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  1. I've gone through a few small P&S this recent year, from G1XIII to HX90V to G5X to RX100VI, and currently eyeing on a denim olympus e-pl9 cause I always want a blue camera! (Too bad Panasonic didnt release any colour variation after G2/GH1) Though most ppl tend to comment on the photos I took on my S10.
  2. Touch bar will be R exclusive lol. Atm i use it for live volume control which is quite handy to change volume on the go as you record. R6 is using conventional mode dial like RP do.
  3. ntblowz

    RED Komodo

    PDAF need a lot of fine tuning I think, it all about the algorithm
  4. Sad to see forum go, kinda remind me of imdb when they close down the forum. Been a mod take a lot of time and effort, i've seen a few fb group closed down because the mod is tired of the same B$ popping up for years, so yeah I fully support your decision.
  5. m50 still the most viable choice, better af, eis much better than pana's implantation. though if it goes cheap enough in the future (as with most pana cam) i might get one, hey it got vlog!
  6. gonna call the shot that it might have to price the same as R6.
  7. E-PL series is the the smallest with IBIS definitely a gx850 with VF size wise
  8. Yeah, the earlier rumor said it uses different sensor than 1DXIII, but i guess we will only know once it has been tested.
  9. R6 first photo leak, basically same size as R5 but with mode dial. This is basically the A7SIII that a lot of people want originally. https://www.canonrumors.com/here-is-the-canon-eos-r5-and-canon-eos-r6-along-with-the-announcement-date/
  10. ntblowz

    RED Komodo

    Because sensorship is in place Any negative post will be deemed unprofessional and will be removed, only the glorious post remain.
  11. Video is the trend, my friend write review for the gear he used (he is full time photog), he was recently told he need to do video if he want to be in the program for a lens company.
  12. ntblowz

    Sony ZV-1

    Vi have active steadyshot, i already stated that on my previous post.
  13. ntblowz

    Sony ZV-1

    VI do have active steadyshot and intelligent active, the AF point on ZV-1 is the same as V, VII have higher number of AF point. (315 vs 357), ZV-1 definitely used a mix of new and old stuff.
  14. ntblowz

    Sony ZV-1

    The RX100 Va is only $100 more, and used one is cheaper. I recently bought a used RX100VI for half price mainly as travel cam, and occasional slowmo. Guess for vlogger it wouldn't matter much, but 1s is way too short for capturing slow mo.
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