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  1. Sorry, I'm talking about video. And if i remember theres no 4:3 in video mode, and there's no hdmi out in photo mode. (At least in 4K photo)
  2. I think that only GH line have 4:3 output throw HDMI. I shoot anamorphic video with G80 and only 16:9 have HDMI live video output. So is a sh##, i have to focus/framing in 16:9 video with external monitor and then change to 4K Photo mode, to shoot 4:3 blind video (without monitor output).
  3. GH5, Zhiyun Crane 2, manfrotto tripod with fluid head and Dji 550 drone (with gopro). Really don't think it's a superb video, but with 2 hours for 2 apartments, including drone shot, thats the best way i find. And this is my first "real state" and i think is the easiest money you can make in the video world.
  4. I said "in a hurry" so real thing are a proper slider, crane or fluid head. In this video, i faked all sliders and cranes with a Ziyun crane 2.
  5. In fact, now with electronic gimbal, if you are in a hurry, you can fake a slider shot or a crane shot with very decent result.
  6. Usually projector 2x attachments change stretch when focusing. I have owned only a 1.33x (optex) and the stretch differences are not noticeable.
  7. Hi Ian! Great images for sure!!! Can you explain a little bit of your workflow: Is the GH5 on 4:3 anamorphic 6k mode? How bad is the vignette with the rectilux? I really interested because i have those pieces of equipment, but with Kowa B&H instead (so for me is 2x). I will be doing a Christmass ad for my corporation next week and anamorphic is always a plus!
  8. I keep my DVDs of Delicatessen & Amelie , on the shelf, but i have no DVD player anymore... great director otherwise!
  9. I read somewhere that pixel density was the reason for that, so less resolution sensor/ best low light capabilities. But maybe we need a proper test...
  10. http://www.transferconvert.co.uk/cinemania/
  11. I'm sure now: Cinemartin 8K .
  12. Don't know theres a version with 17 blades! Will it be a better performer than the cheap copy helios?
  13. A G9 with one of those @BTM_Pix little but sexy device?
  14. Permanent Markers & Super glue are Tito's best friends!! ???
  15. Thanks for the advice, I´ve not consider it, and i´m open to test it; but is 6 bladed too, and having a FD 50- 1.4 with 8 blades, i´m not sure if it will be much better. GH5 + Kowa + Rectilux is a popular combo, so probably some Anamorphic Guru here know the answer... @Geoff CB @Bioskop.Inc @Alan Doyle @Tito Ferradans
  16. Is not only about more blades. Focal distance, IQ, oval bokeh and vignetting matters. I think the voightlander ultron SL2 40mm, pancake with 9 rounded blades is the best match for this combo.
  17. Whell, that's my experience with 4K mode on both. (G80 & GH5). No tested 1080p modes. Not a science test, (different lenses and camera operators) but over many live events with low light, we prefer the image of G80. Less noise at hi isos. GH4 is the worst of the those 3!!
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