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  1. AFX Update #14 can be read here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afx-autofocus-adapter#/updates/all My understanding is that all shippable shipments will be collected by the designated shipper by April 21, 2021, except for the few orders that need to have clarification on their shipping information. If you are an AFX campaign contributor and have not received a sipping notification, you may wish to check the link above for instructions. @BTM_Pix Thank you for all of your hard work in making this happen! It is obvious that you are not only an extremely talent
  2. AFX Indiegogo Update 13 "User Guide Update The User Guide has now been updated to v1.1 Rev 3 and is available for download from our website at www.cdatek.com Further revisions of the User Guide will be made when new features are added or in order to offer more hints and tips or clarify the operation of some aspects of the AFX and MMX. The v1.1 Rev 3 update contains a new page with a visual overview of the Calibration process to act as a quick reference to the detailed step by step guide that follows it in the main Calibration section. " I think I have received my
  3. Congratulations! I think we should be asking you for tips. Here's Update # 12 for Indiegogo "Tech Support & Shipping Update Tech Support Can we please ask that if you have any tech support queries then you contact us directly at admin@cdatek.com Using the comments page on here is not an effective way for us to provide you with tech support as it has a limited character count, a terrible layout making responses difficult to read and we cannot attach or request files/screenshots etc. Therefore, if you can please direct all tech support messages to admin@cdatek
  4. In addition to the shipping news: "USER GUIDE & FOCUS CHART We are also pleased to announce that both the User Guide and Focus Chart for the AFX is now available for download from our website at www.cdatek.com The User Guide covers all aspects of the setup, calibration and operation of both the AFX and MMX and is essential reading prior to using your system."
  5. There is something special about the dynamic range from the race car video. Nice shadow detail, nothing crushed, maybe it is just the way it is graded, but their look to be a lot of latitude and film like esthetic.
  6. I agree for most people true 4k resolution is more than enough resolution, unless you are doing signal camera multi-cam edit and delivering 4k, then you would want more resolution to start with to pan and scan inside of...
  7. There are only a few things the would make the Z Cam closer to the perfect Micro 4/3 cinema camera. 1. SDI output (and/or less lag on the HDMI output) (like the Red Komodo) 2. Better internal RAW like BRAW. (like Blackmagic Products) 3. On chip electronic variable ND filter as you have to use an EF mount if you want variable ND (Like FS5 etc electronic variable ND filter) 4. Mini XLR's rather than Lemo 5-pin. (like the Pocket 6k Pro) (this is not that big of a deal but would make the audio capabilities more obvious) 5. Larger touch screen display (like the Red Komodo)
  8. So would I. I used the Flat profile rather than z-log, so if both are an option I'm buying... Thanks!
  9. “”Production Update #10 29/3/21 As per our 25/3/21 update, we are pleased to inform you that the QA testing process for the main AFX boards has now been completed. From the production run of 300 boards, we experienced only one failure (a defective screen) so we now ready to begin final assembly and flashing of the production firmware of all of the finished AFX units. As per our 27/02/21, we will issue another update when this is process is complete and we are ready to begin despatch.”
  10. "Production Update #9 25/3/21 We are pleased to inform you that the main AFX boards have now arrived. The boards will now begin to be QA tested and once completed will pass to the final assembly phase. As per our 27/02/21 message, we will now issue a new update shortly when that phase is underway."
  11. That was a great article... no wonder I like shooting with the aperture wide open ; ) I imagine that comes with is own set of physics and constraints and at a minimum a lens may not be (will probably not be) at its sharpest when shooting wide open.
  12. Also the object tracking the RS2 (ActiveTrack 3.0) seem to track better when compared to the Zhiyun CRANE-3S Pro, I assume the Zhiyun app uses the algorithms across their product family, that said, software can be improved all other things being equal like HDMI wireless delay, resolution and frame rate providing the data for processing. I tried both the Crane 3-S Pro and the RS2 and I liked the DJI app and physical design of the RS2 better, the Weebill may be a completely difference experience as compared to the Crane 3S...
  13. @BenEricson does Zhiyun offer a Lidar autofocus add on module like the DJI 3D auto focus system? If so, the Weebill would be an even better value than Ronin RS2, if not maybe they have one in the works. I mentioned the RS2 Pro Combo because you can add the DJI Lidar 3D Auto Focus system, though not as good as the AFX auto focus system when it comes to the distance it can achieve auto focus at.
  14. I meant Micro Cinema Camera not Micro Studio Camera...
  15. The truth... For the under $700 camera price range, only the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k and the Micro Studio Camera look like the Pocket Cinema Camera. Making your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera work the way you want it to... If you keep your BMPCC, add an AFX audio focus system ($415) when for sale again and Tilta Nucleus Nano motor ($150). If you are in the market for a top of the line gimbal, fly your BMPCC on a Ronin RS2 Pro Combo ($999) and add the DJI 3D auto focus system ($169). For your price range and feature requirements (mostly)... You can also look
  16. The video touches on the topic of exceeding the color space and using the a scope and a plug in Resolve to monitor it and keep it within REC709 limits. The section starts at 14:52. Use the CIE Chromaticity Scope in Resolve to view the color space and how your levels exist inside and outside of it. If and when you are exceeding it, add the Color Space Transform Resolve OFX plugin and select the Gamut Mapping option in the plugin. Set it to Saturation Mapping and adjusting the Saturation Max and Knee to your color space target max levels. The video also has some good tips on gradi
  17. @KnightsFan Thanks for the information - I really appreciate it! I like the look of the ZCam plugin with the E2-M4 footage and I am thankful there is not a LUT involved. The more I play with my Zcam ecosystem: ProRes 4:2:2, Flat (saturated log color profile), Z Cam Color Correction OFX plugin for Resolve with color transform to linear, Resolve Noise Reduction, Resolve OFX plugins such as Dehaze, the more I feel like it is completely useable without having to shoot ZRAW or switch cameras and shoot BRAW. I think the E2-M4 is a worthy alternative to the Pocket 4k due to the results fro
  18. I wanted to add that I am now using the Z CAM Color Correction OFX plugin for Resolve, which allows me to adjust the exposure and transform it to look like REC709. I assume inside of the plugin, when you change the exposure, it applies the correct LUT based on the new exposure you set. This fixes what I did not like about using LUTs, which is having them not matched correctly to the exposure and look bad in the under exposed or near over exposed areas. The Z Cam Color Correction OFX plugin for Resolve as well as a version for FCPX, Z Cam LUTs and ZRAW plugin for Adobe Premiere and Scrat
  19. "Production Update # 8 22/3/21 We are pleased to inform you that we have had notification from our shipping agent that the main AFX boards have now fully cleared through customs and will be with us in the next 48 hours. As per our 27/02/21 message, we will now issue a new update when we have physically received them." @BTM_Pix Will the the AFX, MMX and cables all shipping together or are just the AFX's (and cables?) shipping first? Thanks!
  20. I believe you are correct. So either the BRAW or variants of the IMX299 sensor may explain the the magenta shift when shooting under exposed on the Pocket 4k as compared to the E2-M4. I am really enjoying the color science with the E2-M2 Flat color profile. I am able to get a good basic grade by using curves without a lut in Resolve. I prefer not to use a lut if I don't have to.
  21. The GH5s sensor is 13mm high and 2760 pixels is the max recorded value high. The Pocket 4K is 10mm high and 2160 pixels is the max recorded value high. The E2 / E2-4M is 13mm high and 2772 pixels is the max recorded value high. The Terra 4K is probably the same a the GH5s from what I gather, but I did not find a specifications with the information. So comparing the stated heights of the sensor the odd sensor out is the Pocket 4K. I suspect that part of the reason I like the look of the E2-M4 over the Pocket 4K is the performance of the sensor. Thanks! Mark
  22. Z-cam looks to be here to stay. There were rumors of shortages of the processor Z-cam uses, but their entire product line is in stock at BH Photo except for the original E2. Z-cam also looks to be introducing a competitor to the Red Komodo with the release of the Z CAM E2-S6G Super 35mm 6K Cinema Camera (Global Shutter) due in April. So, with what appears to be a stable company and expanding product line, it is worth taking a second look at the E2-M4 now that Z-cam has now released firmware 0.98.0 that enables Pro Res recording at all frame rates on the E2-M4. This includes 4k @ 120fps, 4
  23. From Indiegogo: Production Update #7 March 10th, 2021 “We are pleased to inform you that despite the fabrication plant missing yet another deadline, we have now finally received despatch confirmation from them for the main AFX boards. As per our 27/02/21 message, we will now issue a new update when they have been processed through customs. Thanks once again for your patience.” Great news!
  24. I like the look of the pocket 6k/ 6k Pro Sony sensor, I don’t like the look of the Pocket 4K GH5s Sony sensor. I compared the Pocket 4K to the original BMCC 2.5k and the difference in dynamic range and highlight roll off was obvious and significant. I would take the Pocket 6k over the OG BMCC. To me it’s not that it has a Sony sensor, but which Sony sensor it has and what file type and bit depth it is being recorded at. I also like the look of the GH5 so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Above all, the Ursa 12k looks the best to me sensor wise, so I am hoping that
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