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  1. My china made S1 feel much better quality than my made in Japan R, it's all depend on the product tier I guess? I think my next car will probably Chinese made electric car, both Korean and Japanese electric car cost way too much! Almost same price as Tesla model 3.
  2. I think L-Mount is probably the future for Panasonic, as competitors offering FF sensor option on their cinema bodies they definitely don't want to be left behind. Consider Leica also make Cinema lens so its more sense to have complete body and lens package for the eco-system.
  3. On the Sony A7III group there is been a running joke on renaming the group to Tamron 28-75 instead. That speak about the popularity of that lens.
  4. I got my R for way cheaper than that 2 months, thanks to Canon in Oz been generous with $1 R auctions (they stopped when RP comes out), though my one wasn't the lowest amount among the past winners but so far I am pretty happy with the camera overall, video look more natural than M50.
  5. lol sounds like you are on to it 😉
  6. Get S1, video is just sharper and less noise than R in HD and 4K, and matches well with Gh5s, I bought R so I can match c200 better. Its really depend on what ecosystem you have, if you have a canon camera then I would recommend R as well.
  7. Yeah I guess we might have to wait for Chinese to have a crack at it..
  8. That is true, the size and weight do put off some people who want small n lighter load. But I guess for the heat and mostly IBIS it does need space to be effective.
  9. ntblowz

    what about s1?

    Pretty sure that was A7RII that do FF 4K
  10. On dpreview it is confirmed T/CL doesn’t work from early Japanese user Haha thanks! Yeah my friend is much stronger than me 😂 Anyway that a7iii has gone to happy new owner, I do enjoy it while I own it but just the eco-system I have atm is better with Canon and Panasonic.
  11. I didn’t say that, I only say Canon and Sony can get focus hunt/lost focus as well Not being defensive just sick of people thinking mirrorless have to be small and fragile, for pro work I want them to be tough and able to stand abuse for field work. I am looking at it as pure workhorse and nothing else. I use R/Leica T for casual photography and G1xiii for travel, though R is also used as bcam for c200.
  12. Yes, image stabiliser works too! I use them a lot as I work full time in video production, that speaking from my experience since I have huge sample size not just shooting once in a blue moon. Obvious S1 is not targeted to you, there are many tools out there to suit your needs, I just buy whatever fits my need. Compare to c200 it is much lighter, I’ve done c200 handleheld for half day, so S1 weight is totally fine for me.
  13. I done work using gimbal for 3-4hr straight which is more than 2kg load. Not as long as my friend who steadicam Red One for whole day though he got support vest. I got my fair share of miss focus and focus hunting with C200 and A7iii, they are not totally bullet proof! I guess it more about knowing the limit of the system and work smart around it. Btw there is also APSC lens if u want lighter weight and shoot 4k60p most, I can use Leica 23mm from my Leica T if I want lighter and better lowlight than f4 (only apsc but for 4k60p it fits)
  14. Size is all relative, I know I wouldn't use S1 for anything other than video job, for travel I use G1X III which is much lighter and smaller, the RP while the body is small the lens is not. On the last trip I bring G1XIII and RP with 35mm which I end up using G1XIII and my phone the most, RP only used to capture firefly photos and spend 95% inside my bag.
  15. The new live view composite is really awesome feature for night photography, wonder will this feature be available for other model through firmware update?
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