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  1. Too bad the shooting and footage section barely gets attention it should, even though it would be the best place to dicuss, showcase and enjoy the usage of gear. Using gear and showing the results is the best thing one could actually do with gear after all. That would be so good!
  2. I assumed GH4, so pretty close.:) Well done, Francois, thank you for sharing! Too bad this section barely gets attention even though it would be the best place to dicuss, showcase and enjoy the usage of gear. Using it and showing its results is the best thing one could actually do with gear after all.
  3. HD with 120 fps in 10bit and with 150mbit h265 data rate sounds nice. If you do that, I would love to grade the material you filmed with it! Just bought a S1 with the 24 - 105mm on ebay. Hopefully seller is not a fraud and will ship it to me:) Very curious to see if it lives up to the GH5´s promise. If not it will have to go back on ebay.
  4. BMCC 2.5K and original pockets image quality made my jaw drop. GH2 was the mysterious affordable super cam I never came to own. GF1 for being the most beautiful camera body in poor mans digital leica land. GH5 making awesome image quality a super common thing. And most definately Davinci Resolve. Exuse my diction, it´s late over here and time to go to sleep.
  5. You did´nt mention Olympus. Nikon? What a gear snob guy
  6. Some AI for enhancing or "common sense" intelligence to lessen our greed and our ignorance towards the well being of our planet. How about some planet saving algorithms to change our consumer and social behaviours. Learning other languages than English would be nice, having time for that since technology is doing all the work for us, now that would be nice. Eating tomatoes and some good bread and cheese in a clean air enviroment and filming all that beauty with a hacked GH3. Vitaly never got around to find that hidden 10bit mode unfortunately.
  7. @Amazeballs How did you achieve the poppy colors? Great job!
  8. PannySVHS

    Evaluating Cameras

    GX85 with pixel perfect 50p HD in 100mbit, CineD, double battery life and mic in. GH4 would do then I guess. Dreamcam would be a beautifully rigged BMMCC with some C-mount lenses.
  9. put a white board in the corner between ceiling and wall and bounce from that with a 200watts hmi, boucing back in 45 degrees. Styro board will do fantastically for bouncing.
  10. RGGB, sounds interesting, so it's 256 square 4, around 4 billion colours instead of 16 million colors? Anyway, keep us posted please. Sounds like an awesome read to come.
  11. @BjornT Cool video! Beautiful colors! Awesome performers too! Who are they?
  12. Dear friends, I hope you enjoy this forum like I have been. I got in touch with awesome people, making friends on this community. Had the opportunity to read and watch involving and exiting things about lens treasures and lowfi camera tech, about the love for no and low budget filmmaking. I will take a little break off of this forum and will create more, being without the interwebs. So, create and enjoy, my friends! Stay well and happy filming! Marty
  13. Hallo, great colors! What lenses did you use?
  14. Yes, very curious about Andrews video, favorite pick and the blog post. @Andrew Reid and your reveal story about your used camera, especially! Couldn't be the first DSLM you ever used, could it! :) Hmm. You better leave that poor camera alone! True, I must admit. Though renting an Arri with my own money would be lovely. Creating something awesome with any camera would be even better. Filming with friends and be doing a good film, best! I sometimes think that "lack of money" is a good thing. Sometimes it's not even a choice, right.:)
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