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  1. Yes of course, Im just tryingt o point out how overplayed and inaccurate that talking point is. Here in the US we have Trump who almost certainly initially downplayed the Coronavirus because of the threat imposed to his reelection and fired the officials responsible for responding to events like these months prior. And we also have officials who were aware of the threat but did nothing except sell their stocks. And only on Friday was there a coordinated response to manufacture supplies.
  2. The analysis of the response to COVID19 for Taiwan, HK, and SG is flwaed. In HK and Taiwan there was already a ton of political tension in the months leading up to the virus so the amnt of Chinese visitors is actually quite low. the monthly number of Chinese travellers to Taiwan for example went down 50% from 200k last year to around 90k this year. This is less thann most popular destinations in Europe. In HK its the entry rate from mainand China even lower due to the protests. Monthly Chinese visitors to Japan is around 500k while in SK its around 700k. SK is an example of what happ
  3. If you read this statement glass half full sounds like 8K RAW is likely (may or may not be limited), with Canon's imagined use case is either an amazing burst mode of 20+ fps and a Olympus/Panasonic mode thats always taking photos and lets you select the best one after the fact. Or down sampling to 4k 4:4:4. Also Sony isn't exactly pulling a Canon. From a resources management standpoint it doesn't make that much sense to spend money on their imaging department when they make so much money from their sensor department and supply everyone elses sensors anyways (except Canon). UNlike C
  4. The problem is that Canon would have to develop it internally. Zcam on the other hand is located in Shenzhen...
  5. very interesting. How were you able to find it if I might ask?
  6. This movie was amazing, re watched it twice and I wish I could watch it again in a movie theater for the full 2D to 3D effect.
  7. This is because of YTs new algorithm, they only reccomend you content that is very similar/from the same channel because they seem to think that will lead to more clicks which means more ad revenue. That is also why uploading frequently and engagment is said to be more important to get views/growth. Are agents pretty common in the industry? I know a couple of people who have had the company (Squaretrade or VPN etc) contact them directly but I never heard of agents before you mentioned it. Also I really enjoy your videos, suprised you are on this forum!
  8. Also if you looked at the Japanese comments on the video before it was deleted, they are all saying that his photgraphy style is just voyeurism, which as mentioned before is a much bigger problem here in the East than the West. They also said it could be considered a type of assault and that Suzuki's photography style should be outlawed, which is ridiculous, but all it takes is one bad instance and a populist lawmaker for it to become reality.
  9. I wonder how many people commenting on this thread are aware of the strict respect Japanese have the personal space of others in public spaces, to the point of never talking above a whisper in public transportation, following traffic, and minding their own business to an extreme, to the point of ignoring people with severe alcohol poisoning (i have witnessed this too many times). Additionally, it is not uncommon for women in Japan to be groped while in a crowd, especially on subways. It is also pretty common for creeps to try to take upskirt photos. I think everyone can agree that doing s
  10. That's not the point. The video I linked is just an extreme example. The point is that some people can cheat the system/algorithm to then get actual viewers, getting ahead of other YTers who may have better content but are less willing/not aware of less scrupulous tactics.
  11. well you could also buy subscribers until you got enough actual viewers...it must happen quite often if stuff like this goes unreported
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