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  1. Wow, active facecooling - GAMECHANGER!
  2. Hey everyone thank you very much for all your replies! These are the insights i was looking for. I guess i will do some tests before starting the project! Best regards, Chrille
  3. Hello, i am planning to shoot a little action oriented short this summer and i am thinking about doing so with the Blackmagic Production Camera. That little brick that offers 4K and a global shutter. It seems to be quite quiet around that camera. So i would love to hear wether anyone still uses it regularly. I believe most of the limitations are based on the limited dynamic range ( which might really be bad in the Hamburg mixture of (a bit of ) sunshine and (lots of) rain in the summer). I am aiming to finalize a 2K master so i do not need crispiest 4K around. I am also very
  4. Check my latest Musicvideo for the wonderful "Ducks on Drugs" Shot on A7iii in HLG2. Was very happy how natural the material looked compared to Slo2 , of course had to ramp up the colours for the final rendering.
  5. Check out this little Gangsta rap video - A7III / Ronin SC / Chamaeleon Optics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi70p8ufYcE
  6. Some Weeks ago i had the pleasure to shoot a cowboy themed project for DUCKS ON DRUGS. Animals, Children, Actionscenes - you name it! Any feedback is welcome.
  7. Here is a new video shot on the Sony A7iii and the Zeiss 20mm noctilux. A really nice lens that really takes some of that sony videolook off the material. It's the first time i experienced the "lines" problem of the A7iii. In quite a lot of shots you see steady "zebra" lines all over the picture. I shot some material without fog and some with fog and the shots with fog showed the problem very strong. As i shot the material quite flat the stripes did not show very well and i thought they were a problem of monitoring in the dark surrounding. It seems that one of the lights is working on a
  8. Sadly still no Alexa like skin tones, but many things look like this will be a nice work horse for the coming years.
  9. It's fun that the rumored specs basically exceed the specs of Sonys flagship cinema camera (venice).
  10. The guy still knows how to impress: He shot this on an a6300. I believe in HD. You can also download the source file on the vimeo page.
  11. I guess in ten years some 18 year old will shoot something great with 8K on the old used Canon R5 that he bought for cheap.
  12. I think it would be great to ask them to implement a 2,8K Mode on the GH5 or GH5S via firmware at the max. 4K Bandwith that might add to the quality of the picture i guess. Given that this is one of the learnings that came up in the last time i believe that would be something that they could do to make their customers happy...
  13. I think photography and shooting video are just different fields. I even feel it when i am on holiday and i try to go back and forth between shooting video and taking pictures - it seems to need different parts of the brain. What i really like about shooting video (big or small) is that you start with some kind of concept and you go and shoot the video. After the shoot you sit in editing with the new material and wondering wether everything will work out. If it works out it's nice. I experience the same problems that Andrew is mentioning quite often as well. A Zoom to early, ibis
  14. Hello, check out this music video i shot on the A7iii and the 24-70 F 4.0. Picture Profile was Slog. All the real time shots were recorded to a atomos. Even using a controlled lighting situation i find it pretty hard to get nice skintones out of the camera. Luckily a friend of mine is a good grading artist. Nevertheless it was much fun trying to create this sci fi mood with some basic elements such as black trash bags and a pieces of plastic. I had a set of zeiss contax lenses but one of the contax to ef adapters left a nice scratch in my sigma adapter on the first set up.
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