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  2. Why not? As long as any potential purchaser has a reasonable history… It’s any offers from someone who does not where you need to be wary!
  3. If you cannot trade at your local bricks & mortar, then someone like MPB. Or as above, roll the dice on somewhere like eBay and be prepared for some heartache.
  4. I'm in the same boat when it comes to Fuji otherwise I would've already bought an XT3/4/5. That said the used prices of an XT3/4 are getting to the level of cheap where I might eventually give it a try bcuz I really love the size and OG look of those cams...
  5. Can you magnify while recording?
  6. It crops in on the sensor in 4k 120fps, which makes noise larger and less fine. You just have to expose more carefully or over expose a bit. The good thing is that it's still high bitrate, 10 bit so you have that dynamic range and color information to play with.
  7. From what i saw on multiple videos, 4k 120fps have a very big problem with noisy quality. Do you think it is a bug ?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sure. You can use IBIS, just set lens info in the stabilization menu to 35mm. My videos were all handheld, so IBIS was effective. It's all manual, of course. The big challenge was focus. The lens barrel has distance markings, the focusing mechanism is long throw and linear, which is all good. The magnification button of the fx30 is really helpful as are the colored focusing aid (I chose red). I didn't try the new full screen color mapping for focus. Occasionally I would forget I needed to focus, I have relied so much on Sony's auto focus. It does slow you down. I was conservative in not choosing the widest apertures because I didn't want a shallow dof in case I misfocus. Using wider apertures in some shots would have been nicer for image quality. Also wider apertures make what is not in focus more evident. In DaVinci Resolve desqueezing is easy: just select all clips, right click for clip attributes, and choose the pixel aspect ratio as 1.33X. This perfectly desqueezes this 1.33X anamorphic lens clips. I shot without a monitor to desqueeze. I have no problem composing shots as the lcd shows exactly what is in the frame, just squeezed. I was pleased with the compositions. I have shot anamorphic before without a desqueezing aid.
  10. If you're in North America, I'd use Fred Miranda's buy/sell board. Check price history with recent listings, be very honest about the condition and post lots of photos. I've bought and sold dozens of cameras and lenses over the last 10 years there. Screw eBay. Too many reports of buyers claiming they weren't shipped the items and getting full refunds with ebay's buyer protection. And there's no way to dispute if its a fake claim. Hell no, I would never sell anything of value on eBay. Marketplace is a dumpster fire of scammers. Its tiresome with all the "kindly send me your info" scam BS. Chris
  11. As much as I want to move to Fuji, this is what keeps me in Sony camp. The subject/face/eye AF is just remarkable - with both photos and video - on my a7IV and the 2.5 year old a7sIII. And you don't need the latest GM linear lenses for excellent results, I use the pedestrian 35/85 1.8's and they're brilliant performers. I'm farsighted with glasses for reading, when shooting outside its tough to see both my subject and the LCD without constantly shuffling my glasses around. So I mostly rely on either the EVF or Sony's touch tracking (something Fuji also lacks) and I rarely miss a shot. I really want to see Fuji reach Canon/Sony and even Z9 levels, but they just can't seem to crack the code. I was about to sell my a6300 and some other rarely used gear (looking at you Ninja V impulse purchase LOL!) to tinker with the XH2, but I'm pausing that plan until Fuji addresses this with an update. Cheers Chris
  12. cool how about some feedback on how the camera operates? is shooting anamorphic a challenge? did you use a monitor to desqueeze? any overall pro/cons?
  13. They just add up because I think eBay takes a cut then you have PayPal fees.
  14. I accidentally shot 8bit cDNG 4K RAW on the internal sd card (I forgot to switch to the external drive):
  15. Yeah the 1080p is hit or miss. It can look very good but sometimes it is just noticeably soft. If it had 4k 60p then it would be a perfect camera for me. It's too bad they can't have like 2:1 compression or 3:1 that would probably open up the possibility of higher frame rates in 4k.
  16. Good point. So eBay fees are pretty intense I presume!
  17. Upfront quote, quick, easy, & insured, but less $$$: MPB or KEH Slower quote, easy, & insured, less $$$: Adorama More work, more money: Facebook groups, Fredmiranda.com Ebay is a dice roll. You get the most exposure so things will probably sell quickly, but the fees often diminish your profits. Plus, there is always risk of fraud and other bullcrap there.
  18. I read this is because the T7 uses a buffer for very fast writes, but also it can get full if used for longer than it was made for. Since cameras are constantly sending a lot of data, that buffer fills up very quickly. I had this happen with a T5 and 6kPro. I think it's when the disk is a certain percentage full, it slows down or something... Or maybe it is the heat. I've used the same drive a lot since then, and haven't been able to recreate the problem, but I've also not filled it up as much as I had on that shoot. I've also never had that problem with a T5 and the FP, although I mostly shoot to Braw with the FP, so it's possible I've simply not tested it enough to find any issues. -- I've not heard of the Sandisk Pro Blade before, but it doesn't look much smaller than the Lacie Rugged disks. I think the DPL option is the most compact way to record externally, but it's also one of the more expensive routes.
  19. I sell most of my gear on the leboncoin.fr in France (not helpful). If you want to sell fast and actually be paid, try KEH or MBP. All other sites don’t offer ANY protection to sellers. The best option is to sell to a friend or in-person and cash on the barrel. This is a real problem with no good solutions.
  20. I’m not too bothered by the current Panasonic AF system. For me, it’s been serviceable, not the best. For stills, I find it great. I really like the idea of a focus limiter, but I’d like to see an improvement in the interface or methodology to set it. If you watch YouTubers, you’d think contrast AF is more out of focus than in focus, which is total BS. Also, you’d think it works like crap in stills, which is also not the case. LiDAR sounds interesting, but I don’t know enough about it to comment.
  22. I’m leaning toward selling my camera setup as I want something to record internal 10 bit. May end up getting the glorious Panasonic S1 or ponying up a bit more cash for an FX30. Anyways I don’t want to sell on Adorama, B&H or MBP because I won’t get as much money as I could. I also want to get my gear sold fast. How easy and reliable is eBay for selling gear? Is Facebook Marketplace preferable? What is the best route for maximizing profits?
  23. I think Panasonic is a much more stable video system than Sony and Canon and for many that counts a lot. It is probably more reliable when recording long form, has less faffing about than Sony to set up exposure and colour, it has 180 degrees. There are many reasons to like Panasonic over others and that's why we want reliable Panny AF.
  24. I think if you ignore AF (& don't care about 8K), then overall the S5/S1H/GH6/GH5mk2 are in each in their niche "better" overall than the competition. But in the past with the GH2/GH4/GH5/etc I feel Panasonic had a much much larger "lead" on the competition. (plus you didn't need to say things like "if you ignore AF & 8K"). With time that gap has been close. To the point that gap is often too small for people to even notice, or care about. Especially as everything today has got "good enough". All cameras (at a certain price point and are modern enough) have decent "good enough" 4K 10bit internal recordings and can do slow motion. What more do we really need? Especially releases such as the Sony FX30, sub $2K and is a mini cinema camera in a mirrorless form factor. That's some damn tough competition!! Sure, you could add this feature, and have the shooter manually set the limits between where they focus should hunt. But how big could this gap be reasonably from one limit to the other limit? A few dozen meters? Maybe just a few feet? Even rudimentary Lidar built into a camera could get this down to a range of just a few inches, or even less, maybe just half an inch. And you could then let the standard DFD approach take care of the last few millimeters to fine tune nailing the focus exactly. And zero manual intervention is needed by the shooter. If you're shooting an actor 10m or 1m away, you don't need to suddenly change what your limits are. (even worse if the actor changes that during a scene! Comes from 10m away to stopping right in front 1m away)
  25. Doesn't a focus limiter do this? ..."drastic leaps backwards and forwards"
  26. It's not that black & white. Just on the financial side alone, on a like for like basis, including my trade in kit, I would be looking at a min 10k cost. But otherwise, I agree that the edge that Panny had in video a couple of years ago, at least on paper has been equalled or exceeded by some others with their more recent products. As we always say, most kit these days is more than good enough for the task so it's more a case of what works best for you vs the cost. Otherwise it's a bit of 'everything' isn't it... build, ergos, menus, record limits, overheating (or lack of), reliability, AF (if you need it), lens options, size, weight, familiarity (which IMO is an underrated big one) etc...
  27. I'm not very techy, but I guess that is what they mean/are working on? Or at least exploring... Indeed who says PDAF has to be the epitomy of AF. Like with so many new things, new tech comes along... I don't care what it is, as long as it works...
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