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  1. Lenses

    Fuji camera color rendering sounds promising to me. It looks like the closest thing to film on digital bodies
  2. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @Vesku trust me man as beautiful as that image is that is not a 12 stop image. A true HDR image on an HDR display looks far different than this. The sensor may be 12+ but the tone curve used to store and display the image in 8 bit srgb isn’t. It will always compress the DR to fit the rec709 spec. Using different picture profiles merely redistribute the DR i.e. raise shadows, lower highlights, compress midtones etc. to display what the sensor sees in accordance to rec709 or rec2020 specifications. HDR10 & Dolby Vision allows the user to see the 13 stops of lets say a GH5 with details in what was once the textureless highlight range of these tone curve without the use of highlight compression. im still learning the intricacies of how HDR works myself but I currently understand and work within the constraints of SDR material.
  3. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    With what picture profile because they all employ serious highlight compression. Cinelike D for sure doesn’t have anything close to 12 stops of DR. VLOG is at 12 and that has to be converted from LOG to linear to watch it. And if its 8 bit the file is definitely being saved in a rec709 format so you definitely cant choose not to talk about rec709 when your DR is being limited to a set value because of it @Vesku
  4. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @Vesku I think you may have misunderstood how SDR displays work as well as the camera itself. What you are seeing on you 1080p capable television is a rec709 2.2 gamma image. Rec709 will not exceed 6-7 stops thats why HDR was made. What your camera is doing since it is fully capable of going pass 7 stops of DR is compressing the stops of light above the 7th stop (roughly at 90 ire) and you can start to see the image losing texture. HDR maintains the texture in those upper ranges. When I mentioned shooting for that limited DR of rec709 its simple. You just make the decision of where you want to maintain texture : in the highlights (clipped shadows but highlight texture), the midtones (balanced image) or in the shadows (blown out highlight and sometimes midtone areas). That’s it. All HDR is doing is giving you a greater margin of error in comparison to SDR...it doesn’t matter the DR of your camera rec709 cant display as much as rec2020 and hdr
  5. Lenses

    A camera is only as good as the operator 🤗
  6. Lenses

    @mercer yeah ! Its from my gh4 days
  7. Lenses

    @mercer a voigtlander 25mm f0.95 with slr magic anamorphot 50 worked really well for me
  8. An update on the NX-L speed booster for the Samsung NX1

    I do want to come back to it ! I will let you know if I ever get my hands on a cheap one ! @lucabutera
  9. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @jonpais a friend of mine went out there to live and teach english after we both got out of the military. They put her in an LG smart house and she couldn’t stop going on about how far ahead of the times South Korea is in comparison to the states. When I went to Japan I noticed tech that hasn’t come close to saturating our market is pretty common out there. If I was was working outside the states I would absolutely, positively abandon SDR and start practicing with the newer tech or face being left in the dust ! Sadly America’s consumer market aint as tech driven so it takes way too long for things to become a standard here I do hope our market prefers dynamic range over resolution because the race to 6K right now is complete garbage and not worth it over better color & dr.
  10. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @jonpais Don’t get me wrong im not opposed to anything thats going to up the quality of a production. Im all for the latest and greatest bleeding edge technology. I played PS4 in HDR for the first time yesterday and was blown away at the highlight rolloff. It was a great experience seeing HDR but for my specific uses & clientelle its a very faddish thing for me and im sure other freelancers can relate. When more displays and consumer phones support it I will jump on it without hesitation. I mean im still taking my 0-255 and compressing it down to 16-235 because anything outside of that range clips on most devices so I think you can understand why im not so eager to entirely abandon my current SDR workflow. 7 stops of DR is plenty if you know what you are doing.
  11. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @jonpais broadcasters never required 10 bit. If you go off of BBC standards the Canon Xc10 was considered a Tier 1 camera and it was most definitely 8bit. 10 bit displays haven’t even saturated the market and its 2017 theres no way broadcasters could require 10bit. Thats too much data to push to a coaxial cable. I agree that HDR is a step up but its not that serious. High dynamic range in the wrong hands is as much of a disaster as it was when we had SDR cameras. HDR will in fact change industry practice its not something production studios have accounted for in the past. I really still believe HDR will remain an “icing on the cake” feature for at least a couple of more years. If the demand for it increases it will become a standard but it will have to survive a couple more years in this consumer market to be a thing i.e. 3D tv
  12. Lenses

    @Mattias Burling I LOVE the character of those lenses man ! The dof and microcontrast looks like a painting
  13. An update on the NX-L speed booster for the Samsung NX1

    Damn @lucabutera how come you couldn’t have made this when I owned an NX1 ?! Lmao good job man it looks really good
  14. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @Axel damn HDR comes out now everything is a crap camera. Funny how the world works huh ? They were just fine and were something to talk about but the minute HDR gets announced they belong in the garbage huh ? Lol
  15. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    I wonder if we will ever get a SLOG to HLG/HDR LUT ? If SLOG is able to capture an extended dynamic range then in theory it can be converted for HDR displays. I’ve done some research on LG tv’s and hear they amongst many allow HDR with an 8 bit display. I even read somewhere that they consider their tv sets to be HDR compatible because they cover the whole luma lange so it doesn’t matter if their tv’s can fill the color gamut. That makes sense because a lot of HDR tv’s and Sony A7riii HDR mode is 8 bit color as well. My display for what its worth is HDR but only covers a limited amount of the dci-p3 coor space. This leads me to believe if tv manufacturers are ok with 8 bit color if their displays can render HDR’s luma range then 8 bit color maybe effective for HDR even with sgamut