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  1. I love the S5 as well. Coming from Sony FF , it's nice to have good IBIS and to get ride of the ugly noise reduction at high ISO. And the 50mm PRO is the best 50mm lens I have ever owned (even better than Sony Zeiss Planar).
  2. There is advantages and disadvantages on both cameras (the S5 will get the 5.9k raw update too), in the end it's about user preference. As an hybrid shooter, I much prefer the S5.
  3. Slightly less good dynamic range than S1H and S1. https://www.cined.com/panasonic-lumix-s5-lab-test-rolling-shutter-dynamic-range-and-latitude/
  4. Luckily for Sony, they have some popular Youtubers with biased reviews.
  5. Interesting test about the R5/R6/A7SIII/S5 dynamic range ... https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Der-Dynamikumfang-von-Canon-EOS-R5---R6--Panasonic-S5-und-Sony-A7SIII-im-Vergleich--Erkenntnisse---Fazit.html#Fazit
  6. Popco review with IBIS test: https://www.popco.net/zboard/view.php?id=dica_review&page=&category=&sn1=&divpage=&sn=&ss=&sc=&select_arrange=&desc=&no=1112&ReviewUrl=1Sec_LUMIXS5_4Kmovie.html
  7. https://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=250&t=6186842&fbclid=IwAR1zH-9Ya8JgxYwCBfaDT7T3XJmh6luM6ZJWeWaKAT8bpvmSP6K_PhRM6nc Chinese review
  8. Me too, I really like the dynamic range of these Panasonic FF cameras. About the IBIS, Gerald Undone used a 50mm without walking on his video and the footage looked jerky.
  9. IBIS looks pretty good on this video ... Better than the Gerald Undone's test.
  10. Based on the video, the S5 IBIS is worse than the S1H but seems good enough. The A7III is helpless though ... I would like to see a comparison between the GH5/S5.
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