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  1. I'm glad that I am down to just two canon things now, a 16-35 lens and an intervalometer. Maybe one day I will be able to sell them.
  2. They release their new tech every 4 years. 2020 they will show us what they have been working on, I doubt they will ever go to 2 year cycles like Sony has. It was funny to watch the 1DX II still hold relevance for so long, but it stops being so funny in the last year of its life cycle.
  3. Snowbro


    Nah, not Sony hating today Odin. I just was testing an A7iii and looking at picture profile settings. I kept seeing "Youtubers" crying about spending a small amount on the EOS HD profile. In a court of law, my 'Intent' for this thread, would be laughing at youtubers, not Sony. I already said I thought the HLG from the A7iii looked good, I just need to figure out a processing I like with it. It seems to convert it oddly in Premiere Pro, the color completely changes compared to any media player I view it in. I read that it converts it automatically to 709 in premiere? That is annoying.
  4. Snowbro


    So are your clickbait youtube video titles; why are you such a hater adam?
  5. Snowbro


    I don't think the reviewer would have been able to on his own, without already seeing Andrews settings IMO. I was just laughing at how cheap people are.
  6. Snowbro


    I made the mistake of trying the 4k 24p in cine4 without adjusting the sharpness, it looked pretty bad. I then tried HLG 2 with detail at -6, I thought it looked pretty good. I noticed that that IBIS is really only good for standing still, even at 35mm wide. I wonder when Sony is going to catch up to Panasonic/Olympus in that regards. Canon now has a DUAL IS patent, but I bet they will still cripple the video in their next camera. Is the object tracking only in the A9/A6400? I thought I read it was coming to the A7iii as well?
  7. Snowbro


    Did you press play on the video? He is one of many I have seen complaining about EOS HD color profiles. I just found it funny tbh; they spend thousands on the camera stuff, then cry about spending $19.
  8. Snowbro


    I thought Andrew's looked the best; I have been messing with an A7iii out of boredom. I think I will use the XT3 for video though, it has the best small camera IQ I have used.
  9. My Furby almost killed me as a kid. The Chinese spying equipment inside it exploded, now I look like Harvey Dent.
  10. I enjoyed him saying how he was a dentist and did not need to scam people for a grand here and there. Seemed legit because I have family who gross over a million per year as dentists, then I see that he probably made around 2-3 grand/year. I swear more people on the internet are trying to scam you, than people looking to do commerce. I just listed a $5,000 bike on some classifieds, had a few different people want to verify serial number since there are fake frames from china. Next thing I know I have police at my door and the accusers used the serial number, claiming it was their stolen bike. The best way to sell something, is still meeting in person with a concealed carry. People are lazy though.
  11. The new RF 85mm f/1.2 is $3,250.00
  12. Snowbro

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    The Irony here is that he makes more than his Physician father
  13. Snowbro

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    Cousin works there & they have family discounts
  14. Snowbro

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    I get the entire CC for under $100/year lol
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