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  1. Congratulations to the winners! I would like to propose a similar but different challenge for another edition: we would all use the same camera and lens, so the film differences would be by framing / filters / sound etc ... I would like it to be GH2 and Helios 44-2 58mm, a combination that many of us already have. So the choice of hack and gradding would also be free. Even the script could be common to everyone. A daily scene to choose from (go to work, buy bread, something like that). It would also be a fun exercise
  2. But if you have G80 already and can sell the body only for say 350_400 euros, it's a extra 300 euros for the upgrade...
  3. Does G9 have anamorphic modes or Vlog? Not sure if it's worth the upgrade from G80
  4. OMG, It is the same issue as described in this thread in which I participated and did not remember. I think I'm losing my mind ... https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/27443-kowa-8z-anamorphic-repair-help-needed/
  5. I have tried all the combinations in my G80 and all. mov generate files that the camera cannot play. It also accepts some 200mbps that are not real hight bitrates in the corrupt file recorded.
  6. First, thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the lock of the focus ring prevents me from unscrewing it backwards. I have applied a lot of force by prying and it does not turn from that point. So it only occurs to me to unscrew it forward, but the tabs block the output of the front element. I am in a dead end. I'm thinking to drill some small holes in the focus barrel to be able to remove the hidden screws of each tab ...
  7. Are you doing La Liga preseason again?
  8. Only 1 hour driving from my house! I've been so many times in Granada, but never in a cave. But few years ago I stay in a similar house in Las Palmas (canary islands)
  9. A friend of mine dropped his kowa 8z and although the optics seem intact, the focus barrel does not turn completely. In fact from infinity to 8 feet, it turns smoothly as before, but at the 8-foot mark it locks completely as if it were the end. (from 8 to 5feet marks it lacks of 90 degrees of turn) I have tried to disassemble until I access the helicoid, but I cannot remove the focus ring because of the mentioned lock. I can't remove the 3 tabs either because I only access 1 of the 2 screws each one has. Any ideas to repair it?
  10. Grimor

    G7/G85 best settings

    Best way to find the "sweet spot" is this android app and a good/calibrate external monitor.
  11. I'll wait for the GH2 and Helios 58mm challenge.
  12. Grimor

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    Lo siento, no volverá a ocurrir!
  13. Grimor

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    Curtis review:
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