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  1. kidzrevil


    @Gregormannschaft gorgeous capture as always ! Makes me want to get some fd glass again this is beautiful
  2. kidzrevil


    @canonlyme dude I LOVE them ! I started using just the vintage lenses unfiltered like you do though. The character of old glass sometimes is more appealing than the filter
  3. kidzrevil

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @kaylee its worked wonders for me, try it out ! It makes a neat little color profile based on your displays output measurements
  4. kidzrevil

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    Get a spyder elite it works wonders
  5. kidzrevil


    @TheRenaissanceMan the glimmer glass is great. The black satin is like it too just with an edge diffusion pattern. The glimmer glass even at its heaviest grades doesnt’t soften too much
  6. kidzrevil


    @canonlyme lovely low contrast rendering on those lenses. @Emanuel 😂😂 it was shot with a Canon 5D mark iii in ml raw with tiffen pearlescent filter upscaled to 4k
  7. What was bad about Black Panther ? The acting ? The casting ? Curious to know. Interesting trailer btw. For some reason it reminded me of Mindhunter. But for what its worth the sub text of this article is pretty revealing...
  8. kidzrevil

    Is 4k Any Better?

    Correct. How the cameras sensor reacts to light is its innate look. Each sensor is sensitive to light in different ways. The best part about RAW imo is you can now manipulate the large pallette of colors the cameras sensor can see to your desire. Besides processing on a computer is significantly more powerful than the internal image processing done in any camera so thats another plus to raw. Canon 5D mark iii RAW.
  9. kidzrevil


    Voigtlander 40mm f2 w/ SLR Magic Anamorphot + Tiffen Pearlescent. digilogcolor.com “Aesir” LUT was used for the CC
  10. kidzrevil

    Is 4k Any Better?

    The ISF has stated that since 1080p resolution is the least perceivable determining factor of image quality. Dynamic range,color saturation and accuracy are at the top of their list. 4K is pretty overrated
  11. Oops I don’t think I said that correctly. Im thinking in comparison to Magic Lantern Raw. All stock canon’s are ridiculously soft but Canon raw as you know is a whole other animal. I wouldn’t know for sure without side by side testing but that doesn’t come close to Canon 5d raw at 1080, its good but there’s better
  12. I would kill for an xc10 with an interchangeable lens. That would be a game changer. The built in lens kinda holds it back...ergonomically its excellent
  13. I got rid of the xc10. Too problematic. I went for the mark iii because it hit a lot of bullet points for me and ML works perfectly with it. Canon really cripples their cameras on purpose and the 5D before raw proved that to me @kye
  14. @kye what are you shooting with now bro?
  15. @Andrew Reid the 5DS has a LOT of line skipping to get to that 2 megapixel 1080p image. Im not sure I’ve seen or heard anything good come out of that camera especially in comparison to canon’s other dslr