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  1. I read this is because the T7 uses a buffer for very fast writes, but also it can get full if used for longer than it was made for. Since cameras are constantly sending a lot of data, that buffer fills up very quickly. I had this happen with a T5 and 6kPro. I think it's when the disk is a certain percentage full, it slows down or something... Or maybe it is the heat. I've used the same drive a lot since then, and haven't been able to recreate the problem, but I've also not filled it up as much as I had on that shoot. I've also never had that problem with a T5 and the FP, although I mostly shoot to Braw with the FP, so it's possible I've simply not tested it enough to find any issues. -- I've not heard of the Sandisk Pro Blade before, but it doesn't look much smaller than the Lacie Rugged disks. I think the DPL option is the most compact way to record externally, but it's also one of the more expensive routes.
  2. Oh yeah, with the actual EVF this wouldn't work at all.. Althought the same idea with a M42 ssd might. There's also this option, which is by far the neatest way to go.
  3. As it happens, I took the velcro off the vf soon after writing that post and have a new roll on the way. But here's a couple photos using an elastic tie (and 28mm fd) so at least you can see the sizing. With the velcro, you can position the cable a little nicer though, as the ssd is more stable and secure.
  4. I got one of those hotshoe phone holders, and put a T5 drive in it. But my favourite solution is velcro on the top of the LVF11, and on the T5. With a bit of cable management, you barely notice it's there. This setup with a 35mm 2.8 Canon FD lens is a lot of fun to shoot with. Add a pistol grip for even more points.
  5. Christ. WeChat sounds absoultely terrifying.
  6. Aftern hearing about this company in another topic after a few years, they've released some software to help people shooting cDNG. I've not yet tested it, but it looks pretty good. Essentially it's just playback and light raw controls for now, but their roadmap suggests they're working on exporting to ProRes, which will be great for cameras like the Sigma FP, that only record uncompressed. https://www.octopuscinema.com/wiki/index.php?title=OCTOPUS_RAW_Player#Installer
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cj7LnVcvNLy/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Braw will be supported and I would have thought from launch, in Q4...
  8. Blackmagic CEO has previously said Resolve will never be subscription software. At around 3.10ish https://youtu.be/8TPBswDve3o
  9. The biggest draw for me, is the possibilty of Braw playback on the iPad.
  10. Some kind of Sony with a G lens.
  11. Depending on the bag, I mostly leave it attached, but try to make sure it won't ever lean or take weight on the HDMI clamp. For the day I mentioned in that post, the setup was lens down in a satchel style bag, so all the weigh was on the lens. as you can see in the second picture thuogh, the cable doesn't come out past the edge of the clamp, so if it was to rest on it's side, I don't think it would cause any damage.
  12. Does anyone know of a way to have AF for stills, but MF for video - without having to tell the camera what to do each time you flick the switch? I've gone through the menu, and changed the Focus settings for video to complete MF, and even enabling tried AF + MF, but everytime I go to Stills and enable AF, it also enables AF for Cine mode. I really hope there's a way to keep them seperate.
  13. Does anyone know of a pistol grip with working start / stop for the FP? I feel like it'd be a great camera to use that way, with the LVF-11.
  14. Can you turn down the post stabilisation? Maybe that's a good way to find a middle ground between blurry shutter and shakey footage.
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