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  1. Wonder how many normal people still use their new purchase camera after 1 month when the novelty died off. But phone on the other hand you use it every min lol.
  2. But if MKII is internal it will be longer for sure. I guess people can pick MK I for compact and MKII for better environmental protection.
  3. Sony ZV-E10 or Canon R50 with USB (computer will recognize it as webcam, no software needed) or if u want to use those 4k hdmi usb adapter (elgato camlink 4k) then any used cam with clean hdmi out will do.
  4. Canon R5 is the true game charger and I m glade I got it, since after firmware update there is no overheating warming for me, and I have actually shoot 8K footage to be used on LED wall for a commercial project with it. But most of the time is still 4k for me.
  5. Yeah definitely can and maybe some pro project too. Just 4k prores is 6GB per min, that like 360GB for 1hr, good thing it can record to SSD which is hell cheaper than fast sd card.
  6. Let look at their minimum setup I see fx3 with atomos ninja v and npf battery, this setup will be around 1.25kg Vs Fx6 with battery will be 1.34kg already, add the same ninja v setup will be 1.9kg So that is 50% more weight already.
  7. You are quoting without battery, with the big battery it weighs a lot.
  8. Well look at recent Sony releases their price is straight up RF level of pricing, thank God there is 3rd party but 3rd party have some gimped feature vs Sony lens (like active IS not as good vs Sony branded lens) or no super high speed mode. Though right now Canon should really release a bunch of rf-s lens, currently there is more body than lens which is embarrassing. And of course open up 3rd party for those who want native for compactness and other option.
  9. Speaking of FCPX Apple is definitely losing it vs recent Premiere and Da vinci update, the only advantage it have is the speed (and one off purchase) but rest of the feature hasn't been updated which I feel is dated in 2023.. Even Capcut give it a run for the money
  10. Well it will be a $80millon marketing gimmick in the making. But I m sure manufacturer won't be too happy too cause who is going to buy their expensive camera when $3000 one does the job 😆
  11. Instead of a third camera maybe just get iPhone 15 instead 🤔
  12. I dunno why you so hung up on it need to be cinema camera.. at least the sensor is the same right lol 😆
  13. The article did say for big scene there is still a lot of crew, and down to 2 if that is all they need. I guess we will know more once the movie is released? Maybe he chose fx3 cause it look more like standard camera than cinema camera who knows.
  14. Well all the Canon Apsc and FF is using Canon sensor from the beginning, only DC uses Sony sensor. Remember Canon was the first put out 21MP FF sensor when Sony can just barely did 12MP FF. Since then Sony have really caught up and left Canon behind. Kinda like TSMC and Intel too where TSMC caught up and left Intel on dust. Samsung is also the other competitor for cellphone sensor too, but Samsung abandoned large format to go fully smartfone
  15. https://ca.movies.yahoo.com/rogue-one-godzilla-gareth-edwards-201500503.html That was an interesting read about how he go back the indie root of film making. I totally agree about the huge bloated cost of blockbuster now, and the cgi still look crap.
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