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  1. So... now... ... you have put breaks in between paragraphs. Doesn't seem like a massive difference to me. How much time you put into that pass? Maybe now just go out with a freshly formatted SD and start shooting some stuff?
  2. I actually was in support of IronFilm there. 🀭 I mean... sure I still have my good ol' GH2 for nostalgia's sake. And there's something magical about that Sony PMW-F3 that I actually would not mind taking for a spin once... But... to jump through all those hoops and make all that effort... for what I think is not particularly mind-blowing quality... energy spent VS reward, I don't necessarily see. Though... that's highly subjective of course. And even if agreeing on image quality being so-so, which could work for a project you need a Lo-Fi look for I suppose, it can just be a fun hobby for the curious mind. Guess it's more productive and interesting than collecting lawn gnomes. πŸ˜‚ There's this fella doing videos on old audio tech, in a way it's a sort of time capsule or a museum visit, having such videos of old tech online for everyone to see and educate themselves and realize how far we actually have come. Here's Techmoan's channel should you feel interested: https://www.youtube.com/user/Techmoan/videos . Guess it's a good thing that there are some people that still care and keep these things from being forgotten entirely. Though, personally, I'll stick to older lenses, not so much the cameras.
  3. Travelstuff. So stuff that's happening in front of the cam mostly. Not really vlogging (but perhaps live narrating, hence I thought the Sony stereo mic would pick up from in front and behind the camera simultaneously), but who knows. Main point: doesn't add much to the camera itself. A lav won't do me any good for my scenario (do have the Aputure one for a while now as well) and can't really be arsed to frankenrig things up and always carry around brackets and shockmounted shotguns. Seen a lot of mentions of the Saramonic SR-XM1 indeed. Only checked out one video and that was kind of disappointing. Maybe that person didn't really know what they were doing, I'll check into it some more see if it's acceptable enough. Thanks for the feedback! Appreciated. WIll give that some consideration.πŸ˜„ πŸ‘
  4. BMPCC4K Summer Sale? €475,- again? 😁
  5. @IronFilm Beauty of a topic, worthy of a good bump although I need your wizard opinion on something else audio related (and figured opening an entire topic would be excessive 😜 ). With the Canon G7 X Mark III and Sony RX100 VII out... featuring a side mic port... what would be a nifty solution without resorting to off-camera mounts? I just remembered that like almost a decade ago the Sony ECM-DS70P was a popular electret condenser stereo mic, that even was faked a lot in China (still is, they sell for under $5 bucks lol, think I even had one at some point). Wouldn't that be the perfect solution to getting audio from in-front and behind the camera for generic vlogging and capturing? Doesn't have to be award winning, just good enough not to mess about with other solutions... keen to hear your thoughts on that (and alternatives I might not know about). Cheers.
  6. Yes and wonderful storytelling of life VS death. Blooming flowers, burning ashes. And from the ashes we may rise again. Wonderful juxtaposition.
  7. The old airport terminal in L'viv ('Lemberg' as the German-speakers call it) was cute. With a little church-like clock tower. Never did any sightseeing through the city though.
  8. Not to be harsh, but... the trailer doesn't get me emotionally invested like... at all. And if you put it on in the background or don't pay attention for a few seconds you wouldn't have made the connection that it's basically flying doctors for animal rescue. And the 2nd half is like vague generic - insert here - motivational talk and you're telling the viewer what to do 'great story anyone can appreciate - something everybody should see' (I'll be the judge of that). Yet... I don't see a story being told here? What's the story? 'Tells the story of animal rescue start to finish', sure. Then give us an actual example, don't tell us, show us! Let's follow a dog around and leave us with a cliffhanger or something, making us wonder if the dog ended up alright. The subject is there. Flying doctors for animal rescue sounds super interesting, make sure to properly acknowledge that angle. Now you've gotta use that and make us realize that what we are about to see is trully unique. So... I'd make an alternative trailer cut and use that. Also... Facebook moms will share the shit out of little snippits of cute dogs in trouble getting an emotional rescue. Make a few 10 sec or so videos to share there, lesser things have gone viral. My 2 cts. Of course... great job doing something out of the love for this subject and I hope it catches on! πŸ‘
  9. Well, that's just copyright strikes waiting to happen then. πŸ˜›
  10. I always enjoy the 'Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge' videos on YouTube. Next up, it would perhaps be interesting to see what videographers can come up with being restricted to just using a smartphone. Just... maybe not like the way they used a Nokia PureView that one time to shoot that Olive short (8 years ago mind you)... I mean. Hardly a realistic use case scenario for a smartphone. xD This very topic and its entries are already promising and deliver on the idea that it's more about the person behind the camera and what they're pointing at in front of it. Nice going.
  11. Of course it all depends... do you want to swim with the sharks or only want to put your feet in shallow waters that have tetras in them. If you know what you're fishing for, you gotta use the appropriate bait to reel 'em in. In this day and age it's survival of the fittest and you've got to make yourself stand out from the crowd if you want to make it big. The ripple effect starts with making a splash. First impression has to make a bold statement, catch attention, evoke some thoughts. You've got to be clever, catchy and rememberable somehow. There's people with 0 talent building empires (I guess that's a talent of its own) because they figured out how that game works, some literally manage to 'fake it until they make it'. Now, I'm not saying you can't make it staying humble; you don't have to sell your soul. But play smarter, not harder. If you don't get onto people's radar, you also won't get the oppertunity to prove yourself through your art and skills. So play ball. Don't let others eat offa your plate that are better at marketing B$ than actual production. Combat the wave!
  12. Bit of a 'US racing' philosophy where they race eachother for 'pink slips' (car ownership titles). Bit harsh. Though I doubt the winner of the public vote would actually be eager taking the last placed's camera away from 'em. Believe Andrew also mentioned you can enter for the Judge's vote alone and not risking losing the camera ($200 value possibly). πŸ˜‰
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