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  2. Thanks for your support. Have to play that one close to my chest for now. But it won't be far behind the AFX so the suspense won't last too long !
  3. Just bought the AFX, this is awesome. Any word on the actual sensor tech for the AI-based add-on? Is it an additional chip-based system running contrast detect or something? Or phase detect?
  4. Looking forward to get the AFX, participated on indiegogo!
  5. Yes, they will connect wirelessly. The AFX acts as the hub device controlling the camera (and lens motors for manual focus lenses) and receives/sends data to/from the additional components. An example of this that is built in already is the Tilta control wheel when using BMPCC4K/6K. It connects over BLE to the AFX and the AFX then translates its movements into controlling the native electronic lenses on the camera. This means that P4K/6K cameras can have the advantage of the more tactile control of a focus wheel without having to have focus motors and powering them etc.
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  7. But ... A good matte box and good ND filters make the difference on the final result ...
  8. Could you say a bit about how you anticipate the add-on modules will work with this AFX module as they are developed? Do they literally "add on" to this initial component for greater functionality, i.e. eye AF? Thanks much. This is a really exciting development! I am also a Panny S1 shooter and this could really be the component to address that camera's AF inconsistency.
  9. I’d noticed these and also asked the same question. I suspect that not many people have direct experience. Given the cost the new DJI seem to be a more “sensible” purchase. But I’d welcome the opportunity to support the project - we should get Giantommaso (assuming he is indeed the chap behind this) on here (with Andrew’s blessing) to tell us more about the product and point out any benefits over the main rivals. And in an open transparent way - I don’t want a Hawaiian trip all expenses paid to test it...
  10. Well you can use something like 82mm or 86mm normal circular variable ND and screw in rubber lens hood that fits the front. But on wide angle lenses you might have problem with vignetting.
  11. Hello, Does anyone know about this? I'm waiting for your help. Best regards.
  12. One of the main reasons I don't love using mirrorless cameras for video is the lack of internal ND. I don't mind using variable NDs, but I do hate losing my lens hood to block flare, protection, for shooting in light rain or varying weather conditions, and to increase contrast in the image. I'm not a huge fan of matte-boxes as they add a lot of bulk and are more to travel with and carry around (I have tried the Polar Pro Basecamp, which is pretty great). Anyone have a good solution for shooting with a variable ND but also being able to cover the front of their lens?
  13. Yes it was certainly not a personal criticism, we are friends of the forum. I specified that if they wanted ...
  14. Yes that is true, I was only commenting on currentsheldon's idea that they could just give a upgrade to the S1H for 120p in 4K.
  15. However Panasonic has all the industrial technical ability to make any sensor it wants ...
  16. I just got a mavic 2 pro. So its its a bit like the empire strikes back done a few flights, getting used to it. Seen a few vids where somebody lifts things with the mavic so i ordered an accessory that mounts a gopro to the top. Darth better be careful or he'll find himself replaced. not so sure about the little anamorphic adapters for the gimbal, which is why i'm trying out the gopro first.
  17. It will auto focus to closest point in the central area. You control the switch between AF and manual modes with a trigger on the controller. So you can be manually focused and then press the trigger and it will engage the AF. In AF-S mode it will then not re-adjust until you press the trigger again so you can just use it to get and initial lock and then manually adjust from there or you can switch to AF-C mode where it will constantly re-focus on whatever is in the central area. The QuadLock system lets you set four different focus points in the scene either manually or us
  18. Yes it does. So if you have the Nano wheel you can also use it to set focus points for the QuadLock system etc. You can use one of these clamps like this and then that gives you the 1/4 20 thread so the ability to mount it on an arm etc etc A two pack of them with ball head adapters are £17 on Amazon and will give you a lot of flexibility and are just generally useful bits of kit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/2Pack-ChromLives-Camera-Clamp-Monitor/dp/B07GZ1D4BB
  19. Does it work with any camera? My panny S1 and s5?? Does it do or support eye / body af? Or can it only track an object in the middle of the frame in afc?
  20. So how do you set which point to focus on?
  21. I purchased the S1 set, and I see what you mean about the colour deviation between the GHa and S1a Luts. I was quite happy with GHa on my S1 footage, but the S1 High Scale Lut looks more vibrant and cleaner to me compared to the GHa Linear conversion. Better colour separation and fidelity. Thanks for your hard work, this is a really valuable tool and a pleasure to use! Footage is 1080p 10 bit from the S1, basic corrections with the luts applied on top, ungraded. Top is S1a, bottom is GHa.
  22. I was under the impression the Zcam sensor is the same as the one used in the S1H or at least very similar. Still begs the question why did they choose that sensor.
  23. Purchased, and can't wait to receive it. The original PCB made my Pocket 4k experience so much better. 2 quick questions: 1. Will this new module still link with the nano wheel, allowing you to pull focus with ef/native lenses in addition to the autofocus? 2. are there any good solutions for mounting the handheld controller to a cage or rail system? I understand its need, but I also rarely have a free hand while operating the camera and would hate to be putting it in my pocket or something.
  24. This might work try ISO400 as 1dxmiii used for C-log see if it uses fullrange?
  25. I don't think so! However, the moment I switch to Standard picture profile, the fill range is used.
  26. I haven't heard anything from Panasonic, I have written that lens off as something that I never expect to get. For US users they made it pretty clear that the chance of ever getting one were slim to none. I have never seen verbiage that vague when it comes to something like that. As far as lenses go, I'm loving the L mount to EF adapter, my gimbal lens is a Canon EF 24mm F2.8 and at 60fps that works out to 36mm which is perfect for my uses. For detailed handheld work I am using the Sigma EF 50mm F1.4, and for general walk around handheld work during daylight I am using the EF 24-10
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