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  1. A few years back I experienced MFT get constant attacked from everyone that include Sony too, and still do to these days. But I dont go everwhere attacking other brand or boosting MFT on other brand's review, that just way too much free time at hand.
  2. I am not interested on Sony 135 1.8 lens so I don't even look at that page, I don't waste time on reading stuff that is not interesting to me let alone write comment state it's a waste of time, I dont have time for that unfortunately, its been pretty busy season this year for me shooting videos, hardly get weekends free. A7III is a good work horse camera that I use daily for video jobs but I dont kiss ass on Sony or any other brands like many fanboy do. I m no brand royalist so I can get annoyed at those comment but seems like Sony fanboy is all over the internet at the moment, like literally any other brand of camera review will have Sony fanboy commenting Sony #1 etc
  3. DPreview just posted their work in progress review of RP and Sony fanboy are already in full swing mode LOL, why waste time on reading and commenting on product that you dont like and wont buy and then commenting what a waste of their time.
  4. This guy did Video AF on the 50mm 1.4 @ 1.4
  5. Max did RP vs A6400, colour wise RP is much better, the A6400 got funky ass colour and zombie skintone at 4min mark, 1080P RP is much less jaggy than A6400 and more detailed, but 4K A6400 is much better for detail and low iso and AF. And DR is better on Sony thanks to slog/hlg profile. Everyday Dad also did A6400 & RP
  6. I enjoy using A7III a lot but I surely don't enjoy the Sony community by far for the few months I m in... the most like/commented stuff on a7iii group is open box photos, most asked questions is Tamron 28-75 (seems like you are not really in the group if you dont own a Tamron). The latest one was Sony fanboy recommend A7II with adapter over Canon EOS-RP on every RP videos/thread out there but no body who are at Sony land is buying a7II themselves as they know how shitty A7II is really are. Anyway once I got S1 I am ready to quit all Sony group and sell A7III, seems like I am incompatible with Sony Vibe. And majority of my friend on the industry don't use Sony.. they are either Canon or Panasonic or Blackmagic, while online it seems like everyone and their mum all have a7III
  7. Ugh Sony fanboy/troll everywhere.. especially on fb group of other camera brand
  8. Most are waiting for Sigma ones, the novoflex adapter is way too expensive and compatibility wise not so great
  9. New Video AF video (jump to 4:30), look really promising
  10. ntblowz

    Sony Xperia 1

    Better cinema phone than Red Hydrogen! Might switch back to Android with this phone
  11. Well now they got a choice between MFT & L Mount, I d say L mount would be more logical?
  12. Yeah that why Canon use EIS instead of 5 axis IBIS on their camera, they must have seen the trend!
  13. M50 with speedbooster fix the crop in 4K, for less than half the price of EOS-RP and 1080P 24P if needed as 4K 24P is not for every thing (especially file size and battery drain) and no PDAF is not good on gimbal, with M50 I get 1080P 24P to sync up with C200/C100 24K in much more manageable file size, and a few hundred dollar saving to my bank. For general photography/casual it is not bad, I already told my friend to upgrade his 6D to this as he is mostly still and very light video user.
  14. M50 with Speedbooster will bring the crop and extra stops back, and you get to keep 1080p 24 and 120p 720 and save few hundred dollars. As I also use C200 so quite of few of them is APS-C len, it would be sucks to leave those nice APS-C lens just because some shitty dumb camera restrictions I was actually looking forward for RP but it just an even shitter version of FF m50 in terms of video feature, I guess I just save myself $$$$.
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