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  1. Lenses

    @anonim Its hard not to fall in love with Tiffen’s diffusion. They work magic on digital sensors
  2. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @Jonesy Jones yeah im not opposed to the format at all I just think its too young to worry about it at the current moment. I do debate ditching all my 8 bit bodies and settling down with a GH5 to meet the upcoming standard but I am currently focusing on mastering the current standard. Im waiting for when HDR eventually becomes more widespread and saturates the market
  3. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    Well I can say this much : I am not switching over to HDR anytime soon. Its too new of a display technology and there are as many arguments for it as well as there are against it. Lets not forget each displays manufacturer adds their own mojo to their display units to stand out from other companies color science thus creating Yet another variable in how your HLG content is displayed. Even though some of these TV’s claim HDR and wide gamut color most barely hit 60% of DCI-P3 color space. These are one of the many reasons why I am personally sticking to SDR until the tech matures. HDR is reminding me of the 3D tv hype and thats my personal take. Shooting with an HDR camera is one thing...how it will be displayed is another. “Shoot for the lowest common denominator” is my personal mantra and it has not failed me yet. The lowest common denominator is still 1080 rec709 8bit @ 2.2 gamma. I know if my images look good within that srgb color space and exposed so the important details falls within the rec709 6-7 stop dynamic range its going to look good everywhere period. If your display set has upscaling (which most do for full hd content natively) it’s going to fit in with the rest of the content in your home theater i.e. bluray movies ,tablet and mobile device.
  4. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    I think you are overthinking this. Maybe you should consider working on the basics like color, lighting and composition because those are both really good cameras and one is not gonna make your work look better than the other. The only thing you are going to get going between those cameras are a full frame aesthetic vs. super 35mm. Don’t be fooled by the legions of people that say Sony has bad color, they simply do not know how to grade properly or they picked the wrong profile. To answer your question though I have never shot with the nikon before but I seen excellent footage with it. I have an a6500 but I find it to be useless without a battery grip and a thumb rest accessory added to it because the ergonomics are terrible without it imo. The image quality (yup even in SLOG3 8bit) and the noise is almost non existent until you hit 1600-3200. It’s usable up to a very high iso like 6400 but its clean because of image processing. I think the a6500 covers the needs of most people BUT if you are doing this professionally you may want to keep the Nikon D750 because when a client or an agency asks you what you are shooting with they are going to google your camera model if they are unfamiliar. A “pro-sumer” camera has locked me out of certain jobs from agencies unfamilar with me or my work. So yeah keep the Nikon if you are doing pro work. Is the quality better ? No.
  5. Best All Purpose Camera under $300!?

    You can get a panasonic gh3 for cheap. That camera was a beast
  6. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    Same. It’s not going to add or take away from my work especially when TV sales are plummeting and there are few devices that support the newer technologies. I will continue to shoot for the lowest common denominator which is 1080p 8 bit delivery that way my shit is viewable EVERYWHERE and as I intended for it to look 🤗🤗 Dude you are so right about that ! I bought a 43” 4K LG tv so I can get a glimpse of how my work would look on bigger screens and I was shocked. I couldn’t tell the difference between 4K and 1080p at normal viewing distances. I know @Mattias Burling ran a couple of tests before proving that most people can not see the difference between 1080p & 4K. Now im seeing 4K has more benefits as a capture format than for delivery. As far as HDR is concerned I don’t think it’s going to be the holy grail people think it is. The average user can barely distinguish the 16.7 million colors we already see with 8 bit so the billion+ shades in 10bit most HDR displays can’t even display the whole color gamut. Some 4K displays are listed to cover 98% of SRGB which we were lead to believe was such a teeny tiny outdated color space another thing we are forgetting is that some of us will have to relearn how to expose our images for that extended dynamic range and more importantly how to use it artistically. Last but not least if one exposes the image for HDR delivery then your video will not look as intended when shown on SDR. This is going to be another gimmicky gold rush like 3D tv’s were. Production companies aint about to rework their hardware and their workflow to cater to the 2 people with HDR displays. Its going to end up being an “icing on the cake” feature not an industry standard.
  7. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    So apparently the g9 does have better noise performance than the gh5. Im feeling an “I told you so” coming LOL https://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-g9-beats-gh5-raw-comparison/
  8. More love for the Sony A6500?

    @anonim yeah the magenta bias is pretty intense. I’ve been biasing my color bias towards green hues when using pro color gamut but I need to test it a little more. I always take Yuryev’s tests with a grain of salt & run my own instead of relying on his assessment.
  9. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    @mercer yeah I meant the mark ii ! I cant keep up with these manufacturers man 😩 I always slept on it cause I hear olympus is bad for video but those specs aint bad at all. It kinda looks like Panasonic is positioning the g9 specifically to go after the olympus cam
  10. The hack is absolutely beneficial. I refuse to shoot an nx1 without it 🤗. It takes care of the macro blocking and that was my main issue with the NX1. Install it and shoot with 160-180 mbps
  11. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    @jonpais that etc. mode sounds super effective for super 16mm glass that doesnt cover the full fov...hmmm sounds like something worth experimenting with ! I can see a nature videographer making good use of that feature for sure @mercer is the em mark iii compatible with the speedbooster xl ? IBIS is such a valuable feature for my work. I can’t say I’ve researched the olympus much but it sounds promising. As far as the g9 goes I really like the size of the grip and the fact that it has 4K 60p now. If the image processing truly is improved we can expect better low light as well. What Panasonic REALLY should do is give us a 8-12 MP GH5s for clean lowlight up to 6400 with bigger pixels. That would be a CRAZY 4k camera
  12. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    @mercer fuji’s color is incredible. Im about to pull a trigger on a g9 when I sell my g85 but something is telling me Fuji will come out with an ibis camera soon. For now g9 it is cause 6.5 stops of stabilization sounds nits
  13. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    Looks good ! I love Fuji’s black and white color science ! None of this content requires any of the features of the GH5 though. Was any of this footage commissioned for a client or is it all personal work ? @jonpais I got commissioned to shoot this last month. I had the option of renting a high end camera but the Panasonic G80 was more than sufficient for the shot list provided to me. this is my only point about the extra features of the GH5. As good as they are they will have little impact on the end product depending on the delivery. A Panasonic G9 would cover my personal needs especially the stabilization. Another stop and a half of stabilization would have a direct impact on my work. 10bit hlg would get lost in a project like this that is going to social media which you can expect will be viewed on phones and tablets. I do however see the importance of a GH5 I have friends that do VFX work so 10bit 422 is crucial to them. @jonpais
  14. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    Maybe it all comes down to why you use the camera. I don’t ever see you post content outside of test videos so Im taking your need for features with a grain of salt. No narratives, no short films,fashion stuff or other content just test videos so I can’t see how what you shoot and what you need applies to the general or even the professional user. Maybe testing tech is your thing ? I don’t shoot for my personal use, I shoot for profit or to entertain people but either way I aim for what works over whats new. All those features in the GH5 are great but half the people even going on about it dont even have the skill set to take advantage of the extra data in those files. Worse yet even though the camera is very forward thinking some of the GH5 headline features like HLG are only available on a miniscule amount of TV sets on the market today. Imagine if someone owns a 3-5 year old display ? That feature will be wasted cause no one is going to be able to see it but you and only you. You’re supposed to shoot for the lowest common denominator. The lowest common denominator in todays market is a 1080p 8 bit SRGB display unless you know the delivery requires something specific. You will shoot HLG with the understanding the end user is using an HLG compatible display. Most consumers do not have one and the sales #s for HLG tv’s aint quite flying off the roof. I can almost guarantee you most people on this forum are not using a wide color gamut 4k display with hdr. So knowing this it was definitely a no brainer. Idk why people say “no brainer”, maybe a young whipper snapper like me isn’t old enough to get some of these colloiqual terms but I said it because it didn’t even require a second thought. It was so obvious to me that the GH5 will be better for some people who need the features but to me and what I shoot and who my clients are the features on the G9 emphasizes what works and focuses on currently available technology everyone could enjoy. Def a no brainer for me @jonpais Again HLG is a great feature but by the time it becomes a standard there will be way more cameras on the market better than the gh5 that supports it. Sometimes being the first to do something aint always a good thing. The tech is too young, the market hasn’t even caught up to 4K as a consumer standard yet 🤷🏾‍♂️
  15. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    @wolf33d same here ! I’ll neglect using half the gh5 features. HDR ? What am I shooting it for the two people with HDR tv’s i’ll pass. SRGB 16-235 luma still owns the lionshare of the tv market (I was just TV shopping btw lol). All I really need is the 4K @ 60fps & the IBIS is worth its weight in gold. Also lets not forget the image processing of the sensor has been improved. If its anything like the jump in quality of the g7/g80 sensor over the gh4 im sold. Im cool with the 8bit recording its only like....16 million colors anyway right ? 😂 also fun fact most of the TV’s on the market actually display up to 99% of srgb...some cheapers models cover even less than that ! I don’t think we’re missing out by skipping on the HLG wave for now