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  1. Memories from Carabanchel, perhaps?. I'm happy that you enjoyed the video.
  2. A commercial for the craft-beer brand, Patanel. A Local brand deeply rooted in the Carabanchel district. Shot on Gh5s (minus a gopro timelapse)
  3. Maybe not my best and certainly not the video in which I was paid more or had the most production values and toys to play with. Still I'm really happy about the reception it got from a lot of people in this small country I-m currently living in (Dominican Republic, Caribbean). This music video was shot during a couple of afternoons with some friends with a lended camera.. For those who don-t speak Spanish the song is about a survivour of domestic abuse.
  4. Slog2 color graded in Davinci with the immense benefit of the logarist workflow. Grain added to dither some banding issues
  5. Mostly sonya7s2, some bm pocket sprinkled here and there. Graded in resolve, ohhh and the joy of using logarist. I hope you'll enjoy it (there's English and korean subs burnt-in)
  6. Thanks Tim!. We tried to do the most with the limitations. Only one small room for location, no budget for props or art department, so the blacklight was our way of getting two locations for the cost of one. The lens baby allowed us to hide the emptiness to a degree and also had the wonderful quality of deforming light which turns handy when your characters themselves emit light.
  7. I'm using eoshd's profile lately whenever I'm using a sony but I made an exception in this case because I was afraid it could lead to unforeseen issues with the blacklight. Shot with a 50mm lensbaby which turned out to be a great combo to add to the blacklight setup. Shot in 6 hours, ultra-low budget music video. It's a very simple concept but I hope you'll have a good time watching in it. Shot in Dominican Republic.
  8. I recently won 'Best Director`in a Fashion Film Festival (FashionfilmRd.com) with this simple shortfilm. 2 men crew, shot on A7s2 with slog3 on an external recorder, I found slog3 wayyyy better than slog2 in lowlights, better contrast, had 0 issue with noise. I hope you all like it.
  9. I hope you all will like it. Shot at 1080 60fps (some also at 120fps). I had me to struggle with macro-blocking and noise in some shots. davinci's new noise reducer was invaluable in that regard.
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