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  1. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Richard Wong tested better lowlight capabilities than R7 and XH2. No big treat? Like anything else on this camera? I think it is, just like the ne Ibis, AF, Dual Gain and heck what not, possibly even a creamier image for video. Richard Wong did a 2hour+ review! I like the body of the G9II. The S5, S5II bodies are the best looking FF cameras to my eye. Now, you have been, are and will keep being entitled to your opinions and underlining them from different angles. I understand what you mean but I prefer Richard Wongs input compared to the repeated statements regarding body too big, etc. I think it's perfect size. I see it as a cinema and cinema veritΓ© camera par exellence. Whereas the Sony A6xxx series is not a pretty sight to look at and the A7C has just the same kinda body. Scandalous, isn't it! I am astonished about the G9 II, this new video beast. The unconvinced ones among us, they can repeat their complaints again just like been done before. It will leave me shaking my head due to that lack of appreciation. This thread surely needs some more overheated love for Sony brick cams. Some fresh Sahara winds from freshly fried brick cam sensors. Some ever searching future Sony camera buyers with the same psalms and unwillingnes of purchase need to chim in more! Big time! Feels good to adapt to the overly cheek in tongue tone of this thread. We all sound like the mighty 30 to 60 year old dudes ruling this world, universe, cultures and greatest of manners, with an appetite and naughtiest of greatest plaisir of judgement. Seen that, done that, been there and all that tasty confidence. Gee, I need a break from some of the lesser intriguing "insights". I'll give you a longer one. I read the word wankers in one thread. Gimme a break. Missing @mercer and many more of the friends of the past. I am sure you do too. The tone in this forum has been lacking for quiete a while now. I'll give myself a break in the sight of overconfidential antics of the latest weeks on Eoshd. I think it's a great last word of this post. I appreciate this new camera and our lovely and dear Eoshd.
  2. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Stabilization with Ibis plus extra Eis gives gimbal like stabilization and eliminates wobble on some native wide angle lenses. Auto focus is spiffy but absent at 300fps. 4K 120p is offering Pdaf but no face detection, just center box AF. I must say this guy makes me appreciate the beauty of filming oneself in 300fps. Well, kinda. But kinda almost enough.:) Would love to see AF and wobble compensation with the 14 and 20mm pancakes, especially the latter. Color palette looks like another area of progression. We'll see. Waiting for slashcam and its "creamy resolution" and latitude tests. Latitude was one of the strenghts of the GH6, putting it up there with the best due to its Dual Gain sensor.
  3. Whereas others keep buying and buying stuff without ever asking anyone of their forum friends.πŸ˜‚
  4. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Great writing! @Andrew ReidMakes me think. Yes, the GH7 should have been a no holding back masterpiece of a camera, also with a choice of various crop modes. The 1.4 S16 crop was traded for a pixel to pixel crop, being closer to 16mm film width. Panasonic should have also included various aspect ratios, like S16 1:1.6, etc. That lens is being parked on the og bmpcc, providing contrast af cinematic camera operation.😊 My GM5 came at a very good price. Got the whole package for 275 EU. Shortly after I found a G1 and G3 for 28 Eu with postage included. Black G3 is an ugly lil thing though but beautiful in function. Love the menu on the G1. Like a computer game for preschoolers😁
  5. So what was to dislike about the A1 other than the price? Btw, your post shows once more your natural funny bones. Was laughing like little kid! Nino must be a trained handed lens hood shadow boxing master! @Andrew Reid
  6. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    So my two cents and a dime and 1798.88 Euros on the new kid on the block and a bit of a fan song to the M43 system, not overpowering all you other fans of course.:) So here in all modesty: M43 has the largest variety of camera bodies, with some of the prettiest cameras on the planet. I imagine prices rising for some of them like the GX1 has been lately. Same with the two GM cameras. Others prices are sinking, becoming super affordable. Saw a used GH5 for 400 Eu! To me, M43 would be the most attractive video system if they had the image of the GH6 combined with the high resolving soft look of the GH5 II. So for now my S1H has to offer me that. Codecs, framerates, AF are already a winner on the G9 II. If it fullfills the promise of combining the image quality of a GH5 II and GH6, I will get one some time next year unless there are some streaking or other oddities showing. In the video department this camera might smoke all the APSC models regarding overall image quality, frame rates, usuability, battery life and heat management. It surely has some of the best and most robust codecs in the industry on board, both in flavors of All Intra and Long Gop. If HD is of perfect quality, this could be a HD Prores cinema dream machine as well. Let the reviews coming. The ones from slashcam and Richard Wong show a very interesting beast of a video monster machine. Richard Wongs OOC Jpegs showcased some impressve colors as well! Panasonic has awakened the Godzilla once again after the inferno that the GH4 caused in the Dslm video market and the thunderstorm that was the GH5! Full frame step aside, your overheated performance and no light obsession is put to ridicule by the towering new kid on the block, the powerful Godzilla Lumix G9 mighty Mark II!😊
  7. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Indeed, that cream colored GH1 is a beauty. Got myself a dark red G1 and a fire red GM5 two months ago. Beauty and usuability and unique experience go along well with Pana classics. The G9 could be the best video monster in the sub 2000 / 3000 market. Time will tell. I accept the fact that Panasonic went powerhouse performance and good handling over sheer beauty. With design it's about little details. I liked the body of the GF1 much better regarding looks than the one from the very, very similar GX1. That changed over the years. Since having never owned a GX1 and having sold my GF, my next camera will be a GX with the additional EVF sometime sooner or later. Need to check the colors to choose from. The metallic grey is so ugly, it' s already pretty again, reminding me of some 80ies motion picture futurism. Here is my newest and possibly prettiest Mft gem, which I am super pumped about to finally own by now after years of yearning. The beauty of all mft beauties, the one to adore from the heart, the queen of lines and light, the Lumix GM5.😊 Video on the A7RII might not suck but is very underwhelming compared to the cute lil GX85 which is pretty impressive for being 8bit. Even the A7SII underwhelmed big time with a gruesome codec and a brittle crayon color palette at 400 ISO compared to the GX. I still have to test your Cine D hack, also on my quirky yet powerful LX15. @BTM_Pix Love your awesome posts as well as I enjoy our different perspectives! 😊
  8. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Keep your little MFT gem! πŸ™‚ @BTM_Pix GX85 with the MF Laowa 17mm F1.8 is tiny, with the Oly 17mm 1.8 even moreso. A7R2 sucks at video quality. Codec for 4K and colors on the GX85 are so much better, no contest. GX85 Ibis for video smokes the A7Rs stabilisation by a big margin.. Photos on the A7r2 are of course high resolution FF goodness. But with good light both produce great results. Pixel count on the Sony is more than twice of course, resolution 1.5 as high (pixel per axis). Oly EM10III seems like it is another tiny mft gem and little powerhouse. I might reread Andrews review of it showing off perfect downsampled 4k. Battery life is pretty nice with the Lumix as well. And, it's pretty. I am a great fan of Mft. Now, Panasonic, give us 10bit Pdaf GX and LX cameras.
  9. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    If the G9 II offers the same creamy but of course high resolving image as the Gh5 II (their common index II should dictate that!:) plus the Dual Gain color reproduction and dynamic range from the GH6, then we might have the best film camera in the m43 and possibly apsc realm reagarding image, ergos and versatility. Despite some having half stop dynamic range here or half iso stop there, this might be the best overall film image under 2000 Eu/Usd, beating the S Line for motion, color and creamyniss. Would be an obvious and easy thing with Panas tech in current and sister cameras. IF 😊
  10. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Classy classic EAG!πŸ˜‚
  11. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Performance champion ahead! Impressive results tested by German review site slashcam. They tested more than 2 hours of 4K 50p in the summer heat of Berlin, at 30 degree Celsius and still 3 bars left for the battery status. Camera can record Cine 4K 60p with 600mbps All Intra internally and 800mbps to SSD, also giving Open Gate internal h265 or Prores to external SSD, plus internal Pros HQ in HD. It offers most of the recording option and codecs of the GH6. 4K 120p seems downsampled and the same quality as from the GH6. Dual Gain is available at lower Isos and automtically active up to 4K 60. Pdaf was performing as good ad expected. It's like a GH6 with exellent AF and possibly even better Dual Gain implementation and image quality for video. The camera was running on a beta firmware. Check the website for your own reading pleasure via translate with deepl or other translators if you don't dig German at the moment.😊
  12. Math would be my best friend. No more cams for me. Doing the math, I need to sell some. Got a red GM5 with a black 12 to 32mm couple weeks ago. Such a beauty. Cute lil flash and black leather camera case. Time to snap some pictures around the city and have some og ice cream!😊
  13. PannySVHS

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    Even a new version of the 1 inch sensor LX15 with 10 bit and full sensor 4k 60p would be super appealing. A larger focussing ring, Evf and bit bigger grip, perfect pocket cinema camera. With Pdaf all for 799 it would sell like crazy. Gh5 in Gx85 body, kye and I have been preaching that for a long time. Bring it on, Pana. I just bought your big ole S1H. Selling the S1 though.😊
  14. This is my favorite video of yours! @markr041 You got much closer to the subjects and your compositions are really engaging me to watch. The colours are dethroning the sterile palette of the expensive gear which you have tested before. I like em. Remind me of some nice GH1, GH2, 5D2 vibe. Now keep that closeness to your subjects and throw in some tele shots of them with a second focal length and than you will have me watch your video more than once! Great vibe in that park and first time for me that I felt like being there. Now please, tell us a bit more about that lil cam. One inch sensor, right? Focal lenght(s)? Internal NDs, how many and how many stops? Thanks and cheers 😊
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