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  1. Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    Only for Camera with APP, Cameras like A9/A7RIII/A7III dont have APP anymore, so no more 30min hack to them. I personally bought a bunch of those app, the timelapse app is what I used the most, sucks you can't use it on new Sony cam anymore argh.
  2. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    The guys is selling again https://www.ebay.com/itm/EOS-EOSM-Focal-reducer-Auto-focus-adapter-EF-EFM-EF-to-EFM-EOS-to-EOSM-Booster/302738475602 Everything functions like normal, DPAF works fine (though I do find my 35mm F2 IS USM is more smoother than 50mm 1.8 STM), lens correction for EF lens works fine too (dont have ultra wide to test out distortion yet) Regarding the crop factor in 4k I thought it was 2.56x? isn't 2.56*.71=1.8x? or is the crop even more? I just base on it on calculation, though I need to test it vs gh5s regarding crop factor to see which have narrow view. EOS Utility v. 3.8.20 works with M50 on tethering
  3. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    I did a interview shot with c100mkii and m50 in 4k after the trip in japan.. sadly c100 @ 1080p is still sharper than m50 @ 4k, but m50 was using efm 11-22mm @ f4 and 2 c100mkii on 50mm stm and 35mm usm both stop down to f2.8 I think, so lens might have a play there. Colour wise it is still got canon look which looks good without any grading, easily fit with c100 with just minor touch.
  4. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Like Alpicat said it was modified to EFM mount and EFM connector at back from E mount, there is no manufacturer making it except some Korean guy who modify other brands to retrofit to EFM mount. Good to know other manufacturer are going to make one, technically it should be much easier to do since it just Canon system passing through, dunno why they still haven't make one yet! For me I need one asap for works so can't wait that long.
  5. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Got the speedbooster for my M50, now I can have FF look in a compact setup and Canon colour, and 4K is now super 35mm instead of super 16mm look.
  6. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    That depend on the CPU and programing inside the camera I guess? Like GH5S can't do RAW or Prores or how only E2 can do 4K 120fps but other two can't
  7. Now mirrorless is a raging success. Samsung will be back

    On my recent trip to Japan, two of my mates (one is doctor one is key animator) upgraded their phone to take better photos, money is not really a problem to them, but they rather spend on new phones than getting a new camera. Camera is surely going to be more niche in the future, pretty sure Samsung saw it waay before.
  8. The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    There is plenty of hobbyist drop big $$ on hasselblad & leica stuff, they cost way more than ursa mini pro (especially with Chinese tourist i see, they even buy kid's leica camera to use lol) It is still cheap compare to some other hobbyist like cars/boat/gliders/airplane, we have one person in our work fly a glider every other weekend, another one fly and own a soviet yak-52 as hobby, he said it cost few hundred dollars to fly his yak-52 each time For me gh5s is good investment, did 20k job with it so already got money back and just come back from a nice trip in japan (it sucks to go on holiday without spending some on nice food and nice hotel lol) Though i use different camera when on holiday or other stuff but i m not alone in that one, i also found out some photog use different camera when they are on holiday (i know two use canon professionally but use fuji for other stuff), that way i have a different "mood" so i am actually on leisure and not remind me of myself working.
  9. Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

    Still in japan atm, I bought the m50 over a7iii because... a7iii is out of stock everywhere
  10. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    GH5s doesn’t have IBIS We did a 20k promo using gh5/Gh5s, the 10bit really makes a difference, when we tried same setting on 8bit in resolve it just turn to banding/noise clustfuck
  11. Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    Currently it have problems with flickering on 4K 25p, on 24p and 30p seems to be no problem? No response from Sony atm. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4263725?page=11
  12. Final Cut ProRes RAW

    EVA1 with the raw update (5.7K 30P, 4K 60P and 2K 240P in RAW) in combination with Inferno's Prores RAW seems like a big winner to me, much more flexible than C200's internal raw which is only available in 4k. When shooting 4K60P prores raw gives you about 21 min vs 15min on C200's Canon light raw on a 128GB card, but if you decide to shoot 4K 30/25/24 you can get around 40 min of prores raw vs 15min on C200 lol, similar to GH5 with 400Mbps get you around 40minish footage too.. but Prores RAW gives you much more flexibility!
  13. Apple leaving professional market?

    Good to know i m wrong, dont mind spend few thousand dollars on computers that gonna last me a while and frustration free.. (*cough* premiere *cough*) feel pity for people who can't spend on Pro, they are gonna stuck with ARM I guess for future low end apple product.
  14. Z Cam E2 Cinematic Camera is US$33,880!

    joined their fb page to get some info basically BM micro studio camera on steroids bitrate for 4K = 1.6Gbps for HEVC and 1768Mbps for YUV422 4K at 60fps to CFast. DR is 13.5 stop according to them. And the company is looking for robotic arm integration like bolt, that got my real interest, with deep learning and ai stuff that should make tracking shot a lot more interesting. https://www.43rumors.com/this-is-the-new-z-cam-e2-micro-four-thirds-camera-that-records-4k-at-120fps/
  15. yeah, the old thread back then