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  1. Snowbro

    RED Komodo

    They said on the red forums that it was all designed in house, but they will use someone else's "oven"
  2. Snowbro

    RED Komodo

    I am curious as to what kind of dynamic range it will have. I'm sure they will exaggerate the DR like all REDs do, but I expect it to be a little better than the pocket 6k
  3. The imaginary a7siii will never be an A cam for anything important. Crash cam at best, but even then, a serious production would use something like the komodo.
  4. Most likely an 8 year old that likes cinema
  5. You think I should orbit my choice of phone around dji? You're sounding like lebron
  6. Lets see how much you love them when they won't add support for your phone (major flagship) and your drone is fucking useless for a year. They force you to buy their expensive screen controller. Fuck dji
  7. F dji, they raised prices on year old products & STILL haven't updated their app so galaxy S10 owners can fly their drones. It will be a year soon & you cant fly without it crashing your phone so hard it restarts. It's not like they dont know, there are hundreds of threads on their website about it & they respond to them with bull crap answers like: "we hope to include that in the future, thanks", "I'll pass this on to our development team". They had updated for the S8 & S9 fast.
  8. Did everyone already forget the massive amount of focus breathing in the RF primes? I've confirmed the zooms are good, but I'm a prime guy. If everything goes RF in the next few years, it will be another 6-12 years before you see a remake of the RF primes & they might have focus breathing bad too ?
  9. eos r has now dropped $500 off its launch price in 1 year lol
  10. I was worried about that, but I did lots of rapid shots (outdoor sports) and never had a drop of oil. I seriously cannot think of anything that I didn't like about that camera, aside from its size/weight and attention it drew in public.
  11. I can't I just bought a $6000 short throw laser projector for my bedroom lol
  12. It's basically an action cam for them, but designed for 23.976 movies (sorry hobbit). That sigma fp also can't do 50/60p in its highest res (4k), so i'll take a hard pass on both of these. Then the pocket 6k gives a great image, but has many shortfalls I don't care to work around. Sadly, the 1DX III looks to be the best cam for me, but I probably won't buy it.
  13. Their RF 70-200 2.8 weighs a pound less than the EF version
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