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  1. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I could film some stuff for you this weekend. Let me know what you'd like to see. The Dual ISO is incredible. I used to use ISO only if my lens couldn't open up any further and I couldn't add lights. Now I can use it to keep my iris exactly how I want it no matter the circumstances
  2. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    As you say, it depends on your usage and what you want out of a camera. I don't feel the need for a GH5s, however if I did have the GH5s I might pine for internal ProRes and RAW. It's also not about RAW for me. I wanted to shoot ProRes because the files off both my GX80 and LS300 were driving me nuts. In my experience no edit suite can play JVC's 422 files at all, and I was also having some issues with h264 realtime playback, even if the files are untouched. I'd imagine the GH5s would give me similar results. On the same machine, I can grade the ProRes files and playback in full quality as if it's nothing. Sure you can convert the files to ProRes, but that adds a lot of time to the workflow. Yes you can also record externally, which I did on the JVC but that's more gear to carry around. For me this camera is fantastic in the field, the only thing I need to carry that the other cameras don't need is extra batteries... in fact, the same batteries I'd have used in the recorders I mentioned. Then when I get home to edit, it's like I'm dreaming. Having used it almost daily since October, I'm fairly convinced I have the best camera available for my requirements, for everyone else, that may vary.
  3. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Don't forget that a lot of reviewers get demo units for a very limited amount of time, so can't really test them in real 'professional' situations. They can only really go for a walk and do some street shooting.
  4. Anaconda_

    Video Ram vs Processor Speed

    I'm in the process of getting a new editing machine, opting for an iMac, and am having trouble deciding which setup to go with. I don't do much with motion graphics, but do light work in After Effects fairly regularly. It'll mostly be used for cutting and grading 4k footage as well as audio stuff, so I'm pretty sure both will be more than fine. However, since these specs can't be upgraded later in life, I'd like to make sure I'm picking the correct machine from the start. (I assume option 1, but want to be sure) My budget allows for either of these: 1 -- 4.2 GHz quad-core i7 - Radeon Pro 575 4gb VRAM OR 2 -- 3.8 GHz quad-core i5 - Radeon Pro 580 8gb VRAM
  5. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Please don't feed the troll.
  6. Anaconda_


    Hmm - interesting. The thing is, and I should have mentioned it above - but I know it's not a 'normal' thing for this lens. I also tested a friend's version after seeing my results, and their one is sharp across the frame. Towards the end of the week, I could share a screen grab of both lenses on the same camera with the same settings. I think I'm just going to have to open my one up and see if I can straighten anything out...
  7. Anaconda_


    I recently used a Canon 15-85 for some random walkabout shots and found some strange focus things happening. Does anyone know what might be the cause/fix for it? To me it looks like a glass element is wonky or something like that - check out the plain of focus. The artists's feet are blurry, but her head is sharp. Then the people in the far back are more in focus than the people closer to the camera. It's also quickly goes from alright in the centre to terrible as you look away from centre. I've since put the lens on a number of different cameras, and they all show the same results... Is the lens destined for the bin?
  8. Anaconda_

    Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p

    I don't think it does - but the HDMI is limited to 1080p only. Since it does Internal RAW or to an SSD though, it wouldn't benefit from having it on HDMI - you can get the same end result with a much cheaper, or even no monitor.
  9. Anaconda_

    Follow Focus on gimbals effective?

    My Weebill follow focus is due I arrive this week. I have the gimbal already so I’ll be sure to heavily test focus pulling and report back.
  10. Anaconda_

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    They should add manual controls to the scroll wheel accessory. When set to pan you adjust the ISO and when set to tilt you adjust shutter speed. That would be WAY more useful that what it's actually used for now... not counting the 2 extra buttons that don't add anything to the usability. One button changes the follow mode, which you can already do on the touch screen in 2 touches and the other switches to selfie mode, which you can do with the power button in 3 presses.
  11. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    After flip flopping about buying it for myself and my freelance work, i spoke to someone at the production house I work at very regularly, and they bought it through the company. Best of both worlds I guess 😂 I'm taking it home this weekend to get it set up for them.
  12. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    @Mr. Freeze @webrunner5 @Ehetyz Thanks for the advise, but upon further reflection, I'm going to pass on that deal. My main gripe is I can't see any buttons to adjust settings, and touch screens drive me nuts. All the settings Pocket can be changed with physical buttons, but I can't see any switches for ISO and iris on the Ursa Mini. Only menu shortcuts - please correct me if I'm wrong though. I think if anything, my best course of action is keep the €2500, sell my LS300 and put that money towards the Ursa Mini Pro, which does have physical buttons.
  13. Anaconda_

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Unrelated, but I didn’t want to start a whole new topic. I’ve just been given the opportunity to pick up an EF Ursa Mini 4.6k (not pro) for €2500 - I was going to buy another pocket once they’re more available, but is this a better idea? Pick up is tomorrow if I want it.
  14. Anaconda_

    EOSHD's best and worst cameras of 2018

    Maybe I missed it in the article. But which do you find the most fun to shoot with? I think I know which is the most fun to edit, but the enjoyment of using the camera shouldn't be over looked and can't be put on a specsheet.