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  1. How do I get my hands on GH5 VLOG upgrade?

    Sony had some paid upgrades on their Pro cameras. What they also could've done was to include it for every camera and bump the price of the GH5 (kits) by 100 bucks. Now... nobody wants to pay for something they might not use, so atleast now they have the option to keep 100 bucks in their pocket. So... I don't know. I think it's alright. Made more sense with the GH4 though, because that wasn't intended to do V-Log L in the first place, but had a team make it happen anyways. With the GH5... you could argue that everyone looking into this camera, is probably pretty dang serious about video and would want to atleast try that V-Log L, therefor buy and install it. But you know... on a roughly 2000 bucks camera... I don't think this not included 100 bucks option would make it a no-go. In some places they actually gave it as a bonus for pre-orders, that was a pretty decent move.
  2. Lens compatibility I suppose. Now you need to buy lenses that can only be used on the DJI... before with the MFT mount, they reworked the Leica 15mm f/1.7 MFT and you could've used e.g. the new Laowa 7.5mm f/2 MFT.
  3. Wait... MFT shooters want a 4/3"/S35 camera with E-mount? (btw, there are actually M4/3 to E-mount adapters, so it's the more flexible one)
  4. Well, JVC GY-LS300... BMCC 2.5K. And DJI is member of the MFT alliance already. Just I sorta had an E-Mount/lens vibe there, which doesn't give you any 2nd guessing if certain lenses have signs of vignetting or not.
  5. Judging that video thumbnail I'd almost be tempted to say a re-worked Sony E-mount lens, like a 24mm f/1.8 perhaps? DJI also released their own adapted version of the MFT Leica Summilux 15mm f/1.7. Just... MFT is a collaborative effort and open system alliance. Surely others are using EF-mount already, but I think it would be a first for E-mount to make it to third party hardware/camera systems? So... interesting. Sony/E-mount is the move 3DR made as well: https://3dr.com/solo-drone/specs/ .
  6. Sick! Wouldn't mind falling prices for the X5R either....
  7. How long should my episodic youtube series be?

    Well, no, that's the only single example I could think of, because like I said, everything else is I watch is longer (is there even any Amazon Prime or Netflix exclusive show with such short episodes? Yeah, yeah, I know these aren't 'tv shows' as they're not on tellie, but same for anything Marvel or DC Universe or generally stuff that's not comedy from like networks such as HBO (Game of Thrones), USA (Suits), The CW (Arrow), etc). And speaking of long is bad... they should've stopped that show a long time ago already anyways. But people love a cashcow, that's why movies get so many terrible sequels. Where they put quantity over quality. Guess there's a reason for 'biz' taking up a considerable part of 'showbiz'. But yeah, ultimately what you're saying after is spot on. Just, unless you're brilliant, 4 or 5 minutes doesn't get you much invested in any of it.
  8. How long should my episodic youtube series be?

    They aren't? I think only like The Big Bang Theory is like 20 mins, but otherwise they're mostly 40-50mins. Atleast the stuff I watch. Don't really watch web series. YouTube used to be full of comedy or horror skits (even interactive ones with different storylines depending on the viewer's choices), but these days it seems everyone wants their 5 mins of fame doing vlogging or dumb ass pranks and whatnot. I quite like Black Mirror and now Electric Dreams has come out. Maybe some of you are familliar with Freddie Wong, aka freddiew on YouTube, who's started RocketJump Film School? They made a Hulu exclusive series called Dimension 404, which kinda follows the form of the earlier two mentioned before as well. Really digg that genre, usually showcasing social behaviour in an increasingly digitalizing world and it allows the creators not to be stuck with a single story, they can create different worlds and angles altogether. For me as a viewer personally, it's a nice break from binge-watching missed episodes, because each story is self-contained. Of course, their productions are pretty much up there... but I think watching these might give you some inspiration.
  9. Best mirrorless camera

    I actually prefer ones with mirror... and a built-in light... so I can see what I'm doing when I'm applying make-up...
  10. One lens for life...

    Probably with TRM on that one. Only have the 35mm in addition to the 50mm f/2 E55 very recently, but it's so versatile. You can use it as is, throw it on a focal reducer or use ETC. It's a really solid lens and it's really not big or clunky. Surely you can pick a 25mm f/0.95 (which was tempting to pick!) or something else bright... or something with AF and other electronic control (e-aperture, OIS), but the Leicas have already transcended time and they age like a good wine! All about that rich flavor and character.
  11. One Camera - For Life?

    lol, well, maybe it's the sentiment of being the first real learner camera for me if you will... but one day we'll be capturing stuff by neural links that tap into our brain, sees what we see, knows what we're trying to capture and how we want to portray that to an audience. You just have to think it and you can make it. By then 4K and everything doesn't mean much anymore. Like, I'm not saying that I'd wish to settle for a GH2 right now, as progress luckily is a very real thing and we can ride that wave. But if you wouldn't be able to anymore, don't know, might as well pick the one you bonded with most. I guess it's like wishing back for your first car and creating some more good memories with it... or remembering that sweet or cookie that they had in your childhood that's not around anymore. Though, yeah, perhaps that does sound a bit silly... lol.
  12. One Camera - For Life?

    I might just pick the GH2. It's what started my journey with interchangeable lens cameras and back then things were so straight forward. These days you're trying to overachieve and things are more complex and the shear amount of options and possibilities are a blessing but it also means more thought has to go into which choices you make. Going back to the roots is definitely something to consider, rather than chasing after all the tech advancements opening up yourself to more creative thinking that needs to make the difference. Not sure how scared you need to be of lacking quality... remember the GH2 shootouts by Philip Bloom and Zacuto, it held up quite decently to the big boys back in those days. And you'll still watch the IMDB Top 100 etc movies that are probably mostly before 2010. Some movies only ever made it to VHS and people still enjoy those. Wouldn't worry too much about that aspect, if anything it will set your filmmaking apart from everyone elses that has gotten on with the times.
  13. GoPro Fusion - The natural evolution of GoPro

    There was the Z Cam E1 one time... indeed Sony with the RX0. I think it's a miss not going for optical/sensor stabilization. Again this EIS, with accelerometers and gyroscope to get some 'advanced stabilization' going on, the best in any HERO thusfar they say (I mean, I better hope so)... but although we've seen SteadXP & Microsoft Hyperlapse can be somewhat effective, there's a high change or unwanted image warping and you're throwing away resolution. So... not sure if that's the right move. Sony goes SteadyShot... but that formfactor to me is awkward as fuck and seems only used by people who are riding motorcycles and other vehicles to get rid of that road bumpiness. Yeah, I quite like DJI. I remember seeing the following video and that really impressed me... just comes down to affordability, really. Maybe it's the midrange norm soon enough! -- Dang, just looking back at this footage again, that '3D pop' that depth layering is absolutely insane. Details and everything is so stunning. Sorta... though everyone bought a bunch of GoPros to form their own multicam rigs... so... that must not have been that bad. And 360 like that of the Ricoh Theta or Nikon Whatyamacallit is not really up to snuff. I don't actually think it's that much about the camera itself, I think it's more about that OverCapture that's going to make it sell.