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  1. Yes that is true, I was only commenting on currentsheldon's idea that they could just give a upgrade to the S1H for 120p in 4K.
  2. That would be great if the S1H sensor could do that. The sensor itself is limited to 60 fps 4K in the Super 35mm crop. You would need a entirely new sensor to do 4K 120p.
  3. EOSHD LOG is a cheat to get a similar curve as CLOG, it does not give you the same level of benefit that native CLOG gives you. As for the histogram, does the camera have the option to change the data range in video?
  4. The 40mm and 28mm along with the 20mm 3.5 and 90mm 3.5 is my favorite set of lenses. Great separation, smooth rendering, and extremely light. Highly recommend them. With low light performance getting better and better I think they will become more and more useful.
  5. Hopefully they don't go the Nikon route on quality and pricing. Nikon's 1.8 optics are perfect, but that causes them to be wildly expensive. Hope the Panasonic ones are "good enough" and affordable.
  6. I would give it a shot, and see if the files play back on the Ninja.
  7. If you have the original drive with footage on it put it back in the recorder and record a new clip. Then try and pull the files again.
  8. From a music video shoot today. Voigtlander 21mm 1.4 Panasonic 24-105 F4
  9. In terms of visual post effects that can effect the image. "Sharpen & Soften" effect in Resolve and a slight drop in exposure.
  10. IBIS really saved my butt on a corporate shoot today. Really love that I can get away with handholding it. Here is one with a Voigtlander 21mm f1.4 M-Mount that I'm trying out. Not the biggest fan because it has pretty bad fringing.
  11. What focal length are you looking for? Namely at the wide end? Plenty of good telephoto zooms, it's the wide angle ones that are hard.
  12. Sony has an excellent 16-55 2.8 for E-mount. It will look completely the same, but you WILL get a stop better lowlight performance. Sensor crop DOES NOT effect the light level hitting the sensor. Don't think these really show how highlights behave, it's clearly a overcast day.
  13. Honestly once you get to that price point I think the FS7 is a better buy.
  14. Honestly I'm not going to buy the gimbal for this, just excited to see it because it means at some point the system will be available off of the gimbal setup. DJI should have realized how popular this feature would be and sold it as a separate device for $500. I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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