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  1. Regarding the recording with GH2, what is the configuration that was used the most then? HBR-24H? And the smooth color profile all at - 2?
  2. I have Ef-m2 mk2 and after firm update to v3.4, still problems with samyang 35mm and GH2. Any fix beside tape over camera electric contacts?
  3. There's a menu in advanced mode that is "Phase" where you can invert to avoid electrical interference/hums. Don't know if it makes changes to the 3,5mm output, but you can try anyway
  4. From Children of Men, I like the single shoot / car scene:
  5. Grimor

    Cool ads...

    I really like this ad: I'm so in love with the location, the music, the model... Old school technique: no gimbal, no drone, no digital cinema camera. Just a steady, an helicopter, an Arri and Emily Didonato.
  6. Grimor

    Audio Recorders?

    I just picked a mixpre 3 II. Thanks to @IronFilm
  7. E-global always send us some lenses in the past with fast delivery and without custom (Spain). Lucky or not, we save a lot of money.
  8. Frankie says Update!
  9. Same here. Love your work, Seb!
  10. High-speed photography is a fun and easy experiment. A few years ago I took photos in a dark room, in which within a long exposure (say 2 seconds) the camera flash towards a very short exposure (1sec / 35,000). Everything with cheap and homemade materials (based on arduino). In the end I achieved my purpose of stopping a bullet in the air. (Both balloons are in the first moment of their explosion)
  11. Home made yesterday with my children and in one room.
  12. i´m writting you a PM now
  13. My workbench looks similar, way more chaotic. (I'm trying to send data to a BLE device to hack an electric bike)
  14. LOL!! I will pay your bail to get you out of jail. or better yet, tell them you know me! You have been lucky that he is the self-styled warrior of isolation and not a real policeman self-styled warrior (which of these there are also, although luckily less)
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