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  1. Nice to hear it said out loud: "the Emperor has no clothes" I would love for people to be able to say what they think publicly without free of being cancelled, like Roger Waters did. Seeing action without fear is refreshing regardless of the explicatives.
  2. The video and commentary is great! Keep them coming...
  3. This is great news! Is the USRA G2 version recommended for use with the USRA G1? Is the Zcam S6 version recommended for use with the Zcam E2-M4? Thanks! Mark
  4. I hope the GH 5 MK II will have: Less lag on the HDMI output. Higher resolution wireless monitoring (1080p) via their app. HDMI monitoring when recording open gate 5.7k. If you fix these issues and have 10bit 4k 120p, I would consider upgrading. If I can't effectively monitor what I shoot, where is the joy in using your tools to create my art?
  5. I have to agree that when looking at 8 bit vs 10 bit file straight out of the camera, there is not a lot of difference if exposed correctly. When doing heavy grading or keying or if improperly exposure it makes a difference. Also, the look of 8bit H265 with the mode recent H265 decoder algorithm can look excellent and comparing the older decoder to the newer decoder providing more highlight recovery - so something so tweaked as the recording did not change. I image if you have perfect 8 bit exposure, encode and decode it would not be worth the extra data for 10 bit. I feel like 12 bit d
  6. majoraxis

    z cam m4?

    The latest firmware release notes for version 0.98.0 says "External SSD recording through USB performance improved" so that may help with skipping frames. I've only recorded to C-Fast with it so I can't say about the improvements. Also with this firmware version there are many flavors of Pro Res so you can shoot LT if HQ is to much data for your drive speed/compatibility. I did some low light recording and it does well in low light, depending on your ISO you get a fair amount of noise, but it holds its color well and the noise would be there with any other camera with a similar Sony se
  7. Confirmed: https://scitechdaily.com/females-distinguish-colors-better-while-men-excel-at-tracking-fast-moving-objects/ "Females Distinguish Colors Better While Men Excel At Tracking Fast Moving Objects. ... females are better at discriminating among colors, while males excel at tracking fast-moving objects and discerning detail from a distance ... ... men and women tend to ascribe different shades to the same objects ... Males require a slightly longer wavelength than females to experience the same hue. Longer wavelengths are associated with warmer colors, implying that co
  8. majoraxis

    z cam m4?

    I have a Zcam E2-M4 as well. There is a great 3 part review by Adam Wilt here: https://www.provideocoalition.com/review-z-cam-e2-m4-mft-cine-camera-part-1/ Things that I love about the E2-M4 are: 1. Sony sensor. Z-Cam color science. Great low light. Great color rendition. Great slow motion at 4k120p, no line skipping. Good dynamic ranging with using Zlog or Flat profile. 2. 10-bit color to Pro-Res, (with the latest firmware) at all frame rates. 3. High resolution, decently low lag wireless HDMI to their iPhone app for monitoring and cont
  9. AFX Update #17 Excessive Noise Problem The battery chamber is slightly oversized to allow air circulation but also to take into account and make allowance for any potential expansion of the battery over time. Because of this, it is not unexpected to hear it move slightly in the chamber if the AFX is tilted over but this will not impact its performance in normal operation when mounted on the camera... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afx-autofocus-adapter/x/9642202#/updates/all It's smart to leave room for the battery to expand overtime...
  10. AFX Update #14 can be read here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afx-autofocus-adapter#/updates/all My understanding is that all shippable shipments will be collected by the designated shipper by April 21, 2021, except for the few orders that need to have clarification on their shipping information. If you are an AFX campaign contributor and have not received a sipping notification, you may wish to check the link above for instructions. @BTM_Pix Thank you for all of your hard work in making this happen! It is obvious that you are not only an extremely talent
  11. AFX Indiegogo Update 13 "User Guide Update The User Guide has now been updated to v1.1 Rev 3 and is available for download from our website at www.cdatek.com Further revisions of the User Guide will be made when new features are added or in order to offer more hints and tips or clarify the operation of some aspects of the AFX and MMX. The v1.1 Rev 3 update contains a new page with a visual overview of the Calibration process to act as a quick reference to the detailed step by step guide that follows it in the main Calibration section. " I think I have received my
  12. Congratulations! I think we should be asking you for tips. Here's Update # 12 for Indiegogo "Tech Support & Shipping Update Tech Support Can we please ask that if you have any tech support queries then you contact us directly at admin@cdatek.com Using the comments page on here is not an effective way for us to provide you with tech support as it has a limited character count, a terrible layout making responses difficult to read and we cannot attach or request files/screenshots etc. Therefore, if you can please direct all tech support messages to admin@cdatek
  13. In addition to the shipping news: "USER GUIDE & FOCUS CHART We are also pleased to announce that both the User Guide and Focus Chart for the AFX is now available for download from our website at www.cdatek.com The User Guide covers all aspects of the setup, calibration and operation of both the AFX and MMX and is essential reading prior to using your system."
  14. There is something special about the dynamic range from the race car video. Nice shadow detail, nothing crushed, maybe it is just the way it is graded, but their look to be a lot of latitude and film like esthetic.
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