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  1. Now just need to know if it is FF 4k60p or still APS-C 4k60p and is it still 8bit internal?
  2. No you are not alone. I mostly shoot 25/50p here, no one asked me to shoot 30p/24p, I do get occasional 60P request
  3. 4K is uncropped, now just waiting to see if 4K is also DPAF or CDAF like m50/rp
  4. Uncropped 4K video confirmed
  5. maybe I haven't shoot 24p after graduating from school lol
  6. that 120fps quality is still bad..
  7. My friend try the new nvidia acceleration options on his rig which is i7-7700 (4c8t) with RTX2080, his rendering of a 2:30hr video in FHD drop from over 1hr to 15min.. pretty impressive boost! He said he got about 70% utilisations on the GPU, with adobe premiere it barely using any GPU..
  8. Maybe try ebay or something for the usb dongle
  9. Same if you are behind China too, that's why so many of them get away with copyright theft
  10. Canon is definitely way ahead then, 4K60P on a Full frame camera in 2016. And this thread always bring me laughter, 2 and half years later and the mystical A7SIII still no where to be seen.
  11. ntblowz

    New use of 8K

    For shooting in studio with real time tracking and rendered background, they used 8K screen for the backdrop.
  12. The new Galaxy S10 Note announced and it can do a few effects live on video
  13. If you use their latest and greatest gear the AF is really not great.
  14. Dont expect it to have nice AF for sure
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