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  1. I've had great success circumventing the risks and B.S. of some sites by ensuring I do Facetime with the buyer/seller. For example I bought my R5C used and online from a seller I had to trust would ship it to me. So we Facetime'd so he could show me that he actually had the item (he also tested it out in front of the cam). Then we Facetme'd as he was boxing it outside of the UPS outlet to send it to me. So I was able to watch him put it in the box, walk into UPS and pass it off to the clerk. Once the invoice and tracking info had been generated, he showed it to me (might've even sent it via email) and then I sent him the $$ via Paypal (which offers another layer of protection) and I am now a happy R5C owner. I was also looking into escrow services and frankly their fees weren't that bad imo. Anyways, hope this helps and good luck with your sale!
  2. I'm in the same boat when it comes to Fuji otherwise I would've already bought an XT3/4/5. That said the used prices of an XT3/4 are getting to the level of cheap where I might eventually give it a try bcuz I really love the size and OG look of those cams...
  3. For me I'm looking at any deals on 512GB SD or CFexpress Type B cards... those things are way too expensive at regular price, imo - and too important to buy second hand.
  4. Not even with these firmware updates? Seems like Canon is getting there slowly but surely... and I sincerely hope they spread some of that FW update love to the R5C (all I need is an option to make it more power efficient - even if it means sacrificing a feature or two) and the R6.
  5. Of course $$ plays into this and yes you can rig up any cam - but no amount of $$ saved or spent on a C100 or similar sized cam will allow it to be stripped down to the size of an R5. Point just being that there is something to be said about starting small vs starting mid - but at the end of the day it boils down to what works for the shooter. Personally I can't go back to that form factor - and this is coming from someone who until summer was set on getting a C300 MKII and calling it a day.
  6. I mean the R5C is a cinema camera and has all those things if you include the ND adapter and Tascam shoe mount. But I agree, 'small' is subjective. Personally I appreciate the R5C for giving you the option to build it up to about the size/weight of a 1DX line cam or strip it down to essentially an R5.
  7. Agree, it would be interesting to see although I've looked at the OG C300 (which was the camera I cut my teeth on), the C100 MKII, and C300 MKII and I can't see myself ever going back to that form factor, but also, I'm mostly a hobbyist now, lol!
  8. I'll add that anecdotally, I have seen more used R5s going up for sale this past weekend in my neck of the woods, than I have ever recalled seeing before.
  9. If what @herein2020 is saying about bigger/longer telephoto EF lenses is true - it would be the first legit reason I'd consider switching to RF lenses (at least when it comes to the 70-200mm) altho that would be way down the road bcuz I simply do not have that kind of coin to spend, lol!
  10. Oh wow, actually have not used my 70-200mm on the R5C yet - but now I am pretty concerned. So just to clarify, are you experiencing those issues even when using the tripod collar?
  11. Agreed. Been eyeing some MKIIIs myself but just can't see myself going back to a 1DX body (still have a 1DC mind you) after buying an R5C: which gives you the option of building it up to 1DX size or down to a smaller R5 form factor.
  12. With the price of a used R5 dropping below the $3K US mark lately (in Canada that is) and its overheating issues being addressed - I'm curious what would make the R6 II a better B-CAM option for people with C70s or R5Cs? Aside from having no 30 minute time limit of course.
  13. Been waiting patiently for this one. I've always loved the form factor and specs of the XT3 and XT4. For me it's the perfect stealth camera for b-roll in the field. Particularly in places and countries where larger DSLRs make you an easy target for thieves. All that said, the poor AF in video mode has always been a deal breaker for me - so hoping they've finally stepped it up with the XT5. Otherwise for me it's a toss up between an R6 MKII or a used R5. Either way we are truly spoilt for solid options going into 2023!
  14. Not an audio expert by any stretch but it does feel like there are so many really great but also really affordable options out there. I still use a Zoom F4 and an older Marantz PMD661, but aside from keeping my eyes out for a great price on a used Mixpre-6 II - I think I'm good with what I have until one or all of them break. So @IronFilm I do wonder what that means for the audio recorder market - bcuz it does feel like it might've hit a brick wall?
  15. Anyone using the R5C with a gimbal? Would love to know what other owners are using and what the experience has been like. Currently looking at either the RS2 or RS3 but I'm coming from the Glidecam era so gimbals are new to me. I'll also be looking to use mine with the battery grip and compatible Smallrig cage which I have no interest in dismantling - so curious how that might limit or complicate things for me.
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