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  1. Personally, I haven't seen AI advance that much with most of it being super unnatural (the recently photoshop version proves it to me). For sure, "eye AF", "face detection", "HDR", "High-res modes" and others have played a VERY significant role and Panasonic could have the next AIAF for the next iteration of contrast-only AF, but those features are/would be very subtle AI at best- and it had better stay that way. I find it amazing that PDAF is only about know which way to go- such a binary question, yet so hard to do without PDAF. You'd think they'd solved this problem by now- Panasonic w
  2. I appreciated your(@Andrew Reid & @Dave Maze) insight on Olympus and their opportunities. Just a few months ago, almost everyone was saying they're over without giving the slightest chance to the new ownership... seems unfair. They have a unique opportunity for becoming competitive in video due to not a having high-end video market to protect, especially if any sort of raw or 10 bit is included on the camera. Add waveforms and a few other significant features in firmware and they could be golden, given there are so many lenses are out there (new and used). Forget the FF stuff, just sit bac
  3. That ibook was the G3 one as you can tell by the lettering (Apple Garamond). The G4 (I still have and use mine just for fun) had the Myriad font on it. They were great little machines... I love the fact they have a 3:4 aspect ratio screen and fairly detailed. Got mine in 2004 and it still runs fine. I just prefer Apple's concept for computing back then.
  4. Back in 2001, Apple announced their computer as a "digital hub". I essentially still work like this, maybe using online backups only as a third backup. All my music, video (shot personally or ripped), photos, and documents are still on physical drive that I control. In recent years, Apple and others have been shoving the cloud down our throats, but does anyone actually work like this? For the person that does exclusively use the cloud, I could see a real benefit of a phone like the 12 Pro Max. The experience of touch and small screen still seems poor at best. It seems I only use touch if I abs
  5. I looked it up on the evilcorp Amazon, but I'm afraid I'm going to pass on this book... too many bad, thoughtful reviews. I don't buy new stuff anyway, but I might get it if I find it used. I appreciate the extraordinary effort you made to prove to me that phone usage is all ok this world. After all, what could go wrong? Going back to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, that thing look tablet-sized, only 1 inch less than the iPad mini. I'm really surprised Apple is making them bigger and bigger. Someone must want it... maybe if it's your only device/screen. I used Lumafusion a number of times,
  6. The world is shit. People are shit. The end. Do you like my film proposal? Inspiring, isn't it? I've heard the arguments for and against phones, social media, and gaming... On Sunday, I heard Leo Laporte talk about it again on the radio. I listen to other podcasts where they talk about it. I'm in my mid 40s and I too have struggled with issues with addiction to gaming, phones, and social media. I have real world experience with the "future leaders" of the world. My optimistic conclusion for the moment is looking more and more like WALL-E, the Disney/Pixar film. I don't knee-jerkingly sa
  7. I have taught 200-300 teenagers in the last few years. Phones, social media, and gaming have stifled their development in a traditional sense. It's not one or two- it's the majority! Doing something without their phone is a problem. The thought of going only one day without playing a video game is a problem. Is that addiction? I'm not sure, but sure does lack variety and it's so bad that now they don't allow phones at the school anymore. You're right, it's not at gunpoint, but do you know anyone who takes heroin at gunpoint? That's not how addiction works. Unfortunately, I don't really se
  8. Reminds me when air-conditioned computer server rooms at universities were getting replaced with a small beige box in the 90s. University presidents were probably thinking they got scammed big-time! Customers will probably always prefer the bigger camera. Remember (in stating the obvious): The human hand will not change in size. Phones will be awkward to use. The human eye will not suddenly see more. Other than their size advantage to fit in small places and their carry-everywhere nature, their resolution will be matched by a proper cinema camera. The human ear will no
  9. Am I the only one saddened by AI? What ever happened to a good-old-fashioned camera? I don't want camera's inventing the experience, regardless the quality increase. I know you're going to say: "cameras already do that!" However, there's such a thing as the heavy-handed approach and the subtle approach- I prefer the latter. I'm actively trying to find ways to eliminate the smart phone completely from my life while others are trying to further (and willingly?) addict themselves.
  10. Working with the E-M1X, have you seen significant differences in video capabilities with the E-M1 iii?
  11. Personally, I don't see a bit difference between the two.
  12. I actually can't find much info on this, but my camera (Olympus E-M1 ii) has an HDMI out that I'm connecting to a BlackMagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder. Here are some questions: 1) Would setting the camera to ALL-I have any practical impact on the image recorded? If so, what? 2) Although the Ultrastudio MR only records 1080p 30fps max (and it does it in a weird interlaced way), it also somehow accepts or recognizes a UHD signal, but not the DCI signal (probably not supported). Any ideas for why it accepts the UHD... is it line-skipping? maybe the HDMI signal automatically adjusts... I
  13. I'm only chatting. I don't have any intention on changing systems or anything like that. @tupp and @BrooklynDan actually used it. I was only thinking about what would be the modern equivalent of the NPR, which seemed to be a revolutionary camera back in the day. It (and the Arri) was the camera that made production mobile. I guess even a phone could accomplish many of the things that the NPR could, but I don't really want to talk about phones. The actually image produced really depended on the film stock used. I think there's definitely something to this logic. However, how many
  14. Well, being 16mm, I've understood that it would be a digital equivalent 3k image (when everything goes right). I found some info on price and it was about 100,000 French Francs in 1984 for a proper setup. Based on the what they say in the video, ergonomics were excellent with good balance, but I think it's important to say it had a "stable" image in the right hands and you could walk with it. In its day, it was the smallest (9.2kg), hand-held camera that could produce an image good enough for the cinema from what I understand, though the standard has always been 35mm for that. It could produce
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