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  1. Snowbro

    How do you practice?

    I found it hard to create anything that I found interesting in many areas around where I live. I think it is more inspiring to go find somewhere you think is cool and practice there. I started by filming friends, then comparing what I had done to big filmmakers. That helped me to continue to improve, I still have a long ways to go, but progress is progress haha.
  2. Snowbro

    Shot All Handheld On The 1DX II

    Haha yeah, almost all IG posts you see are with it (excluding traditional landscape pics). The one thing I forgot to mention; it sometimes can produce an odd solid green flare, it seems to be a Sigma coating thing, because I saw it on their 24mm too. I prefer the redish/orange flaring of the Canon lenses.
  3. Both have only been used a few times. No scratches etc.. Leave an offer!
  4. Snowbro

    Anyone Recommend a Variable ND Filter

    I have had good luck with the Tiffen Variable ND filters, just make sure that you test against a bright white wall sometime & understand how far you can twist it left or right before if makes our video look terrible lol Good call; like your videos!
  5. Snowbro

    Shot All Handheld On The 1DX II

    Yeah that's what I ended up doing towards the end of testing! I also found that shooting in 4k & holding still without any IS, it looks shaky, but it is still usable with post stabilization thanks to the low rolling shutter of this camera. I had big issues with my Sony a6500 with stabilizing shaky footage, it couldn't do it a lot of times, looked odd. I think that Canon didn't really intend for people to shoot video & pan with these smaller IS lenses, my 70-200mm IS has a mode for panning and it works perfectly. I wish they put that into camera settings instead of a switch on the lens. Yeah it was really fun! I only had the camera for a few days before I went & filmed that, I used the faithful profile and turned contrast, saturation & sharpening down a lot. I tried cinestyle and couldn't get the blacks back to a dark enough level for my taste in premiere pro. I hear that people like those fake CLOG profiles for sale, but I saw testing somewhere that they can degrade your final image (counting post production) more than if you had just shot a normal profile and made it flatter. I got IG followers from doing a bunch of mindless engagements haha. I would find followers of large accounts I liked, look at their pics, comment & like if I thought it was decent, then follow sometimes. If you have decent content, people used to always follow back, now it doesn't work as much, but you can still get around a 10% return.
  6. Snowbro

    Shot All Handheld On The 1DX II

    Thanks Mercer! The IS on it is extremely good for photos and great for video if you don't move much. The IS while shooting video feels like it tries to lock onto a point/subject on the x axis, so panning can be jumpy and not always correctable in post stabilization. The drone is just a tiny DJI Mavic Air, I had the Mavic Pro and I think the video quality is slightly better on the Air, but the Air can lose signal easy in cities sometime because it uses a form of wifi. It is very convenient, but I will likely get the Mavic Pro 2 when it comes out, I could fly miles with my first one in an urban area and not worry about signal loss.
  7. Snowbro

    Shot All Handheld On The 1DX II

    Hey guys, I got really sick of hauling a gimbal around; setting it up back & forth between lenses and photos. I tested using just the Sigma 35mm & Canon 85mm IS on the 1DX Mark ii (120p). I was looking at getting a Sony for the IBIS, but i've seen a bunch of videos showing that it can be very jumpy sometimes. I only stabilized a couple driving clips in post. I pray for the day that we have full frame cameras with the IBIS like a GH5 haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this area of Utah I grew up in, it has some really cool hidden areas i've been exploring!
  8. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    Canon 16-35 f/2.8 iii
  9. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    I tried cinestyle & marvels, but not prolost yet. It is happening in all recording modes. I always have my shutter st double my framerate. I tested tons of different exposures & looked at them in post; they all had a decent amount of noise in any area that had shadows in person. It's very odd because I had ran tests when first receiving the camera & I couldn't even see any noise at various settings/lighting conditions.
  10. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    I am wondering if it is because there is no internal NR on the camera when in video mode (just noticed this)
  11. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    Thanks! I actually am from Utah
  12. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    That's what I did on my Sony when shooting LOG. I found many pros mention to not clip highlights with the 1DX; footage does have a harder time coming back from over exposure than under. I usually expose a tiny bit brighter than what my final correction will be in post. Really wish they had put CLOG in this, I tried the fake ones & I couldn't pull the blacks back down to what I would like to see. Feels like there is IQ loss with the ones I tested vs a neutral canon profile (btw, I shot this on the faithful profile with contrast/sharpening all the way down & -2 saturation)
  13. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    Thanks for looking at it. I barely brought back any shadows in some of these clips. I have a video on Alcatraz, where inside the prison, there are a few scenes that are perfectly exposed (no post adjust), yet the areas of the scene that are just barely darker have a lot of noise.
  14. Snowbro

    1DX II Noise at ISO 100

    I have been noticing quite a bit of noise in the shadows when filmed at ISO 100. Not entirely sure how much of it is from my color grading (Made LUT from Lightroom). I see some noise when lifting shadows before grading, but not nearly as much. I have a feeling I might just be hitting the limits of 8-bit, but I sometimes see a ton of noise in untouched 120p 1080 footage. Not sure if there might be something up with my camera, I didn't notice any noise before. I will end up using neat video or something of the sort soon. Here is a quick video I just put together; you can see it when watching in 4k on a monitor when it is a headshot.
  15. Snowbro

    New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5

    This looks so good! The lighting is awesome