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  1. With the custom WB options, is it possible to have 2 presets (5600 and 4200) ? From what I can see, you can only set custom presets by white balancing off a card or something. I want to dial in the kelvin manually and have the two most used settings at the touch of a button (or screen)
  2. Fair enough. I much prefer how and where the buttons and grip are in my hand on a P4k compared to XT3. In fact the XT3 often has too many buttons and dials. One thing it doesn't have though, is a dedicated rec and stills button. Interestingly, the P4k does - so you don't need to keep switching between modes! As for reliability, QC is for sure an area BMD should focus on, and it's a shame you're not so happy with yours. I've not had any problems with my camera and find it very reliable for both on the run street shooting and studio work. I choose to use my own P4k way more than the studio's FS5, and thanks to Braw and dual ISO, I also use it more than their UM4.6k.
  3. Blackmagic also released a plugin that lets you use Braw in Premiere. They didn't have to do that, and I think it's that approach that brings a lot of business. Their short comings are well documented, but they added higher frame rates, anamorphic modes and a bunch more in a free update for all. Not to mention Resolve seems to get free updates for life. Meanwhile Panasonic ask for a couple hundred bucks for Log profiles and Nikon are even worse, you need to pay them and send them your camera for a few weeks. Then you also need a 3rd party recorder to get raw, which locks you into FCPx, so only good if you're on Apple. That's also what drew me to Fuji - adding 4k to the X-Pro2 gave me confidence in them. They're not about to ditch the customer, release the same camera as a 4k model and cash in.
  4. I feel like this is also so dependent on how you want to use your camera. Anything released in 2019 and on has great quality, but there's more to a camera. I've never used a GH5, but do use an XT3 and while the codecs are of course very different, editing with the files from the P4K is quicker than with h264, and of course h265 is even harder. Having an edit ready format SOOC is very valuable for me. BRAW even edits easier than h264, but is much easier to adjust the image - if you even want to. Braw can now embed custom LUTs, so your SOOC files can look however you want them to. That's another big bonus that only BMD offer. Then there's audio inputs. If you want to record internal audio from an XLR mic, you need the adapter box for the GH5/s - isn't that the same as mounting an NPF battery onto the P4K? Essentially, the same solution for different 'problems'. They're both great cameras, neither are better than the other, it just depends what you want your camera to do. (also both these videos are a year old or more... how come they're here now?)
  5. I have the 35 f2 on my xt3 as a default. Great for basically everything. For shots that I want wider / longer lens, I have the Viltrox adapter and use either Canon 17-40 f4 or 24-105 f4. They work very well, but slow AF. So if that's important to you, go native. The Viltrox makes it more or less FF so 17mm is mega wide. I use Canon because I can also put them on my P4K. So I have 1 native lens for each system I use, and other than that always adapt. That said I might look into those new Viltrox lenses if AF works well.
  6. Oh man, I just sold my OG Pocket, otherwise I could have checked and compared for you. Sorry about that. Hopefully someone else around here can double check it.
  7. Not that I'm asking you to do this, but in theory, if someone where to make a small bluetooth controller for a camera, could one of the function buttons adjust the ND level wirelessly? That would be really handy if one could get a filter that would fit in the small Tilta Matte box.
  8. Although I'm not the person you asked, I often edit in Premiere and on those projects, I find it much easier to grade in Lumetri rather than round tripping. This way, you can do a rough edit, rough grade, fine tune the edit, adjust the grade, tweak the audio, tweak the grade, add titles, tweak the grade leave it over night, tweak the grade with fresh eyes and then export. I'm sure it's different for everyone, and workflows differ, but rarely am I totally happy with my first grade, and even if I think I am happy with it, watching the project again will prove myself wrong. If I had to roundtrip for every pass I'd waste even more time for not very much gain. For this reason, when I can I also edit in Resolve, but due to client criteria, that's not always possible. I'm also much quicker with Premiere than I am with Resolve and when your workflow wastes as much time as mine, claiming back as many seconds as you can really helps.
  9. Sounds a lot like us P4K/6K users. But that extra 1.5" monitor makes up for it all.
  10. It's depth is a lot thinner than most batteries, but also the same length and width as most v-mounts. It depends where you want the compact to matter. You can easily put the Nomis in your back pocket for example, though I'm not sure if you can with the smaller ones. Some look like you could, but I can't test
  11. I use this one to power my P4K and it works great! https://www.photospecialist.com/nomis-nvm-95-v-mount-batterij-95wh
  12. I have fujis 35mm f2 and don't feel like it's too dark. Though it does depend on your tolerance for ISO noise - especially coming from Sony. The AF is amazing on it. I also have the Viltrox speedbooster and it's hit or miss with which lenses will have usable AF. the nifty fifty 1.8 seems to work very well, but the 24-105L and 17-40L both have pretty terrible AF on this setup. I've not noticed the smell on mine, but I'm also not in the habit of smelling my cameras. Next time I'm using it, I'll keep a nostril out though.
  13. Anaconda_


    So I tested and bought the lens. Despite seeing tonnes of reviews its a lot wider than I expected. I've only done some simple tests, and I'm looking forward to shooting with it in a car. Edge sharpness is not a problem in what I've shot so far, though I'm going to limit it's use to f4 on the booster. Interestingly, when I first put it on my XT3 with Viltrox booster, I saw some pretty bad vignetting which really surprised me. However I changed modes and now I can't replicate it...
  14. Anaconda_


    Thanks guys. Shooting in a car is exactly what I'll be using this lens for, and I like the point about reducing digital sharpness. The lens seems to be pretty soft in the corners, especially wide open. That said, the speedbooster will make it f2.8, so if I stick to using f.4 I've technically stopped the lens down and that might actually help a little. Going to see it tomorrow and will probably pick it up... Will keep you guy posted. Thanks for the help.
  15. Anaconda_


    Hey all, I hope the holiday season's been treating you well. I'm looking for a wide full frame lens and keep coming back to Canon's L 17-40 f4. It's a pretty 'old' lens, but is amazingly low priced second hand. Is this still a reasonable lens to be looking at? It'll be going on a speedbooster and be used in tandem with the 24-105 f4. Essentially, they're both f2.8 and I figure will match characteristics pretty well.
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