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  1. Snowfun

    Canon EOS C90

    I was safe - I knew you’d pick it up! (With apologies to @ntblowz for rather getting side tracked by obscure reminiscing).
  2. Snowfun

    Canon EOS C90

    Now I will spend the rest of the day with Annabella Lwin‘s vocals echoing around my head...
  3. And, indeed, whether any external recording (eg BM Video Assist prores) also prevents it... Don’t mind the Sony eating Canon, Nikon et al for breakfast but stars?
  4. The irony of it is I have actually enjoyed reading your comments about the A7S3 (having got one myself but not really had time to play yet - nor a Type A card or a Ninja). You didn’t need to resort to foolish tactics. I’d be grateful for any advice regarding the optimum low light (iso >25k) settings. Test shots?
  5. Paid for with your own personal integrity? Shameful behaviour. Fortunately you’re not bright enough to have evaded the investigative eye of EOSHD...
  6. Fabulous to have the option albeit I do prefer the lighter version. At least on my phone & iPad screens.
  7. Heavens above! This thing is complicated... So many options. At least compared to the P4k. Still, plenty of time to experiment with the setting before the Type A cards are available and I can actually record something...
  8. AnY news as to when the Type A cards will be available? Rather odd that Sony didn’t ensure a supply once the camera shipped.
  9. Rx100 is a great genuinely pocketable camera. Mine takes a lot of abuse but survives.
  10. I’m wondering whether going the Ninja (with the Angelbird mastercaddy) route isn’t a way of avoiding having to buy multiple expensive cards. I have pre-ordered a 160 type A but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to get another one... I don’t mind using an external monitor and with the proper HDMI it’s reasonably secure.
  11. What are they saying about build quality? For the price one might anticipate something reasonably solid. At the other end of the scale the A6000 is something of a bargain.
  12. Not sure that is the issue. It’s a question of how much heat a certain component(s) generates and, possibly more critically, how the software interprets that to initiate a shutdown. The latter could well be a combination of temperature, increase in temperature and time. Very little to do with the total heat generated by virtue of the camera’s power use.
  13. How did you test whether the temperature reported by the Canon firmware is an accurate measure of the temperature of whatever component (or part thereof) it purports to measure? I’d be reluctant to rely on that reported temperature when making conclusions. It would be preferable to measure the temperature independently. But that notwithstanding, interesting stuff!
  14. Yes, I live in Saariselka in Northern Finland (250km north of the arctic circle) over the winter. The downside of aurora filming in Finland is the lack of interesting scenery! The fjords and water of Norway offer so much more. A lovely part of the world! Enjoy - let’s hope we get decent activity and clear skies.
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