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  1. Almost forgot, if you press the bottom trigger, while holding the stick to the right and double tap the C button you get a power up combo
  2. No, as with the the electronic lenses on the P4K/6K, everything is done on the AFX itself with the controller. You tape a focus target on a wall (nothing fancy, anything contrasty will do so you can just put a piece of newspaper up if you want), focus the lens at minimum focus with the controller operating the focus movement, mark the point using the A button on the controller and this stores the focus point with its associated distance. Move back, re-focus, re-mark etc until you reach infinity and thats it done. Takes no more than 5-6 minutes per lens and only has to be done on
  3. Thanks for your support. Have to play that one close to my chest for now. But it won't be far behind the AFX so the suspense won't last too long !
  4. Yes, they will connect wirelessly. The AFX acts as the hub device controlling the camera (and lens motors for manual focus lenses) and receives/sends data to/from the additional components. An example of this that is built in already is the Tilta control wheel when using BMPCC4K/6K. It connects over BLE to the AFX and the AFX then translates its movements into controlling the native electronic lenses on the camera. This means that P4K/6K cameras can have the advantage of the more tactile control of a focus wheel without having to have focus motors and powering them etc.
  5. It will auto focus to closest point in the central area. You control the switch between AF and manual modes with a trigger on the controller. So you can be manually focused and then press the trigger and it will engage the AF. In AF-S mode it will then not re-adjust until you press the trigger again so you can just use it to get and initial lock and then manually adjust from there or you can switch to AF-C mode where it will constantly re-focus on whatever is in the central area. The QuadLock system lets you set four different focus points in the scene either manually or us
  6. Yes it does. So if you have the Nano wheel you can also use it to set focus points for the QuadLock system etc. You can use one of these clamps like this and then that gives you the 1/4 20 thread so the ability to mount it on an arm etc etc A two pack of them with ball head adapters are £17 on Amazon and will give you a lot of flexibility and are just generally useful bits of kit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/2Pack-ChromLives-Camera-Clamp-Monitor/dp/B07GZ1D4BB
  7. Its an option but would require an additional USB module for the AFX too. I'm not ruling that out (as it would suit other cameras too) but there a couple of other modules ahead of it in the development queue.
  8. The issue with the FP is that the only way to control it is through the USB port which then, of course, stops you shooting to SSD So whilst we were keen to support the FP (as we love the camera) its likely going to be too much of a trade off for users to be a viable option. Thanks for your support.
  9. Its a fixed internal rechargeable. It can be powered and simultaneously charged through USB.
  10. Indeed it is. Pity I didn't know, you could have come down and had a demo !
  11. Three days to go. The RAW shooting Sigma fp with the Baveyes 645 medium format speed booster is a little powerhouse. Particularly when you can now add ToF autofocus to that manual Mamiya 35mm lens.
  12. If you want to tick every wide angle box for both cameras then Canon's full frame 11-24mm f4 L would certainly be the front runner. Unfortunately, even the used price of them means you'd also be ticking the box that said "please make me considerably poorer".
  13. Yeah, the CinelikeD hack came out of me developing a couple of prototype controllers for Panasonic cameras before there was a pivot to the BM cameras. The PBC, and by extension the AFX, are actually built on that original foundation so if Panasonic introduce BLE control capabilities then its all there ready to go but using WiFi for control is not ideal (more in terms of power/heat with the cameras than the controller) so I'd prefer to avoid it.
  14. I can think of a couple of YouTubers that could be that third guest and you'd could probably then sell the PPV rights to Showtime.
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