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  1. Grimor

    My New Pocket4K Android App

    I'm not owning a P4K at the moment, but man, you did it again!
  2. Grimor

    Taking lens for Kowa B&H with Rectilux DNA

    Finally, Nocticron did the job:
  3. Grimor

    Taking lens for Kowa B&H with Rectilux DNA

    I have been testing Nocticron (leica 42mm) + Kowa + Rectilux. The bokeh is a massive oval shape!! But for some unknown reason i can get infinity focus with it. So rectilux, does not work properly at all with it. I can set it to get 80cm minimun focus distance, that is great, but can't focus beyond 5 meters or so. Any tips?
  4. Grimor

    Warp stabilizer alternative?

    +1 for Mocha
  5. Grimor

    Panasonic Lumix G80 / G81 unlimited recording

    In the quest to find vlog or any other high bit rate modes, i send thousand of html request to my camera. (Thanks BTM lord, you show us the way to your holy light) Only 2 weird hidden formats appeared with corrupts .mov file sistem and when we could recover the files, they were no high bitrates at the end. So no succes.
  6. Grimor

    looking for monitor opinions

    Someone have tested the de-squeeze with the liliput (2.35:1 aspect ratio) when Gh5 is outputing 4:3 signal? I found that there's a bug on my A7s monitor, showing glitch image with weird lines across the frame. If the signal from Gh5 is 16:9, then the de-squeeze works just fine.
  7. Grimor

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    well, almost always
  8. Grimor

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Come on, and no more Barcelona or Madrid! Málaga, Granada or Sevilla, sun always shine on South Spain!!😆
  9. Grimor

    Smallhd focus and panasonic g80 16:9 ratio only

    Sorry, I'm talking about video. And if i remember theres no 4:3 in video mode, and there's no hdmi out in photo mode. (At least in 4K photo)
  10. Grimor

    Smallhd focus and panasonic g80 16:9 ratio only

    I think that only GH line have 4:3 output throw HDMI. I shoot anamorphic video with G80 and only 16:9 have HDMI live video output. So is a sh##, i have to focus/framing in 16:9 video with external monitor and then change to 4K Photo mode, to shoot 4:3 blind video (without monitor output).
  11. Grimor

    Slider - "must have", or meh...?

    GH5, Zhiyun Crane 2, manfrotto tripod with fluid head and Dji 550 drone (with gopro). Really don't think it's a superb video, but with 2 hours for 2 apartments, including drone shot, thats the best way i find. And this is my first "real state" and i think is the easiest money you can make in the video world.
  12. Grimor

    Slider - "must have", or meh...?

    Thanks! 😂
  13. Grimor

    Slider - "must have", or meh...?

    I said "in a hurry" so real thing are a proper slider, crane or fluid head. In this video, i faked all sliders and cranes with a Ziyun crane 2.
  14. Grimor

    Slider - "must have", or meh...?

    In fact, now with electronic gimbal, if you are in a hurry, you can fake a slider shot or a crane shot with very decent result.