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  1. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Gonna be using it tomorrow for a livestreaming samoan/white wedding, there will be lots of performers for the reception from different families. Theoretically 20000mah 3.7v is around 4x more power than 2130mah 7.2v so if 4k last 1.5 hours on battery it should last 6 hours? (could be less due to conversion) I like the RF35 for stills, for video I use Sigma 35 1.4 with VND adapter, work really good. RF 85mm F2 IS is pretty good, I have it and love it! The macro make it a more versatile lens than normal 85mm lens.
  2. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Btw if you got powerbank that supply 45W PD it can power the camera without drainig camera battery, but you still need a battery inside the camera. The R and RP can only be charged (with PD) but not power on.
  3. One of my friend is thinking jumping from ursa mini pro/gh5s to fx6/fx3 combo, but prores raw is the biggest downside since he use da vinci exclusively.
  4. Sony NPF-570 is normally around 2200-2600mah, Blackmagic managed to squeeze 3500mah on that form factor! That is 50% more capacity
  5. Man I hope you will get through this, I m pretty sure 2022 will be a massive rebound for the world.
  6. Corporate event videos is down a lot vs the year prior Normal corp/promo video is slightly down but within margins, got some jobs from Oz cause they couldn't come here to shoot. Some other event videos (like concert) get caught up by the sudden lockdown (lost one last week cause of that). Though I got a lot of livestreaming video jobs on my side, atm 50% of my side job is livestreaming, we got some livestreaming for the company but was ok, but yeah I am busy from jan til april this year.. booked almost every weekend, much more busier than last year which is a surprise to me lol
  7. Yeah, I wonder if FX3 will have control on that. I m defintely in the market for FX3 and C50, a small portable cine camera with build in screen and af, dont really care about still capability much.
  8. Wasn't that the rumor said it have 8k in the first place? If it doesnt have 8k then most likely will be using a7s3 sensor? And photog really want their EVF! No mechanical shutter will be a put off too if they go with internal VND
  9. Music video I did back then is finally released, that took quite a while!
  10. The ventilation on the side should definitely help with any overheating problem. The zoom rokker on the shutter is pretty nice for pz lens
  11. ntblowz

    R5 vs R6

    Yesterday I was shooting bowl jam all day using mix of 4k25/50/100p, i didn't get the overheating warning but I did get down to 5 min, so for last grand final I did the reset trick (with v1.2 firmware) and worked. Weatherwise it got some patch of clouds so not boiling hot but still hot as it is the hottest month down here.
  12. I think that will be the same sensor as the Sharp 8K cam?
  13. Phones with uw/wide/tele is satisfying most of people's use, now i dont even care those 10x zooms 1" DC when my phone can do it too lol. Some quick photo while waiting for the next shoot on mobile phone.
  14. Ugh our US broker informed us they are halting buying share of GME/AMC/NOK until further notice, but you can still sell, so I guess Oz/NZ is out GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Those institute is bloody corrupted to the core!
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