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  1. that is the problem with trumpers.....trump never put the country or you first, that is what he said to you and you believe him....trump always put HIM AND HIS FAMILY FIRST. and that is the only thing that matters to him..he doesn't care about the people, besides trump doesn't care for the majority who didn't vote for him, he forgot every single day that he is the president for the whole nation not only for trump supporters he had divided the country in a way of not return......he is not a LEADER OF THIS NATION AT ALL, he is a Scammer a Troll, who only wants to make money at our expense
  2. Typical republican hypocrisy!! concerned about abortions right? why don't you go and help all the kids abused or not having parents to take care of them? all of you rips off your clothes for abortions, BUT once they are born, then is not your problem anymore, deflecting as usual... You follow one and only one? Really????? ANSWER YOURSELF THIS QUESTION: DO YOU THINK JESUS WOULD SUPPORT TRUMP??? of course NOT, SO YOU ARE NOT A REAL CHRISTIAN, IF YOU SUPPORT TRUMP YOU DO NOT FOLLOW JESUS TEACHING, YOU ARE IN A CULT!!!
  3. you'r right Castro is a piece of shit, AND Dotard is another piece of shit, the same as North Korea dictator, Putin, Erdogan, and guess what? Dotard keep praising them and as a cult member you are ok with that, but not with Castro?? typical Republican Hypocrisy!
  4. Check this video it summarizes all the lies Dotard has been saying about the Coronavirus: how can you deflect this trumpers???? the videos are not real?, he never said that? https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/03/18/don-lemon-president-trump-politicizing-coronavirus-ctn-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/this-week-in-politics/
  5. Hillary server lives free in your brain idiot! this is not about her, it is about the idiot in the white house...wake up!
  6. Poor little chicken....run to your mom basement to cry bua bua bua bua
  7. Tell that to dotard he has been yelling and denigrating political rivals, the disable, women (grab them by the pussy), he is getting what he deserves!!do no t come now that we should forgive him and give him a chance, our patience with this clown is done! The economy will go into recession just because this idiot didn't do anything on time, just because he doesn't listen to doctors or anything related to science. Seems that republicans are good in destroying the economy Bush got us the recession with his stupid war with irak Now Dotard is bringing another recession because
  8. You nailed it!!! Bone Spur Jesus cannot be criticized, he has been sent by God to protect us!! ajjJJAJJAJAJJAJAJJAJAJAJ, while he fills his pocket with tax payer money.... too much golf I think
  9. you are not a cult member???jjjajjajjJJAJAJJEJEJJEJEJJEIJIJOJOEEUUUJJUJJJJ.... another lie!!, all of you are like the liar in chief!, deflect and lie. Dotard is the one who brings hate and fear whenever he goes or talk and keeps pointing finger at people.... he never does anything wrong, is other peoples fault.. What about 'I DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AT TALL' I never thought that a 'great leader' will say anything like that, but dotard is the lowest of the low, the bar for the president has never been this low, poor little mango, life is not fair!!...what a fu.... little chick
  10. Trump is an IDIOT, PLAIN AND SIMPLE...THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER...don't try to reason with a cult member, these people watch lies 24/7 at fox news and all the right wing media outlets, they lie and lie, everyday, cultist members like super8 live in an alternative reality, only fox news tell the truth (yeah right?) Let's put some facts what bone spur jesus have been saying about coronavirus He has said it was “contained” and “under control” (as McKay Coppins pointed out). He has said “It’s going to disappear” and, “We have very little problem in this country” (as David Leonhardt
  11. Mango, the orange buffoon , are you asking proof he is a liar??? you mus be kidding, he lie every single day, hundreds and hundreds of videos showing his big lies, if you don't want to see them that is your f problem, the rest of the world is not as dumb as you are!!!, what about grab them by the pus....he didn't say that??? that is he said " I like the poorly educated!!!"
  12. I know what you are talking about foot pain, believe me , I tried a lot of different shoes, some are too soft that bothers you, no stability at all, others not comfortable enough for the whole day, forget about nike, adidas, etc...either get some working shoes that has been designed for people to be on foot the whole day....or buy a new balance shoes, but not all the new balance are the same, try the new balance 860 THOSE are the best ones, comfortable and with support you can use them the whole day and no problem at all, hope this help you!!
  13. You are putting too much faith in trump...as soon as the Chinese offer him to build a trump tower in Beijing , suddenly no more problems with them...they will be "Fine people...really fine people...
  14. JAJAJJA....trump should be in jail if is not for the GOP who protect him, trump is a criminal, a Russian Asset...and a Liar. What happened to "Mexico will pay for the wall"???? he said that thousand of times, is he doing what he promised??NO AND NO...stop watching fox news 24/7 open your eyes....you are in the trump cult. The real enemy for the West is Putin, he wants to destroy The West from the inside, he is using propaganda and right-wing extremist in order to reach his goal. Trump is following Putin's orders, he owed the Russian mafia billions has no way to pay them but to
  15. The double Republican Standard...do as I say, not as I do....I am not going to defend Gunn's tweets, I think he should have moderated his jokes, but the only reason he was fired and we are having this conversation is because Gunn is a Trump's Critic and Trump fan boys like Cernovich were looking a way to destroy him. But if it is true they are all concern about Pedophilia then why trump supporters, GOP, the so called "christians" conservatives WERE ALL IN FULL SUPPORT OF ROY MOORE FOR THE SENATE RACE...a child molester, a fu..ng ass-h0le who went to malls in order to find little girls....and s
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