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  1. Yeah the complete lack of 4:4:4 is frustrating. Even if it was just in 1080p. I adore the 4:4:4 from the Ursa.
  2. This is a huge aspect for a lot of people around me. I've also constantly been asked why I don't want to direct myself. The answer is that I hold people around me and myself to a standard that I can never reach, and never ever enjoy the process of properly directing. I wished I had realized that sooner. I'm trying right now to probably do more color grading and being a cinematographer. But honestly, I love doing color work more than anything, and there are very few aspiring colorists compared to the huge volume of aspiring directors and DOPs. I think far more people would find success if they follow a niche. Another huge common occurrence are DOP's that are just trying to be directors, and step on the directors toes on set.
  3. Only thing I can think of is a set of Rokinons if you want larger glass.
  4. It is GPU accelerated, I get Realtime playback in 4K on my GTX 2080. Just did this quick test to show how effective it is. It's not perfect, but it's so close that 99.9% of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Titles go faster than I expected but you get the gist.
  5. The one in resolve is close enough that I'm not going to use ND's for shots on my Z6 anymore. Also for VFX work results are far better when you pull a key off a high shutter speed and then add the motion blur in post. Makes cleaning up hair work far easier.
  6. Anyone see that the anamorphot 65 is $600 off right now? I'm assuming it's gigantic elements would cover most small lenses. Wish someone was renting the thing so I could try it out.
  7. This + It's a low dynamic range image with no skin tones/sky/plant life in the shot. We don't even have the motion of the image to aid in telling what camera it is. It could be shot with anything.
  8. That is the best images I've seen from that adapter, everything else I've seen has been hot garbage.
  9. Well this stopped me buying something. So mission accomplished sir. I thank you.
  10. Geoff CB

    RED Komodo

    The sensor in the C300 Mark 3 is explicitly stated to be a dual gain sensor similar to the one found in the Arri Alexa, which creates a much cleaner image compared to even the C500. I highly doubt the komodo will come anywhere close to it's performance, as that would significantly undermine RED's higher end cameras.
  11. Geoff CB

    Fuji X-T4

    I love my Z6 for form factor, but this delay problem alone makes me constantly consider selling it because it can't be used for a live event environment or on a proper set.
  12. Geoff CB

    RED Komodo

    Interesting dual battery solution.
  13. Everything I've seen from both of these has horrible motion cadence, oversharpened, and terrible compression.
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