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  1. In Britain, why is it possible to make jokes about babies on spikes, yet animals are off-limits? I don't get it.
  2. I remember vividly this epic Canon marketing moment. It must have been so hard for those canon fanboys to accept their beloved camera specs didn't match reality. The potential of a timer and not a real heat sensor making decisions on whether a camera turns off or continues to operate was so unacceptable, even for fanboys. Canon wasn't even acknowledging the problem. The pent-up frustration had to be released. On top of that, Philip Bloom said: "hey look, this guy said something bad about Canon and my cats" - let's go after him! This is probably what it felt like for the king's messenger in the
  3. Performance is more important than dog-slow features IMO. A "feature" should work well out of the box, not in 10 years (the amount of time it takes for enough people to complain for them to improve it). You only use features that are worth using; otherwise, they're not features, just eternal frustrations. I hope Apple doesn't change now or ever. If they do, I'll be looking elsewhere.
  4. It's important to remember that Adobe's making money hand over fist with their not-so-new business model. Time will tell if this model improves the quality of their software in any way shape or form. Arguably, it hasn't done anything for significant speed improvements (which is what most people want) before new features. It must be so frustrating for some people that pay for this. Personally, I just cannot bring myself to reward them for this model. Also, I'm sure they're looking for ways to "lock" you into it so they can perpetually receive monthly money (even after you're dead?). The se
  5. I had a similar problem with a cheap usb-c power plug. All the sudden, buzzing noises. I switched to a usb type a and everything was fine or I could have used a battery with a usb-c PD. This happened on my Olympus e-m1 ii... super frustrating! Funny video. Liking the format.
  6. What the hell is this video, @Andrew Reid? This is not at all how to make a Youtube video. Here's what's wrong: You need to start it with something like: "Hi guys, this is your boy Andrew here with EOSHD" You should have pink and teal background. X-mas lights at a minimum. Shallow depth of field? Everything's in focus! Where's the mic? You should be eating that thing! Think 25-30% of frame. Where's the obligatory Squarespace or Skillshare ad? If you can't get that, you should be at least pimping some software like "Cleanmymac". If you're going to talk tras
  7. Cool. I'd also like that e-m5 iii, but it was just way too expensive when it came out. Really, that camera encompasses M43. I also have a GH2 that's exclusively used for live streaming... works great. Got it with a kit lens that is somehow worth more alone than the camera and the kit lens together. Go figure. A kit lens, Oly 45, and a Gh2 can accomplish a lot.
  8. You're probably right @Andrew Reid. However, JIP has set aside money for investing in Olympus and it's still early days, but they don't need to do much in order to make them significantly better for video. Judging from past performance, they have had significant talent on their engineering team, but video wasn't their forte. The LOG they came up with was a bad omen for their video ventures. However, PDAF works really well in video and personally, I'd trade 10 bit or Prores for that... it was the FIRST thing I looked for in a potential GH5 successor. Sadly, PDAF probably won't be coming in a ne
  9. I confess to not being a pro, but I still love the system. I tried FF, but just didn't see the value in it for me. If people want to sell their M43 stuff, I'm game. Slowly but surely, I'll be grabbing up all the "reject" M43 stuff until I have the best kit possible in the system. I'm loving all the talk of people moving away from it in hopes the prices will tank, but I doubt it will.
  10. Maybe it'll be unto OM Digital to make a compelling M43 camera... not that I'm not happy enough with the current offering.
  11. Do you know the word humility? Yedlin's not just any old dude on the internet... the guy's an industry insider with butt-loads of films to back it up. I think he might know something on the topic of resolution.
  12. Yes, but I haven't dug deep enough into it, but I will. In particular, I'll probably post something about his color theories. I'm happy he shares so much!
  13. I can try to upwrap this portion of the video for you. Regardless of how much compression was used, his point was to show that, even with a 4k or 8k image, compression plays a significant role in the final image. Just increasing the megapixels isn't enough and would decrease the quality, not increase it. Concretely, a 4k image compressed to 10mbps will not produce a better image than a 1080p image at 10mbps. His point was to show resolution doesn't necessarily mean a quality image; there are many factors, compression being one of them. IMO, the issue of Long GOP and ALL-I is mute with mod
  14. Concerning my previous post, I do think that Rodney Charters and Steve Yedlin differ in their theories about acquisition of the image. It seems Charters looks for the camera that gives the best image where as Yedlin prefers the most neutral image as possible, then add character in the post pipeline.
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