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  1. The GH5s and G9 have more recent, faster processing than the GH5 - hence there have been more performance upgrades via firmware updates for those two versus the GH5. I guess the new GH5 ii probably has (at least) the processing and IBIS from the G9 combined with the better thermal management of the GH5 to allow unlimited recording times.
  2. My guess is that (to record internal compressed raw) either RED want an exorbitant licence fee or they won't licence it all - unless, like the deal with Canon where they get the RF mount licence, they get something useful for their own cameras in return i.e. it's a cross-licence deal (quite common in terms of patent licencing). Re. today's other Panasonic announcements, as a G9 user I'm quite pleased it's getting a firmware upgrade to add the latest AF algorithms and the 'red frame' recording indicator from the S5. The GH5s is getting the same update plus raw video output to Atomos (for P
  3. Just a quick thought - have you tried setting 'i.Dynamic Range' to off (or low)? (in the 'Photo' -> 'Image Quality' menu, but also applies to video - see page 353 of the user guide) It's disabled automatically in the V-Log/Like709/HLG etc. modes. I'm not an S5 user, but I know from experience with the G series Lumix cameras that 'i.Dynamic Range' can make low-light video look a bit noisy/flickery (so the usual recommendation is to set it to off or low).
  4. AFAIK, some S5 10-bit modes have a 30 minute limit per clip, but 8-bit doesn't.
  5. Not surprised - as an owner of a G85, I know it's a great camera for the money (and size/weight) but when I bought a G9 I realised what I'd been missing...
  6. (Speaking as an electronics engineer) the turn-on problems sound like the extra 'startup' current drawn by the phantom power circuitry on power-up (if it's on when the XLR module powers up) is 'tripping' some protection system - which then cuts off the power to the XLR module because it thinks it's faulty. 'Staging' the power up by first turning on the module (with phantom power off), then turning on the phantom power probably keeps the peak 'startup' current draw low enough to stop the protection tripping. Unfortunately I think the only way to find out if it's the XLR module or the
  7. S1/S1R/S5 updates officially released now - https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index4.html
  8. Weighs almost nothing as well - it's my 'carry in the bag just In case' low light lens.
  9. AFC on the 20mm pancake is slow and noisy (I own one). Have you considered the cheap but good Panasonic 25mm F1.7? At the wide end, Samyang/Rokinon do an inexpensive all-manual 12mm F2. There are also 12, 17 & 25 mm Olympus primes, but no personal experience of those.
  10. I own both a G9 and an EM1 II and honestly I'm not convinced that (overall) the Oly autofocus is much better than the G9 - and IMHO the G9 is a much better overall video camera than the EM1 II. The G9 1080p leaves the Oly 1080p in the (soft) dust, then add 4k50/60p and 10-bit video modes which the Oly hasn't got at all... On the other side, the Oly is nice to use, has great IBIS and battery life, and is smaller and lighter than the G9.
  11. There is always '4k photo' mode on the GX800, which allows PASM modes - 30p only though, and I think all 4k is limited to 5 minutes max per clip.
  12. Nikon has officially announced the development of the Z9 - https://www.dpreview.com/news/7215673224/nikon-announces-development-of-flagship-mirrorless-z-9 From the dpreview news item:
  13. ...where he says it's HEVC (H.265), 4:2:0, 10-bit at 200 Mbps, which is the same as on the G9 (and I assume the GH5). So 10-bit 18 Mpixel stills...
  14. If it's like the '6K photo' mode on my G9, the files are H.265, 10-bit, 4:2:0 at 200 Mbps (info below - from the VideoRedo editor - for 3:2, 30 fps capture), with AAC audio. It uses 'long-GOP' encoding, but the GOP is quite short, only 16 frames, with only has IDR and P frames (no B frames) according to VideoRedo. If you want to upload a short clip from the S5 (a few seconds is enough) I'll check the parameters for you.
  15. From a earlier post in this thread (for video AF-C):
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