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  1. I too make academic videos - P4K with a greenscreen and Rode lav. I use two lights most of the time (two Blindspot Gear LED panels lighting the speaker and the greenscreen). Occasionally I add a third to light the speaker and a hair light to bring them to life. But no one other than me notices the difference. I have a pop up green screen which is very convenient and a cloth one which is significantly larger so easier to coordinate arm movements for pointing at content. It’s a hassle to mount - I use a length of aluminium angle on two light stands and small plastic clamps. You could (?) paint the wall... I find that FCP makes it trivial to key (it just works!) whereas Resolve is very complex. If your University can fund it, I’d be tempted to get a P4K specifically for this purpose rather than the Sony.
  2. Snowfun

    RED Komodo

    “This whole virus thing”. The empathy is almost visible...
  3. I have the choice of: Rode lav (XLR - mini XLR - P4K) Rode Videomic Pro+ (3.5mm into P4k with +20 gain on) Rode NT1 (XLR) (Got this with Rode AI1 usb box) When I plug the videomic into the ATEM I get a lot of hiss. The videomic into P4k (and then into ATEM) seems to work (no one has reported otherwise but everyone I am involved with is using laptop built-in mics and accepting what they have so not the most discerning audience!) Ideas appreciated! Would the lav into the P4k be a better solution than the Videomic?
  4. The missing on/off switch? We are using the Mini (not the Pro version) with MS Teams and Collaborate - really easy to key a keynote/PowerPoint presentation behind the speaker with overlay graphics (name, email address etc.). My only issue is not knowing the best microphone setup to use.
  5. Interesting piece. And an impressive camera. What will be more impressive and it’ll certainly happen is when the ROI is defined by the viewer not the broadcaster.
  6. Snowfun

    RED Komodo

    Difficult not to agree although RED have consistently claimed that Komodo is primarily a niche camera to support other RED cameras (drone, crash, gimbal etc.) and is not intended as an A camera for those outside the Holy Circle.
  7. Is that rescheduled from the 20th? Lenses and the FX6 rather than the A7S3?
  8. So come on good ‘ol Zack (with a K), show us what Alabama looks like in lockdown. But stay safe!
  9. What’s the point of learning FCP if you know or strongly suspect you will not buy it? Surely it’s more sensible to invest the time in learning Resolve - which is free. It’s a steep learning curve and I (a total amateur) find some things much easier in FCP (so I tend to use both). And I agree with @heart0less - Resolve is superb.
  10. I rarely have anything on my P4k other than old manual Nikon lenses. The 85mm f/1.4 is possibly my favourite. The 35-105mm zoom has a very poor reputation but is convenient and fun (and very cheap). I will add that although I have the Nikon primes from 24mm through to 135mm I rarely use most of them. So get a couple of decent examples and get out and use them!
  11. I read somewhere that Sony had an announcement planned for 20th April. But I might have imagined it. I could easily believe that I’ve been locked inside my house long enough for iii, iv & v to be obselete.
  12. This is bizarre and slightly tragic... https://afroditefilms.com/deadlyascorona An unfortunate response of someone (apparently) within the industry to the current crisis.
  13. I’ve got a mini ordered with CVP - I hope lots of people upgrade to the Pro!
  14. Not easy to get excited by a new product when we are all coming to terms with the new world and a new way of life. But Full Frame would be my guess. In a non-too-exciting form factor. I’d welcome a return to the BMCC2.5 philosophy. Build it like a tank. Make it do simple things. Well. (Unless BM have made a little add-on box - in milled aluminium obviously - that does everything-one-could-possible-want-a-little-add-on-box to do...)
  15. I hope Sony leave out IBIS on the A7S3. I know they won’t because it is such a consumer selling point. I personally don’t need/want it. In an ideal world they would offer two versions but as we all know this isn’t an ideal world... Thee are so many options for “proper” video stabilisation out there (from tripods to Steadicams to electronic gimbals etc.) that IBIS isn’t “necessary” although I see why it is desirable for so many people in so many situations (particularly photographic).
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