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  2. That'd be an awesome update for the S1. I've been shooting lots of Pro Res Raw over the last couple weeks and have been really enjoying it, Braw would be the icing on the cake for resolve users. I bought the S1 right after it came out, and it has been so amazing to see the update support Panny has given it.
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  4. I take a look at what's been going on in cameras this week, with some thoughts on the GFX 100, EOS R6, Panasonic S1H and other "goings-on". Caution: some strong(ish) language. For more on my Hasselblad adventures see my review of the H3D II with HUGE Kodak CCD sensor here (past article): https://www.eoshd.com/review/guide-buying-cheap-hasselblad-medium-format-camera/
  5. Yeah, that's a weird take and a misplaced analogy here. Who is saying taht there is no point in making the image (food in your anology) look (taste) good? Did you miss the comment I made about how I'm adding a color calibrated monitor to my editing workflow right now? Hell, I literally just had to stop typing this to go get the B&H package off my doorstep with the X-RIte Display Pro in it. What I said was "Having people view them on a variety of devices in a variety of conditions is even better, in that it replicates what the average viewer might be seeing." So, a better analogy woul
  6. Didn’t the 4/3 line get an AF tweak also very recently? Maybe/hopefully something there also as that’s about all that would interest me. Working with raw (video that is, for stills, always) is a bit above my pay grade and needs. But then having said that, I will consider anything if I think it will add some kind of value.
  7. Clar 350 on sale for $399. Not sure about the fan noise on that one but looks like it could be a good alternative, I like the remote and the PSU looks ok. But there's 3 fans and a fan in the PSU so... good luck if you want to change anything. I'm sure next year there will be even better lights! But at these prices, fighting daylight has never been more accessible. I put 4x 300w through a full grid, getting around 11.5-12EV. Finally can light against windows!
  8. I don't think PP is out to drag anyone, they're out for clicks. Salacious is the wrong word to use here, but seems par for their usual style, no?
  9. I like the way they took "designed" out. So it is not designed by Canon? I like the way they took "manufactured" out. So it is not manufactured by Canon? Developed could mean anything. I don't like the Petapixel article, it seemed to get hooked up on the fact I am "salacious" and stating stuff as fact which everybody knows is lawyer speak. So you have to wonder what the writer's real intention is with this piece, and whether he got in touch with Canon purely to drag my name through the muck with their legal department.
  10. Rumor has it that the S1/S1R/S5 will be getting a firmware update next week adding BRAW output from the HDMI port. That to me puts the S line even higher up the list as the best hybrid cameras on the market right now. I'd love to have BRAW out of the USB C port a la the Pocket line though.
  11. As a response to EOSHD, Canon said the following: PetaPixel: Canon Rebuffs Rumors That Its R3 Sensor is Made by Sony This gets interesting (= *if you're reading this, hi Canon!
  12. Yeah, the image quality is better than A7S III too. OK, there's no 4K/120p (or 100fps for us in PAL land) but you can do a lot of creative stuff with 60p in 4K and 180fps in HD. 60p can easily be Twixtor'd. I'd prefer if it looked a little more cinema camera and less Lumix but the ergonomics are superb. Colour is better than Sony too. For manual focus, tripod and handheld cinematic shooting there is nothing better for the price and size, I'd take it over Blackmagic's shit any day.
  13. That was my experience, the f2’s were not great in CAF with the 35mm being the worst offender.
  14. I know I sound like a fanboy, but for me/my needs, it is basically perfect other than the less than stellar tracking AF. Maybe could be 10% smaller and lighter? The Leica SL2 is the closest to the perfect size & weight combo for me. I would have rather it did not have big white LUMIX lettering on the front. I blacked it out on my S5 before the SL2-S came out But really, for my run & gun, as it is, straight out of the box, hybrid needs of high quality stills (raw) and at a flick of a switch, excellent SOOC 10 bit 4K 50p, there is nothing…nothing, else out there.
  15. She's pretty smart, by the 3rd or 4th month, she'd probably catch on... I wonder how long it would take for her to realize her car isn't parked out front. That could get me halfway there.
  16. Is sensor envy a thing? What struck me the most about the 100c video was the depth in the frame... for a two-dimensional image, it feels like you can walk into the frame in some of those shots. It's pretty wild. When you add the texture from the raw image, the 16bit color and the advertised "15 stops of DR" I don't know if there are many cameras that can top that look. I'm sure my 2014 MB Air would cut right through those files... haha.
  17. This Fuji colorspace problem occurs in Resolve too? (including the 8-bit files that the X-S10 prodeuces)
  18. I would be concerned as well if Sony really was the only high volume high end sensor maker around. Look at Panasonic...strictly conjecture but I love a good conspiracy theory and I truly think Sony has told Panasonic they can only use their sensors if they stick with DFD.....no other explanation makes sense. So imagine Sony waiting a few yrs until all of Canon's sensor production capabilities are gone then they slap some onerous restriction on Canon's sensors. Of course every bit of this is wildly speculative and as outsiders we truly have no clue what is really going on but its st
  19. Can't edit Canon LOG 10bit Can't display Fuji H.265 right! New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/when-will-adobe-fix-premiere-it-kills-fuji-footage-and-cant-edit-canon-10bit-c-log/
  20. Used it on a shoot for the first time today. I was slightly worried about the fan noise beforehand but didn't even notice it on set. Certainly not enough to make me want to perform surgery on it and if there is any hum in the recordings, it should be nothing that a bit of noise reduction can't fix. I had a setup that was pretty much worst case scenario - a moderately wide shot looking out a window in to midday sun on a very bright day. It maxed out the FS300 but I was able to get a decent amount of wrap and fill on the subject. Lost the sky due to shooting in Rec709 (client request) but m
  21. The calibration offset has the potential to generate confusion for some users - and hence more support requests - if they inadvertently left it set on its last position so it will remain dynamic on lens load.
  22. I've heard exactly the opposite - hence I got the 35 and 50 Fujicrons...but did not had time to test them properly already.
  23. Maybe they make the same deal that Fujifilm did with their amazing 26mp sensor - it is a Sony sensor, but never got inside a Sony or other manufacturer camera. You hand a secret to the competition (Sony) in advance, but much cheaper than make your own sensor. Sony have gains in volume that no one (except Samsung) could match. In fact, Samsung saw the writing on the wall - camera sensors would become a marginal business. Smartphone / surveillance / industrial sensors have much more volume and profits.
  24. Yeah the S5 is there really to compete with the Sony A7 III, offering better video quality for same price or lower. The S1H is where the real interest is for me
  25. Here you can clearly see the reason I got the H3D-II 39 megapixel Kodak beast. Brightened it up a bit so you can see the sensor size vs GFX 100... It is "only 39 megapixel" but that is enough for me. I have found my affair with the GFX 100 a bit financially draining and exhausting to be honest! Who the fuck buys a 10 grand camera 1 month before a global pandemic?
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