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  1. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    ...also GH6 images are now available in the 'Video Stills Comparison' tool - this is OM-1 UHD 10-bit versus GH6 UHD and OM-1 UHD 8-bit versus GH6 UHD (it doesn't say if the GH6 images are 8 or 10-bit video)
  2. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    The full OM-1 (written) review is on dpreview now - https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/om-system-om-1-review Interesting that UHD 8-bit video looks about the same as on E-M1 iii, but 10-bit HLG/OMlog400 is noticeably more detailed.
  3. The only problem I can think of is if you come to sell the Tascam removing the Velco tape might leave some marks on the base (assuming that's where the powerbank might go) if you are unlucky or careless. If the base of the Tascam is steel (but it might not be - check with a magnet) then you could put self-adhesive magnetic pads or tape on the power bank and attach it magnetically. Put a cage on/around the S5 to give you more attachment points (or even just an L-backet) maybe?
  4. Velcro i.e. the self-adhesive hook/loop tape version - one side stuck to the Tascam, the other on the powerbank, or maybe velcro cable ties? If it's mobile phone shaped, then there are phone holders for cars and tripods that might be usable?
  5. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    43rumors ran a "Interesting speculation: Is the new OM-1 nearly entirely made from Sony parts?" story recently, based on speculation from a Russian blogger, so you're not the only one to have noticed some similarities 🙂 Given that OMDS isn't really a head-on competitor to Sony, it wouldn't surprise me too much to find there's more Sony content in the OM-1 than OMDS would want to own up to (and personally it's far more important to me what the OM-1 does rather what's inside it that matters).
  6. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    From the OM-1 manual :
  7. (My bold) I agree. Even though I really like my G9 and in absolute video quality it easily beats the E-M1 ii, the overall package of good ergonomics, superb natural-looking stabilization and decent video quality makes the Oly a good handheld 'just point it at the subject and press record' camera. I bought my used E-M1 ii during lockdown mostly to have a play with (never having owned an Oly camera before) and it's definitely grown on me - I can understand why people like them.
  8. I agree (based on experience with my G9). While I'm sure the best from Sony and Canon would handle some use cases better, it works perfectly well for my use cases (and better than my PDAF-equiped E-M1 ii in some situations, like wildlife video with long lenses).
  9. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    It's only 24p on E-M1 ii/iii. At least on the OM-1 I think DCI, UHD & FHD are all available at 23.98/24/25/30/50/60p which is a major improvement. I agree...Oly/OMDS has a good looking Natural profile, so why not make it even more useful by having a 10-bit version available?
  10. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    The video resolution test chart results don't look very impressive for a 2022, $2000 camera - I was hoping the OM-1 would be at least as good as a GH5 or G9 in that respect. As the review says "OMDS engineers have something to work on in the near future"
  11. What does the 'strange movement' look like? I think the problem with discussing the pros and cons of this is that everyone has different 'use cases' and sensitivity to the artefacts stabilization can introduce sometimes. I'm biased towards maximum stability and minimum wide-angle warping artefacts, which I think E-stabilization on my G9 helps with, and for my use cases (I mostly shoot video of wildlife and transport subjects) I don't notice any significant E-stabilization artefacts. I also use 'IS Lock' a lot - when shooting handheld with 300mm+ lenses I need all the stabilization I can get 🙂
  12. No experience with the S5, but on the G9 I normally have the E-Stabilization on all the time (with native m4/3 lenses) - for me, the extra stability and reduced 'warping' effects with wide-angle lenses outweigh the small extra crop and marginal reduction in resolution. AFAIK yes it does use the gyro data. As Kye pointed out recently on another thread, you can still get motion blur due to camera movement, as the E-Stabilization part can't do anything about that, but I think Panasonic use a combination of lens, sensor shift and electronic stabilization (when E-stab is enabled), which should minimise that problem in theory. Why not try it and see what you think? (I also use stabilization in post - Mercalli v5 in my case - but every software stabilizer I've ever tried or used can be 'broken' by some material - I think it's far better to stabilize in camera as much as possible).
  13. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    The user manual for the OM-1 is available now - https://cs.olympus-imaging.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/download/manual/om/man_om1_e.pdf
  14. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    There are a couple of (as far as I can tell) SOOC downloadable video files at the bottom of this page on Photography Blog - https://www.photographyblog.com/previews/om_system_om_1_photos They are 10-bit HEVC, 4k 59.94fps so will be either OM-log 400 or HLG (AFAIK those are the only options on OM-1 when using HEVC). File data from Mediainfo from one of them:
  15. ac6000cw

    Olympus OM-1

    The GH5s doesn't have IBIS (and it's got a different, lower pixel count/larger pixel area sensor versus the GH5/GH5ii/G9)
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