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  1. Bulent Ozdemir Director | Filmmaker (Showreel)

    Your the man as usual. Great stuff! That daylight turquoise grade is killer looking.
  2. New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5

    That is an awesome music video. MTV worthy!
  3. GoPro stock plummets 90% in less than a 1.5 years

    My Hero Session 5 is just crazy good for how cheap they are. They are a no brainer for the money.
  4. Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    Yeah DPR is a little bit weak on video stuff. Having those two on there will be a big boost to it.
  5. Ninja V - No ProResRAW?

    Those 2 models, the Shogun Inferno and Sumo 19 are the Only two I have heard of having it also.
  6. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I agree with completely with you, and in this day and age of super wide angle lenses, which have NEVER been available before for Any price, how much of a big deal is AF on them at say F 5.6? How can you not be in focus?
  7. Camera to shoot stock video?

    Glenn in 2 or 3 more versions of Smartphones it won't make a crap. 4K is 4K. It just depends mostly on the lens in this day and age. And that gap is closing fast on cell phones. How many people are ever going to go to a real movie theater down the road? Nobody. The future is unimaginable. And it sure as hell is not going to involve a DSLR, even a Mirrorless.
  8. Camera to shoot stock video?

    If you have been in this business for years than we are Dinosaurs. New comers are going to hand our asses to us.
  9. Camera to shoot stock video?

    This is 2018, not 2010. Times are changing fast as hell. I can damn near shoot a full fledged 4K movie on a iPhone 10 in this day and age! A wiz kid in this time frame can hand my ass, your ass to you if they want.
  10. Camera to shoot stock video?

    If you are trying to break into this industry, or make a living doing it, you sure as hell better have a camera that is broadcast 4k ready. Good 1080p is a thing of the past, not down the road I am not saying your footage may be down sampled to 1080p, but you better have a better master than that to submit.
  11. Camera to shoot stock video?

    When you are specifying 4K 10 bit 4:2:2 delivery you have narrowed down the field to what is even remotely affordable to very few cameras. And I can understand the requirement. Broadcast Capable. You have not stated a budget, but it looks to me the GH5, GH5s is the only player in the field other than a few BM offerings. Not the worse choice by far overall.
  12. Lenses

    Yeah I agree, this thread has gotten WAY off track.
  13. Lenses

    Not to post this to defend Jon, I have no real clue what he is in reality. But I made a pretty damn good living doing model portfolios for models years ago. Most, if not all, were pretty damn young. Some as young as 14. That young I took my wife with me! But young women act pretty silly at times because they are young an inexperienced. Sometimes that brings the best out of them, and sometimes it seems well, stupid. This was doing photo shoots with them. I think doing video would be even harder to keep rolling and expect them to look and act mature as hell all the time. So I am willing to cut him some slack. But I can see why it comes off looking "dirty old mannish" at times. But to keep posting that on here is I think probably is not the wisest thing to do. Time and place as they say. I have been to Vietnam and I know the women there look young as hell even when they are not because they are small and petite. There are some very beautiful women that live there.
  14. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Well at my age of 71 nothing as of now. Just mostly a Hobby.
  15. Now mirrorless is a raging success. Samsung will be back

    I am sure they Could do it, but with this new 4K BMPCC and the Sony A7 mk III at the prices they are it would be even more risky now. We don't know if the next GH6 will come out cheaper because of it than the GH5. Will it force Canon, Nikon to really change the price now of their new Mirrorless stuff. I think both of these recent announcements have to effect the market pricing pretty big time going forward. I think even Sony has put themselves in a tight box with the A7 mk III pricing. Is a better EVF and better LCD worth 1000 bucks more? Is the A9 worth 4 grand now new? They now have 4 FF cameras fighting for the same market in a sense now. Is the A9 worth twice the price of the A7 mk III now. Doubt it. To a Pro it is, but how many are they going to sell to them? And now with Fuji picking up the pace in video with the X-H1, which I am sure Samsung could beat specs wise, but still the market is not as forgiving as it was a few years ago. I don't see how you can sell a APSC camera now for even 2 grand, let alone m4/3 cameras at that price. I just don't see an opening for Samsung in any market, APSC, FF or less. The mirrorless camera market soon is going to be packed with all kind and brands of bodies. It is going to get really ugly soon. And it appears Blackmagic and Sony are willing to just about give their stuff away to grab and keep market share. And it also shows how little money is needed to make one of these cameras and still make money doing it. Unless Samsung has some total groundbreaking camera like the 4K BMPCC in a APSC size I think it would be suicide.