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  1. So, I got a little-used (9500 shutter count) GH2 today for reasonably cheap. I'm actually amazed at all the features and buttons it has. For 2010, that's great! My question is : what's best hack for it? If I'm not mistaken, Cluster-x was the most recent? I'm more inclined to use the longGOP versions (Drewnet), something that doesn't fill up my disks but offers very decent 1080p 25fps. I'd love some input! Also, I'd like to use it for live-streaming. I already have a Blackmagic Ultrasudio recorder and I'm 99% sure it's fully compatable.
  2. Go to video -> Sound -> audio setting -> PCM Recorder Link -> Camera REC volume. You need to have it set to "disabled". Now there's no more hiss, but you need to have your external recorder connected to the mic input as it is now the preamp and the camera does nothing (except record the audio it receives). Took me forever to figure this out. I thought someone might be interested.
  3. Apple's going blow everyone away in the short term. Their willingness to let go of old tech (for better or worse) and prioritize the performance/energy efficiency factor give them a serious edge. The icing on the cake is the ability to match software and hardware, fine-tuning performance for better results.
  4. Yes. A great song... just very surprised at the video.
  5. The pitch: We're going to make the most epic music video ever! There are going to be torch jugglers in slow-mo while singing, a flashback in a query involving child look-alikes in bathrobes at a make-up table, motorcycles in a parking garage filled with water smoke while playing instruments, Daft-punk style helmets in front of the drum set, singing while moving on the motorcycle, and as a grand finale, a bulldozer knocking over a building and then torching it with a flamethrower. With that kind of production value, what could go wrong? Take a look:
  6. From the sound of it, you need to throw a lot at it for that. I'll risk it on a portable device.
  7. It sounds like the Air is one to get for me... portability, a keyboard, great performance, with OSX, no stupid audio and update problems with hackintoshes, no stupid Touch Bar, seems like a no-brainer. I'm saving up now.
  8. I saw a guy put a "trap" on a prominent social network to get rid of any "friends" that were into conspiracy theories and such. Worked like a charm. I'm actually wondering if that's what he had planned.
  9. All YouTube video AI chains end the same- insane, violent, bizarre, and extreme. It doesn't even matter what you start with... eventually it goes there and you have to choose which road accident to watch, or you need to be more intentional on what you let yourself watch. PS: I give this thread two days before it goes to crazy land and gets shut down.
  10. I agree. I'd wait a little. This is a new model, with new internals- prudence is necessary IMO. What gives me confidence about this model is that: They're supposedly using many of the same parts as the previous one... if it ain't broken, don't fix it. A lot of the guts will be shared with the processor main unit. This can only be good in that they test this the most. For those 2 reasons alone, I'd buy it because the performance is going to be leaping a generation or 2 (watch other intel and AMD processors tank in price? They should.). Also, what else do I NEED? This thing i
  11. There's conflicting info on this. When I look at, it seems like the RAM is part of the M1 chip. I've never had problems with their displays. For me, retina displays mean you can't see pixels and I've been quite happy with them.
  12. Yes, it was. between 7-8 minute mark where they mention DDR4 is included on the M1 chip. You're probably right. However, what is different is the level of integration in terms of security and software. They're going to be tough to match.
  13. Sorry my first sentence wasn't clear. ARM outsources its production and designs chips. Apple Silicon uses elements of a the ARM architecture, but the chip is designed by Apple. For those who are quoting specs like "only 16gb of RAM" and you cannot add more, I don't think it matters quite as much because everything (CPUs, GPUs, and RAM) are located on the M1 chip itself, rendering the chip much more effective at handling processes. Also, RAM and SSDs are becoming closer and closer to similar speeds. In short, this would not stop me from buying one of these machines. Remember what Alan
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