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  1. Oh, and thanks to my friend Glenn @mercer for "making me" get this lens. This lens has given so much joy like no other one has before. And images to see and to film! Thank you, my friend for this and for so much more. See you in the next Eoshd filming rally! best, Marty
  2. Hallo, congratulations to all filmmakers and to your great films! Thank you all who voted for my film. @Nordee, very beautiful film and images you created and edited. It was one of my favorite pieces, with visual grace, taste and soul. Please keep your camera! By any means! I filmed with a semi classic, one of my favorite personal cameras, the Lumix G6. I bought it four years ago with the classic 14-45mm lens for 240EU. Nowadays you can buy the body for 100eu on ebay! Once graded in Davinci Resolve, I like their 709 image better than from the much more recent G7 and even GH5 cameras. My lens was the beautiful Fuji 12.5mm f1.4 C-mount lens, which I bought some time ago for 40 EU. My approach was semidocumentary, with half a handful shots staged. The cat didnt bother the lighting, of course, because it was of the tungsten kind, WB all way up to 9000K I think. I used the 2x digital zoom a good deal to give me two focal lenghts in one. The aliasing was a fair tradeoff for convinience and immediacy of filming. I graded and edited in Davinci Resolve, with some stabilization and noise reduction. I feel a bit euphoric now and also a bit honoured! So, thanks everyone! Oh, thanks Andrew, for "making" me buy this camera.:) Shots of my setup to come of course, when I´m home. best, Marty
  3. Hallo, does that mean, you own a G9? If so, wouldnt you just love to test out BTM_Pix' tool and check for some GH5 capabilities? 100mbit HD is all I am asking for. 10bit, too much to ask for, I think.:)
  4. I am laughing, because a friend of mine and I are sitting over an edit and Premiere is giving us such a hard time with reconnecting, relocating files. I personally enjoy Resolve for its workflow and straightforwardness. Free version does not have most of the openFX like grain nor noise reduction, does not read some codecs such as the 10bit from the GH5. Needs a graphics card with cuda or open cl support from nvidia or amd.
  5. awesome thread. always lovely, this tasty little threads for the small cameras and underdog lenses with the big screen image. thank you for posting, great reads you linked here! i think bmmcc shooters are like olympus xa photogs, admirerers of the tech, craft and art. their images express that thrill with exiting results. Wow, I always believed it had full HDMI. So I second that question.
  6. They will be smarter than we are, if that really happens, meaning, we as general people would have been not that smart at all.
  7. @Артем Your file has a 60p framerate and around 100mpbs. Cool. You take it very easy on your achievment and Артемs findings as well:) 100mbit with ibis and gh5 sensor has been a gh5 feature only for a mft lumix cam. Makes it quiet attractive. Would love to see a lowlight comparison between 100 and 28mbit modes. This sounds like AWESOME news! On the GX85 no such 100mbit HD mode hidden, right? cheers
  8. My friend, it took you one year after I started this beautiful thread to ask me that question. I love the idea of 3ccd 10bit raw with a beautiful stabilized zoom lens and the classic ergos of this camera. So, cannot wait to see what shortfilms @tktagmedia is gonna shoot with it. I already loved the SD DV cam DX1 from Panny, 3 ccd beauty in colors but interlaced and DV compression. So call me anyone.:) No, Cine, you and me are already two, if I may suggest, that´s what you are talking about.:) the dvx is fully capable of 24p output. Never had one, but that´s what this cam was famous for back then. David Lynch shot Inland Empire with it I think. Now, render that beautiful footage of yours, please.:) You got the only legit digital super8 camera in your hands!
  9. S35 + Lucas Speedbooster would make the 6k a "full frame" cine camera.:)
  10. Insane, could you record a little clip in HD 28mbps and in 100mbps and compare file size? That would be super cool! HLG, wow!
  11. Hold it, my friend, do I see HD 50p with 100mbit? That would be awesome, if truly working!
  12. is the right and only one. To get our tush movin and to get out and work and enjoy the hard work, now, that was a great response from you in my opinion. The other part, I think, was not proactively nice nor fitting, to say the least. Please let´s focus on the "getting the job done" attitude, which everyone should have the pleasure to experience. Juri Gagarin, the first man in outerspace once said something like this: amazing grace the man who enjoys the work he is doing! He was one of the most achieving but also most humble persons of his time and age.
  13. @kaylee I do not agree, neither with the rather specific approach towards us as the audience of your post. Zach has proven a lot of mindfulness, vocal talent and passion. He is an author. Not every talent is expressed in every mans manners. Awesome stuff out there to embrace. Good Win Film Production, if you wanna work your ass off in the field. Not easy, as you and we know, to have a company. I rather work as a gaffer than trying to approach customers or finaciers. Other people are pretty good in that. For me it would be a big step. GoodWin Film, like mercer suggested. An adequate, beautiful and professional name. this as a general message to all of us, I appreciate! to get out there, experience the world, enjoy the work, repairing c-stands, doing the hard job in the lighting department, enjoying the sweat and the pay of professional filmshoots. getting out there is beautiful. or staying at the desk writing. or both.
  14. Hallo Andrew, wow, that is super cool! Best site to show my shortfilm!!! I will try to embedd and will send you a PM, so I don´t bloat this awesome thread. cheers
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