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  1. Just as an FYI in terms of costs, these are the license fees for products incorporating AVC/H.264 https://www.mpegla.com/programs/avc-h-264/license-agreement/ This is from their FAQs Q: Do the same licensing terms apply to all profiles of the AVC/H.264 Standard? A: Yes, the same terms apply whether one or more profiles is used. * There is an interesting quirk involved in the licensing but I'm not going to aid and abet the transition of EOSHD into the internet's pre-eminent camera and patent law fusion forum so you can research that one yourselves
  2. Scientists produce a handy identification guide.
  3. BTM_Pix

    iTunes Replacements

    MacX MediaTrans is the most iTunes like alternative to iTunes and has a couple of extra tricks. Its a paid app but has a free trial. https://www.macxdvd.com/mediatrans/
  4. Google "Benidorm" and "Brits abroad" and you'll find loads of stuff of a beach covered in trash Anyway, this site has what you need https://www.videvo.net/video/plastic-trash-in-idyllic-beach-scene/455510/
  5. Many thanks for doing this. Unless you have something else running in the background on the phone that is trying to use the wifi intermittently for updates (email etc) then my guess regarding the connection issues are that they've implemented a keep alive watchdog like they have in the Leicas which I had to implement. Not really worth it for a prodding app like this but certainly good to know for "other" projects. I don't know enough about the spec of the G9 to know if the higher bitrate 1080p and PCM audio are a win, I'm presuming it doesn't have them already ? Did the HLG profile work by the way?
  6. No thats for the built version. The DIY version is $399 Plus glue.
  7. Should have got this one. Samsung really are determined to get 8K into people's homes one way or another. And yes, that is a real product
  8. It is a custom one, detailed in this very useful thread by @shijan on the BM forum. https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?t=59874 If you already have an existing LANC controller and don't mind a bit of soldering this is the pin out for the expansion port on the camera. If you do mind a bit of soldering then BM do the expansion cable which comes out to individual sockets you can just plug in to which is useful for power input etc but may be a bit clunky if all you need is the LANC.
  9. And if the html version works, then I've done a new version of the app with the handshake and connect functions split up in case it is a timing issue. Just delete the old one and install this. LumixVideoFormats-2.apk
  10. It was €12.49 in the end as I do like a haggle.
  11. Well done to everyone who entered. Hopefully we can have another edition so that shiftless lazy buggers like me can actually get their act together and join in this time.
  12. The app needing to be updated message is usually a sign that the initial connect after the handshake has failed. That could be a timing issue with the way its done in the app as it may not be waiting long enough between the two commands. Where you able to test the basic html page version with it ? If do Handshake and then Connect (l'd said the other way round in the post above like an idiot ) on that it is obviously two commands and it will also display an error in the browser window. If that doesn't work then I'll need to find an unguarded G9 in a shop and have a look at whats going on. Thanks for your help in any case.
  13. The procedure because its a bit of a hack of their connection and handshake procedure is Put the camera into Wifi mode. Connect device to camera in Android settings Hit Connect in the app. As its a new connection, the camera may ask you if you want to make a new connection so click OK It will then likely fail as it doesn't like the first connection Close the app Re-open the app and click connect again and it should be fine from then on at every boot. The cameras will only accept one wifi connection at a time so make sure that the Panasonic Image app is closed before using the app. You can check the basic connection by loading this attached html page on any web browser on any device connected to the cameras wifi so either the web browser of that Android device or your pc etc. Just click Connect and then Handshake and then at least you'll be able to try the HLG profile from that. LX100 MARK 2 TESTER.html
  14. Seems he couldn't mount those PL lenses on that Pocket6K then
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