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  1. So it have the same electronic IS that Canon have, which is pretty good for video but non functional on photos.
  2. Not just your friend, my friend also bought Gopro before he went off to end of year holiday.. before that he was considering Sony A7.
  3. And it cost another $100 just for the power adapter if you decide to use main power.. which is almost the same price as SL-60W, that is pretty dumb.
  4. Yeah, especially the ability to use NPF battery is a huge bonus vs sl60W which is wall plug only..
  5. There is a g10, guess they have to skip that or use a variant https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panasonic_Lumix_DMC-G10
  6. So Z50 have Good 4K but average 1080P, I think it is more balance than A6x00 line which have very good 4K and very bad 1080p or m6 ii which have very good 1080p and very bad 4K I just noticed M6II's 120fps is surprisingly sharp, much sharper than normal 1080P from most other camera.
  7. It is not as soft as the light dome, but size is its biggest adventage when u shoot on location as sometimes there is just not enough space for light dome. But if you mainly shoot on studio then light dome is definitely better in terms of full softness
  8. you should really start your own sony rumor site
  9. After using ok lighting (672C and couple 500LED lights) for a few years I decided to step up lighting kit this year, first to the flexible lights like Falconeye RX18-TD and finally settled on Aputure C120D II, and result is quite a dramatic different, I think for the first time we got client ask us what "filters" we use so the photog's photo can have similar colour as our video lol (and that was just a quick grade in Premiere). I really wish i had done this lighting kit upgrade sooner. Definitely will make some of the videos we did much better ugh. Light with Falconeye RX18TD: notice the subject is underexposed and background still overexposed, and the light gives a bit of magenta shift. Lighting with Aputure C120D II on dome mini II, subject is well light and background is well exposed, skintone is pretty good with no colour shift. Client asking what "filter" we use. Light setup for the day.
  10. You need $200 code which some people have gotten the email from B&H, you can also use their live support for the code I think
  11. M6 II 5.1K RAW Video (does 3.5s with DPAF in raw burst mode), way sharper than 4K video. Good to have if you need that absolute DR/max sharpness.
  12. https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2019/11/c68a959ee5a1-breaking-news-panasonic-to-sell-chip-business-to-taiwanese-company-source.html I guess organic sensor is dead in the water?
  13. Btw has anyone used delut clog3 on m6ii? I wonder how it performs vs andrew's clog ?
  14. So far the benchmark result is impressive, with that many core will 8K realtime editing be possible? Or is bottleneck lie somewhere else?
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