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  1. An update on the NX-L speed booster for the Samsung NX1

    Andrew, shot are looking awesome, sweet colors. Are they videograbs? What lenses did you use? Did I say, colors look awesome!
  2. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    Hmm, where are you guys situated in Germany. I might just have to witness some of that Micro Studio glory:) Was filming with a FS700 and a Flame once and even that was a tiny fun package for 4K. When I watched Blade Runner 2049 in the cinema it looked like a perfectly fine projection but no different than a projection of a fine Bluray (REC709) regarding my observation and experience of dynamic range. Just a fine and awesome SDR projection. Not sure if DCP has a place for HDR yet. I´m no technical expert.
  3. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    Cine 2 and 4. Always nice it seems:)
  4. I am sure you are sure of many things. You cited newsshooter completly in the falsest possible manner. I am sure that makes your recent comments even less convincing.
  5. Post it, bud!:) If you found a nice shortfilm with plot, don´t wait and post it please. I didn´t happen to be lucky on my search for it. Well, Andy Lee has not been on the forum for a while now, unfortunately. Good shorts with ultra low budget are very charming. Would love to see that kind of filmic approach with one of the three cameras above. Every camera finds its avid shooters, its masters. So would have it charms to find that charming people having done one or two shorts with one of the charming three cameras above. @Anaconda_, I would not call your musicvideo a shortfilm in the sense I was trying to suggest @sanveer Cool! Really looking forward to seeing your footage with it! Posting threads on EOSHD didn´t make me rich neither:) What terminology would you suggest to give an adequate answer? For now, I´d say, some shortfilms which show joy of creation and being a narrative, showing off work with the filmic form in that context. Here is one of my shorts, I´ve posted a while ago, filmic sketch much, much rather, but still with an attempt to narrative, done with no budget, a Lumix G6 and a china boosted FD 28mm. Did a reshoot of the setup this August with audible!:) dialogue this time, with a small crew, two professional actors rather than non professional, though talented, collegues. This vid I did all by myself, therefore no audio for the voices
  6. Offline Lightroom Alternative

    might wanna check out rawtherapee. it´s for free.
  7. For the GH5 that should be true. I was a cinematographer for a short (done with it in beautiful 8bit 420 HD glory, because it is so good already:). G85 has been out for a while, G7 for more than two years but hardly any shorts done with these, which one can find in the www. Hey, it´s a documentary:) Nice colors though, I can tell from zipping through the doc. The 1st one I watched entirely. It shows the challenges of making a narrative fiction shortfilm: the monologue is hard to hear (sound), some of the nice images don´t fit the narrative structure. It still is a collage much rather than a shortfilm. So still looking for the Shortfilm Fiction Pieces. Thread is open for entries! Thanks for the examples. Looking forward to it:)
  8. GX10/XF405

    super cool edit and shot design! now we are looking forward how you´re utilizing more of the S16 sensor size!
  9. Nobody seen any. That´s supporting my findings. Most buyers of these three cams are much, much less into doing shortfilms than GH 1 2 4 shooters were. Not much GH5 content out there neither in that regard. A pity.
  10. Hey guys, what are your favorite fiction short films with the three cameras above? Honestly I haven´t seen many done with them. There are plenty GH1, GH2 and GH4 shorts out there, but maybe not one done with the GX85. I am talking fiction, plot and dialogue. So no test videos or talking heads, just pure old shortfilms with a plot. Heck, besides Luk Neumanns and Jordans (The Camerastore) GH5 scenes there is hardly any GH5 shortfilms with a plot. But let´s keep it focused on the G7, G85 and GX85.
  11. I found a prototype of the RED Hydrogen's holographic screen

    Awesome, can´t wait to see, what you might be able to show us with it.
  12. GX10/XF405

    This seems like a nice S16 size camcorder. So sensor being S16 size, it might be able to produce images reminiscent of S16 films, just like S35 camcorder give us that classic S35 look. Would like to see a comparision with the XC10 not just regarding XLR or not. Launch film for the XC10 had cinematic S16 quality. The new 1 inch canon camcorders might also provide that look. Would be nice, if lens could keep that 2.8 up til 70mm in S35 terms, so about 35mm in S16. Would be nice to have Tstop around 3 for that range. Maybe Dave @DaveAltizer would not shy away from shooting a little S16 cinematic piece with it.
  13. Best All Purpose Camera under $300!?

    Lumix G7 with nice HD and 4K(UHD), if you can find one for under 300, then G6, which you can even find for much cheaper. Great video qualiy and usuability. Usuability is best by far for the price. A6000 has a sensor close to S35 Film, so using lenses give the same view as on S35. On Lumix one has to use focal reducers to get the same fiel of view (FOV) with the same lenses as on S35. Myself, I am using Lumix cams with focal reducers, because the video quality is so nice. They are nice for photos as well. Like I said, very nice to use with swivel screen, mic in, nice grip, EVF, good battery life and so on. You should be able to find a G7 with all that and UHD video for around 300, but for 350 for sure. Oh, and G7 has much better HD than GX85 btw.
  14. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    @jonpais, Hey Jon, I have to repeat, what others have been stating. Your Fuji footage looks awesome, the few color parts are kicking all 8bit cams in the tush too. Very impressive, espially ooc. By the way, that style of shooting and editing was really super cool. I think your best so far, up with the best vignettes I have seen on the web. Not talking about the hyperstylish Watchtower of Turkey style, which i recognize as impressive achievement but do not enjoy that much really, but the rather classic approach. Really nice editing too, like you have been watching Tony Zhous essay film about editing as an imspiration right before editing:) Would love to see some Fuji Acros BW footage with an orange filter on btw.
  15. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    If it is the same old 24/28mpbs bitrate for HD in 24p to 60p, then for video the GH5 would stay the "no brainer" film camera for me. Even more, if HD is not at least up to par with G6 or G7 HD, as GX85 was two steps backwards in that regard.