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  1. Having shot some Olympic snowboarding from the stands with a GH5+PL100-400 and some sailing from shore with the same camera and also the Olympus E-m5iii + 12-100 the results are actually quite good hand-held with their dual IS systems. It's just a shame they never got together to have dual IS compatible across systems. The Panasonic digital teleconverter (true crop) seems better than the Olympus implementation which seems like some resampling. On the other hand, the Olympus PDAF autofocus makes stable shooting and focusing at 800mm+ FF equivalent much easier.
  2. I second what Fuzzy says. I sold my GH5 + PL12-60 combo for a E-M5iii+O12-100/f4. The Olympus colours are great out of the box, the IS with that lens is gimbal-like, and the C4k is lovely. The camera is not as rugged as the E-M1 series, but I can attest the to weather proofing as have filmed for hours in the pouring rain. Just miss zebras as the histogram is not really accurate (although good enough not to clip highlights, and I think that my LCD needs the exposure lowering as it is always brighter than the scene. @fuzzynormal what colour profile do you generally use and does anyone have experience with the best C-AF settings especially for face-detect focusing? As Fuzzy says, the E-M10iii is a steal and the C4k images is the same as the other more expensive Olympus cameras. I've seen them for less than £200 on e-bay. I'm considering selling my two GH5 for a pair of E-M10iii to use as B-cam and timelapse cams.
  3. Thanks for that, they were sold out on Amazon, but I managed to find them on Ali Express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32918185600.html
  4. Yeah, I loved my GX80s, and I still have them (use them as small timelapse cameras, even have the USB dummy batteries). Unfortunately the IBIS and viewfinder let them down.
  5. I've seen E-M10iii for less than £200. Looking for a steal as a B-Cam to my E-m5iii. Same image, just no PDAF. Would love to see them open source the code. That could be revolutionary like Magic Lantern or the GH2! Imagine what people could squeeze out of that hardware. Olympus has the best IBIS hardware and PDAF sensor, they just need more software features like zebras and better codecs beyond the C4k which is quite nice.
  6. I'm sure they can do all this and more. I find it strange though that they are finally upping their video game _after_ being sold. Also, I'd like them to have similar firmware for all their cameras like the continuous bounding-boxes for face-detect focus while recording. That feature is not on the E-M5iii. I was thinking today, that those Olympus cameras could do so much more. They should open-source the firmware - ha ha.
  7. I totally agree. For the stuff that I do, the Olympus E-M5iii and 12-100 f/4 is a fantastic combination. Small, light, weatherproof - the PDAF is a bonus although I often use the manual clutch on the 12-100. That pair shoots a very nice, extremely stable (gimbal-like) cinema 4k image with good colours that I don't even need to grade. The 12-100 f/4 with the extra 2x punch-in crop gives me 24-400mm full-frame equivalent range in 4k. Also it allows for macro-like close focusing. I throw that combo, the Panasonic 25 f/1.4 for interviews, a couple of Instamics, a Rode video micro, a small tripod, and my Mavic Air drone in a little backpack and I'm good to go for the day. No, I'm not going to be on Netflix or win any awards, but for the outdoors/environmental and event/community video that I do, Olympus is more than great. As far as excess gear, I probably should sell off my GH5 as I'm not using it as much now I have the E-M5iii. I also am thinking of selling my 17 and 45mm Voigtlanders which I love, but don't get a lot of indoors or low light work, especially after COVID. I still keep a Panasonic GX80 with dummy USB battery as it is so handy for timelapses and useful as a backup camera. Maybe I should look at a cheap E-M10ii as a B-cam to match my other Olympus. I've been considering other systems (fuji, sony, canon) but they all have limitations (size, stability, cost) compared to m4/3 and especially Olympus that has a little bit more "magic" to me over Panasonic. There must be a market for small, good quality video, stabilisation for vloggers or people like me. @fuzzynormal seems to be in the same camp as well as people like Chris Eyre-Walker. Too bad Olympus didn't capitalise here and Panasonic is making similar mistakes. Olympus should have thrown in every trick they had including better video-assist tools into two cameras - a small EM10 and a larger "pro" EM1. Panasonic needs a GH5 in a GX80 body and similar tech in an LX100 body with fixed, high-quality zoom lens and IBIS.
  8. Hey there, I'm trying to edit GH5 HLG/HVEV video in FCPX 10.4.8 on OSX Catalina 10.15.5. This is a new computer and I could have sworn that I was able to see and edit that codec in my old Mac. Also, when I export prores 422 with other footage, for some reason I can't playback that output in Quicktime. I tried seeing if I had the proapps codecs installed and googled a bit last night, but couldn't find what I had done wrong... Any ideas?
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions, I'm putting together the proposal now, so this helps me get my thoughts together, especially for the "risks/expectations" section.
  10. Yes, the client gets this - it is far from for cinema release (ha, ha). I will also be doing most of the key events and interviews, and they've worked with me before so they know what to expect. I will be editing it, so yeah I guess praying that what I get back from the remote parties is OK. I'm going to have them upload the video as they complete sessions and events so I can give feedback and if needed, pivot... Thanks for the response, it is appreciated!
  11. I've been asked to work on a documentary project, and due to the various events being geographically distributed and budget restrictions one of the suggestions was to use crowd-sourced mobile video. In this case I would video the key events and interviews for the narrative, but would need to rely on amateur mobile video for b-roll and possibly event video/audio. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for tackling this? I'm going to put together a document and video of simple "top tips" for recording better video and audio and perhaps including in the budget a mobile phone tripod/gimbal and an inexpensive hand audio recorder to get close to any speakers or for local the local teams to use. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. sgreszcz

    Fuji X-T4

    Oops, I didn't see this limitation? I was using my E-M5iii in the pouring rain/mud last week with a lens-hood and not a problem with it and the 12-100/4 lens. For the stuff I shoot in the UK weather, sealing is a must.
  13. sgreszcz

    Fuji X-T4

    Also can the fujis do a 1.6x or 2x digital zoom at full 4k resolution like the GH5 and Olympus cameras?
  14. sgreszcz

    Fuji X-T4

    Yeah, I noticed the same thing - some weird wobbles and shudders in the corners. In comparison the latest Olympus with IBIS and sync-IS lenses + Electronic Image Stabilisation (slight crop) is almost as good as a handheld gimbal.
  15. That looks cool, but very $$$. I found an open-box Afidus ATL-200 which I'm going to test now. I've got one, but not had great day-to-night or night-to-day weather to try it with. Might attempt through a window.
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