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  1. First off, this is a great question, which I had not thought about from a cost benefit ratio. If the question was: would you purchase this camera to shoot a conference - I agree, it would not be my first choice. Regarding the technical benefits of using this camera for shooting a conference, The entire URSA mini pro line, due to b4 lens compatibility options, makes it a good choice for shooting a conference. If I were purchasing a Blackmagic camera on that basis alone, I would probably buy the URSA mini broadcast. if I owned a 12k and it was not being used on another higher
  2. Delivering 4K in camera maybe a delivery requirement for some productions, so getting it right in is essential. Plus, there may be times when shooting an interview or an all day conference etc where you would want the highest quality at the lowest bit rate.
  3. Closer than I expected... I like the Blackmagic colors better, the dynamic range on the canon seems to be slightly better than the URSA 12k... I would like the new sensor tech in a pocket body to make it affordable.
  4. Seems to me it’s the sensor and codec that is the issue. If this had a pocket 6k sensor (yes with the m4/3 mount) and BRAW it would be a best seller. People know what they want and will purchase without hesitation when the right product is available.
  5. I take pictures with my iPhone every day so better image quality is welcome. One thing this may excel at is shooting in public places without a permit or kit. A couple of self recording lavalier mic body packs and you could shoot a conversation at a table in a mall that would probably look pretty good. Also, car interiors could be a good application. The saying used to be “lights, camera, action” now it’s “no lights, no problem, I got the new iPhone“ Anyways, someday the photos I take of paperwork at work (instead of scanning them) will be ready for the big screen.
  6. This youtube video lists the camera as "Ursa Mini Pro 12k". Wow - impressive! The color rendition is special in the way that the different shades of a color appear distinct and unique even when they are very similar. I also like the motion cadence. The image is solid and without distraction. It's nice to not have any obvious flaws that steel my attention from the content.
  7. Impressive results! Looks like this could be used at a higher level for virtual actors. There may be a day when it will be cheaper to have the actor do voiceovers and have a digital equivalent than actually go out and shoot the scene. I guess we can expect to see Brad Pitt making new movies in his prime for years to come.
  8. New footage from the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12k is few and far between. Seems like dogs in 8K 60p and 12k 60p is best we can do on a Sunday morning (starting at 8:36 in the video). A good reminder regarding focus and depth of field when shooting household pets. ; ) "Help me, @Neumann Films. You're my only hope."
  9. @Desmond Downs Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  10. A good reminder to make sure your lens can focus to infinity when you swap lens mounts on the URSA Mini Pro 12k. Also, as far as he was zooming in, a softer image is expected, but of course not out of focus. Here's to the Belushi-esque unboxing, permanent marker and all.
  11. I'm on a 5k iMac viewing in Safari and I left the playback resolution in auto which I believe defaulted to 1080p. I thought setting B on the video looked best. I noted a difference around the edges of the image elements being that they seemed to have more resolution and less offensive artifacts. What was setting B? If setting B was 2k then that will same me upload time and bandwidth. Thanks!
  12. @BTM_Pix Thanks! Looking forward to the feature announcement of the pro version. I am hoping there will be the ability to correlate and link the zoom motor value with the focus motor value so there is some type of auto framing mode ( or Zolly mode).
  13. @BTM_Pix very impressive! I have Nucleus M Follow focus and a GH5 or URSA Mini Pro 4.6k both are adapting b4 lenses with the follow focus. Will I be able to use the first less expensive version or will I want to wait and purchase the more expensive more advanced 2nd version? Thanks! Mark
  14. I’m impressed with the color matching. If I owned a higher end Red and needed another camera Komodo seems like a good value as a “b” camera to the higher end Red cameras. Even at the lower price point of Komodo you are getting the Red image processing pipeline and great one at that. I think it is fair to say that Komodo will be many people “a” camera and is a good choice as it can look great and has many year of high in camera technology and experience built into its design. It seems priced right for what you are getting...
  15. I have ERA Voice Leveler as well. I compared it to DialogueEnhance by Accentize., They are different in the way they ride the level. DialogueEnhance makes the track have a more even/consistent level. It is 57€, but also has noise reduction, eq and compression as well as leveling. It is all AI driven so it a great place to start with to get your signal in the ball park and then use your other plugins to dial in further if necessary.
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