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  1. Looks good. The move to the cloud, that is. Not that cat.
  2. It would be interesting to see what other cameras all these productions used (if any). Hard to get angles/crash cam sort of stuff. Or maybe at this level that isn’t an issue?
  3. Let’s keep it simple. You have 60s. So that’s 12 x 5s shots. No interviews - just 5s shots. You have to choose the 12 shots. It needs an introduction - so why not start at the town sign? What impression of your town do you want to convey? Is it peaceful and picturesque? Frantic? Modern or traditional architecture? Is the town best represented by day or night or both? It’s almost like sending 12 (moving) postcards. If you make the film and I watch it, what do you want me to think? Don’t try to shoot 12 perfect 5s shots in the field. Take extra and edit. But don’t take 30 mins of footage either as it’ll be too difficult to edit down. So do some forward planning - 12 “locations” (12 places to stick your tripod or stand or whatever). The time for thinking is over. Get out and do it. And post it here for us all to see. And ENJOY IT (or why bother...)
  4. Sony A7S. The high iso made filming the aurora borealis in real time a reality. Definitely my film highlight of the decade.
  5. The intellectual territory of the accomplished surgeon...
  6. Can we swop Advent calendars please? I got a steam train this morning.
  7. Choice. There really is something for everyone.
  8. Blind Spot gear are worth looking at.
  9. I don’t think any of my posts are clever enough to be misread for intelligence, artificial or otherwise.
  10. Other than stills is there any compelling reason to put this above the C200 on the Christmas list?
  11. The pogo pins on the back? The plan was to produce a module which added a much higher quality camera. Although there was an early photo of the unit, it was never revealed exactly what the module would be or do. In reality they didn’t do anything. Possibly an attachment to monitor Komodo?
  12. Given that he alludes to health issues, that comment is rather disingenuous? Not a surprise that Hydrogen is being terminated. The non-release of the modules and, crucially, the lack of other viewing devices was always going to be a problem. Komodo must be about the same price as the new Canon... different markets perhaps but comparisons are inevitable?
  13. In the spirit of Halloween we’re all playing dead. (Or getting over excited about the new way of getting rid of disposable income with the latest Canon) What makes a movie “scary”?
  14. I’ll be getting my students to sex, age and otherwise identify a few (replica) human remains... but when one works in forensic medicine & science everyday is a bit Halloween!
  15. I’ll just throw in one perspective - if you gain a Masters degree then you have a useful transferable qualification if your first choice career doesn’t take you in the direction you wish.
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