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  1. Mango, the orange buffoon , are you asking proof he is a liar??? you mus be kidding, he lie every single day, hundreds and hundreds of videos showing his big lies, if you don't want to see them that is your f problem, the rest of the world is not as dumb as you are!!!, what about grab them by the pus....he didn't say that??? that is he said " I like the poorly educated!!!"
  2. I know what you are talking about foot pain, believe me , I tried a lot of different shoes, some are too soft that bothers you, no stability at all, others not comfortable enough for the whole day, forget about nike, adidas, etc...either get some working shoes that has been designed for people to be on foot the whole day....or buy a new balance shoes, but not all the new balance are the same, try the new balance 860 THOSE are the best ones, comfortable and with support you can use them the whole day and no problem at all, hope this help you!!
  3. You are putting too much faith in trump...as soon as the Chinese offer him to build a trump tower in Beijing , suddenly no more problems with them...they will be "Fine people...really fine people...
  4. JAJAJJA....trump should be in jail if is not for the GOP who protect him, trump is a criminal, a Russian Asset...and a Liar. What happened to "Mexico will pay for the wall"???? he said that thousand of times, is he doing what he promised??NO AND NO...stop watching fox news 24/7 open your eyes....you are in the trump cult. The real enemy for the West is Putin, he wants to destroy The West from the inside, he is using propaganda and right-wing extremist in order to reach his goal. Trump is following Putin's orders, he owed the Russian mafia billions has no way to pay them but to obey...and by the way trump IS AN IDIOT
  5. Sorry but no....if you don't like FACTS...then you are the one in the Dotard's CULT!...Dotard is a LIAR....A TRAITOR...A RUSSIAN'S PUPPET...
  6. The idiot in this conversation is you Trumpanzee...you are a full time trump supporter don't come here pretending that you are not...dumb ass , and if you don't watch fox news from where do you get all your stupid ideas???
  7. it does matter because the republicans are in the trump cult , the same as you are...you have no brain at this point, you came here to repeat what you see in Fox news, they brainwashed you
  8. and Dotard is the solution??? jajjajajajja....he is the clueless person I ever seen...he is a criminal a Russian Traitor!!
  9. That is true not all the republican supporters are deep-shit, some of them show some kind of moral and are deep concerned about what's going on with the country, I have always respected REAL REPUBLICANS like John McCain a real PATRIOT who has showed to put the country over party. Trump supporters at this time are in A CULT, they don't want to see they created a monster like trump, they will follow him to HELL, it is a CULT. "tired of being called bigots and rednecks when they just raise valid concerns about their jobs, their place in the society and the social values"... the ones who complaints about this are the ignorant people who wants to blame immigrants or somebody else for their poor life, their life is bad because they didn't want to a school, their jobs were sent abroad by who? yes the republicans, "Trump is disgusting but he is consistent and does what he says unlike most politicians, he is authentic".... you must be kidding, sorry buy you are in a CULT, like Jim Jones. Trump lies every single day...what happens with "Mexico will pay for the wall... a BIG LIE, I have a better plan than the generals to destroy isis, it will take me 30 days.... A BIG LIE, I have a better plan than Obamacare.... BIG LIE, so show me how he is "Authentic"? he is a CON MAN, sooner or later you will have to admit it, He doesn't care about anybody, he only cares about trump and his family, his motto is TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY , DOESN'T MATTER WHAT I HAVE TO DO. He has been doing money laundering for the Russian mob for years!! now is the payback time, he is a traitor. Putin attacked our country and trump support him instead of his own intelligence ??? give me a break!!. The hypocrite religious right don't want democrats because of the gays and abortion, that's it. They think Democrats are evils ..but in Reality Democrats are not perfect but for them everyone deserve a space in our society, they are inclusive, they want the best for the country and the best for their citizens, wants to get more taxes for the rich to support programs for the poor, is that bad?? republicans represent the rich and they don't want taxes. "I believe that Clinton did a horrible campaign: she represented the establishment (a dynastic name known for 30 years, a part of the previous government), she insulted the "deplorable". Hillary did a horrible campaign that is true, but your argument for the "deplorable" is silly...trump insulted women, immigrants, disable people, he also INSULTED A GOLDEN FAMILY, he is the WORST HUMAN BEING, with no MORAL, NO ETHICS, A BIG LIAR...what about " grab them by the pussy" do you like that?? o sorry "deplorables" is worst . if you don't make trump accountable for his actions and words you are in a cult. and last but not least...trump WON BECAUSE THE RUSSIAN HELPED HIM TO WIN, they not only use hackers to get info to damage clinton campaign, they gave a lot of money through third parties like the NRA, Anonymous people etc.The russians won the election, not trump. Trump is worst than a politician..why? at least politicians are worry about their name, their legacy, being politician is their job, some are good some others are bad, like in any other profession. Meanwhile trump doesn't care about anything only money, if his policies fail, he does not care at all he has money...he just take his plane and move to one of his properties he is millionaire, for him the poor is A LOSER, it doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat, being poor is what define you. He is so ignorant he doesn't care about the environment , what planet are we leaving for the future generations. NYT and the Washington Post are not perfect but they are respected news outlet...Fox news is not about News is a PROPAGANDA MACHINE, they lie every single day, they never criticize trump. Why trump is in the news everyday? because he likes it...trump create a scandal everyday to be in the news, that is his style. He did something horrible yesterday...tomorrow he will do something even worst so the news talk about that and forget what he did yesterday. Every single day the bar is going low and low, there is no accountability in the republican party, they are loyalist to the Dictator trump.
  10. For a lot less things that Dotard has done any other president were impeached already, why Trump can get away with everything? you have to understand how politics works in the usa 1) Trump is backed by coward Republican senators who put Party (GOP) over country, they don't care what trump does what it is important is to have power. there is no moral in the republican party anymore only corrupt racist politicians. 2) This only happens in USA and that is why it is hard to understand in Europe an other countries, there is a PROPAGANDA MACHINE WHO SUPPORT TRUMP, Fox news is a channel that lie 24/7 365 days a year, they don't care about facts, they brainwash their audience and also says:" all the other news outlet are fake news. only fox news give you the truth". and people believe it. it is sad and incredible people could be that stupid!!, radio programs: rush limbaugh, alex jones to name a few are in the same line as fox news. Trump knows it and use them very well, trump supporters live in another reality, another universe, for them trump is fighting for them (sic) and he will bring back USA to an era like 1960 were people can be racist without consequences . 3) Because republicans control Senate and the House, they support all the corruption in the trump administration instead of control him...this guy Nunes he was in charge of an investigation against trump for his russian contacts in the house, and this guy was going to the white house to tell them what the investigation was doing, saying there is no collusion between trump and the russians having all the probes in his hands, incredible!!!..the corruption in this government is the worst I have ever seen, it is a banana country. 4) the only hope for this country is that Democrats win the majority in the senate in the next November, they can make trump to be accountable for what he does and say....otherwise trump will destroy the country to a point of no return.
  11. The double Republican Standard...do as I say, not as I do....I am not going to defend Gunn's tweets, I think he should have moderated his jokes, but the only reason he was fired and we are having this conversation is because Gunn is a Trump's Critic and Trump fan boys like Cernovich were looking a way to destroy him. But if it is true they are all concern about Pedophilia then why trump supporters, GOP, the so called "christians" conservatives WERE ALL IN FULL SUPPORT OF ROY MOORE FOR THE SENATE RACE...a child molester, a fu..ng ass-h0le who went to malls in order to find little girls....and supporting a LIAR LIKE TRUMP WHO HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF RAPE, there are videos of him saying" grab them by the pussy...", if Gunn was a crazy trump supporter they were cheering for him....HYPOCRITES!!!
  12. Jerry Brown is a great Governor....for someone like you and the other republicans who think Roy Moore was good for the senate, what a bunch of Hypocrites..really? a child molester,, but your party is the "Christian one"jajjja, , We would be more than happy to succeed from the union but Dotard and all the rest of welfare states like the one you live in, and other ignorant red states who are more than happy to get money from the federal govermnet.....money that has been taken from us tax payers from California....I want our tax to be used only in California , no more welfare red states... Seems like your daughter already opened her eyes....she is not watching Faux news 24/7 and living in the Fake News reality. fox new is the REAL FAKE NEWS...you know that right??? the president is who needs a Psychiatrist now!!...THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE US!!, A LIAR IN CHIEF, RACIST NARCISSIST, CONMAN, ETC ETC. and please do not come to California ever, we don't need you, we don't want you here...trumptards must stay at trumpland. Noam Chomsky: Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history. 'Has there ever been an organisation in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organised human life on Earth?'
  13. If you live from making videos...it might be the time to get a Video Camera instead and keep your nikon for stills, I have heard from this forum good words for Sony F3, FS5 perhaps Canon C200,C300 Mi, or MII, or blackmagic ones. It will be hard to find one camera that do everything that you want, it will never exist. Every time we get an excellent new camera then suddenly the competition make something different, new feature the other doesn't has and the wheel start again...
  14. You are totally WRONG....California is one of the best states in the Union, Weather here is excellent, expensive to live that is the only problem, it is like any other place there are good people and bad people, in general more good than bad....that description " The gradual process........" sounds more like the Mafia Style Putin's Russia the one that DOTARD and the hypocrites republicans the "so called" christians (racist) wants to impose to us!!
  15. Mercer can you put a picture of the lens? A friend of mine is selling me one but I don't know if it the same you are talking about, I have seen two types mc 35 f1.8, the old one build like a tank, and the more recent one, which one is the good one for you?
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