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  1. That's really interesting - i read that the HD on the XH2S was pretty bad though. Fingers crossed - looking forward to some tests!
  2. Yeah i guess i found the overview: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/products/cameras/x-s20/specifications/ Looking at the specifications there are two columns next to the different formats called "Crop Magnification" with DIS ON and DIS OFF.
  3. I am only finding contrary information on additional crop factors( some say there is a 1,18 crop in 6K, some don't etc...) . Did anyone find any additional information?
  4. Chrille

    New Musicvideo

    Check: https://www.chrille.net/
  5. Chrille

    New Musicvideo

    Thanks for the feedback! You mean other videos with blacklight?
  6. Chrille

    New Musicvideo

    Check out this new music video shot on A74 24-104 and UV light.
  7. Chrille

    Share our work

    Check out some of my videos: https://www.chrille.net/ And i would be super happy if you would follow my Youtube Channel, a i am trying to grow it a bit. https://www.youtube.com/@MagnetischC
  8. Puh, this is another strange camera. Love the size and that it's a proper video camera for semi pros. Of course if you want to shoot a proper job you would prefer another camera but it has the right sizw to just put it in a pocket... Need to take a closer look at the photo features...
  9. Can you share some of the movies you have worked on in this preice region? Very interesting!
  10. IX-H2s seems to have very little rolling shutter in Flog1 (Something between 5 and 6 ms) while it has 11-12 ms in Flog2. As i am also looking for a camera with little shutter, this seems quite interesting...
  11. Here in Germany the price difference between X-H2 as the X-H2S is approx 200,-. Strange that the difference seems to be higher in other countries.
  12. Going down that rabbit hole...
  13. I think it's great that there is a world for these jack of all trades - whatever they are called.
  14. If you found your way here i would be super happy if you would follow my youtube channel:


  15. https://www.engadget.com/raspberry-pi-lets-you-have-your-own-global-shutter-camera-for-50-104547026.html I am wondering what you will be able to get out of this. 1,6 Megapixel (1000x1600?) plus Global Shutter... Just give me a nice film emulation app and a cool case!
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