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  1. Got my Pocket 6K Pro today. I took it out for a quick try at the grounds of a nearby University. Just some initial thoughts. It does look like my screen has a slight blue tint. I have not yet tried to upload any LUT, so can't confirm that yet. Just using it for basic shots, it's a welcome step up on the Pocket 4K. Tilt screen is very useful and I tried some low shots to make good use of it. It was a dull day, but its clear the screen is a lot clearer and brighter. I need a sunny day to really test it though. Battery life much better. Not as good as the GH5 I own of cou
  2. Canon have dropped the ball with their R5/R6 release. Neither were the camera many hoped for. I had hoped to add a R6 to my gear, but the release fell far short of even modest expectations. Overheating and rolling shutter plus other notable misses as well. Shame on Canon. Sony are pushing further than Canon in some areas, but Canon is in others, but for video, Sony is doing better IMO. And I say this as someone who has never enjoyed a single Sony camera I have owned and prefers Canon colours to Sony. Sony is narrowing the gap and I predict a day when Canon won't have the edge in A
  3. Learning skills can vary depending on if you're shooting more work or not. The downtime has allowed me to learn new skills such as colour grading, but also shooting so many Weddings per year allowed me to quickly learn the ins and outs of shooting with a particular camera and general use of the editing software. I picked up Resolve quite quickly 2 years ago, learning on the fly, because I had to. When you have actual projects to direct your learning, it can focus my efforts more than if I were to just dip in for the sake of learning.
  4. The GH5 has a similar function. I did use it to film some 6K footage of a watch, so I could crop in. It's a limited function, but helpful for some shots.
  5. Agreed. If the GH6 had been released in early 2019 with 6K or even 8K, it would have carried some weight and continued the trend. As it was, Panasonic went down a different route. Each GH release carried something new that got people excited for MFT, but it will be hard for a GH6 to get the same level of excitement now. Though with the S1H out there, it's no longer going to be Panasonics flagship hybrid camera, so probably won't have to be the big launch previous models were. If done well, it could keep the MFT line going for another 5 years. It's whether Panasonic will want to do s
  6. Cancelled my order with WEX and went with CVP, so I get my camera tomorrow. WEX were so unhelpful and even rude in replying to me. Their loss. Also got a Mavic Mini 2, so I have 2 toys to play with come the weekend.
  7. Editing H264/5 Vs BRAW is like night and day. Sure I can edit them on a 4K timeline and yes I can use auto cache, but with BRAW, I can apply a lot of grading and still get smooth playback. I don't have to transcode the footage or do anything extra, just edit it as is. H264/5 are deliverable codecs and regardless of system, I find nothing beneficial except a low file size, and frankly even that's not a great advantage given the various compression levels offered in BRAW. As for latitude, much greater. A much better and intuitive white balance control that is more consistent within the
  8. Price point is at the same level as S5. Affordable glass is worth little to Panasonic if people already own it. Better to push for fullframe and get people to invest in new glass. I've not bought a MFT lens in years. Mainly as I have it all covered.
  9. I am not sure that works. The GH5 added IBIS and 10 bit, making it a much more exciting a camera release at the time than the GH4 was back in its day. Sure the GH4 added 4K, and it was huge, but 10 bit files is hardly a small addition. GH3 added 60p to HD, again a huge step from the GH2. I think each step of the GH Series has been a big step and factored in new technology, bringing new things to mirrorless camera from 1080p, to 60p 1080p, to 4K to 10 bit and IBIS. The GH6 would need to add something unique. Alas 8K has already been done in fullframe, RAW with the Pocket cameras
  10. Can't edit for that update. Been a long time coming.
  11. I've heard about the LUT bug. Screen one is new to me. I'm still awaiting WEX to even acknowledge the camera is now available. Should have gone to CVP... Hopefully a bug fix will be due out soon to fix these silly issues. Sounds like an easy fix.
  12. I replied to the wrong thread, that's how. This should be in another thread regarding Covid. I must admit I was confused why my reply wasn't showing up in that thread.
  13. Slavery is an odd word to be used in this context. To be a slave, you have to be owned by someone and subject to their orders; working with no reward or remuneration. Hardly appropriate description to the wearing of masks and other Covid related restictions. Rules don't equate to slavery, or else all would apply. Do speed restrictions count as slavery, laws regarding stealing and murder an infringement on your human rights. We all have to obey rules for the greater good of the country and a few more is hardly a huge step on our personal rights as a free person. Those who feel repre
  14. I started using Resolve 2 years ago and coming from Premiere, which use to leave me so angry and frustrated, it's a credit to Resolve that editing is now seen by me as a pleasure than a chore. It feels madness that people still use it and whilst I can understand, familiarity of software is crucial when editing projects quickly, the small time it took me to get to grips with Resolve has proven to make such a difference to my workflow now.
  15. Still considering it is hardly any hope of anything soon or at all.
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