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  1. Gerald is a charming reviewer. I would love, if less people would get baited into the discourse of camera testers circus. Gerald does not represent that until now. He has been doing good work in his field of work, until now. It would awesome if we all would focus on contributing to great threads again, as we have been doing all these years. I would love a structure of the forum to bait us more into the filming section where people post their stuff but hardly get noticed for their work in that subforum of the main forum. Then click baiting would be a great thing. I would love mor
  2. Easier done than said. Once a thing is spoken out, it´s easy to practice by that insight. We just gotta keep practicing. After a while it becomes super easy.
  3. Pretty scary topic, as it shows, there are so many "insidious move(s) to take over absolutely everything". The "powerful idiots" will be stopped if we all behave much less idiotic, don´t buy their shit nor buy into their shit!
  4. Yeah, I remember the colour titans Attila and Sage exchanged compliments for one another. Kindest words between these wizards. If picking up paid work, I will consider both their work.
  5. He´s a wealthy gentleman, with his songs being his actual wealth besides money. "We don´t need no thought control"- these lyrics in the song shall not be in the service of instagrams thought control. Good thing, that Waters is not most people but himself.
  6. Roger Waters, legendary member of Pink Floyd, received an offer for his masterpiece "Another brick in the wall". Facebooks Zuckerberg offered him tons of money, asking to use it for their new Instagram ad. Legendary artist Waters replied with an intense "Fuck you!". Here is his reply to Zuckerberg, who he calls "one the most powerful idiots" and "a prick". His rant is about as impressive as Robert De Niros rant about Trump. He is discussing Zuckerbergs "insidious move to take over absolutely everything." An amusing and maybe hopeful rant, filmed not in 8k.:) Meanwhile people listen to Barry Gi
  7. image looks good in this vid. vid is very well done. good find. @kye. it makes me sad about all the gentrification stuff going on in (East) Berlin. A lively image for dead flowers.
  8. Atomos did better with their promo of the polish GH5 production, promoting 10bit 4K60p recording with the Inferno. It was called born for the sabre. This looks rather generic and image quality does not wow me. Title is corny. And if showing a maiden, there are so many other great examples with poetic power. This is rather ordinary to my eyes.
  9. @barefoot_dp I recorded internal HD, 420, 25p. Still, the internal image shows more aliasing than the external 2K, which I shot many months ago. This time it´s aliasing all over. It looks like a Canon Ti or worse. This camera is known for a very clean HD image just like the FS100 and better than a GH2.
  10. Dear friends, just did a one day gig with the FS700 and 10percent S1 in the mix. Was super fun to roll with convinience of super long battery life, NDs and a light tripod. I really like the footage from the FS700 for the corporate look. SLog2 HD 420 gives nice colours and image, when graded with love. I used a preview LUT, which I built as a DIT for the Arri Amira!:) Image is fine, lively with popping colous. So far, oh la la. But one thing I am very annoyed by are the tons of aliasing. Back then when I loved to watch camera reviews and vintage reviews even more, I saw the FS700 with a cl
  11. Darn, @Parker, you nailed it! Shots are all from the S1 or some from the GH5? S1 or S1H?:) I was close to purchases Sage piece of art. But then figured I will do it for a S1 only job! Last one was FS700 plus 10percent S1 in the mix. Cannot wait to do a S1 only gig, once I got my rigging set!:) cheers
  12. PannySVHS

    S1H ii

    The same for me @Rinad Amir, coming from the S1, image is mindblowing. So give it internal ND and faster readout, like 15ms for the entire sensor place it below 3500 and it would be a tempting purchase, with SDI out, no contest.
  13. @Amazeballs I would prefer a GH6 with similar image as the Lumix S series, also means absent digital sharpening. With a S16 crop, anamorphic S16, bummer! Take that above any other DSLM except my S1:) Would be a great addition. If it has internal NDs, no contest. With SDI out, it´s a must purchase for me. You can get the Laowa 7.5 f2, no AF though but stellar optical performance, perfect for moviemakers with the love for extrem wide view.
  14. @Dogtown Thanks. Thats what I was doing and what I meant. :) My question was, if that is still the same SLOG as there was before in all regards, Ben and Renaissance have been talking about two different Slog settings for the same Gamma of Slog alias Slog1. Slog does not show up on working screen, just "PP" with whatever number, fi "PP8" and likes. Also, I cannot choose a monitor Lut. It´s greyed out in the menu.
  15. Guys, thanks for giving your info. Why does it show pp7 for chosen pp7 but not S-Log, which I have chosen as Gamma. Before reset it did show S-Log on the screen, once chosen. I have the 444 update. Just couldnt find a way to regain S-Log after reset. Found it in the Gamma settings. So thats it? Slog 420 on the F3 is doing amazingly well. I had test files on my the card when I bought it. Amazing files, color response felt like 10bit HD on the GH5 to me, artefact hell was amazingly absent. In sunlight, as yesterday for my gig, Fs700 had to do it and I am happy with the results i
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