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  1. Novoflex do one for the Leica SL but it is limited in terms of the lenses you can use with it and it is AF-S only. https://www.novoflex.de/en/products-637/lens-adapters//adapterfinder-products/leica-sl-t-tl-tl2-cl-mirrorless/adapter-nikon-e-type-nikkor-lenses-to-leica-sl-cameras.html?rgerg=38 Such is the loose nature of the L mount "alliance", it doesn't do AF with the Panasonic cameras. As with their EF to L adapter which, despite its age and Novoflex certainly not being a member of the alliance is more compatible with the SL than the Sigma MC-21, I would guess they are trickin
  2. This is a roll your own solution where you can get the type of ends that you need at each end of the ribbon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ribbon-Cable-Multicopter-Aerial-Photography-D2/dp/B08KNYLL33
  3. These ribbon types are available in various lengths. Start at €13 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32673491728.html If you are looking for a more local supplier, these type of cables are usually available from RC/Drone shops for connecting cameras to transmitters.
  4. I'm concerned that four methods of showing you its in record just isn't enough. So I'll be waiting until SmallRig or Tilta release their Marine Flare Launcher cage add on for it just to be on the safe side.
  5. Unless they have changed something in the protocol versus the P6K then, yes, it will be.
  6. I am dull enough to get my fun through utility though so it works on both levels for me. I've decided that the German word for people who get their fun through the misfortune of others who have over tightened their glass balcony clamps and caused the destruction of said glass balcony should be "Shardenfreude".
  7. Until recently I'd have said my most useful piece of equipment was my untethered glass balcony clamp.
  8. The multi-interface shoe is also capable of supporting an EVF as Sony did with the RX1 and the RX100M2 so it would be interesting to see if a new version of that appears for this camera.
  9. Well, no one is coming out of that story covered in any glory are they ?
  10. BTM_Pix

    Sigma EVF

    Yep, that would tie in with the EVF and would be very interesting . I was also thinking maybe "Lens" as well if they've made a fixed lens version like a Leica Q or their own DP series.
  11. BTM_Pix

    Sigma EVF

    So it seems Sigma have registered a camera called the fp L. Let the guessing games about what the 'L' stands for commence.
  12. @kye You might want to have a look at the Dehancer colour grading suite of tools for Resolve. https://www.dehancer.com/ Aside from the film stock emulations, it also has emulation control of specific aspects such as halation, grain, gate weave and film breath so you will really be able to dig in to see the cumulative effects of all these elements on your own footage. It is free to download and try out (watermarks the image) and has an input profile for your GH5. Incidentally, the CEO of the company has also started publishing a series of lectures on how to see colour o
  13. The list is here https://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/fp-series/accessories/#acc_recommend The T5 is the only one listed that doesn't have any caveats listed with it but, anecdotally at least, I can say I've had no issues recording with the 500gb version of the Sandisk Extreme (not Pro) at 25fps 12 bit and its listed on Sigma's list that only 1tb and above can be used so I presume the list is quite conservative. With regard to buying replacement T5 cables, these purport to be the genuine Samsung item but without having tried one personally I can't comment how true that is.
  14. BTM_Pix

    Sigma EVF

    Don't forget the articulating arm that gave it that extra flexibility and showcased my intricate gaffer taping work.
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