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  1. I think the BMPCC is second to the BMCC.
  2. A C300 would be a step back form a C100 mkII I would think? And a C300 is like 2000 bucks and a C300 mkII is like 7500. Sure it is way better but that is a serious jump price wise, and I not too sure I would even buy a C300 mk II over some of the others choices unless you have a Ton of EF lenses.
  3. The PK4 to me was the worse. Not even close. But we all have different ideas what is good or not, and not the same monitors looking at the footage, which by the way I just re-calibrated mine 3 days ago.
  4. The Sony a7 II is nearly outselling the Z6, the mk II not the III. Yeah sure Nikon is really killing it aren't they. Read and weep. https://www.diyphotography.net/the-sony-a7iii-is-outselling-its-four-closest-mirrorless-competitors-combined-in-japan/
  5. https://www.macmillandictionary.com/us/dictionary/american/not-necessarily
  6. Sorry, but he Needs to pull that video off of YouTube. Embarrassing, and really bad advice and a bad output. He ought to know better. He does have talent, but apparently not with grading a woman's face. I feel sorry for the actress.
  7. I think overall her skin tone looks as bad graded as it did to start with. So what if it is smoother.
  8. There was a Tony Northrup video about how many sales Nikon has lost this year, and that they are going to scale back on cameras and put more money into other things they produce. And you have Canon dropping 50% on DSLR sales and that does not bode too well for either of them. I think Canon is so far behind on sensors and processors that they will never catch up now. I don't think cameras down the road are going to be great for Any company to be honest. The Nikon news is at the beginning, rest is photo reviews of peoples photos.
  9. Nikon is a Dumpster Fire as of late. Sinking ship. Canon is doing the same dumb shit. Down the road there will be no Canon or Nikon. They both have their head stuck up their ass. China will stick Japan's head on a Pike.
  10. What, you think both those cameras just came out 2 months ago? Hell they are both nearly ready for a upgrade. The S1 is the only Mirrorless I would buy right now.
  11. Yeah, but I would imagine the RXO II would slaughter the others overall on imagine quality, low light, DOF, on and on.
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