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  1. ...or a Panasonic G5 for very little more money (if we're going 'bargain basement' cameras). It has better on-board audio, better controls, a viewfinder, a tilt-swivel LCD, better battery life and is nicer to hold. I've owned both in the past. The only advantage the GF5 has over the G5 is the smaller size and the 130g lighter weight.
  2. I own a G6, G80 (a Euro spec G85) and G9. Never used a G7 or GH5. Re. the G85 - it's a very good hybrid camera, but compared to the GH5 (and the G9) it uses the older 16MP sensor, has cropped 4k and noticeably inferior 1080p. It's a smaller, lighter and cheaper camera though, and I think it might make an excellent 'serious' but maybe less intimidating camera for your son. Also Panasonic have changed their colour science - for the better - over time, so it's probably going to be harder to match something older like a G7 to the S1. If you can live with the 30 minute (10 mins for 4
  3. There is an in-depth analysis of the M1 on Anandtech here - https://www.anandtech.com/show/16226/apple-silicon-m1-a14-deep-dive It confirms what the Apple presentation suggests (if you look very carefully at the diagrams/images) - the DRAM is not part of the M1 SoC itself, it's alongside it, with the M1 and DRAM placed very close together inside a single multi-chip package. Given the chips they've been designing for years (for iPhones & iPads), I assume that Apple have an (expensive) ARM 'architecture license' so they can design their own CPU cores that conform to ARM's architect
  4. Marla - is the problem that it doesn't re-focus at all, or that it doesn't focus on what you want it to? How close to the lens is the subject, when you bring it closer?
  5. S-series firmware update details (mostly about new stuff for the S1 series, but a few things for the S5) - https://www.panasonic.com/uk/corporate/news/articles/panasonic-announces-host-of-firmware-updates-for-its-lumix-s-and-g-series-cameras.html
  6. The Pana 85mm F1.8 is now pre-order on Wex in the UK at £599 - https://www.wexphotovideo.com/panasonic-lumix-s-85mm-f1-8-lens-1756987/ Pana have also announced the details of the next S-series firmware updates.
  7. I suspect it's also to do with the relationship between the manufacturer and the retailer as well - how much stock the retailer is willing to commit to, how quickly they pay their bills etc. I just had a quick look at S5 availability from a few major UK retailers - most of them are saying 'in stock' (e.g. Wex is offering next-day delivery), so if I'd had an order with Jessops since September I think I'd be asking them some hard questions by now...
  8. From the Nikon US website for the Z-6ii: ...and for the Z-7ii:
  9. My thoughts too... It looks like the 'Expeed 6' processors can't handle 10-bit video compression, otherwise surely they would have 10-bit internal recording by now? What have they been doing, processor development wise, for the last two years?
  10. Yes, the review here - https://www.storagereview.com/review/samsung-portable-ssd-t5-review - highlights that the 512GB version has much slower sustained write speeds than the 2TB version (about 240 MByte/s versus 400 Mbyte/s). The random write speeds difference is even worse (about 100 MByte/s versus 400 Mbyte/s). They didn't test the 1TB version.
  11. Just be careful that the colour handling of the m43 cameras has changed (got better) over time - the G80 and G9 that I sometimes use together look a bit different to each other (and the G7 is even older than the G80). As Lux Shots suggests, don't assume that the S5 and even the G9 will 'look' the same just because they are both Panasonic...
  12. That's part of the reason I use m43 cameras - the long telephoto lenses are much smaller (and the Pana 45-200 is really cheap used for the original version, but you need the current 'mark 2' version to get 'dual-IS' support). If you're shooting 1080p on the G9, enabling 'Extra Tele Conversion' gives you x2.7 zoom, which turns 200 mm into 540 mm (== 1080 mm at full-frame). You'll need it on a tripod for that though...
  13. I know you're very annoyed about it (I would be too), but the T's & C's for that promotion - https://login.360incentives.com/Shared/Uploads/SpiffPrograms/359_61284_LUMIXS5GiftPromotionTermsandConditions.pdf - clearly state: ...so you don't qualify as you live in France. Over the years I've claimed various Panasonic UK camera promotions (cashbacks and free lenses mostly) and as far as I remember they are always 'geographically restricted'. I guess your only hope is a goodwill gesture, but as the promotion handling seems to be contracted-out (to https://360insights.com/ ) I
  14. What does that mean/how does it work? I guess it means you can assign the video sensor crop ('Image Area of Video' in user guide speak) setting to a function button.
  15. I've thought about trying one of the Fuji XT series cameras several times, but it's the retro control dial setup, plus the stills/video switching (no video record button...) that puts me off. I also own an LX100 and while it's a great stills camera, I find it's similar control dial setup annoying. As someone who swaps moment-to-moment between stills and video a lot, it's hard to beat the simplicity on a Panasonic m43 camera of enabling 'flicker reduction' to fix the video shutter speed, putting the mode dial on 'P' and then pressing the shutter button to take stills or the record button t
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