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  1. somewhat painful... NX-None

    Well I think it was just Samsung's way of showing the world that they COULD make a killer camera right out of the box, and yeah it sold pretty well but they must have been spooked by Sony going balls to the wall at the time with new camera after new camera. They knew Canon, Nikon was no threat on Mirrorless. Who the hell knows. The money part of it had to amount to a pimple on a dogs ass for them at the time.
  2. Wow I can't imagine it in Porn. How do they hide the people shooting it? Hang it from the ceiling LoL? And yeah I had given some thought shooting Porn years ago with the gear I had, Late 90's. I even had 2 of the most popular Sony Cameras they used at the time for Porn among others. 2 Sony DXC-M7 cameras. My one daughter was in college at the time majoring in Creative Writing so I had a script writer. It was a damn great money maker, but you had to split with the Mafia, and the hell with that LoL. I knew a few of them, and they had NO Fing conscience trust me. Kill you in a heartbeat for 500 bucks. But in the Cincinnati areas where I lived there were 6 big Colleges, and several smaller ones, so no shortage of talent LoL. I had a lot of models I shot portfolios for that I could have used. Getting people to do it is the least of your problems trust me.
  3. The Fuji X-Pro2 IS getting 4K!

    God I just don't see it. It is dark and muddy looking. I must be the only person on here I guess that doesn't like Fuji output LoL. Now this frame grab looks great to me?
  4. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    That is terrible color. She looks like she is ready to be laid out in a casket! Please tell me your monitor is not calibrated.
  5. VFX/360ยบ in porn, Yikes!
  6. NX1 dynamic range in 2018

    That is a pretty crazy impressive result. Best I have seen other than the Old Nikon D800 photo wise.
  7. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    If you look at this Gallery and can call the colors natural well. And I doubt DPR fiddled with the color output. Colors are a bit over the top. Olympus was the same way at the time. I am not saying a lot people didn't like it, but they sure were not accurate, at least to me. But you are right a lot of weddings were shot with a Fuji at the time. But there is a reason Canon has been the 800 pound gorilla. Their color science is pretty accurate other than a hint of Orange in Reds. But I am really more of a Nikon color fan than Canon most of my life. I think they strike a good balance between the two. Wow if there was a ML Raw Nikon D750 I would be all over that! And at the same time the original Canon 5D was the king of weeding photographers and I would imagine the 5D mk IV still is.still is. I used to use the original 5D for Model Portfolios and friends weddings as a guest for years. I just was never a fan of Fuji colors. Now for landscape most armatures like a Fuji because there is not much you need to do for printing. But that does not make them ideal for true color. I have never been a person that likes HDR photography and that is sort of what the output of a Fuji looks like to me. Not my cup of tea. https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/3299540988/fuji-finepix-s3-pro-review-samples/6308448159
  8. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    I think Fuji now is trying to mimic Canon by concentrating on peoples face and ignoring the rest. But somehow the Fuji colors are looking more like Olympus output compared to say a Canon output. I never have been a big Fuji fan even in the film days. Just too much over the top colors wise. But this new camera seems to be a step in the right direction, at least to me.
  9. Guess The Camera!

    Please don't tell us it is a Arri Alexa LF with a 30k Cooke Anamorphic lens on it.
  10. Guess The Camera!

    Yeah the bottom one does look BMPCC, the others have a Heck of a lot of noise in them so... I am thinking LoL. Olympus EPL1, hell I don't know.
  11. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    The Audio on the guy from Fuji just sucks ass. I could not stand listening to it. Who in the hell did they have to do audio, Buggs Bunny??
  12. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    This sounds like Fuji did a half ass job on a lot of stuff they should not have done. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-h1-first-impressions-review/4
  13. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    Interesting comparison also. http://camerasize.com/compact/#679.498,772.498,ha,t
  14. Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    Sam Peckinpah would be proud of him!
  15. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    Well I did hear 1 person has actually bought a Canon C700, and now we know who it was!