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  1. Here ya go you Muppet "What's new in DaVinci Resolve 16.2.3 Support for Dolby Vision 4.1 CM algorithm to generate v2.9 trims from v4. Option to export a Dolby Vision v2.9 XML from a v4 project. Support for RED SDK 7.3.2. Faster Metal decoding for Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and EOS R5 clips."
  2. This is hilarious, you already have lost your top contributors to this forum.
  3. Snowbro

    RED Komodo

    Around 12:30 he shows a few quick clips, looks better than others I've seen posted for Komodo so far.
  4. Snowbro

    RED Komodo

    I don't think anyone has seen any Komodo footage that looks remotely impressive, which is too bad. Everyone has been saying it just looks like Sony mirrorless footage lol. Next to the helium in Phillip Grossmans footage, you can see how un-cinematic it looks. It doesnt have that smooth flat look (especially in highlights) that the other REDs have. Color science is meh too. I know some of this can be changed in something like Resolve, but come on, they have been working on this camera forever and I think Jared said they have the color science/image really close to where they want it now.
  5. It is true, Andrew and I were in love, but now he has limited my permissions. He cannot bring himself to ban me, as he still holds me dear to his heart. Andrew, if you are listening, I still love you and I forgive you. It's ok, go ahead and slip me another DM, i'll reply to it in the tub, just like old times.
  6. All hail the troll who lives under hundreds the bridges he burns! Andrew Trump everyone! He says whatever is on his mind and must be a honey badger because a honey badger just dont give a shit! haha Won't let me edit now, sorry I missed an of there: All hail the troll who lives under hundreds of the bridges he burns! Andrew Trump everyone! He says whatever is on his mind and must be a honey badger because a honey badger just don't give a shit! haha. Censor anyone who dare to have a differn't opinion on anything! The Art of the Grudge - by andrew Trump, best seller
  7. You are such a stupid hypocrite hahaha. Btw, just so everyone here knows, he has now banned my home IP. Missed my changing cellular IP though. Why not just get the balls and ban my account? That coward ban didnt work.
  8. The professionalism has returned, thank you for listening Andrew. I hope we can put this behind us and continue to help fellow amature film enthusiasts. Edit: oh no, someone erased the 10+ comment likes/rep I had on my posts on this thread already. I hope that you can look into it andrew. I think that we have a communist hacker censoring peoples freedom of speech and votes. I know that you just made a thread about how shitty dpreview is for censoring users, im sure that you will right this wrong! andrew reid 6/3/2020 - "I have also been subject to censorship on the DPReview forum (my URL is banned completely) so I know what it's like to have your voice silenced from a community."
  9. Ok, you win the internet battles. Honestly, I have had no ill intent towards you Andrew, this is your forum/blog and you should do as you please. I just saw some self destructive behavior in this last year and it seemed out of character. I think that you have demonstrated that you have a ton of potential in this industry and I felt that you had been above some of the nonsense I have seen lately. I guess you can choose to be that dude, Trump did it in politics and says whatever he wants lol. My goal was to just hopefully get you to think a little about what you are doing. I'm sure you don't care and hopefully not, but I think you are severely limiting yourself. Remember, true friends will tell you what you don't want to hear (not that I am or want to be, I just enjoyed your content in the past).
  10. I love you bro, why did you reset my rep? I just have tried to get you to put your feet back on the ground.
  11. People try to say this camera is a true 1D C II, but it isn't, it's a sports camera that has video features. A true 1D C successor would have LOG 2 and many other features missing from this one.
  12. I'm pretty sure it still does 4k 60 & AF with around the same crop as before. It just cant do 5.5k 60p RAW with AF.
  13. Hmm lets see, in your other dp review thread I started off by saying: "I think there should be a sub forum here for political stuff & I agree that what happened to George Floyd was bullshit (even though this is more about DP review & andrews grudge lol). It is really odd to mix politics and cameras but whatever." Then: "I agree with the tribalism thing, it seems quite extreme on each side now, where it used to be much more balanced. I am for people speaking their mind, but do not tolerate racism, if you delete some bullshit racist posts & ban those assholes, I will applaud that." Also: "I have teased you about some of the vendettas you have taken up against blackmagic and dpreview, but it is because I dont think you should bother with it. I do think you are talented in what you have created here and appreciate you opinion on cameras etc. "Keep up the good work and I hope we can all not give in to hate. Life is too short to hate. Let's try to help free those who have been put down by it." Oh yeah and on trump I already had said in that thread: "What would you prefer every member to be here Andrew? Am I not welcome if I am socially liberal, but economically conservative & think trump is a crazy ass? Do I have to agree with everything you say and be a rabid liberal to be welcome here? You have very selective memory apparently. You just get so triggered so easily, I was concurring at the start of your threads about dpreview and just said to be above this crap and you went off.
  14. It does show less noise in your finished project and is nice to have the extra resolution for stabilizing if you need it. Many experts that have played around with both, have said that the pocket 6k has less color problems out of the box. They both have IR pollution. The only thing I really had a big gripe with was the battery life. It is around 20min per battery if you want to see your screen outside, so you end up making some huge rig with a giant battery and screen, which should be unnecessary imo. I like to bike 10-25 miles into steep mountains, so having it fully rigged out is a bear. I think their battery choice logic was based on them doing an EF mount, so they put Canon batteries in it. Then again, the EOS R has the same one and doesn't die shortly after you turn it on.
  15. But doesn't the 1DX traditionally have dual processors, one entirely dedicated to AF? Even with a new generation processor in the R5, you're talking 8K instead of 6 and one less CPU, it would have to be a pretty huge leap in generational technology. It's always possible that Canon held back though & they rarely rectify it after release c200 ii anyone? Lol
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