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  1. I didn’t want to start a new topic, but I never owned the BMPCC as when they had the mega discount, a colleague gave me bad advise about it. I’ve regretted not buying one since and I was a quick adopter of the BMPCC4k. I of course love it, but am still very curious about its original form factor. So much so, nelly picked up a mega cheap eosm for magic lantern and that’s great, but requires a fair amount of time to get the files edit ready. Especially after being on vacation for a while and back with tones of footage. Not to mention the dodgy live view and cropping situation when you shoot anything over 1080p anyway, my curiosity for the original pocket is still whispering in my ear and I recently found one with 10 batteries, VF and Saramonic audio interface and a few other goodies for €250 in my hometown. I’m pretty sure I’ll grab it, but wanted to get some extra advise - is that a good price? Will is satisfy my curiosity? Or will it open a can of worms that I don’t want to open?
  2. Apple have said something similar since the very first jailbreak, but it's not stopped them from hacking iphones.
  3. What about a glassless adapter? Then you can compare only the camera. It’ll also give fair DOF comparison on the sensor. FOV will differ, but hopefully it’s possible to step back to compensate? I hope you have one, and don’t expect you to go buy one just for the test. (Although it does turn each lens into 2 different lenses if you have a speedbooster and a glassless adapter to hand)
  4. Thanks @Kisaha that does answer my question. 1080p120 is downscaled from the 2.8k crop, so will definitely have wider FOV than the P4K. Also interesting to note: according to the charts this camera will perform slightly better in PAL areas, as all 50p frame rates are down sampled from the full sensor, but 60p is down sampled from 5.7k. Granted, there's not much in it at all, but interesting that 50p will have more in the frame than anything 60p.
  5. When shooting 4k or 1080p on the P6k, does it crop the sensor, or downscale from the whole sensor? I assume since they're ProRes only they downscale, but then what about 1080p120? Does that window the sensor? If it does, what's the FOV compared to the P4k shooting 1080p120?
  6. Still has the red highlights thing. It’s not a bother for me, but I know some people got worked up by it before.
  7. Not my video, but here's the specs: • Resolution: 6144x2560 (not full sensor size) • Frame Rate: 60P • Codec: Braw 12:1 • Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 ART • Tiffen Black Promist 1/8
  8. It hasn't been since they announced the 6k. If you click on the 6k it gives you a rundown comparing the two. It's still very much a current product.
  9. ah yeah, thanks for the correction
  10. Anaconda_

    P6K accessories

    If an extra piece of glass between the sensor and the lens - on that fits between the sensor and the lens connectors gives you a (close to) full frame look, why isn't that a standard? If BMD put that in the 6k by default, and marketed it as FF6k50p with 4K 35mm crop there would be a queue around the block for the camera.
  11. Tom Antos does this test in his review. I seem to remember the P4k looking very slightly better, but there’s not much in it.
  12. Great that's cleared up now. @drm could you record say 1 minute of the same scene on both the P6k and P4k both on the same Braw setting so we can get a good idea of file size differences? Alternatively, what does the time indicator say for the same card in both cameras?
  13. What's up with people flipping the camera for their thumbnails. It looks stupid. Flip yourself, not the camera haha!
  14. The E2c also has Zraw. At $800, is it the cheapest raw camera ever made? and since at the moment Zraw is limited to 4k30p, the E2c is just as capable in this area as it's bigger siblings. If the codec gets more support, it'd definitely be one to keep an eye on.
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