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    Olympus E-M1 ii, Olympus E-P7, Panasonic GH2, GM1

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  1. That's a great! I'm happy for you. I've never had that camera, but I've watched a lot of footage. I usually never see them under 600 euros here and I've always said that if I really wanted a Blackmagic, I'd go for a used Pocket 4k as they only go for about 200 more. Like the GH2, the BMMPC camera is iconic. I end up hanging on to stuff like that because I'm a sucker for that stuff. I still have my 60 Euro special GH2 as a backup live-stream camera for my English classes.
  2. It's important to note that this was NOT Ebay- you don't find any good deals there anymore. Stopped looking in fact. I can confirm everything is fully functional though. I've already shot a lot on it. Some people just don't know what they have or simply don't care and they unload it. I'm there to pick it up and try to do something fun with it. I often just sell them at a profit when I get bored or want some thing else. I wish I didn't like it, but I do; it's just one of my inner demons.😏
  3. Just got a GX880 (almost new) + Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 II (like new) + 7artisans 25 f/1.8 (also like new) for 200 Euros. I missed some of my Panasonic gear. I'm back now.
  4. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    The amount of BS from people on the forum talking out of their ars is astounding, where cynical thought seems to be the norm. The first mirrorless cameras were M43 and DSLR owner thought they were a joke. Fast-forward to today, mirrorless FF owners now think M43 mirrorless is a joke and DSLR's are dead. Crazy how that happened.
  5. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    I guess it's official in Europe. OMDS is no longer accepting pre-orders for the OM-1 due to high demand. It's funny because some people thought it wasn't worth the price tag, but the evidence shows otherwise.
  6. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    Sounds like a wise business choice. As a Drewnetwork VP, the policy has always been to never pre-order a camera. However, I think Drew (the president) did it with the first generation BMPC and the Sony A7S iii.
  7. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    IMO, although I've never really used any of these cameras, wouldn't the biggest competitor to the GH6 be the GH5s, not the OM-1? If you're willing to pass on great PDAF (and really, I doubt the GH6 is that bad), it would seem the GH5s or even the BMPCC 4k are good alternatives. The OM-1 would seem to be the run and gun, smallish body that can do everything whereas the GH6 is more for thought out, prepared stuff. I'm sure it could also do run and gun too in the right hands, just maybe not as well as the OM-1. I'm rather amused by the YouTubers coming out and trying to VLOG on a GH6 and in terms of weight (if you're holding it out there), it's not the best fit.
  8. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    I'm rather curious to see how the OM-1 and the GH6 compare in terms of detail (not that I car that much about that) in photo mode. I've heard reports that the OM-1 got a resolution increase, but it remains to be seen if it's the same increase that the Gh6 got.
  9. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    Was that with firmware 3.0 or later because it was a completely different camera for video after that?
  10. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    2799 (euros) with a mark 2 version. The mark 2 version is 999 (euros) alone.
  11. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    Dual IS won't work with any Panasonic lens though I've heard some behave better than others. Focus stacking in camera is only for Olympus lenses. AF in video works better with Olympus lenses, but in my experience it performs well enough with all PDAF bodies. However, I don't have any experience with the lenses you mentioned above. If log is a need, I've heard they've improved it, but don't hold your breath. Olympus hasn't been good at log in recent years. I'd wait if I were you if absolutely need this feature.
  12. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    Good point. Not sure now, but I checked Spain and UK and they were still available. Strange that France is out of the mix.
  13. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    On a side note, Olympus EU is already not accepting any more preorders of the OM-1 with the 12-40 f/2.8 ii bundles... at least for France.
  14. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    I keep thinking: "What can I sell to get it?" Having just received a new E-M5 iii, I cannot really justify it, but believe me, I want it! ...just don't need it (and I'm not a pro). I'll be playing the used game when it's available in 1 or 2 years.
  15. John Matthews

    Olympus OM-1

    I just replied to Andrew's tweet: "I'll go the opposite direction and it will be sold out by the shipping date." Here's what @Mattias Burling just said: "I visited my local camera shop. The owner was surprised at the high interest in the OM1 among his regulars, that are mostly still using pro DSLRs. The low price was what made them consider it. I haven’t read a single article about it so I don’t know. It’s just what he told me."
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