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  1. My Furby almost killed me as a kid. The Chinese spying equipment inside it exploded, now I look like Harvey Dent.
  2. I enjoyed him saying how he was a dentist and did not need to scam people for a grand here and there. Seemed legit because I have family who gross over a million per year as dentists, then I see that he probably made around 2-3 grand/year. I swear more people on the internet are trying to scam you, than people looking to do commerce. I just listed a $5,000 bike on some classifieds, had a few different people want to verify serial number since there are fake frames from china. Next thing I know I have police at my door and the accusers used the serial number, claiming it was their stolen bike. The best way to sell something, is still meeting in person with a concealed carry. People are lazy though.
  3. The new RF 85mm f/1.2 is $3,250.00
  4. Snowbro

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    The Irony here is that he makes more than his Physician father
  5. Snowbro

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    Cousin works there & they have family discounts
  6. Snowbro

    $10 Adobe Plan Gone

    I get the entire CC for under $100/year lol
  7. Ok, so they finally fixed the nasty banding in photos. I would use the camera for stills outside of events.
  8. This is what your average consumer prefers to film on
  9. It's $1999 USD with adaptor now
  10. When someone blatantly ignores evidence presented to them, by multiple sources, they usually are not very smart.
  11. Dpreview forums are the forum version of North Korea
  12. Snowbro

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Did they ever add support for the galaxy s10 yet? It was not working properly still last month
  13. Canadians, am I right?
  14. Snowbro

    Race to the bottom

    We will make a gimbal mount for your Rascal 312 in 15 years. I would be interested in your footage 😁
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