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  1. Awesome, sounds like you want to top your GH5 and GH5s pieces! Cannot wait to see both of your videos, until winter of course:) @Neumann Films
  2. Well, I saw a lot of footage of the S1H and the R5 side by side and the S1H colors were much, much better. The R6 skintones were really green, its limited dynamic range screwed up its colour rendition in underexposed midtone areas. It is hard to believe that the tester didnt do a bit of colour correction. He gave us another filler video which has no significant technical test behind its slick presentation. Which camera, R6 or R5? Anyway, joke and implicite wisdome aside, R5 gets smoked in underexposed areas color and resolution wise. S1H is two stops ahead. Even S5, which you can get
  3. @zerocool22 Thank you for the entertaining video. Just, the content of this video is, well, let´s say there is some. Presentation is pro and pleasing of course. First the Canons look better, then from 9.30 on 12K looks much better color wise. All three cameras look good. I am waiting for Luke Neumanns material. If it turns out half as impressive as his GH5s video than we know he has a cabinet full of Zeiss anamorphics. Luke, you better deliver some Zeiss opulence. @Neumann Films S1H has a 6K mode, even open gate. It is much cheaper than these other cameras and betters the R5 by a
  4. Good question. I think the reason is licensing. In the long run AI enhanced DFD could just do the trick better than other tech. Question is, will S1 get free 10bit as the G9 and the S5 already has from the start? What about the 10bit 4k60? You know it for sure, guys. @Andrew [email protected] Maze
  5. Ah, I will enjoy this later on. Something to look forward to. Awesome! Thanks!
  6. @TomTheDP Please Panny, give it a free Vlog update, since the S5 has it already implemented. Also, like the S5, give us the 4k60 10bit, please. Thank you, Panasonic!:) I would love to have a 25p option for 4k and 6K photo modes!
  7. Hey Dave, would love to know, if Andrew has any insight about a free 10bit Vlog update for the Lumix S1, since the S5 already has it, and if 4k60p is as well for the S1? Now this one was a bit profane, I know. Now on with more substantial stuff: Would like to know If Andrew would be interested in shooting a shortfilm or musicvideos in Berlin?:) Also, has he ever considered teaching people in person about lenses, the vintage flavour of them, anamorphics and all his other tasty specialties? A lens nerdom parade would be awesome, live when corona will be tamed! cheers
  8. It´s a tiny cube. Oh Gosh, hopefully not with mini hmdi. It´s seems to get the Zcam form factor then. Why not call it Zcam? @Andrew Reid Hey Andrew, any news from Panasonic about a possible free 10bit Vlog update for the S1 or 10 bit for 4k60p? cheers
  9. Pretty looking camera! If it only had full HDMI for the lowest budget shooter I am who can only afford his SDI connection on a second market Sony F3 and FS700. I am still hesitating with spending 200 EU for the VLOG / 10bit update for my S1, because I would feel dumb if Panasonic is give it to us for free eventually. And still not 10bit for 4K60p in the S1. S5 with full HDMI, I would indeed have bought after selling the S1.
  10. S1H ticks a lot of boxes of the X70 other than internal NDs and AF. Codecs and the image itself are of proven quality. Would love to see a comparision. The older Canon C300ii is infamous for its plastic look at higher isos and lowlight due to nasty noise reduction. S1H has an artefact free cinematic image which betters the C300ii easily in certain situations. S1H might be the better choice for those who dont need AF or NDs and who want to shoot 6K on a virtual sensor size of approx. 50 x 34mm with a Pentax or Mamyia middle format speedbooster or with its full physical size of 36 x 24 mm.
  11. But only if the actors are up to high speed stuff too:) Great job with the angles, pace and editing! Now we want to see some scandinavian Samo Hung action.
  12. Yeah, FS5 for 1500-1600 USD would be some adequate way to spend some money on, I must say.
  13. Beautiful image! So do you think 422 would come close to the quality of a 444 recording with the F3? The GH5 records beautifully gradeable and then beautiful looking colour! Do you mind to show us the beautiful video too? We all love that F3 look for a nicely illumnated setting! Would be awesome if you could show us some bits of that footage in motion! cheers What I love about the F3 is the locking FZ mount and the quality of adapters, super sturdy and pro quality! Emount on Fs700 or Fs5 is like from a DSLM. Still great cameras. A silly thing on my F3 is the on/off slider, which works fin
  14. Exactely, you can assing any function to a button, stabilizer and focal length option as well. It is a two-push-setup. Push once for stabilizer menu and push another button to choose focal length. Very easy, intuitive and comortable. So, anyone with the S5, framerates above HD 60p are all 8bit right? That 120p HD 10bit is still a benefit to the S1H only I think. @TheBoogieKnight No exernal 10bit without the update afaik plus only with Ninja or Shogun Inferno. I have a Shogun Flame and didnt record it. It´s only working as a display with my S1.
  15. @bjohn My Lumix S1 and also my small GX85 allow customization of buttons masterfully. So should the S5 do that perfectly.
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