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  1. I constructed a holder for my iPad which sits above the lens (on 15mm rails). I use a Bluetooth controller but rather than using a teleprompt app I simply put my text into a Keynote (Apple’s PowerPoint) presentation, breaking it up nicely and click to advance to the next slide. This actually introduces a natural pause too. I’m not looking into the lens but at an “upper body” distance one wouldn’t notice. The holder also supports a laptop (which sits on top of the cage) if required. All works well for my needs. Highly adaptable as I use it with the P4k, Aida HD100 (a super little camera) o
  2. I went all Kessler (slider plus the motorised controller, jib, tripod & head). Not sure whether it fits the budget but it all fits together and does everything I need (and probably a lot more than I’m capable of...)
  3. A neighbour friend of mine - a dedicated and competent Canon DSLR chap - admitted to me last weekend that his girlfriend now gets better pictures on her phone - always with her and perfect for “memory” pictures. Phones will inevitably improve whilst sales of large, heavy ugly black boxes will decline. Both equally dramatically. And at this point I sulk that Jim’s Hydrogen with its add-on camera modules failed...
  4. Sony G Master series must be up there for the sharp clinical look? I see they have just released the GM 50mm f/1.2 around the £€$2k mark. I’m sticking with my MF Nikon 50...
  5. Given the previous thread about the pandemic, why not simply a 5x5 short film (ie 25s comprising 5 scenes of 5 seconds each) on the theme: Perceptions of Pandemic. So anyone who feels that they’ve been staring at the same 4 walls for the past 12 months will have to be creative and find a 5th scene. Who knows, you could compile the best of the shorts and persuade one of the reputable media outlets to showcase them - a global view of what Covid has meant to a group of creatives.
  6. I’ll start. The first thing to say is that I am extremely fortunate insofar as the pandemic has (with the exception of not being able to head north for the winter) been extremely positive. Working for a University the move to deliver lectures and other meetings online has been so much fun. An opportunity to build a green screen “studio” (around an Atem mini) and “play” with different techniques for online delivery. Everyone else in the institution has been screen sharing in Teams/Zoom - but it’s so easy with a little investment of time and money to dramatically improve on that. Last
  7. Given the choice I’d have preferred eND I’ve ibis in the A7Siii... Why don’t camera manufacturers offer such options? A sort of “build-a-bear” for camera-kiddies.
  8. The combination of these processors working in tandem with (presumably an updated) FCP is going to be an extremely attractive package. Yes, the numbers tell one story but Apple Prores raw, Apple FCP and Apple silicon pulling together in the same direction at the same time... Irrestistible.
  9. Useful to know. One question I have is how does the camera know whether to apply NR to the signal leaving the camera? The decision to record Prores raw or another Prores flavour is surely independent of whatever internal processing is applied to the output signal? But I could just be missing something and confusing myself!
  10. As a result of internal noise reduction? Can’t this be totally eliminated by external recording? To either a Ninja for Prores raw or BM Video Assist et al for Prores 422. (I’m not suggesting that you would want to use an external recorder, just asking whether internal NR can be bypassed).
  11. I thought @Andrew Reid’s piece was excellent. Useful insights. The rest of the thread proves one thing - we are all looking for different things from our cameras/tools. “Brilliant” that we have so many to choose from. I’m enjoying my Siii.
  12. The RED Hydrogen tried... unfortunately the camera module never appeared and it all rather fizzled out.
  13. Snowfun

    Apple TV?

    BritBox & BBC app. Those are the “advantages” for me...
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