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  1. That's what I have been thinking. But then again, saved some money.:) The 14mm F2.8 is S35 though afaik. The one I was using was nothing to write home about. Mushy below F8 and not close to resolving 4k at any f-stop. Maybe my sample was a baddy. Now that Zeiss ZF 15mm is a tasty one or ZE for EF lovers of eletric contacts, ZF is hundred percent mechanical. Beautiful super wide angle gem.
  2. None of the above interests me fortunately, so I can save my money! 🙂 I remember some of the Walimex / Samyand deals a few months ago, like each lens costing from 150 to 250 EUR! That was a fantastic deal for sure!
  3. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    Sounds kinda unappealing. The video comparison I saw looked impressive though. GH6 held onto color and resolution extremely well under lowlight at high isos, better than GH5s. But being more mushy than a GH5 wouldnt cut it for me in anyway. Would rather go with a GH5II then, providing an extra S16 mode, pixelperfect HD 100p, 4K60p in 10bit 420, and a true zero sharpening option for the "organic image".
  4. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    yikes. I would love to hear @deezid with his observation on this. Thanks for pointing out. Gh5 got mushy from iso 1600 on. Not a pretty sight.
  5. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    And the cp2s look ugly on mft bidies compared to the elegant meikes or veydras. @PPNS Btw, how is your short doing, which you did with your bmpcc4k meike combo?
  6. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    I´ve seen this test how the GH6 excels in holding onto colour under various conditions. It beats a GH5s by far in lowlight regarding colours, also providing much higher resolution in these super lowlight conditions. @Attila Bakos has recognized the Fuji XH2s having a lack in colour resolution, blurring the red channel. It seems indeed that the GH6 sensor and image pipeline is something extraordinary and very impressive. Like @deezid stated, it needs a true zero sharpening setting though, as footage is a bit on the crispy side, like Lumix S5 or S1, needing a -1 in Vlog, like the S1H is providing. For me it additionally need Prores LT, also Prores for UHD, not just Cine 4K. Plus it need a S16 crop mode like the GH5. Then I would be willing to pay good money for it.
  7. Now I have to trust this thumbnail.:) @Emanuel The fellows mouth is forming a strong vowel with an important message on his wettened lips.😅
  8. PannySVHS

    Panasonic GH6

    Well John, dear Gx85 fellow friend:), congratulations! @John Matthews Afaik the Gh6 is resolving more detail and is holding onto colour much better in super lowlight than a GH5S, meaning it could be a next level colour wonder. Two things keeping me away from it, no true zero sharpening as the Gh5II actually provides. That's big, making the Gh5ii a compelling choice. Secondly, it does not provide the additional 1.4x Super16 crop mode as the Gh5 does. I think the Gh6 should excel regarding crop modes, since it allows open gate up to 60p. It should be the prime machine of crop modes all up to 60p, full height 1to1, kinda like S16 fullwidth x full width, 5to4, Super16 4to3. Prores LT! Third point actually, is the price, though you get a whole lotta image, convinience and overall quality for the money. So how much did you pay, 1579 minus 400 cashback, making it 1179 EUR? Where did you get that deal???😄
  9. I would rather like to hear from @A_Urquhart shooting experience with the FS7 and hopefully the FX30 than hearing myself bitch about how the Lumix S series is equally as compelling (or for my needs possibly slightly as I own the S1). So again, sorry to you, dear forum fellow. Looking forward to be reading more of your findings. Best and have a great weekend!
  10. Indie shooting at its best? That´s a stretch. No offense. It´s a good test nonetheless! I like your enthusiasm of course, you know that, my friend.:) @Emanuel I would not necessarily watch a 90min lowlight test or get sucked into its magic, instead of being captured by beautifully crafted indie flix, realized with the craft, skill and art of many people and departments, not the least by stunning cinematography? Don´t get me wrong. Marks Test is a great display of meaningful testing Slog3 at ISO 2500 but not an indie flick nor short nor essay or cinema verité. 🙂
  11. I think, Canon and Sony get a lot of hyperbole. Besides that, FX30 looks like the most interesting Sony video DSLM. Looking forward to see what people achieve with this 2300 Euro machine. cheers
  12. Never seen such a thing. You are nuts @kye @IronFilm to state otherwise. Now back to topic please to the tasty and mighty Lumix S series.😂
  13. All solid points! Congrats on your Netflix projects. Didnt mean to bug you. All good. Sorry if i offended you. Not my intention. Have a kewl day! See you around and cheers ☺
  14. Awesome @Matt Kieley Makes me want to reanimate some of my analogue shelf treasures. Oly RC35 a beauty to hold and fun to operate, a Fuji comoact with a EBC? coated 24mm to whatever zoom. Too lazy to check and hopefully not too lazy to use. 😅
  15. Hehe, the FX "excels" no more in adapting S35 Cine lenses than an Eos M, despite it being the better sensor and codecs and processing in a box.😅 It's pretty easy actually to get my point: the S line from Panasonic offers Super35 AND full frame. So your exclusive spec sheet race is utter hyperbole imo. It is okay with me but it is also super okay with me to point that out. It's all good. I leave it at that. You are exited about this camera and that's cool. Varicam Vlog was a force on Netflix narratives. Slog 3 in the Venice then? U tell us if you enjoy to and find time to. Btw i own the S1 not the S5, I need that full Hdmi.;)
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