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  1. Snowfun

    My New Pocket4K Android App

    So that’s €10 post Brexit...
  2. Snowfun

    steadycross a new kind of steadycam / glidecam ?

    Reassuring that Mattias has positive things to say. I’ve backed it.
  3. Snowfun

    steadycross a new kind of steadycam / glidecam ?

    I think I might risk it...
  4. Snowfun

    Tripod with bowl

    Solo 75.
  5. Snowfun

    Tripod with bowl

    No complaints about my Miller Air. Reasonably lightweight and fits into checked in baggage easily. Far more practical than the Kessler Hercules I also have... only good for bruising the shins.
  6. Snowfun

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I had mine out in Lapland filming aurora last night (-25) and it performed superbly. Was shooting 6/25 so approx 4x speed. I’ll try real time possibly this evening. I might have knocked the cable but the recording switched from SSD to cFast which is something I need to check. Once it arrives you’ll enjoy it!
  7. Snowfun

    My New Pocket4K Android App

    Could be me being stupid and not finding it but is it up yet? (Definitely in the “if BTM_pix wants us to wait then HE has a good reason and I want to wait” camp so no hassle!) Hope it’s going well!
  8. Snowfun

    GH5 cold & weather

    I use my cameras in Lapland at down to -35. Condensation is unfortunately unavoidable if used outside for hours. My habit is simply to take the batteries out and then leave the cameras alone - occasionally wiping excess moisture away and eventually things clear. I never remove the lens. I don’t go outside again until the camera is dry otherwise (I assume) there’s a risk of ice damage. The only camera which didn’t like the cold was the original Pocket - it switched off very quickly. The A7S was dropped into powder snow occasionally and (again making sure it was dry before switching it on) was fine. The biggest problem was the Micro - impossible to use with gloves on so fingers got very very cold. I must be one of the few who has got a Sony rx100 to shut down due to cold... The P4k is perfect having a plastic shell and given the price isn’t going to cause me absolute panic if something does happen. I’m sure professional rigs use heated jackets (covers with hand warmers) but other than a plastic bag if it snows heavily (pulled down over the tripod) my cameras are naked. There must be a degree of heat generation internally which is protective during operation. I think the most important factor is time - let the camera adjust naturally.
  9. Snowfun

    I’m beginning to get RED

    Ok. So I fell for the Hydrogen hype. And perhaps the 2d camera module will be superb. So final judgement suspended. RED have released a screen protector for Hydrogen. It costs $40. Tax is extra (shipping to UK is rumoured to be an additional $50 but that’s irrelevant). I posted (on h4v) that the price was “interesting” (given the razer phone one fits perfectly well and cost me a fraction of the $40. For two.) Outrage. And the best defence to date is that the RED one has “high transparency”! Yes, folks, it’s see-through. I’m starting to look in the mirror and ask whether I look stupid. But once the module is released all will be wonderful and I’ll have roses growing in my drive. $40...
  10. Snowfun

    Why Is Sony Fanboyism So Bad?

    I feel the need to apologise to our community for being a cluess (sic) and classless troll.
  11. Snowfun

    My New Pocket4K Android App

    Obvious question... what is it called? Tried searching “BestAppEver” but it doesn’t show up. Will it be available on schedule? Previously I joked about calamities and we now know what happened to Jose so... I’ve charged my Hydrogen so everything is ready to go...
  12. Snowfun

    Why Is Sony Fanboyism So Bad?

    The Sony chaps are but mere amateurs. Now over on RedUser one sees the real professionals at work.
  13. Snowfun

    Which all in one mic/recorder?

    The interesting thing about this topic is the range of responses. From the Zoom F8 (which seems like overkill given the original question as posted - notwithstanding that it may also be the “best” solution) to the F1 (cheap and apparently very convenient) via various other solutions. Clearly, there is no one correct answer although there may be several wrong ones... Is in-camera recording really that bad? Is a Zoom F1 with the supplied lav really better than, say, a P4k with a professional quality lav mic (eg Sony ECM77B sort of thing) plugged in? It’s all very well saying that the best sound requires a sound man/woman. Yes. But in the real world, the question “what should single operators do?” remains.
  14. Snowfun

    My New Pocket4K Android App

    May winning the vote. Jose resigning. My wife forgetting to make my espresso. Buzzcocks losing their lead singer and inspiration... Calamities can happen. Please make it the 21st!
  15. Snowfun

    My New Pocket4K Android App

    Fabulous! Now I can justify my Red Hydrogen!!!