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  1. Never thought I would buy a X100VI (and a limited edition too!), But after my name got drawn out of the lottery I say why not! The thickness of the X100 is similar to my Sony body without any lens on it, and even with that OVF it is only slightly taller but shorter than most other mirrrorless with dslr design. The ND and IBIS does it make a more compelling video camera, I really hate to screw on and off the lens filter on trip. Btw it can be powered by USB powerbank
  2. E1 should be even less worry cause it didn't have mechanical shutter, I did see people posting their Sony camera's shutter get stuck from my local wedding group occasionally
  3. ntblowz

    Nikon buys Red?

    I really welcome a Red Powered Nikon FX3/FX30 competitor with Redcode, I would chuck out my FX3/FX30 in a beat!
  4. Compact travel definitely rx100vii or vi hands down, 2 of my friends went to compact big zoom DC for travel and leave their mirrorlees behind at home. One guy sold his Tamron 28-200mm too cause even that is big for him. For me I probably get osmo pocket 3 for my compact travel gimbal camera.. can't assed bring an actual gimbal.
  5. Pretty much the same for me except I went Sony for full video and Canon for hybrid/stills work after being just Canon since Covid. Atm it's ZV-E1/FX30 for pure video work, Canon R8/R7 for hybrid/photog or if shooting with Canon shooter. 2023 is an interesting year for me, got layed off in the beginning and decide to do just freelance, went to travel for 4 months this year which is the most I have done in my whole life. I also started doing some photog work and man not have to carry that much gear is nice for a change lol. Mavic Air (the OG) is my longest surviving gear so far, client still happy with it and I don't do much drones nowaday so I don't think I will upgrade until it exploded or something. This year I might get the Osmo pocket 3 after renting it out for an event where I m mostly doing photo and some video. I was quite impressed with the result as I can't be assed to put my cam on the gimbal. And I bought M1 max Mac Studio during boxing day clearance recently, the general speed and export speed increase by many folds vs my og MBA m1 with 7 core gpu and 8gig of ram. Now my MBA can enjoy some semi-retirement time lol, when I told ppl I been editing multicam 4k on this little machine ppl were quite skeptical.
  6. Don't think so, even FX6 and FX9 doesn't have Open Gate.
  7. Josh did R5C vs FX3 Canon without Clog2 is really limiting the DR. https://youtu.be/4tpBrNbf050?si=YsGJTc6_Zl_995cX
  8. oh that kinda stinks, wireless system really need that high shutter in day light. Who cares about on camera flash ugh.
  9. Yeah on this thread he can't loop out why not FX6 and on the other thread he is all in on FX3, I m so lost as well. 😂 Atm only director knows as he is the one that set the gear, there is no point keep repeating the same question here as we can't answer for him.
  10. Well Sigma is operating the same as Canon! But doesn't make RF lens.. so it is the odd one out.
  11. My other alternatives will be Panasonic if I didn't try Sony, I was this close getting S5II but the no pdaf on 1080p kinda kill it me for me. Maybe I will get back to Pana MFT in the future who knows.
  12. I dunno why on this thread you keep pushing for FX3 and on my thread with FX3 you keep pushing not using FX3 😂 As I said i have colab with company/ppl that use Canon so I have to use Canon cameras if I shoot with them.
  13. You mean a bunch of them lol 😆 Usually it's the colorist who fix the colour if they have budget for that. Otherwise it will be up to the editor themselves for colour grading, and unfortunately not all editor are good at colour grading..
  14. At the moment I m half Sony and half Canon which is E1, FX30, R8, R7 Problem with Sony is there no hybrid cam with non crop 4k60p and 24mp+ sensor with full mechanical shutter and do not overheat crazy for under $2000... On jobs that need both photo and video I have to use Canon cause the Sony i got is useless in that regards. Unfortunately I already have Canon flash system in place so going over to Sony system will be expensive 🙃 But I always have Panasonic in my mind cause my usual colab people use Canon or Panasonic cams, and me coming from GH1 it always have a place in my heart lol.
  15. I definitely enjoy the lighter lens after trying out Sony this year, but unfortunately the people I colab with definitely prefer the Canon colour 100% of the time.. the most recent one was shooting for this DJ from Canada where he used Komodo for Spain shoot and Sony for Oz shoots, and we shoot C70 RAW for him here in NZ, he said the Sony was really hard to get nicer colour vs Red or the Canon after he did some quick edit afterwards. So might stick back to Canon. And my friend who shoot with Panasonic does have people laugh at him for using old piece of gear (the EVA1), on this one job after seeing the result (it's a livestream job and they have a dedicated people that does lut and facial beauty thing done in real time as well) they said Panasonic looks nicer than the Sony's they used and need much less time on tweaking.
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