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  1. Is that Sharp 8k Pocket camera still a thing? Will be interesting to compare heat / codec etc. But I don't remember much about the specs of that.
  2. I'm not all that interest in the camera as I have no plans to upgrade any gear, but this is interesting for me personally, and possibly others:
  3. The thing is, Blackmagic aren't busy laughing at their customers, so they have more time to respond.
  4. If you fit into this market, chances are you're better off buying something like the Nikon P950, which has a built in 24–2000 mm F2.8–6.5 (35mm equiv). Just don't look into things like the 1/2inch sensor...
  5. You've changed, man. Do those cards also transfer Fuji raw to your phone? Fuji cameras don't allow raw transfer over Wifi, but it'd be cool if the card bypassed the camera's limitation.
  6. Anaconda_

    Fuji X-T4

    Getting the slowmo from the XT4 would be really nice.
  7. I use showreels as a way to learn a new NLE. It's in my interested to make a good showreel, but there's no time limit, so you can really explore the tools and work out how to get the exact look you want. If possible, work from original material, not cutting scenes out of already finished work. That way you can also learn colouring in the new NLE as you can try to match the original final look. EDIT: Also, if you're making a reel from your own footage, it's a nice way to analyse your work and work out why this shot looks better than that one etc.
  8. DCI and UHD? Sorry, didn't see that this was already answered haha. I'm out of the loop with Canon. What's their raw video like to edit with?
  9. I've never heard of updating the firmware on a storage device. Bonkers! Thanks for the tip though... Where I am, 1tb is in-stock basically everywhere, but 500gb is not quite so available.
  10. This seems like a pretty weird place to be so blunt about something objective. Feels like it's much better suited to a personal message with some kind of polite wording around it... Just my 2 cents. -- What I don't like about camera designs like this, is they seem so reliant on menus. For example the mode dial; before switching you first have to press another button so the dial knows what it's selecting, then watch on the screen to make sure you're in the right mode. With Fuji, for example, I know that flicking the mode dial all the way to one side, puts me in video mode. I can do it behind my back and know for sure I'll start recording a video when I press the shutter. That said, maybe it's a non-issue for cameras with a separate rec button. Can this record a video in any mode?
  11. Anaconda_

    Fuji X-T4

    Are you planning to / could you ask them about stepping aperture? It's be great to have a smoother transition on native lenses.
  12. Nice, looking forward to this. As with many things in Cameraland though, it totally depends on personal situation and workflow, and there's more to it that the end result. I wouldn't feel comfortable handing a client h265 files, there are too many things to go wrong, and could result in me losing out on the next job. One of my main clients still cut on Premiere 2017. I can give anyone a ProRes file and they can play it back smoothly on full quality and there's no issue. Then I can bake in a LUT if they need it ready to go, or supply LOG footage and a LUT along with it so they can choose. With that said, for personal project with no time constraints, I really like the files out of my Fuji, it looks lovely and they're very flexible.
  13. But how does that help Sony with their H.265 compressed RAW?
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