solar panel, power station (battery / power management thingy) and an electric blanket to keep all the batteries warm. This type of setup is common for off-grid and #vanlife vehicle dwelling folks, normally minus the electric blanket.
  9. Me too. In fact, when I bought the GH5, one of the things that made me choose it was that it removed the equipment as being a potential limitation on what I am able to create. Or, to put it another way, the GH5 is better than I am in every possible way, and I think may never put a limit on my ability to create. Now, I may buy new cameras in the future, (in fact, I will have news very soon) but I will never be buying a new camera because the GH5 is a limitation on my work that I want to progress beyond. I won't speak for other people, and certainly in Hollywood and the upper echelons of talent, the GH5 might be quite limiting to the artistic vision that others have. But for me, it's like buying a Porsche 4WD and only driving it up the street to the shops to buy milk.
  10. I think the GH5 is a sleeper camera, along with many others like the UMP, C100, etc. These cameras are good enough quality so the images easily meet a professional standard, aren't fancy or odd enough to be bragged about, and aren't used on large productions that have interviews with the cinematographer. People talk when someone shoots a feature film on an iPhone because the perception is it's not good enough. People talk when someone shoots a project with a camera that is fancy or odd, or when the camera doesn't traditionally suit the project. and if a film has a huge budget and wins awards then everyone gets interviewed and there are four paragraphs about the lens choices and the phrase 'colour science' gets mentioned. But when someone shoots a documentary / ad / training course / low-budget series / short / or indy feature with a sensible and capable camera, there's no press about it. That's the GH5, XT-3, UMP, C100, etc etc. I would be very curious to see what percentage of all edited content consumed is shot on these types of cameras. I think it might be a quarter. But that's the point - we'd never know, because it's not remarkable. Therefore no remarks are made, and we don't hear about it. These are the cameras of the people quietly working outside the limelight and delivering good quality content.
  11. kye

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    Yeah, it certainly looks chunky! I suspect that there are limitations to how small a body can be if it's got a larger sensor in it like the S1H does, but the MFT form factor works pretty well with the combination of a body that's got nice ergonomics but isn't too heavy.
  12. There will always be fascination / confusion / derision of new things that people don't understand. An older work colleague of mine was "having trouble" with her youngest son in his later years of school because as graduation came steadily closer he didn't seem to be motivated to do anything, didn't seem to have a career path worked out, and did ok at school but wasn't getting great marks. All he wanted to do was to play computer games. He started university in something he was only mildly interested in and was still just focused on computer games. My colleague loved him dearly but thought that basically he was going to have a directionless life that he would basically just fritter away. One day he entered a competition to review a computer game run by a very large gaming site, and out of many thousands of entries he took first place, won several thousand dollars, and was offered the opportunity to write another review. They liked his review, published it, and he wrote another, and is now a computer game reviewer and gets paid a wage that is pretty good compared to other entry-level jobs straight out of school. The interesting thing about it is that what set him apart from the rest of the competition is that his review included comparisons to loads of other computer games, making it a really interesting and rich review that would be entertaining to new players and seasoned gamers alike, and there is no way that he would have been able to write like that without having played computer games for hours every day for the better part of a decade. My colleague was incredibly relieved that he'd found a career, but more importantly had completely changed their opinion of him. They used to think of "my poor son, he might not amount to much" but now they were hugely proud as "he beat thousands of other applicants and is now getting decent income in a highly competitive field and doing what he loves".
  13. EOSHD blog got a mention from Kai....
  14. Is this the point in the conversation where a futurist mentions a dozen occupations that no one has heard of, everyone laughs and rolls their eyes at how the consultant has made up BS, and then the consultant produces a report showing they're the fastest growing occupations according to some reputable survey company, and then everyone is reminded that "truth is stranger than fiction"... And just in case anyone thinks I'm just making up things, that happened to me and I was one of the people in the audience looking at the job titles and thinking WTF?!?!? I guess if life wasn't so strange then there would be less awesome stuff to point our cameras at.. 😆😂🤣
  15. Basic business Return On Investment rationale would suggest that they stop production of lenses that are no longer profitable, or they think are making less money than if they forced people to buy the newer mount. I'd imagine some lenses would be stopped immediately and might only have been in production for completeness of the lineup or other strategic reasons, and others would gradually dwindle until it was in their interests to just stop the whole EF lineup altogether, but they might be continuing to make the classic EF lenses for some time. For example I'd imagine that the 24-70 f2.8 and equivalents might be pretty popular and even if no new customers were getting into the system, there might be enough pros dropping them or wearing them out that there would be a steady demand. One thing that amazes me is that productions can have a movie budget of millions of dollars for a film and not think much of it, and then they talk about crash cameras or various other equipment getting destroyed and my brain kind of twinges with the thought that someone would buy something like a Sigma FP or other equally capable camera and deliberately destroy it, but that's the economics of the situation. and that means that even if camera ownership doesn't go up, for every time that happens, a new one much be manufactured and sold.
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