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  1. And don't forget those used "GH5S" now on the sub-1000 land
  2. I like the YT channel "This guy edits" https://youtube.com/c/ThisGuyEdits
  3. [Small correction] I'm getting old and my memory can't remember exactly: They were 2x12 min at 800 watts. I add a photo of one of my bags. They are very hot, you can barely touch them with your bare hands after a few minutes. It exhales a lot of water vapour, probably toxic because the smell is not like water at all. In a recent project, I put a temperature/humidity sensor with a cheap IOT module, so I can check real-time data over the internet from my smartphone all over the world and see graphs of my historical data. If someone is interested I can recover the project
  4. I have big silica bags (1kg) I'm my gear closet. I usually reused every 1 or 2 month following the manufacturer instructions: Microwave at 800watts during 15min, turn upside down and another 15min.
  5. This camera is not very popular here, but since firm. update v2, it has great new features: Add the AI-based Real-time Tracking AF, and if the Touch Function is set to Tracking AF, you can use Real-time Tracking to track the subject even during manual focus Add the Breathing Compensation for consistent angle of view when focusing Note: Lenses that support the Breathing Compensation feature Add the 16-bit RAW output via HDMI Add the bokeh adjustment mode for easy adjustment while minimizing exposure changes Add new features that support High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) dual production for SR Live SDR Emulated Preview Display on EVF SDR Gain Metadata Recording Add the Picture Cache Recording function, which is also supported when shooting with S&Q Motion Displayed the 4-channel audio level meter on the on-screen display Add the other useful features Note: Refer to the Help Guide for details on all updated functions. Previous Benefits and Improvements Adds the 100P and 120P options to the Slow & Quick Motion frame rate menu when the codec is set to RAW or RAW & XAVC-I Fixes an issue where the EI value is not reflected correctly during playback in Cine EI mode Improves the overall stability of the camera
  6. Does the new server have some effect to the search function? Because the search of "Fx6" found 0 results now. I know it's a camera you don't like very much Andrew, but hope not so much to ban it fron the new server. 😂
  7. https://spectrum-brand.com/blogs/news/crash-course-to-softbox-modifiers-parabolic-lantern-rectangle-octagon-umbrella
  8. The konica hexanon 40mm is really really sharp. I used to use it as an anamorphic taking lens but the "dracula's coffin" bokeh is very distracting. Wish it had more blades!
  9. I don't have gx9 to test, but its really easy and safe to test. You will know that you are in a stealth mode when the screen does not show the recording mode and you generate those corrupted movs.
  10. Hi, we have repaired it successfully long time ago, resulting no real increase of bitrate. So we abandoned the investigations.
  11. I Spanish language I really like the channel of Falco Films. Great content specially those of lighting from the DOP Rita Noriega.
  12. Thank you very much for the feedback dear friends. It is very stressful to make these types of videos when out of 15 people, only 2 really know what they are doing, and the rest are waiting and chatting. So I must dedicate to adjusting the lights, the camera, the set, explaining to an administrative staff how to turn on and start recording the mixpre. Unpack the sweets, distribute the sugar, help to dress the companions ... Two different locations in 6 hours in total. The total production budget was 0. In the end you can't be at all ... Luckily more and more people want to participate selflessly in our projects, so I think we can only improve for the next time. I leave some photos of the filming. P.S. At the end of the day, the administrative person told me that he did not know why the battery level went up to the red zone and to the green zone so fast. It was the audio level (vu meter) and he thought throughout the recording that it was the state of the battery. At that moment I wanted to die 🤣
  13. As usual in recent years I have been making a Christmas video for the police force where I work. This year with more sense of humor, parodying Breaking Bad. No professional, all who appear are police officers. GH5S + Sirui Anamorphic 35mm. Hope you like it.
  14. Don´t forget that years ago most cinema lights were fresnel
  15. More than 3 years has passed and I still usin slider app.
  16. It's a shame, because the camera is able to send and receive timecode continuously. This can be seen during the TC Link process (in and out) the TC operates continuously. Once it is paired, it starts working independently. It would be software fixable in an update if they had the will.
  17. My bad, sorry. This is the options that works for me. Drop Frame (DF) only can be selected on NTSC (60hz) system frecuency. Usually I get the exact time, or only 1 frame dropped. About selecting frame rates on both devices, it seens not possible or necessary when using the hdmi protocol. Sound weird but is autodetected or always running/counting 25fps.
  18. Well, I just found the solution to my problem. The Drop Frame (DF) option on GH5 must be activated to compensate for the delay of the HDMI connection. The point is that I used PAL system frequency and under this frequency the DF cannot be activated. So you just have to switch to Cinema or NTSC frequency system to unleash that option.
  19. Thanks again, IronFilm. My configuration of both devices is the one that appears in the photographs. Now I have updated both mixpre (v7.14) and GH5s (v2.x) to the latest version and it seems that I only suffer from drop frames fron the beginning of jamming. 2 or 3 frames of delay currently, which seems to stay in time. So now I don't have that drifting so visible to the naked eye, but those lag frames make post syncing unfeasible. Now it occurs to me to try a new mini hdmi cable that is faster (2.0, 18gbps with ethernet?) To see if things improve. Also, I don't know how the drop frames function is activated in the camera, nor do I know what the Ubits of the sound devices are ... So I will continue to try things and listen to the advice you give me. People like you make this community so great. Thank you
  20. Yes and yes. I'm on free run mode if it's relevant... Thanks iron for your help.
  21. I will try to explain what happens to me: Currently I only have GH5S and Mixpre 3 II connected via hdmi. Rec trigger and jamming seem to work fine. But when the mixpre takes the time that the cam sends, it does exactly 1 frame behind. After about 10 seconds, the count again loses another frame. And so it keeps losing frames. I have checked that the frame rate matches on both devices. My ultimate goal would be to synchronize multiple short shots, usually not more than 1 minute, during the recording of short films and video clips. I do not intend to sync long videos takes.
  22. Late on the party, but any news or workarounds for this issue?? I just bought a used GH5S and found hdmi timecode drifting so badly with my mixpre 3 II. I have no proper TC cable yet (bnc to 3,5mm) so I can't test the flash TC port.
  23. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1th09oiJK7GH8hw42oY4byBeRtKcqb7On/view?usp=drivesdk
  24. I think you have to push "disp" button to exit "strict mode" first. Is on page 18 of the service manual
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