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  1. I know people who buy "B" Sim card this way!!
  2. Grimor

    YouTube question

    Legal or not, if you re-upload to YT a video with material from others, they always can monetize your video, block from some countries/devices or even ban fron the platform.
  3. That's the last video posted here was saying. An A7SIII "drone edition"
  4. Are you recording external and iternal mic at the same time? In this case you need a 3'5mm stereo female jack,with inner swicht (normally closed) that disconnect inner mic when Jack is plugged.
  5. I use Proshow Producer to make basic animated slide shows and then insert on the video when needed. (examples at 1'35" & 2'30") Narration voice will help with the story.
  6. A small Making of with some smartphone videos we took:
  7. I thought of you to help me translate the subtitle into English. I really didn't know how to say magician kings / wise men / Kings of magic
  8. Like previous years I put my Christmas greetings. Gh5 and Rokinon 35mm anamorfaked (thanks Tito) Merry Christmas!!
  9. What a song! This video probably deserves a good remake.
  10. Could be a backpack system-rig like easyrig/turtle x. Modern TV shows used it a lot these days.
  11. Probably those 1.33x adapter (optex, soligor, LA7200) are widest option.
  12. http://forum.mflenses.com/flipped-front-element-44-anyone-t75456.html http://forum.mflenses.com/helios-44-flip-reverse-front-or-rear-element-or-both-t80736.html Now, I can't remember which element I flipped, because I played with the 2 options (I found one completely unusable)
  13. Helios with rear element inverted
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