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  1. Beritar

    Panasonic GH6

    Yes you're right, DR Boost is ON in photo mode but not always, it is ON from ISO 800 (the same as video mode with other profiles than Vlog), this is why DPreview and Photonstophotos show a better dynamic range from ISO 800. I agree about dynamic range, 10 stops is ok. What bother me is the noise reduction, I prefer to get 10 stops with details than 12 stops with less details in shadows. I don't know why Panasonic don't let us the choice to use zero sharpening and noise reduction on the GH6, I know you can in RAW but this is not internal.
  2. Beritar

    Panasonic GH6

    This is not my video, but I had every GH cameras, the S1 and S5 and some Sony cameras (including the A7SIII, the champion of mushy details at very high ISO), so I can see when temporal noise reduction is used (and its intensity). I don't use V-log in low light a lot so I was very surprised to see so much noise reduction in profile like Natural and Cine-V with the lowest NR value (-5), these profiles was good at keeping details below ISO 800 without so much noise before. But on the GH6 although it looks very clean compared to the GH5 and G9, the details are not there anymore. There is a bit less noise reduction in V-log, but still too much. CineD stated that the dynamic range of V-log in the GH6 H265 was so good because of the noise reduction : "But looking at the noise floor in the waveform plot it seems that it also has a lot more noise processing going on internally which cannot be turned “OFF”." They also said the Prores HQ was better at keeping the "raw" sensor image, so I swapped my CFexpress from my S1 to put in my GH6 and indeed there is less noise reduction but the files are huge and you can't use them right of the bat without processing them in your video editor. From what I've seen only the Raw external Prores is noise processing free. You can see the difference at 13m45s : Do you use H265, Prores HQ or raw ? Because this is not my experience at all about the chroma details with the H265 codec, my S1 keeps a lot more details than my GH6 in low light. The Prores HQ is better and retains more details but certainly not more than the S1 or the S5. Look at the guy's hairs at 0m38s (V-log profile was used), there is far less noise processing on the GH5 and S5, the GH5 has too much noise but also less noise reduction : The GH6 is doing a very good job at preserving details but we can clearly see a lot of noise reduction are used, it look like oil painting (though I can't see how a 25MP M43 sensor could do better without using a lot of noise reduction). The raw photo dynamic range is a better indicator of the performance of the sensor than the video and the GH6 is not stellar. We often see a difference in noise between photo and video because noise and dynamic range are measured differently in video and photo, for photos it's static, and for video it's dynamic and can be hidden by in camera noise processing. There is no way the GH6 could achieve such noise performance without using heavy noise reduction (It was the same thing with the a7SIII which had 15 stops of DR in video DR and only 13 stops in photos). The DR boost is an expetion because its combining a high and low gain and we can't get this result in photo, however it comes with some restrictions. I think for most people the noise reduction is not much a problem, especially if they don't crop or if they use V-log Prores HQ but the difference is very apparent in H265 and even more with other profiles. I much prefer to keep details (and sometimes removing noise in post) than deal with a very clean picture with mushy degraded details. The A7SIII uses the same trick and people seem to love it so I can understand why Panasonic is doing the same with their new 3D digital noise reduction. ISO noise grain is slowly being replaced with a sort of oil painting image with much less details. And there is no way to turn this 3D noise processing off. The first camera I had with this problem was the NX1 in 2014, I still own this camera but I never used it in low light. I really like the GH6 for the improved colors and the slowmotion in daylight, but that's it. The GH4 and the GH5 were more impressive in their time in my opinion. My dream camera would be the S5 with the A74's AF and 4K 120fps.
  3. Beritar

    Panasonic GH6

    Maybe on the S1H, but not on the S5 and S1. The 4K of the GH6 is very clean compared to the GH5 but it uses more noise reduction, I compared with the GH5 and G9, and while the GH6 looks better with far less noise, there is less details. You can see the difference in this video : The 5,7K is really good though, there is better details and less noise reduction, too bad for the small crop, and the IBIS is bit weaker than on 4K.
  4. Beritar

    Panasonic GH6

    The noise reduction in 4K is not an issue if you don't zoom in your video, but I usually do this ... Sony also uses a lot of noise reduction even in the A7SIII. The GH6 is doing a nice job at reducing noise while keeping some details but there is no way to really remove the noise reduction if you don't shoot RAW. However, the 5,7k is great, there is less noise reduction and the image is very nice, but I was surprised that nobody said there is a very slight crop in this mode.
  5. Beritar

    Panasonic GH6

    I'm not sure about zero sharpening but I have the GH5, GH6 and S1, the GH6 is less "sharp" than the GH5 in 4K. There is far less artificial sharpening, even when I set the sharpness of the GH6 at +5, the GH5 at 0 is still sharper. However the Open Gate 5K of the GH5 is still beautiful, there is almost zero sharpening and noise reduction, the image is very "organic". The issue I have with the GH6 is the new noise reduction algorithm (called 3D), it makes the low light really cleaner than GH5 but it also smear details in some areas of the image in low light even at ISO 200 (a bit like the Samsung NX1 but much less aggressive), even with the NR set at -5. I think there is no miracle, we speak about a M43 25MP sensor so some concessions must be made, but I was very surprised to see the GH5 retaining better details (the trade off is the noise). The 5,7K is a different beast, it uses more sharpening and a bit less noise reduction (the footage is sharper than the 5,9K and 6K of the S1), however there is a little crop in this mode and nobody speaks about it. For me the big advantages of the GH6 are the new color science, the 4K 120fps and the very good stabilization making (almost) possible handheld walking video.
  6. I still use my NX1 with the 16-50mm S and 45mm f/1.8, the colors and character of the 45mm f/1.8 ... Oh my god.
  7. V-LOG is very bad for Autofocus. You should try HLG (almost the same DR) or even CINE-V, the AF is better than with V-LOG. Also, the more DOF you get the better is the AF so it is not very surprising than lenses like the 24mm or the 20-60mm (on the wide angle) perform better than lenses longer than 30mm.
  8. Beritar

    Panasonic GH6

    Undone is the guy who claims the Sigma 18-35mm has better AF than the Summilux 10-25mm on the GH5. I recall he also said the A7SIII 4k video was sharper than the A7III. He clearly biased for Sony and destroys anything about Panasonic. About his S5 review, the only thing he said about the IBIS was the S1 is clearly better without comparing to Sony or anything like that.
  9. You noticed the IBIS is less effective in 6K open gate or 5,9K ? The IBIS in 5,9K is fantastic. So good you can simulate slider shots in post.
  10. I can't agree more, especially for the S1/S5 and the NX1. I still love to use my NX1 in good light at base ISO, colors and sharpness are outstanding with the 16-50mm S. The S1/S5 are also great, image quality is IMO superior to the Sony A7SIII. I like to use the S1 6K mode combined with the wonderful IBIS and the 50mm S PRO to shoot dolly like footage with awesome quality.
  11. I only use 4K because I watch my videos on a big TV. I downloaded some clips with 20 and 100mbits in 1080P but I don't see a major improvement. I also compared some of my old 4K videos with my GH4 and the GX9 is really worse noise wise. I think it's a pretty bad idea from Panasonic to use such a crop on a 20MP M43 sensor.
  12. I have a GX9 but the 4K mode is disapointing to say the least. I can live with the 1.25x cropping, however because of this crop, the noise is everywhere, even at ISO 200. It could be awesome if it was possible to remove the crop in 4K. This little camera is almost perfect otherwise for daily use , pocketable with small lenses, good IBIS, nice colors etc.
  13. Sadly, S5 is limited to 5K internal, this is the "6K" photo mode but the resolution is "only" 5184x3456 with no way to use things "like IBIS Boost". Only the S1 can do 6K and 5,9K internal.
  14. Beritar

    Sony A7 IV

    I prefer to get 5,9K and 6K open gate than 4k oversampled to 7k. Furthermore, I don't know about the A7IV but the A7III and A7SIII have massive noise reduction, I think the A7IV will have the same. The IBIS on Sony is almost useless, it depend if you use your camera for run and gun, but the S5/S1/S1H are miles ahead for stabilization. About LOG, Panasonic has VLOG, DR and colors are top-notch
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