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  1. Do you sometimes feel that you record everything the same? That you choose the shoots always in the same way and that all your productions look similar? It's just what happens to me. What I feel the day "D".
  2. I like tech Asmr videos like that. With click sounds, tapping, gloves, and soft or no speaking! ???
  3. Málaga, capital of the Costa del Sol
  4. Yes, as always. I'm the one man band behind "the audiovisual police department"
  5. Another year in this great community. This is my small and modest Christmas card (g80 + leica 12-60): Greetings to all
  6. OMG! I have fallen into the trap! It seems so real, without strange links or words in Indian... It is an epidemic that is going to end this forum
  7. Post some pics of your soft images, tell us the camera taking combo, and we can tell if something is wrong.
  8. 1. Set taking lens out of focus where your subject is and wide open to get nice bokeh. 2. Make a shiny spot on your subject focus plane so you see the bokeh on the subject. 3. Turn scope both sides and see how the shape of bokeh change. You need a middle point where bokeh is perfectly round. 7. Now focus your taking lens as usual. 8. Remove the shiny spot if you don't want it on the shoot
  9. Grimor

    fave shots...

    And most of the nudists in the area are British! ???
  10. Grimor

    fave shots...

    Bullring of Vera. Epic western films locations in this zone!!
  11. For 1 year I have compiled a set of tiffen nd 4x4 of 1,2, 3 and 4 stops. All second-hand and from different vendors. For a strange reason, the 3-stop one (0.9) has that green tint, which the rest of the set does not have. Has tiffen's quality control failed? Or can it be a fake copy?
  12. It's hard for me to explain it in English, but that trick changed my workflow, going from having 80% takes out of focus to having almost 90% perfect focus. Remember that the key is to look for the perfect circle with the anamorphic block and then it's just a single focus with the taking lens. The bright object must be in the desired focus plane.
  13. I currently edit with a laptop. Although at home and in my work I have several monitors. So I ask if there is something like a desktop computer that can be transported as a backpack or suitcase? Is there something like that?
  14. I remember a master trick I learned from a YT channel (I think it was Erik Ivar Persson) for perfect dual focus on the fly: If we want to focus on a subject, say 3 meters away, we will put the lens taking lens completely wrong, in this case to infinity in order to get a pronounced bokeh on the subject. I remember lighting a bright object at that point of the subject (keys with a flashlight) and getting the bokeh at the desired focus distance. At that time I played with the anamorphic focus and that bokeh changed from vertical to horizontal, passing through a small intermediate point that was round. That is the desired focus point of the anamorphic block. Once in it, we corrected the taking as if it were single focus. It is an easy and fast method that helped me a lot. Dou you remember this anamorphic short? What's happened with his channel?
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