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  1. Specs on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Pro EVF Display Resolution 1280 x 960 Display Type Micro OLED Frame Rates Up to 60 fps Color Precision 24 bit RGB, 16.7 million colors Focus 4 element diopter Diopter Range -4 to +4
  2. Tilt adjustable 1500 nit LCD... that's a nice improvement. I wonder what resolution the EVF is and if it is OLED? with the brighter tilt screen it's nice that it is optional and not built in to the product and price.
  3. I think there is room between the USRA Mini Pro 4.6k G2 and the USRA Mini Pro 12k for an USRA Mini Pro 8k for $7,500 that is basically the USRA Mini 12k that restricts the resolution to a downsampled 8k image. This could also be upgradable for $3,500 to 12k including installing the 12k enabling board at a local Blackmagic dealer. I would like to see the Pocket 6k sensor with M4/3 mount in a Micro Cinema Camera body with SDI output and dual micro XLR microphone inputs for $2495. I would like to see a 6k global shutter sensor with M4/3 mount in a Micro Cinema Camera body with SDI outpu
  4. Thanks - interested in seeing how the rainbow flares from special coating look.
  5. I tried the Crane 3 S Pro to see if I could get it to work the same as the DJI Ronan RS 2 Pro Combo but handle more weight for my manual focus vintage lenses. Unfortunately, the Crane 3 S Pro was not as easy to set up a the RS 2 Pro Combo. One of the function that I assume would just work was using it as a monitor and a controller at the same time. We the RS 2 it was all in one app - video monitor and gimbal controller. With the Crane 3 S Pro it was 2 apps, one for control and one for monitoring, so I could not figure out how to monitor the video through my iPhone while using the iPhone to m
  6. @Caleb Genheimer Great idea! I am going to try a Crane 3 Pro gimbal for tracking, but I still need to check the tracking accuracy and speed with a heavy lens to see if it can keep up with the subject. The other nice thing about using a gimbal is being able to do the tracking control by moving the phone to manually to move the gimbal and track the subject by hands and eyes. So instead of focus pulling, it is focus pointing.
  7. @BTM_Pix Thanks for making your system incredible flexible! This is fantastic news for people who own or plan to own more than one AFX and MMX. It reminds me of what Steve Jobs said when he first introduced the iphone... It's an auto focus distance sensor, it's lens motor driver, it's relational database, it's a Bluetooth Low Energy Multi Client/Server... It's all of these, but together it is a revolutionary autofocus tool kit where networked autofocus sensors can distribute autofocus distance information allowing you to co-locate two cameras, one as your autof
  8. @KnightsFan Great question! Honestly, I don’t, but I switched the color profiles back and forth and P3 looked the best to me. It looked very similar to the default iMac color profile. I think the key is to bake the color space and the gamma settings into the resultant QuickTime file and set Resolve to Use Mac Display Color Profiles for Viewers I assume if you had your own calibrated color profile it should work just as well.
  9. @kyeThanks for the information! I’m not applying and removing the LUT with the Display P3 work flow and the results match. For people on iMac with Resolve I would try the 3 steps listed above (without the LUT), as it is a no fuss workflow. That said, if you do try the 3 steps (to color consistency), please report back your experience to confirm or deny the validity of this workflow (for iMac users). Thanks!
  10. When you export to a Quicktime file from Resolve, if what you see in the viewer in Resolve does not match what you see when you playback the resulting Quicktime file - check out the following article: (It's a long article, so I summarized what worked for my scenario below.) https://www.thepostprocess.com/2020/03/16/color-shift-fixes-from-davinci-resolve-to-mac-displays/ Here's the steps I followed for my 2017 iMac running 10.13.6 and Resolve 16.2.8: 1. In System Preferences->Displays->Color (Display profile:)->Display P3 2. In Resolve Preferences->General.“Use M
  11. I received a New Campaign Update from Indiegogo regarding the The AFX - Autofocus Adapter: "Holiday Greetings We would like to send our warmest regards to all of our backers for this holiday season and thank you for your support of the AFX. In terms of the project itself, we are pleased to report that we are starting to receive the scheduled production samples of the main AFX and MMX boards and accessories. It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year and we wish you all a safer and more prosperous 2021." @BTM_Pix Happy Holidays! Great news that things
  12. I think YouTube also will be a player. YouTube offers movies which you can watch for free with ads, some you can only rent and buy and some you can only buy. It's kind of like watching YouTube with all of the ads, but the content is a step up from a lot of the YouTube content and as you get to pick, and it is better than the movie of the week on Television. Stuff like Robcop, Mr. Mom... etc. I'm not saying movies should be watched with ads in middle but giving the choice I would much rather watch a movie on YouTube that is not on Netflix than I would watch other YouTube content. So
  13. Black Friday audio purchases: 1. DDMF Metaplugin https://ddmf.eu/metaplugin-chainer-vst-au-rtas-aax-wrapper/ allows you to over sample your entire audio processing chain inside Metaplugin for better bass response on compressors, limiters, clippers, and dynamic eq 2. FLATLINE - Mastering Clipper https://www.submissionaudio.com/products/flatline I run this before Voxengo Elephant Limiter to excellent effect providing clean loudness without losing bass or distorting the mid range as many Clipper and Limiters do. I run both inside DDMF Metaplugin over sampled 8x for best bass response.
  14. Hi, There are a few Free Black Friday Audio Plugins - Waves and Slate Digital that are worth getting while they are still available. Waves - CLA EchoSphere - Take a Lexicon 480 Plate Reverb and a Tape delay. Great for music vocals or try in for post an use a small rooms with little or no tape delay for ambience. https://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday-2020/free-plugin Slate Digital - Fresh Air - high frequency enhance that mimics the dobly A stretching audio trick - add to vocal or voice over to add clarity and intelligibility. https://slatedigital.com/fresh-air/ Both free
  15. At an NAB I was working at a union worker threatened to knock one of my co-workers off a ladder because they were attempting to change a light bulb. They were told it was “union work” - probably considered it “electrical”. My co-work let them change the light bulb. Otherwise, I really enjoyed going to NAB. Got to see the raw output of a Genesis camera and asked why is the output so green and was told that’s what the sensor sees. I thought that doesn’t look so great - who’s gonna buy that - even if they are shooting a model a motorcycle - probably before monitors had built-in outs. Go
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