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  1. ntblowz

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Max test out the camera, it can record 1hr30 til battery died in 4K and no over heating icon! The cam is warm not hot unlike A6500 which died around 1hr on 4K and with overheating icon on. (skip to 14min for the recording time/thermal test) Make me feel a bit more hopeful that A7000 should have no problems with 4K60P..
  2. Either Z5 is an APS-C at that price or higher ($16~1700?) if it is full frame, remember they are all looking at margins more than ever before.
  3. ntblowz

    Major Sony update for A9, A7 line

    All that and still no SLOG/HLG.. there is no excuse!
  4. ntblowz

    Canon EOS R - The Sum Is Larger Than Its Parts

    For me a7iii works fine as b cam to c200, too much compromise on EOS-R for me. But if you are happy with EOS-R then it’s good for you as we all have different preferences and stuff, there is no one camera to rule them all.
  5. ntblowz

    Sony A6400

    Good thing with this is A7III/riii/a9 getting intervalometer build in in the next firmware, dont have to buy external one finally! Only thing is will this overheat like A6x000 do? Does it have high temp setting like A6500? No Playmemories means no unlimited recodring hack which is a bummer.
  6. ntblowz

    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    If they can do 8K60P then 4K240P is totally possible, like a big comet smashing the world of 1080P120 we have at the moment
  7. ntblowz

    Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

    And soon coming in m43 flavour.. i m definitely interested on the redmi note 7, for $150 it is really good price, just wondering how much difference in terms of performance is there between Samsung & Sony sensor ?
  8. ntblowz

    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    Now even cheap $150 Smartphone will have 48MP 1/2" Sensor camera.. aka Redmi Note 7 I guess it good that you can choose between extreme resolution mode (good for day time/studio) or binning for better low light, gives you much flexibility depend on situation.
  9. ntblowz

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    New Firmware update (01.07) Finally added 25/50p for us PAL users, also FOV seems a bit wider too? Still waiting for Cinelike D though.
  10. ntblowz

    What you can do with a FHD 60p no ibis no AF camera

    Maybe the 4K & IBIS is soo bad he thought it was only shot on FHD and no IBIS 😉
  11. ntblowz

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    Wonder was this the result of collab with RED last year? https://petapixel.com/2018/02/17/red-foxconn-team-make-8k-cameras-1-3-price/
  12. ntblowz

    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    That a giant slap on Panasonic's face, JVC and Sharp can show what M43 can really capable off.. So much for M43 is dead according to that Tony guy
  13. My A7III look more and more outdated...
  14. ntblowz

    What you can do with a FHD 60p no ibis no AF camera

    That my life with C100MKII before the C200 era.. oh wait we still shoot mostly Manual Focus on C200.
  15. ntblowz

    From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?

    GH3 definitely have better lowlight than GH2, as no frills 1080P camera it is pretty good price.