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  1. They've released some footage. It looks really nice - but is also like $10k https://freeflysystems.com/wave
  2. Couldn't you just use epoxy for make it with with the Z axis stabiliser?
  3. Blackmagic previously announced it, I think with the Ursa Mini cameras. But then they went silent and it never happened. I'm probably wrong, but I imagine either it doesn't work in practice as well as they'd expected, or there's a patent on that kind of thing and it's not worth fighting over. The patent would explain why nobody has ever tried it.
  4. Maybe a bit off topic, but if you're still tinkering with the forum, is there a way to open a topic to the last read post? If not, it's not exactly a major deal to scroll down from the top of the last page.
  5. I'm fairly sure this won't work. The SteadXP records the movement of the camera, and then counteracts that in post to give a stable image. With IBIS, the movement of the camera is different from the movement of the sensor, so the recorded data won't match the footage. I'm still hoping camera manufacturers build the gyrodata into the recordings, or as a companion file. That would give the steady results and would still work with IBIS, since the data comes straight from the sensor, not a 3rd party box in the shoe mount.
  6. But then how will you put your photos on Instagram? What's the point in taking them if you can't get loads of likes.
  7. I've never used the Micro or the Micro Studio 4k camera. But in theory, if you used a Ninja V, could you rig up the Micro Studio 4k camera in this same setup, and get a 4k recording? The only thing you can't do is record internally on the camera right? That would be a pretty slick setup.
  8. Like I said, it depends on how you class a digital equivalent. If you want the same final look, then yes, a s16 sensor or a good one. If you want a shoulder mounted doc camera that's ready to go, then that's another set of cameras. If you want a camera that's unlike any other before it, then you're in a different category again. I'm still unclear at to what the actual question is.
  9. You're right, sorry about that. I thought's the g2 did. I should have double checked before posting.
  10. I only mentioned it because @tupp did. I'm not up to date with it really, but from what I gather you can shoot up to 5k, and 2.8k is the sweet spot. It's ergonomics are terrible though, and handheld is a nightmare because it's so small and the crop at 2.8k is quite sever - a 5x crop on an aps-c sensor. So the balance and stable image is out the window for documentary style stuff, unless you rig it up and give it some weight. The live view also isn't that reliable just yet. Parts of the frame is missing etc. For the price, it's amazing what it can do, but I would never use mine in any sett
  11. I think it depends what you mean by digital equivalent. Ease of use? Price? Ergonomics? Image quality? -- As far as a point and shoot doc camera, I'd say the Ursa Mini Pro g2 is pretty close. With Braw you really can fix everything in post - apart from focus. File sizes are reasonable and you have good audio inputs and with dual ISO, even lighting isn't an issue, other than for artistic effect. Next I'd say FS5/7 and Canon's Cx00 range depending on specific needs. Or if you have the budget, go for Red. Eosm is nice, but not grab and go, plenty of room f
  12. It's likely that the bigger drives have faster transfer speeds.
  13. The GH5s came out like 8-9 months before the Pocket 4k. And that's not including any shipping delays or waiting lists etc. I bet there are many who shot for over a year with the GH5s before they could get their hands on the P4k.
  14. If you got a similar message with the SD card, I would assume the hourglass warning is saying the buffer is full and the media isn't fast enough to free up some space. Similar to what BTM_Pix mentions above, I used a right angle cable on a Pocket 4k, but I got errors while recording. Despite the cable supposedly being fast enough, it's not. I proved it with Blackmagic's Disk Speed Test software. Assuming you have a computer with a USB-c input, you could try all your cables with it and it'll show you if they're the bottle neck, or if indeed it is the T5 that's on the way out. I get 48
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