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  1. Didn't the content erase and smart colour matching appear in DR16? Or was that something kind of similar, but not quite the same?
  2. I'm not sure if they're new, but there are 2 videos about using Fusion, both a little shy of an hour long, as well as a free pdf book. the videos and the book also come with Lesson Files so you can work along with the program. I find it completely amazing that they offer the software completely free, and then seemingly all the training you need to get started, also for free. Did you try looking at the PDFs? Although I have some knowledge and have used Resolve for complete projects, I'm starting on book one page one. Although, I am speeding through the first few lessons. reading the wh
  3. Has anyone here tried the official DaVinci Resolve training that Blackmagic offer? From looking briefly, it seems pretty comprehensive, and completely free. Then you can take the tests and get certifications at the end of each 'chapter'. I've downloaded the files and I'm looking forward to starting, but figured I'd ask if anyone else has tried it, and can offer pros and cons over some other options out there. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/nl/products/davinciresolve/training
  4. Make that a video. The thumbnail would be hilarious!
  5. I just updated to V3.0 and wow, what a great update. Every button on the camera is now customisable. With my setup above, changing any settings in the quick menu means moving the VA out the way. But now I can have ISO on the front dial, shutter on the left and right buttons, volume on up and down. Then all the buttons along the bottom can be a whole host of over functions. To top it off, it also gives real 24p UHD cDNG. Jeez. https://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/fp/?tab=support&local=firmware
  6. I mean, if this happens then the GH5mkII has to have internal raw. Right?
  7. Yesterday I unexpectedly shot quite a bit with my FP and 5inch Video Assist. Man, what a combo! It's so small, and lightweight. The person I was filming told me half the time, he didn't even notice I was rolling, and of course when I put it next to my Pocket4k footage, it grades exactly the same, or possibly better. Very easy to match. I was thinking of selling the FP, because for the types of things I shoot, cDNG is just not viable (longform interviews). But then a deal for the VA12g came up, and I thought it'd give it a try. Now I'm completely sold. With this setup, I've turned a great
  8. Interesting article, that unfortunately I don't have time to finish reading right now. I'll definitely come back when I can give it my full attention! However, I wanted mention that there are paparazzi laws in France. I'm not sure if it's a result of this subject, or if it was already the case / brought in by something else. But it certainly shows something can be done about those parasites.
  9. Whatever they do, people will complain. If they did what you suggest, like with the Micro, a lot of people would complain about having to rig it up because 'it doesn't even have a monitor!?!'. So, instead they put the screen on, a nice big one and people complain that it doesn't tilt, or it's not bright enough. So they make it brighter, and tiltable. But now, people want them to take it off completely? Eventually, the only way to make people happy is to sell cameras in the way Apple sell their laptops. You choose from a selection of sensors, mounts, body shapes, screen sizes, media t
  10. Only the 12g versions can record Braw. Is anyone here using EF lenses on their FP? I want to get the MC21, but it just seems so expensive for what it is. And I think Fotodiox stopped making their adapter.
  11. In Europe, you could use that. Since its a public article, that anyone can look up it's free to use as long as it's not taken out of context. To be extra safe, put a watermark on it to credit the source as it appears.
  12. So an external monitor/recorder with usbc instead of HDMI? For what it's worth, I can record 4k braw to SD cards with a video assist and Sigma fp.
  13. They do have those features.
  14. I don't see any point in getting an Alexa ever. No IBIS and no AF... total waste of time.
  15. Took a while, but the new camera update has arrived. Color 5 and Q3 for all. Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, 6K and 6K Pro Upgrades the luminance histogram to RGB histogram. Adds color channel clipping indicators. Adds false color guide display. Adds LCD screen calibration settings. Improves auto focus and active lens control. Improves focus peaking visibility. Fixes an issue with importing LUT’s and Presets. Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K Adds support for Generation 5 color science. Adds support for LCD screen dimming for power conservation.
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