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  1. Sorry to hear! I have a 1DC and have also been eyeing a Ninja V so will be watching this thread. Hope it all works out tho!
  2. Apologies if this has been answered before, but does the image stabilization of Canon EF lenses with IS, work properly with the R5 when mounted with an EF-RF adapter and IBIS is turned off?
  3. Not at all, it's price point really... used C300 MKII's are going for $4-5K (Canadian) around my parts vs a used C70, which goes for $8-9K, and now 1DX MKII's are hitting $2-3K levels. I actually started looking at the R5, now that the no battery + Ninja V is a proven option. You can get one + a Ninja V and eos adapter w/ ND for about 5K too. So I feel like if I did that, I'd be content for a long long time.
  4. Appreciate the feedback and didn't realize noise was an issue with the C300 too, good to know, thx!
  5. It was never an either/or... but with theory in mind, what might offer better latitiude in post (for grading, punching in, VFX, etc) when shooting at 60p? The 10 bit color depth of the C300 MKII or the 4K resolution of the 1DX MKII? Or do other factors like bit rate need to be considered as well?
  6. I'm still kind of on the fence between the C300 MKII and the 1DX MKII, which is why I was inquiring on people's real world experience working with the C300 MKII's 2K 60p @ 422 10 bit vs the 1DX MKII's 4K 60p @ 422 8 bit, in post. I'll admit I'm not tech savvy in my understanding of which combo of resolution/color depth might trump the other. Aside from that, my instincts are telling me that any camera purchase I make moving forward - aside from having decent DPAF - should at least have 422 10 bit. Over here in Canada I'm seeing 1DX MKII's going for close to 2K and C300 MKIIs hitting sub $5K... and if I was going for the C300 MKII, it'd be with a friend, so I'd essentially be paying about the same price as a used 1DX MKII. Also, does the C300 MKII do 4K 60p RAW externally?
  7. Yeah looks like 2K 60p is 422 10 bit...
  8. Didn't realize 60p was 12bit 444, is that internal as well?
  9. C300 MKII does 2K 422 10bit and 1DX MKII does 4K 422 8bit... so wondering which one might be better... does the 10bit of the C300 MKII give it the edge or does the 4K of the 1DX MKII give it the edge?
  10. Anyone have experience with the 2K 60p on the C300 MKII? Wondering how it compares to the 4K 60p on the 1DX MKII? And is there a clear winner between the two?
  11. Thanks for this, had never heard of cinematch, seems like a gamechanger if they keep updating it...
  12. I agree. In a perfect world I'd pick up the C70 or 1DX MKIII but they are well beyond my budget as a hobbyist. If I recall you were a fan of the 1DC as well, would you sell yours now if u were in my shoes?
  13. Yes, which is why the plan was to sell the 1DC and get another 5D MKIII (I already have one) along with an XT3/4. That way if I can't match the XT3/4 to the 5D MKIII (ML) I can still use it for b-roll but the XT3/4 would also become my walk around family/travel camera.
  14. Bcuz I actually like the look, don't mind the workflow, I wouldn't have to worry about color matching and the bang for buck is pretty undeniable. I see them going for as little as $700 CAN right now... but also, at that price I could totally pick up another XT3 later... I guess my main question is should I even sell the 1DC? It has always felt to me like a collectors item...
  15. Very helpful and very much appreciated, and yes matching the cameras color wise was def a concern, but in my mind I figured absolute worst case scenario I can always just use the two 5D's as A and B's (I'm totally fine with what ML gives me) and the XT3/4 as my b-roll cam. At least until I get good at color matching. Would you say that the Metabones speedbooster is the best one to get IQ-wise compared to other brands?
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