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  2. I was being sarcastic and irreverent! I DO believe Cannon has executives that are completely BLIND to what is happening in the industry today. They are leaning heavily on their logo's historic reputation right now. I dont think they truly know that their logo's gas is running out! Cannon is turning into a dinosaur right under their own noses! I think that Cannon is doing exactly what BlackBerry did that caused their great fall. Arrogant....absolutely arrogant in every way. They will look back at themselves 5 years from now and clearly see how their own attitude ruined them.
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  4. This is a great idea. Any recommendations for a small, easily mounted to body but still usable Android device?
  5. ok i bought it, have my camera with me as im about to go up to the local look out to test a uv filter i bought will give it a go. by the way does it allow the taking of stills instead of using the kinda annoying hard to depress on camera button (well for me anyway ) ?
  6. Is this bit going to be useful with highlight recovery?
  7. Yeh id love if it is 4k60p 10bit internal , i can ditch atomos and just have Ronin S less hasle to carry with me
  8. Now just need to know if it is FF 4k60p or still APS-C 4k60p and is it still 8bit internal?
  9. Sounds like straight forward and boring gets the job done! I hope you're gaining some traction on distribution for your new doc. I know there are lots of K9 lovers out there, like me, that would love to see it
  10. Everyone has their own way of showing how to make a film. No right way or wrong way, but just a way.
  11. I just realized that ffplay (the ffmpeg player) will show histograms, video waveforms and vectorscopes. Ffplay has to be one of the smaller applications that provides such capability. These commands worked on my Linux terminal. Not sure if the syntax changes slightly for the Windows command line. Note that the word "video" in the commands should be replaced with the name of your video file (for example, my_video.mp4). I saw both simpler and more complex versions of these commands when I did a web search. If you try ffplay and have problems, please post your commands, and I will see if I can help.
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  13. thats cool, just dont apply for a job in p*rn then bc theyll be like Wtf dude
  14. Shotcut is open source, and is fairly lightweight and has histogram and waveform (apparently, no RGB parade and no vectorscope). Kdenlive is also open source, and seems to offer all the important scopes. It is probably lightweight, but not as much as Shotcut. Both of these NLEs have Windows versions. There are other open source NLEs and post production applications, but I am not sure what scopes are offered nor if there are Windows versions.
  15. Yeah, I got Voight primes and like them a lot. I feel I don’t need a higher end camera since my concern is shooting video. I like the GH5, but don’t love it - as I know I’m only utilizing about half of its capability the way I do things. Downgrading gear seems counterintuitive, but sort of makes sense. The 60p 4K would be hard to let go of, however.
  16. Since E-M10 III is so cheap but doesn't have great AF or any form of LOG, you could save a bit of money and not bother waiting for E-M5 III. Put a Speed Booster on E-M10 III instead
  17. There are plugins for VLC that enable histogram, dunno about scopes
  18. I was thinking about it since its a pretty small and fun lens but then having f2 in the whole range is hard to leave :D
  19. I have the 8-18 f2.8-4 and it is great! Wish it was constant but 2.8 on the wide end is good for me
  20. It’s official: Panasonic S1H announcement on August 27 at 16:00 London time! The officially Panasonic unveiled specs are: 6K 3:2 capture at 24p 16:9 5.9K capture at up to 30p ‘Multi aspect’ recording including anamorphic 4:3 capture 10-bit DCI and UHD 4K capture at up to 60p Unlimited recording times 14+ stop V-Log/V-Gamut capture LR Color reproduction to match Cinema VariCam series What we heard from our sources: it has IBIS (up to 6 stop) cooling fan to allow for unlimited video recording ‘24,2MP sensor HFR sound recording https://www.l-rumors.com/its-official-panasonic-s1h-announcement-on-august-27-at-1600-london-time/#disqus_thread
  21. The E-M5iii is expected to get announced in late September. You could wait to see what Olympus introduces.
  22. Thpriest

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    What I like about Panasonic is that their whole line up seems to work together, from the GX85 through the GH5, S1 upto the EVA1. I never had that with Canon. The C line was so much better than all the DSLRs (apart from a couple of really expensive ones). Much easier to justify investment.
  23. Now if they made a 7-14 2.8 with filter mount, I'm in! Otherwise I'll stay with my tokina 11-20 f/2.8 and use MF
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