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  1. Pocket 4k joins The 400 Club. Blackmagic should add it to their marketing.
  2. Snowfun

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Not as stupid as I was - I couldn’t get Resolve to record sound until someone pointed out that I hadn’t given it permission to access the microphone on the Mac...
  3. Snowfun

    Davinci Resolve 16

    For future reference - how? Thanks.
  4. A But I don’t know if I could justify that.
  5. Hard to see beyond that. Other than the integral network it has. I often have ideas for a film. So I pop in here to read gear reviews. And look at CVP. And convince myself that the idea needs new stuff. And read the Resolve manual. And watch YouTube videos. And do some financial sums. Then I forget what the idea was and go back to work. Thats why I’m not a filmmaker. If I was, then I’d forgo all those interim steps and just make the film...
  6. Snowfun

    my first short

    Fabulous. I thought some of the angles and composition were superb. I’m not sure I am clever enough to follow the story but thoroughly enjoyable. Indeed, inspirational!
  7. Snowfun

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Any ideas why I’m struggling to record anything (voice overs) in Fairlight? I’m thinking my own incompetence primarily but other factors might also be relevant. My Rode AI1 is plugged in and appears as an input option. It is set to 48k as required (I think). I add a track. The record button (“R”) activates and the red line appears on “record”. But it records a blank. Nothing. The meters stay zeroed. It’s not the Rode because switching to GarageBand (“B” not “L” - The Clash) is fine. Any ideas?
  8. Don’t RED have a relationship with Foxconn? Could the Sharp (possibly rebadged?) become the new “cheap” RED small form factor camera oft rumoured or hinted at? Especially given that the Hydrogen phone modules have been abandoned in favour of something being developed by RED itself rather than the phone spin-off.
  9. Snowfun

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I prefer to use Resolve but I also like motionvfx plug-ins for FCP so I often use both. But in a hobby situation with no deadlines or time pressures I think these decision are so much easier - after all, it doesn’t really matter...
  10. Shooting Cats & Killing kittens. That’s a busy day...
  11. You’re over complicating this. You have a camera - use it to generate your video footage. Edit and tell your story. I suggested a short with the title “My Town” - any progress? Night or day? Fast or slow paced? Music? Monochrome or vivid? People or places? Positive or negative? Handheld or tripod? Those are all decisions you need to make. And you are in a position to make. So make them! I look forward to see what you produce. (Thinking about it I realise that if I set myself the challenge - to produce a short called “My Town” - I’m not sure I’d know where to start!)
  12. I admire the courage & hope your adventure takes you to where you want to go !
  13. You’ve come a long way in a short time - asking how to direct films on a zero budget to looking at C700s! But, as above, if you need low light filming the original A7S remains your best bet.
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