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  1. http://forum.mflenses.com/flipped-front-element-44-anyone-t75456.html http://forum.mflenses.com/helios-44-flip-reverse-front-or-rear-element-or-both-t80736.html Now, I can't remember which element I flipped, because I played with the 2 options (I found one completely unusable)
  2. Helios with rear element inverted
  3. For Helios 44-2 just flip rear element (rear glass inverted) and you get a heavy instant swirly bokeh!!
  4. Add words Meike and Bokeh to the same sentence and the pronunciation possibilities are endless
  5. I bought it 2 years ago. All this time I was thinking I have to fine tunning my Kowa like Tito do in his video. My bad.
  6. 3 samples of my combo: 1 taking solo 2 taking and anamorphic 3 taking, anamorphic and core dna
  7. OMG I buy it secondhand on eBay. @JohnBarlow how can I see if is one of those batch?
  8. Someone know how to adjust infinity of core dna? I realized that my anamorphic and taking can reach perfect infinity point, but is in the single solution where I can't reach to the infinite and beyond!
  9. GH2+Helios 44-2 Challenge. Everybody same camera/lens/script so we can judge and vote over framing, lighting, sound, location, costumes... All those things that improves cinematography
  10. I run sl60w with an 12v car inverter, and it works well. But even if the inverter have 3 outputs and is 500watt rated, can't hold 2 units at the same time at full power. So, one inverter for unit of light.
  11. Regarding the recording with GH2, what is the configuration that was used the most then? HBR-24H? And the smooth color profile all at - 2?
  12. I have Ef-m2 mk2 and after firm update to v3.4, still problems with samyang 35mm and GH2. Any fix beside tape over camera electric contacts?
  13. There's a menu in advanced mode that is "Phase" where you can invert to avoid electrical interference/hums. Don't know if it makes changes to the 3,5mm output, but you can try anyway
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