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  1. I actually know nothing about any of that stuff, which is why I was asking...
  2. Looks like it only allows SSD's up to 1TB in size (or maybe I'm misunderstanding the specs) while the Nexto allows for 4TB SSDs and technically can take drives up to 32TB in size, which seems like a much better long term investment.
  3. Wouldn't you need a pretty sick data plan for wireless backup to make economic sense?
  4. In case people haven't seen Nexto's latest backup solution. Comes in a few different configurations including one that includes a CF slot: https://www.nextodi.com/products/nps-10/ Anyone own/use one yet?
  5. @Ed_David, I seem to remember you being someone who had issues with the Astras (apologies in advance if I'm wrong). Have you tried this program yet?
  6. For Litepanels Astra owners out there like myself... "Litepanels prides itself on the quality and performance of its products. An investigation - following a rise in the number of repair requests for ASTRA lights - found that the performance of the power switch in a limited number of these units did not meet Litepanels demanded quality levels. All units shipped after March of 2018 incorporate a redesigned power board which resolved the issue. Any customer who previously paid for a repair to fix this issue may register for a voucher credit below. This voucher must be redeemed by December 15, 2019. More details will be provided upon registration. Each eligible Astra serial number will need to apply for a single voucher code. If you have any issues completing this form, please email us." http://go.vitecgroup.com/AstraProgram
  7. We're clearly interpreting the info differently. I don't disagree that SSD's will eventually replace HDDs as the primary storage option ---- but I'm in the market for 12TB's of storage right now (and I'm just a hobbyist), so whereas in the past I could've relied on consumer HDD options ---- there aren't a whole lot --- know why? Bcuz consumer demand for storage isn't growing like it used to --- particularly with respect to capacity. They aren't buying music anymore, ain't buying DVDs/blurays that they might want to digitize.... and they definitely aren't taking the bait on 4K and 8K offerings of those formats. If they still own a television, and pvr stuff... sure they got storage needs... but they erase those programs incrementally when they're maxing out of drive space. Also the average person that's watching pirated films has no desire to download anything (unless they're actual bootleggers).... they just stream that stuff... usually through one of those android boxes. But even if they do download, they probably delete it right after watching. Consumer demand for storage is still there ---- it's just not growing with respect to drive capacity. Which is why SSD's as a storage option will make sense for them way quicker than for us video hobbyists, cuz consumers are totally fine with a 2TB SSD. All that to say HDD's are still where it's at for hobbyists, and it looks like it'll be that way for a minute... which means all these shifts in consumer needs will probably impact hobbyists before SSDs save the day... whether it's by forcing us out of the consumer storage market to buy enterprise level HDD's (as I'm considering), or forcing us to be more conservative with our storage strategies. Just my perspective tho...
  8. Oh I agree in theory that new tech can and should complement established tech (or replace it, depending on the circumstances) but what you're describing just doesn't sound like the world we actually live in, where planned obsolescence is an intrinsic part of most companies' dna.
  9. Maybe, but to me this is just an overall culture shift. Family photos being saved on phones and the cloud... music, tv/film being streamed. Those are the primary reasons consumers needed large amounts of hard drive storage. So how do any of those significant cultural shifts signal a robust consumer hard drive market moving forward?
  10. But how can the demand for external hard drive storage be the same if the everyday consumer who is shifting to the cloud and streaming, doesn't have the same need for that type of storage anymore?
  11. Yes, this too, but basically there are tons of legit business reasons why media companies are putting pressure on consumers to not care about storage anymore, and that will end up impacting indie creators who still need to care about storage, if they want to make anything that is different from other creators.
  12. I remember doing a sh*t load of research into LTO drives and there was one thing I found out that made me not do it... just can't remember exactly what it was, sorry...
  13. The shift to streaming is due in large part to a shift in how consumers are thinking about ownership. They no longer care as much about owning the thing (which is what was driving the hard drive market) --- they're cool with someone else having ownership (and worrying about storing the thing) while they pay a streaming subscription fee to listen, watch the thing.
  14. I think the thing everyone is missing is that, just like hard drives - cloud companies in and of themselves have a limited shelf life (as a reliable and cost effective service) before they become a very costly problem.
  15. I think cloud services are as fickle as any service tied to market supply/demand. If the company starts losing $$ or the cloud storage market shifts, things could get sh*tty really quickly. I think Apple's phasing out of iTunes is a cautionary example of the kind of disruptiveness that can occur when we put all our chips on any paid service and they decide to go in a new direction. It's also another sign that the era of consumers caring about actually owning media is dwindling --- to the point that a company like Apple that was anti-subscription/streaming is now all about that life. So I can see a future where the cloud service market also shrinks and the prices get even steeper.
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