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  1. It's something I need to test on my Z6. I've fallen in love with the non-log output from it and would also like to see the results of focusing on increased color information instead of increasing DR.
  2. Fusion is the after effects replacement, it just is a completely different interface. I'm trying to wrap my head around it as well. Keeping up with software is a job in and of itself. With Blender's recent overhaul I'm committed to learning it to the point of doing 3D animatics for storyboarding and basic visual effects like tracked fire and explosions. We'll see how successful I am with that endeavor!
  3. Pocket Camera comes with the full Version of Resolve. You can buy a Resolve Dongle for about $170 on eBay.
  4. Pay for Resolve and upgrade your ram. The GPU accelerated export of H264 runs at ~110 fps for me (RTX 2080) The default export running on my 6-core intel i7 5820K is ~60 fps.
  5. Frame grabs from a shoot yesterday, 1080p 120 fps upscale to 4K in Resolve.
  6. It does not have a crop most of the time. Has a small 1.1 crop when shooting N-Log. From a recent creative shoot, frame grab from 1080p 60 fps
  7. If they can fit in the E-mount of the FS5 they can fit it into a compact body.
  8. My wife doing a hairflip
  9. Geoff CB

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Can't live without it now. Priceless during assembly edit.
  10. The MFT mount with a speedbooster seems like a far more cost effective option given the large price difference.
  11. Geoff CB

    Davinci Resolve 16

    All the new camera sync features and the "Boring Detector" are great updates. And once again I'm trying to convince myself not to buy their $1000 keyboard. But the keep convincing me more...
  12. Pipe dream: Full Frame Ursa Mini Pro Hoping for: New external recorders to replace their previous lineup.
  13. Yeah I'm editing a documentary that was partial shot in S-log 3 on a A7rIII and it is a pain in the a**.
  14. Really just using Wolfcrow's Cine 1 setting and just grading that. Files are flexible enough that as long as I protect highlights I can bring up the shadows while editing. FLAT is already a pretty great setting. Andrew's Log profile gives you DR but sacrifices to much color for my taste.
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