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  1. The really sinister bit, of course, is that even if you wrote the story then to get it out there you've got to play along with the very same game. At the end of the day, its fast becoming true that the only difference between the two organisations pictured here is that the Stasi didn't have break out areas and football tables to make it all look fluffy and innocent.
  2. Manual focusing on fly-by-wire MFT lenses

    The total scale of the focus is 0 to 1024, however focus is driven in increments of 10 (fast) or 1(slow) and depending on the lens there are around 20-25 'zones' for want of a better expression. So if you use the 'fast' control this means you go from closest to furthest possible focus in 20 to 25 commands and if you use the 'slow' command it will be 200 to 250. Lenses on a speedbooster will have much coarser control and can often only be 10 'zones'. Trying to get anything smooth as well as precise requires some tricky stuff Imagine driving your car if it could only go 60 miles an hour or 6 miles an hour. My view is that if you want to do manual control of those lenses then its best to do it completely by wire (as in with an external controller) as its more predictable than interpreting manual moves of the barrel on the lens. I'm wondering if there would be any love for a linear controller that was just on a fader to do that where there was hard stops at either end?
  3. The problem with the 'real' (old) media is that instead of standing their ground and weathering the storm against 'new' media and actually upping their standards, they shit themselves and joined in. You only have to look at the websites of traditional newspapers in the UK to see whats happened as they are culling more of their content from social media and trying to sensationalise it. You regularly now see what 20 years ago would have been a disagreement between two anonymous people in a small town elevated to national 'news' because its so easy, cheap - and natural - for the new crop of journalists at these publications to source these stories and amplify them. We now have a situation where there is a generation that hasn't grown up with any real depth or quality to the media that they are exposed to. If 'real' media is now just a randomly compiled, delayed and watered down version of 'new' media then why the hell would anyone pay for it anyway when you can get the other stuff for free? The future of online might actually be semi-offline for many of us as we seek higher quality of everything from journals, to music, to films but we will have to pay for it directly and properly. If we want people who are providing the content to be serious then we have to be too and accept that we'll have to pay for it. I think it is actually doable and the burnout that a large number of people are feeling about the internet could make the timing of it not far off. The great thing about the internet can be that there is no filter between creators and consumers but sometimes we need to accept that that filter sometimes wasn't a bad thing. These days, everyone wants to celebrate that the big corporate monsters of print, broadcast, music and film have been bypassed but to my mind they've now been replaced by corporates that are far, far more sinister.
  4. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Yeah, that was on a Sigma DP3M which is 75mm equivalent and the 2 does feel a bit too much on that.
  5. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Only on stills but I just did a quick shot for you using the Tiffen Digital Diffusion FX 2 Frame and crop without filter on left side and same with filter on right.
  6. When your 'economic model' is more or less stalking then you deserve to have it sabotaged. I would happily pay a subscription fee for an internet service thats free of this intrusive bullshit. Sometimes 'free' is really way too high a price to pay.
  7. Wonderfully cinematic stills

    The extent of my cultured critique of his work at that show was that I wouldn't trust him if I saw him at shop buying a shovel, plastic bags and some lime thats for sure ! I think I remember reading somewhere that he now uses a Phase One system.
  8. Did some experiments yesterday using the DP3M and a Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3 to see if it smoothed things out a bit. Contact sheet of some more from yesterday.
  9. Lenses

    The GH5 ETC mode is certainly a thing of non-grumpinesss with that lens isn't it?
  10. Wonderfully cinematic stills

    Crewdson's 'Cathedral Of The Pines' exhibition is currently on at The Photographer's Gallery in London and is worth a visit if you're in the area. I think @mercer would enjoy this one in particular as I'm sure its a look he'd be into making if he just had the scores of crew and lights that Crewdson uses !
  11. Nikon PR nightmares

    Sony turning up with the A9 but with no lenses for it has let them off the hook I think. You've got to think that Canon have a full frame mirrorless ready and waiting and would've got it out ASAP if Sony had presented enough of a threat. That would have put Nikon in harm's way as I don't think they are in as advanced a position as that with theirs. And no wonder they haven't got very far along with it if their R&D director is spending most of his days on Facebook looking for new ways to pimp his Df
  12. Nikon PR nightmares

    Its alright, Nikon have put last week's PR clangers behind them by coming up with a whole different one to start this week with. A Nikon director of R&D has given quite a candid interview in China and come out with this : "Nikon customer base is very broad, from novice to enthusiasts to prosumer to professional, that’s Nikon’s advantage. Olympus, Sony and Fujifilm can only cover a small part of that. So far there is no professional using their products. So when they develop products, even like retro style, they only try to meet these people and that’s only what they can do. Their customer base is limited anyway so they have limited view in developing products." And concluded on this really inspiring note : "...before A9 was introduced, Sony went through a lot failure internally. Nikon has a lot more failure experience than Sony." https://nikonrumors.com/2017/09/15/new-interview-with-tetsuro-goto-from-nikon-full-frame-is-the-trend-if-nikon-will-go-mirrorless-it-must-be-full-frame.aspx/#ixzz4sy7LQksS
  13. Nikon PR nightmares

    And I think @Andrew Reid response was just a pun on Ebrahim as in its a female so would be Ebra-her rather than Ebra-him
  14. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Sorry, I just meant as a way of appraising all of the filter effects and combinations before having to buy the physical versions Found the link to the software in the shop if anyone is interested in buying it online (they must have taken them off display) https://www.cameraworld.co.uk/tiffen-dfx-v3.html
  15. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Tiffen used to do a piece of editing software/plug in that simulated all of their filters but its now discontinued. I used to have a demo version of it and the annoying thing is that I saw it being sold off quite cheap (£50) at a camera store in London a few months ago and thought I'd pick a copy up but they didn't have any left. Might be worth a scour on eBay for it as its sounds like exactly what you could do with to try different combos https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/845319-REG/Tiffen_DFXPCSV3_DFX_V3_PLUG_IN_FOR_PHOTO_SHOP_LIGTROOM_APERTURE.html