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  1. Best All Purpose Camera under $300!?

    +1 (Used Gx80)
  2. lilliput A7s. 1200p, anamorphic, false color, histogram, focus peaking, zebras, image freeze, zoom, pixel-pixel, 4k signal direct. hdmi only. All for 159$
  3. wide angles AND single focus AND 2x stretch?

    Hi. Caleb! What taking lens are you using now with the Kowa? I am getting my best/sharp image with Konika-Hexanon 40mm. I'm using rangefinder too, but dislike it kills all the beautifull flares and give the unpleasant blue ribbons flares (blobs).
  4. Gear list

    Fuzzy, when shooting 25 fps and 1/25 shutter speed, is this a 360 degree? Or 0 degree? Just a dumb question.
  5. I notice that when using 4K Photo mode (4:3/3:2 unofficial anamorphic mode) HDMI out is dissable. Any workaround for this?
  6. GH5 all-i 400Mbs vs ipb 150Mbs frames comparison:

    Probably because the only benefits are those.
  7. Can anyone spot a mistake in this clip??

    Maybe outside light colour not matching with man lighting.
  8. Meeting Tomorrow - First Client - Advice Please!!!!

    @Charlie Do what you want. Choose the model by yourself. Make her a video completly naked and get thousand of views on vimeo. Enjoy the shooting and the editting those slow motions. https://vimeo.com/110826008 I'm in south Spain based too. Bussisnes here is really difficult. Only BBC (spanish joke reffering weddings, baptisms and communions.) This is not my main job. So as "hobbyist" i shoot what i want only and usually for free. If you don't have family/childrens and can move easily, try in Marbella area where many rich people would pay great money for your videos for sure. There many real state videos where wide angle/gimbal/drone is a must, are really good payment. (I get 200 euros for flying my drone 5 min over a village.) There are some russian model agencies too where you can try. Many rich teens want to be models.
  9. Meeting Tomorrow - First Client - Advice Please!!!!

    Spain is different!
  10. Meeting Tomorrow - First Client - Advice Please!!!!

    Good luck Charlie!!
  11. How to Choose Music

    Not easy for me too. Sometimes i spend hours trying to find the right track. Last 2 projects, i used the suggestion service of musicvine with really good result. https://musicvine.net/request-music-suggestions/ They are really helpfull, fast and cheap to get a license.
  12. Also, new diy filmmaking page

    Don´t think this method works with so fast moving object. Camera/Rear curtain need to be really fast triggered and is easiest is to fire the flash units thru arduino and sound sensor. In this photos we dont want any motion blur, and the exotic and really dangerous "air gap flash" is the key. Air Gap Flash Unit is a very serious DIY and for brave men only.(not me for sure)
  13. Also, new diy filmmaking page

    That's right. its a long exposure take (2sec) in dark room with ultra fast flash light (1sec/35.000)
  14. Also, new diy filmmaking page

    Here is my last DIY, with arduino: Nothing like a Broomstick with gaffer tape.
  15. Also, new diy filmmaking page

    Love those dirty solutions! Maybe you can explain each project with more info, schemes, etc