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  1. Cool - I try to accomplish the same thing with GH6 in 1.4x crop mode. I would like to see them head to head to judge the dynamic range and color rendition.
  2. The distance of the exit pupil from the sensor plane can affect image quality. When the exit pupil is closer to the sensor/focal plane, the angles of incidence at the extreme edges of the field become higher, possibly leading to pixel vignetting, depending on the sensitivity of the digital sensor to the angle of incidence. You could fix this with vignetting compensation, you could also fix barrel distortion with a small lighter lens design. If you had enough resolution and dynamic range you could put the exit pupil even closer to the sensor plane and then compensate for it when making the smallest, lightest, shortest, lens possible. Seems like Sony prefers this formula. If all other things are equal, then having an exit pupil further from the sensor so that light rays are more telecentric, is theoretically better. So adapting an EF lens to an RF mount as compared to a similarly spec'd RF lens without image compensation may provide a slightly worse image. Making a smaller lighter version of a lens on an RF mount should look worse without image compensation as compared to an adapted EF version with the same F Stop and focal length or zoom range.
  3. My assumption is it will have two modes: One with Global Shutter and lower dynamic range and worse low light performance and a second with Rolling Shutter and better dynamic range and better low light. I have a Z-Cam E2-M4 and it has a second setting with worse rolling shutter and better low light. They may not offer the rolling shutter mode, but if they do hopefully the RS will be acceptation and the low light and dynamic range will be improved.
  4. Seems like this will be a great camera! It will have to better the GH6 dynamic range wise for me to consider it. I suspect that this will not get 16, 15 or even 14 stops of dynamic range with global shutter and for low light or higher dynamic range modes, the rolling shutter will probably be bad. Prove me wrong Z-Cam and I will purchase when you have it on sale for $2,999 is 9 months. That said I wish Z-Cam all the best with this camera! I imagine one way or another, someday I will wind up own it...
  5. 5 Stages of Grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Looks like the screen actors guild is at stage 3: From https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/5-reasons-why-the-screen-actors-guild-is-striking-against-studios/ar-AA1e55Mv "...The studios countered with wanting to scan a background performance, pay the performer for half a day’s work, then use that performance and likeness in perpetuity without consent. The studios also wanted to be able to change the dialogue said by main actors, or even add new scenes, without the actors’ consent. Studios were also interested in using an actor’s likeness, image, and performances “to train new generative AI systems without consent or compensation.” I think the money is in training AI with the likeness, image, and performances of convicted criminals. My next movie and video game is going to star AI versions Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer (they are both dead, so it keeps licensing costs down I assume? I wonder? Maybe the studios already own the virtual rights to their likenesses.) Bundy and Dahmer meet in prison and realize that they at one time were in same GYM glass, had a crush on the same girl, where both rejected by her, which was the last straw for each of them. It follows the retelling of their lives in parallel until each has their first kill. The academy award for best fantasy dark comedy tm goes to: Bundy vs Dahmer: First Kill tm Disclaimer no humans were hurt or killed in the making of this virtual movie or video game - it just looks, feels and sounds that way... we are not responsible for the therapy costs of associated with recovering from our media experience. Does anyone else have problem with a move maker/studio using an AI likeness of real serial killers to make horror films or video games? My point is if being famous is the fundamental value of an actor then we are surround by potential actors who the viewing audience my be just as interested in watching, if AI can do the acting for them... BTW - I love AI, plan to make the most of it for the benefit of humanity.
  6. majoraxis

    Power Zooms?

    I've used Sony 28-135mm FE PZ F4 G OSS Full-Frame E-Mount Power Zoom Lens on Sony A7S MK II and the autofocus as not perfect due to the camera and there was noticeable rolling shutter when panning. The image was nice and when zoomed in from a distance had nice shallow depth of field wide open. I used it with a LANC zoom controller mounted to the tripod arm and it was able to do different zoom speeds smoothly. I think with a more recent camera like the A7iv it would have better auto focus and better rolling shutter. The one thing about it that was not ideal was the 5x zoom range. It was not enough for run and gun shooting for me. You can of course crop in post or possible do a digital zoom in camera, but I prefer to have a longer zoom range or a fast F-stop if it is a shorter some range. All and all the image was not the issue the older Sony camera was. On a more modern camera it should really shine.
  7. GH6. There is something special about V-Log with high dynamic range enabled and the Panasonic V-Log to REC709 LUT. I have never had such an easy time with color grading. I made the move up from the GH5 because I wanted better audio focus and to be able to record 4 channels of audio, which the GH6 will with the Panasonic stereo XLR audio hot shoe adapter.
  8. majoraxis

    Panasonic GH6

    I have both the GH5 and GH6 and I prefer shooting with Picture Profiles on the GH5 and V-Log on the GH6. So the GH6 and its version V-Log looks better after post than the GH5 and it version of V-log. Probably not a right answer when it comes to the GH6: V-log or Picture Profiles are both great.
  9. Hi Eric, Happy New Year! I just used one of your song in a little video game I put together. It was just what the game needed. Thanks for making this valuable resource available! Mark
  10. Super 16 crop on the USRA mini Pro 12k offers: 6144 x 3240 (6K Super16) up to 120 fps with 7.8ms rolling shutter. 4096 x 2160 (4K Super16) up to 240 fps with 4.25ms rolling shutter.
  11. Once a year we have the opportunity to fill in the gaps or expand our capabilities at potentially the best prices of the year. What's on your shopping? Here's some of my favorite Black Friday discounted purchases: 1. Topaz Labs Everything Bundle (Topaz Video AI, Topaz Photo AI, Topaz Sharpen AI, Topaz Gigapixal AI, Topaz DeNoise AI) all for $279 2. Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Publisher 2, and the iPad version of each, all for $99 3. WaveLab 11 for 50% off and even more because of the exchange rate if you purchase through www.bestservice.com 4. Sonoris Mastering Compressor 25% off. 5. Relab Developments LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb V4 (basically a perfect copy of the Lexicon 480L dual engine reverb) for 50% off.
  12. Fantastic! I am wondering if anyone will use the time lapse record function for creating titles that with morph over time. I just checked their website and not only is it still on but you can get all of their apps for $20, basically, save you $10 off the previously discount price of $10 each. That said if you only get one, Rebelle Pro is the one to get. https://www.escapemotions.com/blog/ten-years-of-escape-motions
  13. Hi, Rebelle 5 Pro simulates water colors with realistic color blending and also does oils, acrylics, pencil and ink. If you ever wanted to try you hand at being a (digital) painter - get this deal - regularly $149 only $10 end Oct 13. https://www.escapemotions.com/blog/ten-years-of-escape-motions https://www.instagram.com/p/CjQb5Faq4yC/
  14. is this feature a big deal? “You can also use Ultimatte 12 to layer computer generated augmented reality foreground objects into a scene, complete with realistic transparency that your talent can walk behind” Could unreal engine 5 in real time to render both the landscape/background and a foreground image the transparency, while changing how in focus the foreground is based on the distance of the subject is from the camera based on AFX focus distance determination? Thanks!
  15. I’ve owned a number of those cameras (GH 1. NX1, BMCC 2.5k). I would say that the GH5 is a great low total cost of ownership camera. It’s 10bit with a decent bit rate for about $750 used. Maybe that’s more than people would consider cheap, but it is hack and hassle free with a broadcast quality image. So have we had access to great low cost icing images for a long time? Sure, but each had it’s challenges and flaws !
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