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  1. Just in addition to that the unit is in very good condition and is running the latest firmware. 




  2. Hello Ty,

    Sorry for the cold contact but I have recently acquired a Marantz PMD 661 recorder and noticed you use one through reading post on here.

    I have a concern with mine and wondered if you could let me know if this behaviour is normal or not.

    When powering up for the first time in a session it can sometimes take up to 20 seconds for the display to fire up. If I turn it off and then on again soon after this time is reduced to around 5 seconds. This is the same with AC or battery power (fresh batteries).

    Does this sound in line with your experiences?

    Many thanks,





  3. Wanted to pick up the P360 as a hair light but wondering if the hassle of adjusting and re-adjusting the brightness, color temp, etc before hoisting it up to its position makes the DMX option worth the extra $$. Would love the opinions of anyone who does a lot of interview lighting with spot lights like this.
  4. I've shot continuous 1080 ML raw on a 5D with a 256GB Lexar card on occasion with no issues whatsoever. This was simultaneously on a 5D Mark II and III.
  5. Ty Harper

    Why So Many Canadians Do Photo/Video For A Living?

    As a Canadian, born, raised and making a living for 15+ years as a producer in Toronto (predominantly in radio but also in tv with a passion for grassroots indie film docs) I can tell you that while there might be some unique characteristic of Canada that is giving film/doc makers/crews the perception of an advantage to film/doc makers/crews south of the border, the comparison itself would likely sound laughable to many of them... especially when you think that Canada's entire population can fit in the state of California. You can also expect much much more laughter from the Canadian film/doc makers like myself, who are Black, Brown or Indigenous. It's one thing to be a Canadian film/doc maker/crew etching out a decent living telling and re-telling the standard White-Eurocentric narratives, but... .... I don't think I need to finish that sentence cuz we all know where I'm going with it.
  6. Ty Harper

    Auto Focus Testing Canon 1DXMK2 Vs Nikon Z6

    Anyone know how DPAF on the 5D MKIV compares to DPAF on the 1DX MKII?
  7. Ty Harper

    Fujifilm X-T3 focal reducer/ speedboost experience

    Thanks for posting! And thanks for the review @Mattias Burling I'm now leaning that much more towards picking up an XT-3.
  8. Ty Harper

    MonoPod usage

    Co-sign on Sirui! I remember 3 years ago selling my Manfrotto video monopod and buying the Sirui brand new the next day with money to spare, and it's never let me down + had way more features than the Manfrotto.
  9. Ty Harper

    NAB 2018 sneak peak: Zoom F8n

    @IronFilm just picked up an F4 and wondering whether that -10 output limit (vs the standard +4) has ever been an issue for you? Other than that, glad I finally picked one up!
  10. Ty Harper

    Bought the Edelkrone SliderONE

    I honestly can't keep up with these guys. They've revamped the SliderOne series again (no more SliderOne Pro). So now you've got two SliderOne options with different weight capacities (and a $3-400 price difference at reg. price) + it looks like they've revamped the Motion Box which is now the Head One, and added a HeadOne Plus. https://edelkrone.com/products/sliderone-v2
  11. Ty Harper

    Slider - "must have", or meh...?

    Could be totally wrong but sounds like Edelkrone's SliderOne Pro + Motion Box would be all you need. The Flextilt Head 2 is a useful add as well. Either way with the slider/motion box you get continuous slides, ramp up/down parallax motion, timelapse, stop motion, etc all controlled via bluetooth/smartphone + the entire system's footprint is about the size of a 70-200mm lens. I've never had need for anything else.
  12. Ty Harper

    Waiting Game...

    A Canon firmware update that gives the 1DC the ability to remap its dead pixels... an ability most Canon dslrs have...
  13. Ty Harper

    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Anyone with experience with the Fujinon 10-24mm f4 OIS?
  14. Ty Harper

    Magic Lantern successfully tested on 5D Mark IV

    Honestly if they get this thing working for even just raw 1080p, I'd sell my MK III and buy two MK IV's, cuz those two along with my 1DC would mean I'd never need another camera again.
  15. Ty Harper

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    Can you elaborate on how you felt they weren't working well together? I've been meaning to buy the SliderOne Pro/Motion Box combo for a while now, so any first hand critiques would be greatly appreciated.