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  1. Cinegain

    Sony Xperia 1

    Haven't really looked into it, but I suppose most manufacturers sip your data without permission anyways. Don't think Huawei is doing much out of the ordinary, but people like to blow things up and find stuff to be upset about. Guess the US will be missing out then. ๐Ÿ˜› Parker before did a sponsorship with LG, so could be some unannounced phone from theirs, but I don't think any was rumored and they've already got a flagship out I believe. OPPO and other Chinese manufacturers are looking to shake things up as well, incl. 10x zoom schtuff, so maybe it's them. It's just more obvious that it's Huawei, because they've continuously been dropping hints recently and the announcement is next week.
  2. Cinegain

    Sony Xperia 1

    Seems like there's a glimps of that (my 'guess'): Looks like the Xperia 1 is in for some video competition...
  3. Well, it's been a long 7 months... but apparently they've allocated one of these to my pre-order finally. xD Hope it was worth the wait.
  4. Cinegain


    @BTM_Pix That Canon zoom... needs some kind of modification when adapted to MFT, could you confirm? And is that a lot of trouble?
  5. Yeah, at some point they gotta ditch that regurgitated sensor from the D5200 (I believe it's still the same in the D5600, no? Which is the same as in the D5300, so... same sensor but without the AA-filter?) and traditional DSLR approach you'd think. I'm selling my D5300, so collected all bits and bobs and took a shot with it to figure out the shutter count. But the quality actually is still really rather impressive. Nikon results are always on point. I just never was able to live with a traditional DSLR, as my first foray into interchangable cameras was with a mirrorless one: the GH2. Just from a usability standpoint I'd say no to mirrored cameras. But... I'm also saying no to FF cameras. I like the option to have small compact glass, which usually comes in affordable priceranges as well. Honestly, the D5300 with that 35mm f/1.8G is pretty brilliant. Just... would be so much better mirrorless, with IBIS, shooting uncropped 4K and having somewhat solid C-AF. Fujifilm I'm slowly warming up to. But videocentric lacking IBIS and hardly any OIS lenses for example kinda puts me of. Also, not as a supported platform by third parties as some of the others. Canon EOS-M I find a bad joke. And Sony A6x00 is the wrong approach (small body = issues) with a neglected native to sensor size lens line-up (pushing you towards the more interesting FF E-mount lens options, but at the cost of size/weight/price; defeating the point of a small body). So, I'm still with MFT that has much improved post-GH4 in terms of performance. But... I could be swayed by a Nikon Z APS-C crop camera if it's basically a GH5 with APS-C performance and (S35) advantages. And they do have the most flexible mount out there in terms of flange distance as well, respect for that.
  6. Cinegain


    That's exactly how I used to do/do it. ๐Ÿ˜„ Maybe in white it's better as well. E.g. -- altn edit based on Kye-feedback
  7. Cinegain

    Sony Xperia 1

    Around the 16:00 mark some more background info... Think I might want one, though. Looks pretty sweet. Even a shutter button under the index finger in landscape orientation by the looks of it. Will hold out to see what the P30 Pro is up to next month first (the P20 Pro is respectable for photography, a little overprocessed at times perhaps and video is rather bad than good), but otherwise, I think I might've found my next phone as I'm not really up to play guinea pig with those foldable phones that cost more than my ASUS ZenBook Flip.
  8. Well, it does say in my signature 'Powered by Google search skills'. xD Yeah, they're hard to beat.
  9. I'm a bit disappointed with Panasonic to be honest. They did so well for years following the GH2 even with the small stuff like the LX100. Now there's an update to the latter as well as e.g. the FZ1000, which is, well rather embarrassing. Seems they've taken a page from the Canon playbook: 'minimum effort, regurgitating mostly old stuff, labelling it as new'. GH2, GH3, GH4 used to be the flagships. Now there's 3. GH5, G9 and GH5S. You need the G9 if you want most out of photography, the GH5 for IBIS video and GH5S for best sensor performance. Let's sell you more cameras. What indeed happened to cameras with amazing value such as the G70, G80 and GX80? I'm afraid we're only going to see their focus shift from consumer to high-end as the former will increasingly favor a smartphone. Also, higher-end cameras and less of them mean increasing prices and a focus on high-end lenses as well. See Olympus with their E-M1X. Also, it's been a while since either of them focused on making compact and affordable lenses. It's mostly big chunky Olympus PRO and Leica these days. I'm afraid bang for buck has become out of luck. Btw, people are still asking for a proper GX8 successor. The GX9 indeed is more of an alternate take on the GX80.
  10. Yeah https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/power-packs/ep-5a-power-supply-connector.html https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product-archive/power-adapters/eh-5a-ac-adapter.html But you can probably get like a Andoer / third party more traditional plug one... https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Andoer-EP-5A-DC-Coupler-Power-Connector-EN-EL14-Dummy-Battery-Adapter-4-0-17mm-DC/234552_32823367950.html -- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/EP-5C-4-0mm-1-7mm-EP5C-EP-5C-DC-Coupler-EN-EL20-EN-EL20-dummy/32819120166.html
  11. I love me the Contax Zeiss lenses. Had a set of f/2.8s already (representing the Distagons are the 25, 28mm and 35mm. Then thereโ€™s the Tessar 45mm (which kinda is a pancake lens). For a bit more reach the Sonnar 85mm and 135mm), except for the 50mm which is a Planar f/1.4. Just a few days ago I've gotten a super mint and boxed condition 28mm f/2 'Hollywood' in to really bring the Contax Zeiss-theme home. A bit harder is completing a Summicron-R set, of which I only have the Leica Summicron-R 35 and 50mm f/2 E55 ('Leica' badged, but can be found cheaper as Leitz, Leitz Canada or Leitz-Wetzlar editions). Of course you can go the opposite direction with e.g. a set of Pentax Takumars, Canon FDs or Nikon Ai(-s). Or what a lot of us here love as well, Russian Zenit primes... think: HELIOS, JUPITER, INDUSTAR, MIR & TAIR ones. So much love for vintage lenses. Built like tanks back in the day and so full of character. And... might be more interesting to buy an oldschool 50mm for under a hundo than one of the new ones that costs you a kidney. There's still great stuff to read up on: https://www.vintagelensesforvideo.com/ , I implore you to check it out! E.g. not the sharpest, but look at that mojo...
  12. I actually ate SPAM again recently. Kind of out of nostalgia. It smells like dog food, but it still tastes bomb. Had cut it up in little blocks and made an omelet with it.
  13. If you're lucky on eBay. Rich doesn't cater to mere mortals anymore. It's all high-end and pricey from here. He also rebranded DSO to RGO UK. Would've loved that one from the Olivia video on the first page of this topic in Nikon mount, but back in the day I had other priorities and now it's too late.
  14. Just about all you need is https://geizhals.eu/ and https://www.google.com/shopping?hl=DE . Here some more pointers: Some of my cameras (G80, GH5) were actually purchased through the UK (CVP/UKDigital; one lens through https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/progadgets-kcs ), because of the EUR/GBP and Panasonic UK promotions (with EEA eligibility) making it more attractive. But I have bought locally in Vienna, AT. E.g. a-s-elektro.at which were always ones to seemingly have Panasonics in stock earlier than others (LX100, GX80 from there). Or digitalstore.at which is a high-end store which sold me my original BMPCC when that one summer deal took us by surprise (475,- EUR if I recall correctly). And sobotka.at that sold me my DC-G9. Bought lenses at edigital.at and eglobalcentral.at . Really, in the end there's not really one particular go-to place. In this day and age I just go with the ones that have stuff 'in stock' the quickest, have some special deals going on or just come in at the lowest price by looking at what pops up when I search for products using the first two links found at the top of this comment. Indeed for audio Thomann.de , Bax-shop.nl and Muziker.at are pretty much up there. Nefal.tv is pretty legit regarding high-end video I suppose. A little over 2 years ago I hadn't even set foot on American soil, but I'm there quite frequently now, so I might pick up a few things locally when I'm there in the future. Of course, B&H and Adorama do ship internationally. They had the Lumix 25mm f/1.7 for sale once, going at $99. Even with import tax and all that it would've been a bargain, but I got lucky and it flew under the radar. Then there's shops from Asia that offer VAT free guarantee when shipping to certain countries (read the conditions). You'll always be able to get just about anything through Amazon, eBay and AliExpress too now these days.
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