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  1. Snowbro

    Youtube add their own sharpening?

    Full screen looks fine, theatre mode at any size looks like no aliasing is present. I usually don't add any sharpening because its 4k and looks sharp enough; I read something that said youtubes conversion can make jaggies if you added sharpening in post. I don't like unsharp mask, but I used a tiny bit in an older video with no problems, this time I just did +8 sharpening, it honestly didn't look much different even zoomed in.
  2. Snowbro

    Youtube add their own sharpening?

    Uploaded a 4k video, it was shot at 0 sharpness, I added just +8 in premiere. h.264 looks amazing, it looked fine last night after it uploaded to private. Now today when I view it in the browser on anything but fullscreen, it looks like over sharpened garbage. Looks fine on my phone at 1440p. Does their compression do something weird, or add sharpening? It could be their media player in a non-fullscreen mode idk. I have only had this happen on their player when you smash a 4k video into a very small size, this is something new. My other 4K videos havent had this issue.
  3. Reviewing my footage from NY with the Eos R, I found 2 huge white hot pixels in all the footage. I was shooting in 4k; didn't notice it in photos. That is a deal breaker for this body for me, its going back. Has anyone else had this problem with theirs?
  4. Ok, so here is my opinion on it after having used it for awhile on a trip to NY: It feels great with a native lens, it is nice to carry around vs a big dslr. It feels pretty solid still. 24-105 f/4 lens: I thought this could be a perfect lens for travelling given its focal range/IS and reviewers said it was very sharp. I found some big issues with it (unlikely camera but who knows). I took a bunch of pictures overlooking the city in the trade tower, expecting to crop in with 30mp and have decent results. I don't think the IS in this lens is very good, I was at around 50mm for some shots, f/4-f/10 and 100 shutter speed(even 160 shutter was the same) with the "5 stop" IS on. All the images taken with this lens were not impressive IMO, slightly blurry when scaled to 1:1. I had much better results with my 1DX ii with no IS at 50mm and the same settings. No idea if it is something with this camera, I think something is off with it or the lens. Also, it does not detect pan/tilt, so it will stick and jump in video. Huge focusing issue: In video or stills mode, sometimes it will randomly go into a freezing type mode where your on screen info is gone and you cannot change your focusing point. After 4-10 seconds, all the info comes back on the screen and you can change your focusing point. I called Canon and they had me do a bunch of stuff and it didn't change anything, I think its the processor is too slow or the software is not optimized properly. This happens when no pictures have been taken, or video recording as well. I also tried using the EVF and using my finger to change the focusing point, it was way too slow and unresponsive to use in any sort of pro situation, total joke. Flip Screen: I honestly don't like it as much as just a tilt. Especially if you are in an area where someone could walk by and hit the screen and rip it off. I don't like using it flipped out personally, I like it centered with the camera. Battery: It lasted as long as my 1DX battery, I was surprised. I kept the screen on most of the time and took videos/photos non stop and it ran like a champ. Switching Modes: Before flying out to NY, I tested switching between photo and video. It didn't seem like a deal breaker, but having used it in situations where I needed to do it fairly quick before moving, it was very annoying. The big issue with the 4k crop is you cant just hit that record button either, it's hard to gauge where it's going to crop in when you are taking pictures. There were some higher stress situations to get the shot where hitting mode>info>ok/shutter then back made me miss stuff I would have got on a different camera. Andrew was right on this one. 4k: It honestly looks very good, I was blown away with how good it actually looked. It does suck though in a lot of ways. That crop + a longer lens like 105mm stabilized is pretty much unusable handheld. The jello effect with the RS is a killer, on other cameras at 200mm etc. I could stabilized it in post, you can't with this RS. 1080p: It just looks like any canon 1080p, but with the lens IS and the 1st level of digital IS, it looks like gimbal footage walking around. You could tell some cool stories with that combo. Low Light (ISO): I mentioned it in this thread before, but I tested the EOS R vs the 1DX ii and found that the 1DX performed twice as well in video ISO. This wasn't surprising, but it wasn't worse than I had expected. I think it is fine for most situations. Adapted Lenses: They honestly all worked perfectly for me in photo and video. Banding: It isn't that bad when shooting outdoors, I found that you can get issues with it under artificial lighting much easier. For the majority of what I have done, it would be fine. Final Thoughts: I think that Canon is getting close to a very good camera. The RF system will be awesome by next year, I just personally found too many deal breakers for how I use a camera to keep this one. I feel that it is a good beginner camera; for someone who would have purchased a 6D. They should remove the top screen no one looks at and put a few buttons found on the 5D. At this moment, I can get way better quality out of using my 1DX ii. I can't wait for a mirrorless version of the 1DX, or an updated 5D.
  5. I just used it in NYC for 3 days doing photo & video. I found some wonderful things, and some annoying things. I will post a tiny review when I get some time.
  6. Update after testing photos indoors with artificial lighting: Photo wise, I didn't see that much banding outside with natural light (just colors introducing); I did see a ton indoors, it was pretty noticeable at just +.90 exposure.
  7. Tested the eos r vs the 1dx ii off my deck at night. No surprise, the 30mp didn't do as well, but it did better than I thought, except for one area which I found odd. (exact same settings, profile, lens etc) I wouldn't use the eos r past 8,000 iso for anything, the 1dx ii I wouldn't use past 16,000. 8k on the r looked slightly worse than the 1dx ii at 16k, but they looked fairly close. I noticed some x axis noise banding on the eos r between iso 1000 and 4000 which I thought was odd. There is a tiny bit on the 1dx in that range, but about 20% of what I saw on the R. I only saw it against a more uniform surface so it probably won't be a big deal. It's funny, I haven't seen any banding in the test photos I did, even when pushed to the unrealistic 5 stops (slight bit of color induction). The RAW seem'd to hold more contrast and have more pleasing noise in lifted shadows than the CR3. I hadn't used it before, just read that people think its the same quality, I think they are pretty close though. There was an interesting pattern when you lifted the shadows a lot in the CR3 & zoomed in to 100%. I have my mf'r button set to switch between c1,c2,c3 right now, i will look to see if i can get a button to adjust after single click. I set one earlier to left & right side in the custom button to be iso, but it only worked if I held the button and turned the dial idk. Oh Yeah: I have noticed sometimes in video & photo mode, the AF box freezes. You can't move it for up to 8 seconds randomly; I have no idea what that is about. I will have to use it more and try to see what is going on. I feel like it is a processor/ram issue, hopefully they know about it and fix it with firmware.
  8. The level 1 digital IS actually is really nice. Barely crops in and does a great job. It looks natural too, unlike most ibis or lens is
  9. They needed to at least add an iso button, touchbar is worthless and you have to hold down a reassigned button, then change the top dial at the same time. The camera literally is a hand cramp machine. They need the wheel dial and iso button back. I'm either going to throw this thing in the toilet or give it to my wife, haven't decided yet.
  10. Yeah, the 1D cameras fit my hand perfectly. I just was hoping this one would be close to a 5D so I didnt need a grip. Doesnt it weigh the same as a 5D when you and a grip? Somewhat defeats the lighter weight benefit of mirrorless lol. I dont care too much, I always carry the 1d around one handed, no strap & that weighs about 5.5lbs with a lens
  11. I just got one today. I might be the only one who doesn't like the ergos. I'm 6'4" and I can only get about half of my hand on the camera if I am using it with one hand. I guess im screwed for the mirrorless age. Shutter button feels junky vs 1dx/5d, it can also stick if you don't press right in the middle perfectly. Again on ergos; you're thumb is going to rest on that touch bar nonsense. EF-RF adapter is long enough it makes your lenses feel much heavier if you hold the camera with 1 hand. Feels much better on a DSLR with the EF lenses, actually feels lighter vs the negative leverage on the adapted lenses. Haven't powered the thing on yet, waiting on batteries to charge.
  12. Not yellow enough for you mr nikon? 😂
  13. I feel like a dirty person. I had to order one because I am going to NYC for the first time and didn't want to lug around the 1dx lol. I will be taking 90% photos
  14. Hey! I'm Norwegian & I resemble this remark! This is how jon imagines his situation on the forum these days and how its ending 😂
  15. Snowbro

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    I noticed that the live time lut isn't available for the log on android, but ios?