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  1. If you really are in a hurry, gimbal is the tool. Many real estate videos are recorded in less than half the time as before.
  2. The myth about white balance
  3. Don't forget that even the rangefinder lens that he really has was sent by SLR Magic for free just for review/testing as "pro filmmaker". So Slr magic was scammed too. I enjoyed every post of this thread it was very fun and entertaining. It helped me in those days when I had a toothache. This scammer dentist helped me with my toothache fron miles kilometers away!
  4. Grimor

    Sports videography

    I need more time! Now i'm modding a old super8 projector to make a diy telecine! I can support only 3 or 4 projects at same time.
  5. Grimor

    Sports videography

    I have a Bescor Head too and I made a hack to control it with wii remote and arduino! I think it can also be controlled throw bluetooth in the same way (with some wireless controller in a electric blue 3d printed box...) They are slow even in its faster speed. So probably is better a gimbal (like ziyun crane 2) with tripod legs and wireles remote.
  6. thank´s BTM. Your work is impressive
  7. How does Lumafusion run on a 2018 Ipad 6th Gen (non pro)? Can´t edit on my work pc, and it´s a pitty carry my big laptop everyday on a tiny foldable e-bike! Does it worth 21 euros? i´ve never spent so much in an app
  8. Vlog, headphone jack, usb charging...
  9. Remove the speedbooster and put a dumb adapter. You can try with ex-tele funtion too.
  10. Similar set, but i have Marantz PMD661.
  11. Grimor

    Car camera rigs?

    I found a second hand Camtree G51 for 80 euros and really happy with it. Not professional, but good enought for a dslr
  12. Grimor

    Penis camera

    Size doesn't matter...
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