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  1. Try grading without LUTs. For starters stop shooting in SLOG and switch to a cinegamma
  2. The low-budget bubble has well and truly burst

    The low resolution of that shot of him walking on the bridge...burnt highlights and all I was like wow. This is gorgeous. You can FEEL the emptiness and his confusion...🤦🏾‍♂️Jesus Christ I sound like a fckn hipster lmao
  3. Hey man, in the thread

    you mention using "sony's official LUT for converting slog 2 & 3 to rec709". Do you mean the ones listed here? http://www.pro.sony.eu/pro/lang/en/eu/support/software/SW_260216_PSG/1


  4. Cine 4 - The terror

    Hey ! Have you tried cine 4 with stills color mode ? Works a little better than pro color mode but both are really good ! I would advise you to avoid adjusting the color depth & phase options unless you specifically need it in a mixed lighting situation. I find that tweaking those will fix one thing and break another in sony’s color science and should not be tweaked for general use. also the cine gamma’s use heavy highlight compression with cine 4 having the most compression in the highlights. I suggest a -0.5 underexposure or you can check by eye. Pay attention to at what point does skin start losing its texture, THAT is the highlight compression range of the curve
  5. The low-budget bubble has well and truly burst

    @IronFilm absolutely would be annoying in another application. have you seen the trailer for this on facebook/instagram ? They styled the player to look just like a social media post. I legit thought it was real footage from a mental hospital til I scrolled up and seen it was a sponsored post. I think that was the effect he was going for. “Wait...is this for real ?!”
  6. The low-budget bubble has well and truly burst

    @fuzzynormal thank God the average consumer isn’t as obsessed with image quality and thank God some of these directors aren’t neither. This storyline could be a hit. The plot and how he plans on playing with perspective...this could be revolutionary
  7. The low-budget bubble has well and truly burst

    @zerocool22 I think the point of filming it with an iPhone is it has a specific aesthetic that we are ALL familiar with. The idea of the movie is to play with our idea of sanity and if we or the protagonist of the movie are actually crazy. Its hard for me to explain it but its like you know how iPhone footage looks since we get bombarded with it on social media all the time so it looks “real”. Think of it as the new Blair Witch aesthetic. I think using the iPhone here is genius because it’s like someone recording what goes on in a mental hospital with their phone. Its visceral. Sorry guys no shallow depth of field and 10 bit to see here 😂
  8. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    How do you shoot at a lower bit depth ? I want to shoot in 12 bit
  9. Lenses

    Starting to fall in love with the 5D. voigtlander 28mm f2.8 How do you guys feel about 3:2 aspect ratio as an aesthetic ? I want to start playing around with that
  10. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @Kelly it may be due to how adobe premiere is debayering the image. Im shooting in the 14 bit mode and exporting to 16bit cinemadng idk what’s causing it im glad it just isn’t as prevalent as it used to be.
  11. Dynamic Range of ML RAW vs h.264 / h.265 Cameras?

    @mercer yeah and it works waaayyy better than in raw than any camera I shot compressed h.264 or h.265 with. It does such a better job of creating a pleasing noise profile and you don’t have to worry about compression artifacts. In adobe premiere I edit the source dng file exposure and color temperature then I apply neat video and start my grade from there. Works wonders for that chroma noise @Mark Romero 2 I forgot to mention to you better than dynamic range you get better tonality like @HockeyFan12 mentioned AND you can create your own highlight rolloff with a curve. Unlike compressed footage where your adding a curve to a baked in curve raw you have better control over that. I underexpose by -1 to -0.5 of a stop and in the highlight curve I model it so it smoothly rises and rolls off from black to the clipping point. I think if you expose the front of a house in raw at 100iso you have so much room to adjust how dark the darker tones get + you have all your highlight information. idk that’s how I would do it !
  12. Star Wars AOTC 2002 only shot in 8 bit 1440x1080

    @webrunner5 3K A DAY ?! HOLY SHIT How do you think they got such a low res camera to look so good ? This looks incredible even by today's standards. That THX certification is no joke
  13. Dynamic Range of ML RAW vs h.264 / h.265 Cameras?

    the sony a6500 has 13.7 stops of DR vs. the Canon 5d 11 stops at 100 iso. You are not going to gain any more DR than the sensor is capable of with ML raw. Please keep in mind though rec709 if im not mistaken doesn't exceed 7 stops so you are fine. I underexpose by up to a stop with the a6500 and -0.5 with the 5d to maximize my DR. 11+ stops is plenty. I think Kodak Vision film was rated at 11 usable stops if im not mistaken
  14. Star Wars AOTC 2002 only shot in 8 bit 1440x1080

    Well damn ! Still gorgeous ! Really thought george lucas would be shooting with some huge 8k custom made camera or somethin @IronFilm
  15. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    I may sell my Sony A6500 for this Fuji lol those colors are incredible. When I get it im going to tell everyone im shooting with a RED to see if they’ll still hate on the image quality 😂😂😂 @Django amazing image quality, damn