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  2. Thanks, has anyone tried any electronic EF o Nikon adapter to see how they work with autofocus? To see if this method can replace the expensive native L mount lenses...
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  4. My screen looks really nice, no obvious blue tint. Got mine from CVP yesterday.
  5. Have you ever considered switch to Edius? Probably it's the most used NLE from wedding videographers for its speed. With your PC specs it will literally flies. It can even create proxes on the fly or setting lower resolution to speed up editing.
  6. Cancelled my order with WEX and went with CVP, so I get my camera tomorrow. WEX were so unhelpful and even rude in replying to me. Their loss. Also got a Mavic Mini 2, so I have 2 toys to play with come the weekend.
  7. Canon C200 Cinema Camera On Ebay Price: $3,850.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Canon-C200-Cinema-Camera/383974099026?
  8. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Some footage from me stalking the sheep, shows my ninja walk isn't very ninjaish, more practice I expect. Next project is under way. Seen someone here on the forums mount a camera to the pole and I thought that might give some interesting angles. I think I have pretty much all I need to complete it. I have the L shaped alloy to mount the crane m2 gimbal, as it has two 1/4 tripods sockets one on the side and one on the bottom. That should give me a secure grip on the gimbal.
  9. Sure, being in the sound department you quickly grow to accept your priority is ranked looow down. That's why I gave a range of options that I listed. Perhaps not "FOREVER"! That's a looooong time. Perhaps in five or ten years time they'll have grown up and worked out their issues, and have refined products. Many of these Chinese companies are developing very fast. (but still falling way shorts, as they've got a looooong way to go)
  10. Editing H264/5 Vs BRAW is like night and day. Sure I can edit them on a 4K timeline and yes I can use auto cache, but with BRAW, I can apply a lot of grading and still get smooth playback. I don't have to transcode the footage or do anything extra, just edit it as is. H264/5 are deliverable codecs and regardless of system, I find nothing beneficial except a low file size, and frankly even that's not a great advantage given the various compression levels offered in BRAW. As for latitude, much greater. A much better and intuitive white balance control that is more consistent within the
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  12. I finally went back to Rode wireless Go but the newer version, as I left them in the first place last year because I needed dual transmitters. Now that they have this I'm all in, because I'v never encountered any problems with the first version of the Wireless Go. And now that they included the ability to record a safety track in case you encounter some dropouts, I think this is the best way to go for the budget and the skills I have. Maybe if you have the budget (just a little more than the Synco products that I would never recommend to anyone), go Rode.
  13. I stand with ironFIlm on that one. I encountered the same issues with audio dropouts again on a mini doc and I decided to send them again, and forget about this brand, forever !!
  14. As soon as i get 35gm this will be on my go get list
  15. I went mixpre3 (v1). Kinda wish I got mixpre6 instead because them you can do 2 boomed and 2 lavs. I wish the new version could send a signal with limiters engaged to camera while recording 32bit, but the signal flow doesn't allow that.
  16. Looks cool, but I'm holding out for a Mavic Pro 3. I find FPV footage a little nauseating to watch, but they look like fun LOL! Chris
  17. EphraimP

    DJI PFV Drone

    Ugh. You should warn a guy before you link to a Peter McKinnon video.
  18. well i understand what you say, that said sometimes there are situation where a compromise is required. That means, trying to get the best you can with your possibility, and this is what i was aiming when writing this post. I am sure there are compromise solutions in addition to best and horrible ones
  19. I wouldn't know, I don't own both to do a comparison, is a little below my paygrade am afraid. Ask me about a MKH60 vs CS3e... Or go for a MixPre3, think that is one of the best picks for a videographer due to their ultra compact size, to pop underneath a mirrorless camera.
  20. I'm not sure if they make adapters that also support OIS from other lenses, in this case will 6.5 stops work? So even dummy adapter make ibis work? well lenses in general... I remember in the old days Canon need an electronic pin to tell the camera a lens was mounted,
  21. I know it's an old thread and I could read all 41 pages, but it's quicker to ask...and this thread has not been updated since the most recent firmware and that's part of my question which is... S5 user here and I need another body for wedding work. I'm OK with what I have for commercial/personal projects, but beyond that, have an actual need. I am currently weighing up whether to go for a second S5 or go S1H and make that my primary hybrid with a video bias and the S5, also a hybrid, but with a more photo bias. The specific questions I have are: How does the 5.4k 25p footag
  22. Awesome, thanks for the tips. Another thing I've been debating is replacing my beachtek with a zoom to use as an audio interface. Just trying to streamline things a bit. I shoot Sony, but just can't quite convince myself to go with a proprietary piece like their XLR modules since a zoom can be used to live stream with phones and such. Chris
  23. Good to know! You always have the solution LOL! How would you compare the Deity to something like the Video Mic Pro+? Thanks mate. Chris
  24. I had one job back in 2019, when weddings were still a thing, it took 2.5 batteries to update & calibrate the thing and I ended up with about 5 minutes flying time. And yes, I had checked for updates the day prior and charged all my batteries. I have noticed they really don't hold a charge very well and it just so happened this particular day in question, the firmware needed updating, some stupid flying zone thing (I was in the middle of nowhere) and it just would not calibrate it's compass anywhere I tried it. I hate the things really but it's a dealbreaker/selling point to
  25. Hello! I exclusively use Premiere Pro and run with 32GB of Ram with a Ryzen 1700X with the Vega Frontier Edition 16GB Video Card, and I edit 5.9K H.265 from my S1H, albeit at the minimum reduced resolution. The performance is not optimal, as there are tons of dropped frames, but I also edit video straight off of my NAS drive over a 10GB SPF+ connection. If I copy a project locally onto my SATA drive, performance improves quite a bit. I also get a big performance boost if I have only 4K 60p footage. Here is a screenshot of my typical sequence, which I consider moderate complexity.
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