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  1. Apologies - edited this as it refers to what we don’t want to discuss. Suffice to say it referenced scratched sunnies and the Newton...
  2. Sony A5000 (£100) and Nikon 18-55 (£49). ...And justify the €12.99 or whatever it was you spent on some delectable objet d’art!
  3. Someone lend me an Alexa and I bet I could prove that point..
  4. I’m stealing that joke...
  5. What was the time code box he plugged in to the camera? I think I might get a second P4k to play with the editing features. Looks fun. 6k? Can’t decide...
  6. Great news. Well done! Looking forward to seeing the result.
  7. Outstanding work @BTM_Pix I’m thinking that ORANGE is the new RED.
  8. But think of the kudos! And it’s better than coming first because it’s a useful way of having a clear out (yes, I did use that rusted bent quick release plate on that custom bipod...) I’m shooting today if everything goes to plan.
  9. Damn. I might be one of them. Is it the same as the 180 degree rule?
  10. So I reposted it... I think an equivalent yet opposite example is BM requiring users to use specific SSDs (etc.) to avoid dropping frames - but not selling them at inflated prices.
  11. I posted the video on the RED Hydrogen forum - didn’t last long before it got removed!
  12. £56 plus the cost of epoxy & orange plastic so don’t get too confident as it’ll be closer to the 200 max...
  13. Camera purchased. Seems slightly odd me buying a camera to send to someone else without even the politeness of asking what they’d like...
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