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  2. honestly i don't care how they compare. After watching the vid all i can say is, use what you got. you wont be disappointed. I have neither of the previous bm cameras, it's water off a ducks back, for someone who just goes out and buys the camera and wants to make videos.... er movies for those that get offended by the word video ๐Ÿ™„ . I Pre ordered because i was impressed with the p4k trailers that bm produced. if i can produce something half as impressive i'll be happy. if you have either of the other cameras and can produce awesome footage thats fantastic and while i may not worship the ground you walk on i will clap politely ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Talk of pixel sizes makes me sleepy. i think you have got some real issues if you have the camera and need to talk pixel sizes and if you dont have a camera but still need to talk pixel sizes then your nitpicking. Like it or not CinemaDNG is a dead horse with bm and i'm guessing theres a few legal reasons why. Now you can keep on flogging that dead horse but it gets pointless pretty quickly and the rest of us will look at you oddly as well, unless you were an early adoptee and have a 6.1 version. show some wisdom and move on.
  3. that is why I linked that report. There were others supporting the Westerner's approach and others that supported China's 100%. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. There are issues with China's influence in Africa too. In reality they favor countries rich in resources they need, some of the things they build are of very bad quality, they bring a lot of Chinese workers so they do not help the local population with specialization or jobs, e.t.c Of course the colonial period is not easily to be forgotten, so China is a more preferable economic ally anyway.
  4. "You can now get an Arri Alexa for ยฃ4900" Not anymore. Sold. Edit: Andrew, Dave, whatยดs up with that!:) Exited to see you using it again. Would love to see some classics revised, esp. the Mjpeg hacked GH1!
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  6. Not, quite contrary, I've found my last one is best of all (Mozza Aircross vs various Ziyun and one Feyutech)... but obviously I'm not a person for using gimbal so much, I tend to appreciate more some sort of (little bit heavily) rigged camera for achieving more natural stabilization. But, as I wrote, I'll keep gimbal for quasi dolly (revealing or side tracking or up-stairs) shots that I've found really could be satisfactory replacement (at least for my usage) for several-seconds-lasting dolly movements. (But if you insist, maybe you can use some baby rolling chairs and put camera on it, or shopping basket with wheels
  7. @Kisaha, you did notice the word "allegedly inserted a backdoor (in French)" A backdoor hack could have been done by any intelligence, but it would have never transferred data directly: "After investigating, it was found that the continental organizationโ€™s confidential data was being copied on to servers in Shanghai." - sounds like offsite backup to me (data/servers are often backed up remotely in case of local server catastrophic failure - like say fire burns down the building). So I call this b.s. "side with China" ? There was another saying - "If you are not us, you are against us". I think it came from the old USSR, but now we hear it coming a lot from USA. Facts show that there are no security issues with Huawei's 5G networks, and that "intelligence agencies" (not all western intelligence agencies support that claim, just USA and UK) are simply spreading propaganda (and if you look into the details, there are no proofs, only "concerns"). Now the media is trying to make it look like a big deal that AndroidOne license is revoked (and I don't know even if there are any Huawei deivces, which run it). There are 2 Xiaomi phones A1,A2 (I think) with AndroidOne, but that's about it. So Google's project - AndroidOne is dead, Huawei phones will watch youtube over the browser, and the world keeps turning. cheers
  8. @anonim whats been up? you havent liked it?
  9. Have you tried formatting to both OS X Extended and ExFat in camera ? If that's no help try both options from a computer before putting it into the camera. Also try that card in both slots, maybe there's an issue with the slot not the card. Good luck!
  10. When Chinese workers worked for 1-2-3$ per day building our 900$ iPhones, they were golden, now that they can produce on their own they are a national security risk! Here, there is a Chinese doctor (not even company or anything) that had bought 100-150 appartments in my area (for AirBnB) and have risen the rent prices at least 10-20% on his own. People underestimate the monetery power of China. A billion+ people's state can afford a middle class of 500-600.000.000. U.S.A has a national debt of 20 trillions $ (Japan, which is the worst per capita has 9 trillions $), China has only 5 trillions, which is around 47% of its GDP (extremely low for such a big economy, Japan has 220% and Greece 180%!). Also, China is the biggest investor in Africa which is the next big thing in population and market buying power (I mean, if you start from sub zero, you can only go up!). Also, East-South Asia! Another booming economy that is mostly controlled by China (and not only the economy..). EU also, is eying Africa and have signed hundrends of bussiness related papers with China already, and they have huge differences and taxes imposed by Trump already. Germany is huge economic power also (it used to be #1 exporter in the world, before dethroned by China a couple of years ago) with great branding "Made in Germany" and a lot of luxury and expensive items, which will be the last to be hitten by the Chinese economy. The recent singing of Mercedes with Gilly (a company that hasn't sold a single car in Europe) is self explanatory. The agreement is to Gilly to build the next Smart cars and the venture is 50-50. Not even 51% for Mercedes! Seriously, I can not see how U.S can win this war. The only advantage they have right now is the best military on the planet, and that changes fast..are they willing to take us to War World 3 before they loose their world domination? Can be, but Russia is there also, not a huge economic power but they have a lot of nuclear heads to spare.. Chernobyl tv series is kind of alarming by the way. I was young when that happened and my country was hit by the nuclear clouds. Terrible stuff, hate nuclear reactions!
  11. Quasi dolly shooting is sole reason I'm hesitating not to sell my fourth gimbal (and fourth attempt to make some love for it)...
  12. The P4k is a fantastic camera in many ways but the use of a 1:1 sampling sensor and no OLPF means that for high resolution / fine detail capture tasks it's never going to be ideal no matter what codec is used. If your application requires the highest clean rendition of fine detail then you have bought / are considering buying the wrong camera for this task.
  13. There must a Ferengi Rule of Acquisition that goes something like "nothing is for free"? USA outsourced all the manufacturing to China, because it was cheaper, while their loose regulations worked their workers to death and heavily polluted their environment. This was a strictly a business decision (fueled by capitalistic reasoning) and they full well knew that their IP is or could get stolen. Their businesses choose to do that (still do). Now that China has enough educated and talented engineers who are surpassing their USA counterparts, USA is trying to harm them back. Looks like DJI is the next target: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/20/us-government-alert-chinese-drone-data/ I am very surprised about big tech companies not lobbying harder to fight this.
  14. omg ๐Ÿ˜‚ better check amazon prime ๐Ÿ˜‚ that thing looks like a camera from silent hill
  15. and wait for shipping cost ๐Ÿ˜„
  16. that is seriously one of the most hideous things ive ever seen ๐Ÿ˜‚
  17. i agree so fuc...g expensive for just a pair of wheels and a stab
  18. Problem is that before stealing of intellectual property was/is some other sort of harder, more brutal, fatal/letal and constant (nature- and human-) resource stealing/abusing through period of time, on which base so-call (technical) intellectual property arose. Besides that, when calling out "intellectual" property there's one uber-aspect of it that is more important and that constantly lacks in repeated history circumstances: how to deal properly with other humans and nations with whom we are blessed or condemned to live with. What if at the end we will be forced to face with true that much higher "intellectual" property was/is also capability to protect resources on planet, to wisely accommodate our needs and wishes to nature and right of other people to have at least part of our commodity we have just because we are born at one place, not at another? If USA policy and consumers mass-ideology (as model and last global leader just because of circumstances of WWI and WWII) not being stopped with their global usage of "intellectual" property course, planet would be ruined very soon (first of all because of monstrous hypocrisy greed and its consequences). Now it's a matter of balance and we have witnesses of another turning point in history. After all, at meta-plane all of this is just demonstration how true is yin-yang concept ... and all powerful intellectual property that stay bellow that concept and helped him to become important knowledge property of human race as whole
  19. Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    Just an update, Sold the Sony Z90 after a solid year and half of use. Buying an FS5 in the next few days, will report the differences.
  20. best thing now is to use a hoverboard or one of these new tech things. quick exemple but there are so many. time to test your balance ๐Ÿ˜„ funny i just got that in my mailbox after writing my message https://www.came-tv.com/collections/steadicam/products/came-tv-defiance-versatile-rickshaw-with-video-stabilizer-single-arm-22-54?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=nl+Defiance+05.20.19
  21. Wheelchair or cart plus gimbal and post stabilization. As long as the ground you are shooting on is decent you'll get dolly like shots that way. Otherwise not sure of an easier way other than a real dolly. Obviously a slider can work for certain shots though.
  22. yeah... hmm idk im thinkin maybe one of them fancy motorized sliders could work...? ๐Ÿค” then the move could be timed the same over and over... that would be "dope" @webrunner5 as long as the slider itself isnt in my shot, that would work right...? edit: omg these things are borderline robots and im scared of/hate robots
  23. Well then I guess you better set up those tracks and do it for real. If it's really important, then it's worth doing right.
  24. ive done that too ๐Ÿ˜‚ minus the gimbal. at the time it worked pretty well ๐Ÿค” nah i want this to be professional af tho thats the thing. like a spielberg move. its the aesthetic of this entire short so its super important, NOT just one shot u kno
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