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  1. @deezid What´s your take on the S1 vs S1h regarding pure image quality now, after the update? Full analysis regarding ghosting, smearing, aliasing, harshness of edges and so on, as we have been appreciating it coming from you before, our dearest watcher of the cinematic VLOG image! cheers
  2. I proved to myself what I am capable of as an camera operator and originator of my own cinematography. I am pretty happy about my potential. But the it takes so much to keep senses and body and soul and metaphysics:) sharp. To keep the game up is where it is.That is the skill game. Hard enough for me to deliver all the time under these exhausting circumstances I having been working under. Now, the "industry game", getting paid well is even another story. A lot of talent struggling to make it as a creator. Many of them leaving the industry or switching towards being an AC, AD, Boom OP, PA and so on. I admire the amateur, I love Maya Deren and the likes. Nolan never did it for me. Super tough stuff to make but as much art to me as a super high skyscraper would be to me, none. I love my shit. To me it is art. I love a lot of your guys stuff. There is a photographic Gestalt to some of the images you people created one will not find anywhere else. So keep it up and sell the burden of too much gear for a darn good price. There are many out there willing to buy some of that promise of newly acquired happiness.:)
  3. I second Djangos thought on the lenses. Left one is a Vivitar? Don´t have my 90mm with me as I am on the road. Not the 90mm I think. Middle I won´t tell, too awesome of a lens it is. Andrew has already mentioned it:) Camera I think is S1. Rich focus rolloff with characteristic corners from the FF lens, thick colours. Funny if all of ous got a bit fooled by our preassumptions.
  4. Great to hear, Andrew. Looks so handsome on the FP with that grip! I loved the original Soligor ad for the lens. Best print ad for me for years. It made me buy the lens decades later after its appearance.:) Hopefully I get to test it more this weekend on the S1. Maybe some horses. It looked like a great match for my speedboosted GX85. Great little camera with nice ooc colour if one takes the time to play with the profiles a bit. It´s just fun to do the look in camera. Starting to mumble like Greta Gerwig. Oh well, great thread, so relaxing and informative. Perfect time to go to bed.
  5. Hmm, this is one of the coolest threads about gear this year so far imho. Minolta AF 35mm 2.0- thank you for this great info, Andrew! I would keep my newly acquired Sony F3. I was amazed about the internal SLOG in 8bit 420. I don´t think its internal image is worse than from the C100 mk1+2 nor from the old C300. Need to hook up my Shogun if I can find it- talking about GAS and not using stuff:) Would keep the S1 and get the VLOG update and would love to buy the 28-50 Canon FD. I´m a sucker for 28mm on S35 or at least speedboosted MFT format. Last piece of gear this year, of course! Would keep my GX85. Inspires me like the G6 before.
  6. Darn! Great light. Great captures! Thanks for showing. No 2 and 3 are especially beautiful.
  7. Wow. Awesome stuff. Tasty treats! How is the Soligor/Hanimex treating you? @Andrew Reid I find it nice at f4. 2.5 is obviously glowy. Surely tames the resolution of the S1:) But at f4 already I find it a great lens for filming. F4 is plenty to work for keeping the subject in focus. The 37 140, now we need to see that one capturing some sights!
  8. Wow! What an article and cliffhanger! Cannont wait to read part 2 and see some images! Thanks for awesome reading pleasure, Andrew!
  9. Lovin it. Filmed some leefs and branches moving in the wind outside my window today. Light was glowing. My dirty window glass giving beautifuls distortion to the image. Filmed in 8bit internal SLOG with my latest GAS powered Sony F3 and Tokina 28-70. Heavy beast of a camera, which will heal my GAS! Shot the same sight with my Panny S1 afterwards, 8bit rec709 profile. Both cameras gave me beautiful images. What an afternoon, feeling completely satisfied :) Loved the text of your video @jgharding
  10. That´s what I thought.:/ It turned off without any message at all when I was snapping some photographs. Lens was the beloved Tokina 25 - 50 F4. Yikes.
  11. Nothing like an old thread. Nothing reads like it, lasts like and has been itching its latest posters like it.:)
  12. Is it possible to record with the Shogun Flame? I connect my camera to it, but recording doesn´t work with it, neither by triggering with camera nor directly.
  13. Cool! Cannot wait to hear how you like it! I got the Unitor labeled version. The Soligor version was pretty well received back then by photomagazines. If you look at the original magazine ad, you can see, Soligor was selling it as a pro lens. I bought mine as a poor mans Minolta 35 - 70:) The Minolta in version III is supposed to be one of the best 2x zooms. So it is a bit adventerous that you bought that Hanimex since you own the Minolta, Andrew.:) @BTM_Pix That´s a steal! 2x zooms are something to check out, as often written on this forum. My Tokina 25 to 50 is really cool, giving cinematic quality to light by an instant. Mine is even parfocal at 25 and 50mm! One thing from other testers about this lens, wide open it is very sensitive to reflections and backlight but otherwise still nicely resolving on sensors. Back to the S1. If Panasonic can give us perfect HD on both the S1 and S1H up to 60p I would feel spoiled! Until now it seems worse to than G6 regarding mushiness of textures and aliasing. There is one thing I wanna share with you. I hope it´s only an exception. My camera shut off with 25% power left on the display. I was using the original battery.
  14. GH6, S35 sensor with mft mount like LS300, still with IBIS. Full 3 to 2 sensor readout at 60p and 4K at 120p. Internal Prores plus h264 and h265 flavours. Timecode In and out. Battery grip with SDI. Full VLOG with true zero sharpening and noise reduction. Flawless HD like GH5, which S1 and S1H don´t provide that unfortunately. 10 bit in high frame rates. 2000 EU. Deal! I enjoy mine. Have only tested it inside and was surpised by its image quality on speedboosted mft.
  15. S1 has some crazy tricks up its sleeves. Shooting at ISO 4000 in super low light and pushing it to 12800 eq. I would rate it four stops above a GH5. It has insanely high resolving 4K and astonishing colour reproduction at high ISOs. Putting a cheapish wide angle on the large sensor is satisfying and saving your bank savings.:) The more expensive S1H has the glorious open gate full sensor readout afaik. Interesting enough I have not seen impressive footage shot with it. People keep flooding youtube with their findings of flowers and slomo hair parade. GH2 users have done impressively better back then. @[email protected] Reid Guys, how about recording to a Shogun Flame. My camera didnt allow me to record externally to it. Any ideas? Have latest firmwares on both. It gives a signal and an image to the monitor. But thats where it already ends. @omega, I would wait for a better price, as you might have another opinion than me about the qualities of this lens.:) I paid little for it.
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